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Wireless Onahole 3

Wireless Onahole 3

Chapter 3 – 003 Online Lecture

When I opened my eyes, I felt light and very refreshed.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been sleeping in Ona Hall several times lately, so I feel very refreshed every morning when I wake up.

Today I have a class at 10:00 am, so I wake up an hour earlier than usual and have a simple breakfast.
I sat in front of the computer and prepared the cam and textbook.

The purpose of this professor is to watch whether or not he is doing something else during class,
It was the person who told me to turn on the cam unconditionally, saying that the taste of lecturing would be better if I gave class while looking at the students’ faces.

The class started and all the students turned on the cams, but it was disastrous because it was an early morning class.
It was common for her to not have her hair covered, and many students seemed to have their eyes half-closed.

In the meantime, there was a screen that was shining in a corner, and it was Shin Ah-young’s screen.

She seemed to have not washed herself either, but she had a distraught expression and a disheveled appearance with her bangs untidy.
Because her basic appearance was so good, she was overwhelmingly pretty even in that state.

Her outfit was also a white short-sleeved T-shirt that seemed to be worn comfortably because it was morning, but her voluminous breasts, which were hard to hide even with a cam, stood out.
Most of the men are probably looking at Shin Ah-yeong’s cam and fucking with her imagination.
It’s bound to happen if you put that big chest on the desk.

As I stared blankly at Shin Ah-young’s cam and imagined this and that, her cock grew before I knew it.
It seems to be harder than usual, probably because of the morning erection.

‘I can’t even use the ona hole because I’m in class… It seems like it will take too long to play with my hands…’

It was excluded from the selection because it was too big to use a large ona hole.
As I was thinking of a way to secretly hit her with her head at full capacity, I suddenly thought of a small ona hole that came as a free gift.

‘I’m sure…I put it in the corner of the desk…But I found it.’

Unseen on the cam screen, she moved her arm and brought the love gel and the small ona hole under the desk.


After applying a lot of love gel to the entrance of the ona hole, I brought my cock up and put it in at once.



As soon as I put it into the ona hole, a scream was heard from the speaker.

‘What.. What the fuck did I come out on the cam? Did I get fucked?’

Looking at the screen, the professor also stopped class for a while and called the screaming student.

“Who’s the student who just screamed? Shin Ah-yeong? What’s going on?”

“Ah…It’s nothing…Sorry…A bug suddenly appeared in front of my eyes…”

“Okay. Please be careful from now on. We will resume class.”

The students also looked surprised when they heard a scream that suddenly burst out during class, but soon began to focus on class again.
Except for two people.

Shin Ah-young had her head down, one hand covering her mouth, and her other hand under her desk, trembling on her shoulder.

‘Are you scared enough to scream? It’s not like cockroaches flew in front of her eyes.’

Her penis died a little bit due to her momentary happening, but she revived it again by looking at her god Ah-yeong’s breasts.
The onahole was again filled with the enlarged cock and I started to move slowly again.

“I’m sorry…”

At that time, a faint moan flowed from Shin Ah-young’s cam covering her mouth.
She was staring at Shin Ah-yeong’s chest, so even if it was a small sound, she could hear it right away.
It felt like she was really fucking her and she was more aroused.

10 minutes later.

Shin Ah-young still had her shoulders quivering slightly and her mouth biting her lips as if trying to stop the exploding sound.

At this point, I began to feel the strangeness of her little by little.
She kept watching from the beginning because she strangely reacted similar to the timing of putting in and taking out the ona hole.

When he hit her, her shoulders shuddered, her head tilted forward slightly when she was pulled out, and her insides continued to tighten.

‘Where in the world is there an ona hall connected to a real woman?’

She thought of it as a joke, but she had been suspicious of a few things in the meantime, and her doubts gradually bit her tail.
In the end, in order to confirm her growing suspicion, she enlarged Shin A-young’s cam screen to its maximum, and then applied gel to her fingers and applied it to the clip.


She let out a small moan as she touched it, and her body trembled so loudly that she could see it.

‘Wow… Is this for real? Is this really connected to Shin Ah-young’s pussy?’

As her imagination became reality, goose bumps ran through her body and she couldn’t believe it.
Looking at her screen, Shin A-young turned off her microphone and was lying on her desk.

Thinking that the pussy she was fucking now was really Shin Ah-young’s, the feeling of ejaculation rose right away.
I sped up and packed my cum into the deepest part.

Beaureureus… Beaureureureureus…

Her vaginal creases were scraping all over the cock while convulsing as if she had gone with them.
I peeked under the desk and saw that little juice was coming out of the hole.

She put her finger close, remembering how responsive she was when he touched her clit earlier.
As she saw on the internet, after spreading it around the clit, she rubbed it gently from bottom to top.


It was so cute how her cunt twitched and swelled up with every touch of her finger.

“Okay, then we’ll take a break here for 10 minutes and start the class again. I see some students dozing or sleeping right now, so please wash your face and come to your senses.”

