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Because I Live in the US 185

Because I Live in the US 185

Chapter 185 – Rising Without a Cause


[Korea Stock Gallery]
─How dare you hit the rhubarb spit? Replying to @Mr.
─I will never buy a gobbus again.
─Profit and loss, what are you doing?
─Is Dr. Doom still activehaha

A wind is blowing in the stock market.
It also affects the thinking of individual investors.

─How dare you hit the rhubarb spit? Replying to @Mr.
Ohsung is from Korea, Helji is from Korea, and future cars are all Korean companies.
Aren’t they all world-class companies?
I really don’t understand the kids who play short on Hwang Spi.

└ Short bugs cuthaha
└Gukppong Tube ON
└ The U.S. Notices, China courts, and Japan is terrified!
└ Being an investor in Huangspi makes my heart feel magnificent

Fear disappears.
The obvious common sense that buying a stock goes up comes back.

The way we look at the market will also change.
Could the decline so far have been oversold?

─This is why it is difficult to live in fear
I know rationally that it’s an exaggerated drop
I couldn’t put my hand on the purchase button……

└ If it’s easy, dogs and cows will get richhaha
└ I can’t drink either
└I thought it would go until 2000
└Did you say ham is the bottom? Replying to @Mr.

Bad news that dominated the stock market.
I get the feeling that it has been fully reflected.

It was too frightening.
The people who instigated it also see it differently.

─Teacher Dr. Doom gave an oracle
It is the beginning of a brief rise, the ant hell! Youtube video.Avi]
They say that the rally will continue kkkk

└Dumban Kul is science
└Buy full with confidence
└ That person has been shouting since last year that a crash is coming.
└ Opposite of Yeom Yuan

Doctor Doom.
He was considered the messiah of the crash.
Along with the rebound, the evaluation also changes 180 degrees.

You lose public trust.
I regret it belatedly and look for the opposite opinion.

─Is Dr. Doom real?
I was the only one among the analysts to hit the crash so fucking trust me

└ If you shout 365 days a year, won’t even the dog in the neighborhood hit it once?
Written− I trusted that person and rode the bus. What is it?
└ “Investment is at your own risk”
└ I am a person who earns a living thanks to fools like you.

Spilled water.
If you think you’ve been cheated on, no one will take responsibility.

Anger pours out as criticism.
Anything involving money will turn anyone’s eyes.

─Is Dr. Doom still activehaha
Instigated that the KOSPI will go to 2400 in 2011
The price of gold rises as the dollar weakens
He was called Dumbankkul because he was wrong every time he predicted it.
I thought he went to sleep after eating so badly, but he’s still activehahaI’m going crazy

└2400 was not released until 2018haha
└ Didn’t you get scolded for saying house prices were falling?
└ There are a lot of stupid bastards who suck at getting it right after 2 years of running around
└ I am not a successful trader, but I believe

The deceased already know.
Celebrity analysts usually have a dark history.

A structure that only beginner investors are deceived.
But that doesn’t mean that you have attained enlightenment.

〈 Thank you so much for enduring the bear market.〉

Find another teacher
Even in a downtrend, there are always people who call for an uptrend.

〈 As Mr. Yeom said, the stock market is rebounding!〉
〈 Only those who endured this period will eat it. Anyway, everyone must have suffered a lot, but I’m glad I came up like this.〉

− Thank you Manager Yeom
−Milk-colored dye!
−I can’t swallow it even though I know it’s fear ㅠㅠ
−What about the people who believed in you and got the high score?
Loyalty jipginim has been forced out!

No, they shouted all the time.
It just coincidentally coincided with the rebound.

Still, the public cheers.
It’s because he looks like a pioneer who predicted the market.

Jinkyu Kim 1 day ago 乃 1025
Manager Yeom is a person who says he always goes up……
What I really predicted was the profit and loss account
Paprika 1 day ago 乃 892
The person who said it was undervalued even on the KOSPI 2500haha
Thanks to you, thank you for biting me!
Country girl 1 day ago 乃 677
Even a broken clock is right twice a day

Originally, it should have been.
There is an expert who is attracting attention among investors recently.

Profit and loss.
He rarely appears on TV.
But the ripple effect of a single word spoken once in a while.

“Wow, that’s really right…”
“Subscribers are asking me to appear on the show?”

It’s rocking investors.
119 Stock Talk’s PD Lim Yun-cheol can’t hide his delicate feelings.

‘Profit and loss…….’

