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Because I Live in the US 184

Because I Live in the US 184

Chapter 184 – Rise Without a Cause

Reverse investment.

“Did you see it? Did you see it? It fell again!”
“I envy the kids on the bus…”
“Do you want to bet on Korea going bankrupt even now?”

Recently, a craze is blowing among club members.
Because the stock market is in a down market.

You cannot see a return on ordinary investments.
No, it is natural to lose money.

“How long does it really go down? Without a rebound.”
“They say it’s probably going down.”
“Professor Doom is one of my favorite analysts these days.”

But inverse.
It is an investment method that can go beyond protecting assets and even generate profits.

I am serious about it.
Pollack is the club’s most ardent Inverse believer.

“You just say you go up every day.”
“I bought it after hearing the salt manager’s advice and got bitten!”
“Ah~ Professor is different from those people.”

Analyst Special.
Says only positive things.
Bad news scattered in the market is hard to ignore.

It’s perfect to wash the dishes if you trust such people and buy it.
It is to accept stocks that others see for fun at high prices.

‘I can’t wash the dishes.’

Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the market situation.
This is why Pollack loves Professor Doom’s lecture.

“Do you guys know what boxpie is?
“You mean pick up the box?”
“I heard!”
“It’s a word that came about because the KOSPI originally went back and forth between 1700 and 2200…”

After hearing the story, I understand.
Members are assimilated into Pollack one by one.

‘Everybody’s in a commotion now.’

Inverse became a hot issue within the club.
Namguk, a third grader, clicks his tongue inwardly.

Because at the beginning of this year, no one was interested.
They are really stupid.

“Namguk! Didn’t you buy an inverse too?”
“Hey, shh!”

He has been steadily collecting gobbuses since January.
The club is seeing the biggest profit.

The only one who knows that fact.
Namguk hurriedly blocks her friend’s mouth.

“I’m not going to tell anyone about Gobbus other than you.”
“If that gets known… Wouldn’t other guys besides you ask me to take over as manager?”

His own evaluation is a whopping 5,500 won.
You can’t compare yourself to anyone in the club.

He is truly a pioneer in reverse investing.
Rumors can be annoying.

“Nam-wook said you also bought an inverse?”

A member with a clear ear heard it.
It is difficult for Nam-wook, who wants to live quietly.

“Why is he like that?”
“It’s such a concept.”
“Look closely…! And don’t tell anyone!”

Take out your cell phone
Codex 200 Presents Inverse 2x Show your proud account.

Purchase amount│8,000,840 won
Valuation gains│+2,085,819 won
Kodex 200 futures inverse 2x│1439 shares│+26.07%

Huge profits are recorded.
I saw a profit of more than 200 million won in this falling market.

“By the way. Isn’t a 26% profit after 4 months of survival not a huge profit?”
“Huh, I guess you noticed…”
“Gopbus has a laid-back temperament unlike me… So even if you buy it full, it’s almost in a state of sleep.”

Of course, it wasn’t easy.
Unlike individual stocks, the index has little movement and has a very long sideways movement.

‘It’s only when the stock market is stained with blood……. The destructive power of the Gobbus reaches its maximum.’

I endured it and endured it and saw the profit now.
I have no doubt that it will go up to double or triple.

‘Well…… , The kids are going crazy.’

Appearance of such members.
It’s a delicate feeling for Hyeri, the club manager.

The stock market has been crashing lately.
It was not strange even if it led to the withdrawal of the club.

It has changed thanks to a new investment method (?).
You can also make money by investing in reverse.

Todok, tok!

Hyeri is not interested.
Because she was cautioned by someone she trusted and followed.

[Chanwook oppa♡♡]
“Don’t buy an Inverse?”
“What about club members?”
“I understand, brother.”
「I love you♡♡」

As usual, spread it to the members as well.
He plays the role of a middle bridge between his brother and his members.

‘Because I just have to do what my brother tells me to do.’

Somehow, it was different this time.
What does that mean? Han Hye-ri stops thinking about her.

* * *

Stock market crashing.

『KOSPI Index』
2210.99 ▲49.74 (+2.25%)
[Graph that rises slightly after falling.Jpg]

For the first time, a rebound-like rebound is taking place.
Investors should be full of joy.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
—Master, how delicious are you going to eat?
─Sell all Horogura beekeeping, Jujiya Qㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
─Nasdaq -1%
─Go out when you pay for the jjajangmyeonhaha

The market’s reaction is the exact opposite.
The thing that sprouts in the hearts of investors who were right enough to go down.

