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Because I Live in the US 183

Because I Live in the US 183

Chapter 183 – The Big Short

Doctor Doom.


Kim Won-wook is a professor in the Department of Economics at Myongnyun University.
During the lecture as usual.

“I watched the professor’s lecture on 119 stock talk yesterday. Is Korea really ruined?”

A student asks a humorous question.
Because it is famous among students.

The fact that he is an analyst.
It’s often on YouTube, so I can’t help but notice it.

‘I’m finally interested in what goes on in the world.’

Had previously been ignored.
The stock market just went up.
Although he did not listen to his rational opinion.

“Yes, now you can see that Korea has been ruined for a while.”
“It really sucks!”
“Isn’t ruining something too obsolete?”

The bubble is finally bursting and the market is regaining its sanity.
Related news is also pouring in the news.

Daily News− 「Suddenly narrowed long-term and short-term interest rates… “Signs of Recession in the Bond Market” (Comprehensive)」
The Korea Times− 「Wide volatility in exchange rates… Foreign trade uncertainty is also growing.”
Fact News− 「”Up to 21 trillion won in foreign capital outflows when the crisis in emerging countries expands”」

Ordinary people became conscious.
But how serious is this?

“Everyone knows that Korea is an export-oriented economy, right?”
“So, when the global economy collapses, it is the first to be affected. That’s why the NASDAQ has risen recently, but the KOSPI has fallen.”

No one really knows
Most of the students he teaches are also listening while saying “Ah”.

‘As an economics professor, I feel a sense of responsibility.’

It’s not the students problem.
Even adults don’t know much about economics.
Korea is a country with severe financial illiteracy.

“Wow~ that’s right.”
“Even if there is no problem in our country, if other countries are struggling…”
“You’re not called Dr. Doom for nothing.”

Students will change.
The reason I work as an analyst is to spread knowledge to investors.

‘There are only analysts who encourage investment.’

Just rushing to buy stocks.
They say that if you have it, you will be able to climb it someday.

Ignoring the risks.
Stocks are always risky assets.
If you don’t buy it in a timely manner, you can get a big bite.

“Questions unrelated to the lecture will be answered later…”
“Just one thing! There’s a story about going up against the professor.”

Especially salt yuan.
It’s not called the King of Yeomra for nothing.
We recommend buying the stock even at the peak of the stock market.

‘On the other hand, that young man is sincere.’

There is an emerging investor called P&L.
We matched the decline of Ohsung Electronics with the rise of Ohsung Biologics.

It is an anticipation of short-term movements, not a macroscopic perspective.
But considering its age, it’s great.

“A water rocket?”
“Professor, you’re from the water rocket generation, so I don’t know.”
“What is a water rocket?”
“Water rocket jjiik~!”

There has been a change in perspective.
After you’ve finished filming.
The profit and loss chart also appeared on the air.

‘Long at this time?’

And he even made an unidentified remark called a water rocket.
By attacking yourself.

Tak, Tak!

I can’t understand what kids are saying these days.
Won-wook finishes the lecture and searches.

[Road of Legends Gallery]
─The profit and loss group made a remark about a water rocket?
Where does this person live?

└ What would you do if you knew where you livehaha
└ It’s also going to be a murder
└ He’s not a lolchong……
└ This is going to be a bit controversial, right?

What does water rocket mean?
I cannot understand the words used by the new generation recently.

‘Isn’t past achievements not of much value in the present, which has been leveled up?’

After searching the internet for a while, I realized.
In other words, what the P&L was trying to tell himself.

Dr. Yang 1 day ago 乃 892
Profit and loss has turned upwards
Dr. Doom vs Son Ik-jwa, my heart is getting bigger
Fall Tree 1 day ago 乃 567
Shouldn’t it be rationally analyzed?
So, are you saying that you should invest with your senses?
I don’t understand why 119 Stock Talk called such a person.
Chaseong Lee 1 day ago 乃 512
Professor Doom is a water rocket……
You are the one who guessed the dot-com bubble and the Lehman Brothers crisis!!

Looking at the comments section of 119 Stock Talk, the topic is already buzzing.

Viewers are divided into two sides and fighting.
But let’s take a closer look.

‘Uh-huh, how wise the viewers of 119 Stock Talk are.’

Many people defend themselves.
Even in the eyes of the viewers, it is self-evident who says the right thing.

The profit and loss left is equivalent to self-destruction.
Even the evidence supporting the claim is weak.

