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Because I Live in the US 182

Because I Live in the US 182

Chapter 182 – The Big Short


─Find out how to earn 150,000 won every day unconditionally
─Semiconductor is the rice of industry.Jpg
─KOSPI Appreciation Festival will be held
─Hey~ I picked up the fucking bullshit of the downtrendhaha

It’s not just stock prices that are falling.
It changes the way investors think.

─Semiconductor is the rice of industry.Jpg
[It’s a good year, but I’m crying…… , Rice price drop, plate to be thrown away. News]
This is why it collapses

└ㄹㅇ If it was wheat, it was positive.
└ Change everything to tteokbokki
└ Rice cake Evande
└ Fact) The government decided to buy all the surplus rice. Therefore, semiconductors can also be left to the state.

Corporate value.
I do not believe in high technology and solid performance.

That’s what happens when you see a falling stock price.
There is no hope that stocks will rebound.

─Hey~ I picked up the fucking bullshit of the downtrendhaha
[A photo of a bundle of waste paper.Jpg]
Earned at least 3,000 won
Profit better than me?

└Let’s pick it up together
└Top 1%
└ Jugal revenue 1st place
└ This bastard is a beginner.

Does it make sense to pick it up at a low price?
It will be cheaper tomorrow than today and the day after tomorrow.

It is dominated by the thought that it seems to be so.
I don’t think I’ll be making any money from stocks anymore.

─Find out how to earn 150,000 won every day unconditionally
[○Pang Logistics Center part-time job photo.Jpg]
You just have to go to the distribution center and run Yagada.

└Minimum wage is risinghaha
└ Long live the President!
└ Stable income of 150,000 won per day? Who are you trying to fool?
└ It’s not 150,000 won when you think of body chewing……

Such an air current flows.
When despair is taken for granted, no one thinks of hope.

‘I think short is right for a while…….’

It’s not really a good time to invest in stocks.
Sora has been thinking about something lately.

I am seriously considering investing in inverse.
I fully understand that it is dangerous.

-Joo Gallumdra, write down the category of Sang-Chi tomorrow
Write down your words

└Auntie portrait
Author− Be courteous to the stock honorable goddess ㅗㅗ
└ Tool lady
└Kodex200 Is there anything else going up these days besides Inverse 2x?

‘Well, gobbus is the trend.’

There is no other way to invest.
In Korea, short betting by individual investors is restricted.

Maybe that’s why the short climbs well.
That idea is getting stronger.

Insoo Kim 1 day ago
Wow that’s right
I was wondering why foreigners were so digging, and it was because the exchange rate was expected to go down.
Cream Man 1 day ago
Professor Doom said the same thing!
I respect you for reading analyst-level market conditions even though you are still a student.
Trotman 1 day ago
Noona is also a gobbus lion
Money is being copied panting

YouTube run by Sora.
In addition to simple economics lectures, the latest market conditions are also covered.

‘Professor Dr. Doom said that too? Certainly no one wants to buy stock these days.’

You also learn in the process.
Just reading the comments will give you a sense of what other people think.

Investors’ fighting spirit died.
There are no more people waiting for stocks to go up as before.

『KOSPI + KOSDAQ Trading Value』
2018/05/01 9 trillion 236.9 billion
2018/05/02 8 trillion 697.4 billion
2018/05/03 8 trillion 721.2 billion
2018/05/04 8 trillion 523.8 billion

It is also reflected in the transaction amount that the senior talked about.
It has a lot of meaning that what reached 15 trillion by the beginning of this year has been cut in half.

‘It must be difficult to recover to the previous level.’

This means that the upside of the stock market is blocked.
In such a situation, foreigners continue to sell.
That’s in the tens of billions or trillions every day.

〈 KOSPI was originally over 2,000.〉
〈 was it?〉
〈Those who have recently started stocks may not know…….〉

You can also watch it through YouTube.
The Doctor Doom the viewer talked about is an analyst whom Sora often sees.

‘Right. They said it was box blood.’

Analysts are scammers!
A senior would say so.
But Dak the Doom is different from them.

They say honestly that the stock market will go down.
You can study the bad news of the market.

〈 In the past, a popular investment method was to buy at KOSPI 1800 and sell at 2000. Buy at the bottom and sell at the top.〉
〈 Ah, I heard! Wasn’t that why it was called boxpi?〉

One of them.
The senior also said that it is important to know history.

‘I started investing in stocks in a rising market, so I thought it was natural for the stock to exceed 2000.’

Certainly it is.
Over the past five years, the KOSPI fluctuated between 1700 and 2200.

The recent bull market has been so happy.
Stock markets may return to previous levels.