—Master, how delicious are you going to eat?
You’re applying soybean paste

└ That was it
└ Did you know that the director’s share ratio is high?
└ Ohsung Electronics should sell 50% of its shareshaha
└Ah, you don’t have to accept it to sell it~

Can’t take it optimistically.
Could it be that he has other plans?

The Korean Times− 「The Korean economy walking on thin ice while entering the trade war」
Fact News− 「Trade war, oil price, exchange rate rise… Global economic “Dark clouds”

That’s right, the market is full of bad news.
It’s hard to imagine that there will be a reversal.

─The ant has left the market.
The ant has left the market.
The ant has left the market.

Stop loss when you can get even a little more.
It is certainly true that it is a rational judgment.

– Why did you go up?
Wasn’t Korea ruined?

└ Narashimai Kyu
└ I don’t know
└They sold everything when they were expensive, so there is no loss if you buy them……
└Jinban people?

Even so, foreigners continue to live.
When we break through 2200 and break through 2300 again, we have a different idea.

Are you really?
I can’t help but worry about whether there is a good news that the ants don’t know about.

─The exchange rate is still the same……
If it was steamed up, the exchange rate would have fallen
Foreigners forcibly post it to attract ants

└Is that so?
└ Today the market goes up, but the exchange rate goes uphaha
└ Tina Tina ……
└ Would you like to invest in Joseon?

But experience.
I’ve been hit all the way since last February.
I want to roll it up a little, but I hit the bandaegi again.

Learned from previous experience.
The fear-soaked ants can’t press the buy button hastily.

─Foreigners are running amok!

Raise the price slowly.
The stock market is booming.
Individual investors also change their minds belatedly.

– They keep saying that now is a joy and I have to sell it.
This is real fear
Even the kids who eat Bandeung suddenly wonder why the owner gives me white rice? I am eating while shaking.
Never happy
If you have to raise it by 100 bags to get to around 2400, that is the real joy.

└ Fuck convincing
└Yellow~ You’ve worked hard so far, and since you’ve called the shopkeeper, you should stay calm~?
└ Chunshik, did you enjoy the rice? Now bring that shovel and dig a hole.
└Isn’t that white rice malty before you kill the dog?

It’s a real rebound.
The bad news scattered in the market gradually has a different interpretation.

Fact News− 「World stock market rises all at once as US-China trade tensions ease」
Daily News− 「Morgan Stanley “US interest rates have passed the peak… Downward pressure prevails”」

Didn’t he become Seon Yeong?
Or, it seems that what has fallen so far has been excessive fear.

‘I feel like that.’

Human psychology is simple.
To think that one is not is self-consciousness.

There is no one who is not lacking.
That’s why you have to build up experience steadily.

[Stock club group chat room]
“Really, why are you climbing?”
“The US-China trade war is over”
“No, it’s not over”
“Nothing has been resolved, but it’s too high”

Still babies.
You are playing a dangerous prank.
Without knowing why short betting is dangerous.

‘Drug addicts do drugs for pleasure at first, but later for pain.’

Get used to the strong stimuli of the drug.
In other words, the usual stimulation becomes flat.

The pleasure of gaining money when others lose money.
It is comparable to drugs.

“Then, is this an opportunity to buy a bus?”
“If it were me, I’d buy it”
“I’m already drinking water…… 」
“You fools, just buy stockshaha”
「Let’s wait and see, now it’s a dead cat bounce—-」

You fall into the illusion that you are a wise person.
You don’t know that you’re going to be more self-critical.

‘It’s not easy to control your emotions.’

Famous and proud people are not ruined because of the desire to show off.
A single stroke ruins a life.

“I just shot a real short shot. Everyone else eats it. What is this?”
“Are you coming back later?”
“Short Chung”
“Short the KOSPI 2200? Lol”
「I thought Professor Doom was going to crash just by believing in Professor Doom」

Mental shaken by such things.
It can never be called a belief.
Even if the stock market crashes again.

‘I’m in a hurry to stop losing money before breaking even.’

This is why being an investor is difficult.
In order to have a different mindset from the general public, you have to change from head to toe.

What you realize when you do stocks.
It might be better to warm it up early.
As the saying goes, you only understand when you kick a can.

「It is the beginning of a brief rise, the ant hell! Feat. Dr. Doom [In-depth Interview]” − 100,000 views · 1 day ago

It was too late for people who had already lived that kind of life.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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