I was so engrossed that I didn’t even know the first session was over.

‘Ah, it’s just the beginning, let’s lose steam.’

When it was break time, most of the students, including Shin Ah-yeong, turned off the cams and went to rest.

It’s fun to see the reaction while watching the screen, but in this state, the excitement has cooled.
If I didn’t wash now, I would have to attend class in a sticky state for the next hour, so I pulled out my cock and went to the bathroom.

Anyway, the ona hole is connected to Shin Ah-young’s pussy, so I thought ‘Ji will wash it herself’, washed her sleep, and returned to her seat.
When I checked after a while, the ona hole was indeed clean with warm water.

This made it clear
I don’t know what the principle is, but that ona hole is connected to Shin Ah-young’s pussy.

The class for the next period was spent worrying about what had happened, so I listened to it and finished it.
As soon as the class was over, I immediately went back to the site where I bought the ona hole.

Of course, there was no such product, and when I inquired, the answer came that they had never sold such a product or posted a sales article itself.
I felt uncomfortable, but I decided to keep an eye on it for the time being, not knowing if there would be any side effects.


Yesterday I thought I was really dying.
Isn’t it stamped on your chest on the way home?

As if I had been waiting when I went to the bathroom to wash up
Fucking me like crazy, my legs gave out all the strength and I spilled urine and all sorts of juices on the floor.

The feeling of water coming out instead of pee… Do you call it cumshot?

I was wrapped up in the tremendous pleasure I felt for the first time several times, and eventually lost her mind for a moment.
She honestly felt great, but was scared because she didn’t know why this was happening or why she was doing this to me.

But she can’t consult with others, and if she did, it would be obvious that she would dismiss it as a strange person or a dream.
She hadn’t even told her family, let alone her boyfriend.

After waking up in the bathroom yesterday, she immediately fell asleep on the bed,
I had a class at 10:00 in the morning, so I woke up to the alarm I set 40 minutes before.

Is it because I let out too much water yesterday?
As if from exhaustion, his throat was dry and his body was weak.

“Ugh…I’m thirsty…Water…”

A cracked voice came out of his mouth powerlessly.
After staggering to the refrigerator, she drank some water and sat down in a chair to think.

‘How long have you been doing this? But it’s not like there’s a fixed time to come in, or a signal to come in…’

“Haa…I don’t know…I need to prepare for class.”

With no accurate data yet, unable to find any clues or common ground, she sat down in front of the computer with a sigh.
Turning on the main unit and looking at the monitor reminded me of a class to turn on the cam.
I hadn’t even washed my face, let alone put on makeup, but it was annoying so I just took classes.

“This is ~~~ so substituting the formula ~~~@#$@#$$%$.”

‘Haa…What does that sound like…’



She belatedly shut her mouth, but the situation has already been heard by everyone.

‘Ha shit… Did he come in after talking to me… I was surprised.’

She rushed to the professor and gave her words of sorry.

Without a hint of entry, I just touched the inside of her pussy, so I screamed involuntarily.
After applying the sticky stuff like yesterday, the transparent penis came in right away.
I tried it yesterday, but I couldn’t get used to this size.

I was in class, so I tried to cover my mouth as much as I could, but I couldn’t stop the weak moaning from leaking out.

“I’m sorry..”

‘It’s class time now… Everyone is watching, but please don’t do this…’

After getting used to the size to a certain extent, when I was in a state of fascination, the attack came to the cli as well.
As the pleasure increased, I couldn’t stand my voice any longer, so I hurriedly turned off the microphone.
And he surrendered himself to the rush of pleasure.

“Haaang… There it is..♡ It doesn’t hurt if you rub only Klee..”

“Ahhh…♡ I’m going… I’m going, I’m going… I’m going aaaaa♡”

Since the cam was still on, the upper body was lying down and pretending nothing happened,
Under the invisible desk, her pussy squirted and trembled at will.

Perhaps because of the experience of cumshot the day before, the love juice came out easily.
At the same time, I could tell that something warm inside hit the vaginal wall and ejaculated.

“Ahh…♡ Heuuuuu…

While enjoying the afterglow, I felt like I was opening the clip wide.
I put my thighs on the chair while lying on my desk and looked at the condition of my pussy.
Clea, who had popped out of the shell, was moving up and down by herself.

The feeling of being gently stroked from bottom to top made my lower back tremble.
It was even more sensitive because he had just left.

“I…I just went.


I couldn’t wake up from the great pleasure, but the professor informed me of break time, so I immediately turned off the cam and ran to the bathroom.

“Ha…Ha… If I don’t get the semen out quickly…”

Shoot it

I turned on the shower and stood in a crab leg position, slightly sticking out my waist.


“Ahhh…I think my pussy has become more sensitive…”

Feeling pleasure, I cleaned the inside of her pussy as cleanly as possible, and then skipped the class.

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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