〈 There are people who know that boxpi was a very long time ago, but it was only less than two years.〉
〈 Is that all? 〉
〈 Rather, the current decline is the process of returning to normal stock prices.〉
〈 Wow~ After listening to the professor, it seems that the perspective of looking at this bearish market has changed!〉

Grounds for that.
Sora’s investigation alone was not insignificant.
No matter how much you think about it, the stock price is still high right now.

‘I think it will go down to 2000. At least.’

The more I listen to Dr. Doom’s story, the more convinced I am.
The downtrend may continue for a long time as it has continued to rise over the past two years.


It’s creepy.
But a crisis is an opportunity.
If you place a short bet, you can make money.

‘It’s also something I’ve always wanted to do.’

You can’t just stock up forever.
I heard that traders mainly trade in futures.

Short bets are also a kind of gift.
Although it is an ETF, I thought it was an opportunity to experience it indirectly.

〈 characters~ So far, I have met Professor Dr. Doom. The next person to serve is the hottest person among ant investors recently, right? Super ant Son Ik-jwa has been invited! 〉

‘What are you doing that human?’

I see a familiar human being.

* * *

Bear market.
In particular, the difficulty of the Korean bear market is the strongest in the universe.

‘Because there are unexpected variables lurking around.’

The rational investor is more likely to lose money.
There is no guide to tell you that.

“Hello! You’re Son Ik-jwa, the talk of the town, right?”
“It’s called that in certain communities.”
“You’re famous on YouTube these days~!”

What ordinary investors can rely on is, at best, YouTube.
This is why he accepted the offer to appear on 119 Stock Talk.

‘To raise awareness.’

It is one of the most influential economic channels, at least at this point in time.

“I watched the video too. As you said, the bear market really never ends!”
“Professor Doom, who appeared a while ago, how can you have such foresight?”

And break it.
The best way to become famous as an investor is to break with the established market logic.

‘Like Michael Subury.’

The biggest achievement in my life was hitting the big short.
Actually, I didn’t make a lot of money, and I haven’t made a proper prediction since.

Famous nonetheless.
People who say no when everyone else is saying yes impress investors.

“It was then.”
“Huh? Are you different now?”
“We’re looking at the rally again for a while.”

Now it’s the opposite time.
Dogs and conchs are shouting collapses.
Doctor Doom is also one of the representative collapse theorists.

‘I’m a human who only talks about crashing 365 days a year.’

It can be said that it is the opposite position of Yeom Yuan.
They are usually ignored, let alone noticed.

Then, when the real crash came.
In the name of re-evaluation, things happen that become famous.

“Then you’re making the opposite prediction with Dr. Doom?”
“I guess so.”
“Could you please explain why you have a change of heart, sir!”

It’s not a jjambab to be compared to such a human being.
Because I’m not a short shot who only shouts short shots out of ignorance.

‘Still, he’s the analyst that’s getting the most attention right now.’

Smash his argument head-on.
It could be a pleasant show for investors tired of the crash.

“Because, to put it simply, dogs or cows are screaming plunging.”
“Could that be the reason?”
“No, sir~! But from a macro perspective, or is there a special reason like the last time with Ohsung Electronics?”

The same goes for those who firmly believe in a crash.
It was a lightning bolt for them.

‘I have to light a fire like this to attract aggro.’

A fight breaks out in the chat window as soon as my remarks drop.

− Dogs and cowshaha
−Is Professor Doom an individual too?
−Because he is young, his words are cool.
−That’s right, there’s no way the collapse everyone knows abouthaha
−Say something……
−Are you saying this is an experthaha
−I expected it because it was said to be a super ant, but he was a kid who invests with his senseshehe^^
−Ahh, ignorant Longchong.

Recent market.
The downtrend is prevailing.
But there are just as many people who have been bitten.

They want someone to represent them.
If that’s even someone who’s previously claimed a slump.

“I don’t need any evidence.”
“Because you have to say something that the audience can understand… Huh?”
“People only see the decline in graphs and have never actually experienced it, so they try to reason rationally. The market where that rational person suffers the most loss is the decline. I hate people who clumsily shout down.”

Rather, it gains trust.
What that person said turned out to be true after time passed.

‘In the end, what the public wants is the teacher.’

Less than 5% of people who think and invest on their own.
The reality of the stock market.

Who thinks they are different?
After going through a bear market, you realize that’s not the case.

“Professor Doom’s analysis makes more sense to me…”
“He’s the one who predicted the dot-com bubble and the Lehman Brothers crisis!”
“The current market is structurally different from the days of the water rockets.”
“A water rocket?”

It’s time to shatter those clumsy beliefs.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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