While filming the broadcast, I met many experts.
Let’s hear only half of the conclusion he came to.

It seems so when you hear it.
However, as time goes by, it is often wrong.

“There are people like this during filming? I thought so. Oh, is it rude to say this?”
“It was not unreasonable to think that way.”

The profit and loss balance was different.
From stock market predictions to images of experts you know.

‘They say an empty cart is noisy.’

Experts speak fluently.
No matter how wrong it is, this is why people believe and follow it.

Profits and losses are the exact opposite.
Plug it in directly for no reason.
Even though he was dumbfounded while listening to himself.


In hindsight, that was correct.
Recently, the stock market has rebounded.

Experts pour out several interpretations.
Even if you think about it carefully.

‘There’s no reason to just do this.’

Corporate earnings are expected to decline.
The US-China trade war also shows no signs of evolving.

Still, the stock market rises tremendously.
If that’s the case, why did you get off?

“Does he know why?”
“Didn’t you say you didn’t know?”
“No, but there must be a basis for the judgment? They say short hitters believe in persimmon…

Viewers are also curious.
What investors want means there is a demand.

It also helps the channel’s ratings and topicality.
More than anything, I was curious about Yunchul himself.

* * *

Broadcast appearance.
It’s the best way to raise awareness.

‘Recently, though, it suddenly stopped.’

At the same time, it is also risky.
Suffer from so-called ‘stuffed’.

Is what you said wrong?
The words he said in the last appearance had a ripple effect.

“Hello Son Ik-jwa! It’s been a while since I’ve seen you again.”
“I will. I thought I’d never see you again.”

It doesn’t suit the taste of the audience.
It wasn’t even the collapse theory that was popular at the time.

‘It’s just embarrassing.’

So drop it
Many of the offers for appearances were cut off after the broadcast that day.

A little twist would be fine.
As long as they called me back to the studio.

“Really at that time…, The theory of decline was in the mainstream, right?
“I did.”
“I wonder what kind of change of heart did you change the market!”

It’s fun when there’s that level of tension.
The atmosphere of economic broadcasting is too out of place.

‘Viewers are also confused.’

There will be a lot of implants these days.
Because you can do stocks only if you have money.

“Simply put, because I’m doing stocks.”
“What do you mean… Can you explain in detail?”
“Usually, analysts don’t do their own stocks.”

It also touches the taboo.
In fact, everyone knows, but it’s so uncomfortable that I shouldn’t say it.

‘It’s fucking like that.’

The easiest way to make economic predictions is to not own stocks.

“But economic analysis is another matter…”
“No, I don’t think so.”
“Isn’t there a reason for that toohaha.”
“Obviously there is.”

There is nothing to shake the mental.
If things don’t go according to your predictions, you just have to hold on until they do.

‘Just look at Dr. Doom, who has been crying out for a collapse for the second year.’

What if you bought Inverse?
During the two years of being inherited, you will think about all sorts of things.

No, if you buy put options like traders, you can’t even hold out.
Literally kick the can.

“There is bound to be a difference between an investor who feels the market trend and an onlooker who watches from afar.”
“I’m a spectator. It’s because each person’s opinion may differ…”
“I think it’s more fun for someone who hasn’t earned 10 billion from their own stocks to talk about the market economy.”

− Wowhaha
−Sonca Cola
−Young friend speaks very well
−Analysts, do they really not stock?

If it was a green room, the broadcast would have been forcibly terminated, but it has such an intense taste.

‘I have to do this much.’

There is a sense of reappearance.
It would be embarrassing if you made the offer to appear on the show boil and then just let it go.

“No, no! It’s better for the viewers to understand if you explain in detail~. Of course, I respect Son Ik-jwa’s opinion.”

The facilitator hurriedly corrects himself.
It seems hard to make a living, so I decided to try to understand.

‘It’s difficult to be filmed too much.’

Purpose of appearing on the show.
To elevate my status.
Only by dragging aggro will it turn into a reversal.

“I said there was no reason.”
“Ah, yes! That’s why many viewers were curious~. Why didn’t you tell us why?”
“It certainly wasn’t there then.”
“But now it looks like it.”

−One Zen dialogue!
−Does this mean that forces move the stock market?
−It only sounds puzzling. Who are you teasing

You must also show your professional side.
Why did the stock market go up when there was no reason?

‘The reason is supposed to be made anyway.’

That is when the stock market goes up.
Analysts know what to say.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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