〈In short, dogs or cows are shouting crashes.〉
〈 Could that be the reason?〉
〈 yes.〉
〈 No, sir! Still, from a macro perspective, or is there a special reason like the last Ohsung Electronics?〉
〈 No. 〉

No, no
Surprisingly, it was a rise of ignorance to say that it appeared on economic broadcasting.

‘What did this friend say to me about the water rocket?’

They appear to be about the same age as the students they teach.
I came out with the same expert position and stretched my hair.

Something that can’t be bothered.
Wonwook, who usually has less emotional ups and downs, responds seriously this time.

“It’s been a while, Professor! You’ve become a total superstar these days, so it’s really hard to see your face.”
Haha, that’s how it happened.”

Because honor is at stake.
Wonwook appears on various TV shows as an economic expert.

I’ve been particularly busy lately.
As the moderator said, it became popular among investors.

“Are you still looking down on the stock price outlook?”
“I think Korean stocks are overvalued.”
“Ha~ It’s not normal if what the professor says.”
“It looks like we’ll have to go through a fairly long adjustment. I’m telling you that now is the time to reduce your equity exposure.”

A prophet who predicted the crash.
He may be a bit laggy in bull markets, but bear markets are his specialty.

−Doctor Doom
−I have already received help and…… I hope this will help again, thank you
−I trusted you from the year before last
−Professor Kim Won-wook, you put in a lot of hard work.
−It’s just a problem that my account is already at minus 30% ㅠㅠ
−I heard that the P&L is going up?
−How far away do you have to be to be satisfied?
−Water Rocket Jjiik~!

Put a candle on it
Won-wook also catches the annoying reaction in the chat window.

“But there are also people who make the opposite predictions, right? Messages also appear in the chat window…”
“Who are you?”
“Like the professor, a person called Profit and Loss who predicted the collapse said he turned around this time.”

The moderators also say
It deserves mention as it became famous due to the Ohsung Electronics incident not too long ago.

‘If you step back, you might catch a mouse.’

It’s not pleasant for Won-wook.
I want to make it clear this time.

“You might be thinking that because the stock price has fallen a lot recently.”
“Is that right? It’s gone too low, right?”
“However, corporate earnings are expected to slow, and the US continues to raise interest rates, so it’s hard to see that there is much room for upside.”
“And as long as Japan maintains negative interest rates, the won tied to East Asian currencies will also fall.”

Evidence and analysis.
It is meaningless even if it is correct only when it goes over smoothly like that young investor.

−As expected, King Won-wook sense!
−Are we avoiding Japan again?
−That’s why foreigners keep selling ithaha
−Information more precious than jewels
−That’s right. Yen problem
−Korea, an emerging country, is always undervalued.
−It’s different from anyone elsehaha
−Thank you for the reason for breaking!

Show what a real expert is.

* * *

Rational investment.
This is a common mistake investors make.

‘Do you think you’ll live if you wake up even if you enter the tiger’s den?’

It is also possible because there is a clear reason.
As long as you don’t touch the tiger, you can live.

『KOSPI + KOSDAQ Trading Value』
2018/05/01 9 trillion 236.9 billion
2018/05/02 8 trillion 697.4 billion
2018/05/03 8 trillion 721.2 billion
2018/05/04 8 trillion 523.8 billion

You can’t know in the stock market.
Everything you see could be a trap or an opportunity.

‘For example, this transaction amount.’

Individual investors are declining.
Since no one is buying the stock, the stock price has no choice but to go down.

It is rational to interpret it that way.
The rational investor is more likely to fall into the trap of the market.

‘In other words, it means that there is no one to disturb.’

Market participants.
The number of individuals is small.
Institutions are not even a hindrance in the first place.

The solo stage of foreigners will be completed.
If you put your mind to it, you can manipulate the stock market as you wish.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─With the steamed man?
─Dead Cat Bounce seduced antshaha
─Why are foreigners living like crazy?
─Yes, Gobbus is invincible~

It’s like pressing the stock price.
It is hard to imagine that the reverse is also possible.

─Why are foreigners living like crazy?
Once the exchange rate remains the same

└Short selling seems to be liquidated?
└ Horogura Rise Narashimai Kyuㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
└ Rolling up soonhaha
└ It’s giving you a chance to chase the gobbus, right?

Why buy stocks?
Even if business conditions are bad, it is too bad.
I don’t know why the market is going up.

─Foreigners are running amok!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

I can’t get on because I think so.
The alien is on top of the ant’s head.

‘As long as I have the mindset of an ant, I can’t survive a bear market.’

Foreigner’s toys.
The KOSPI is a place that can rise without any reason.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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