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Wireless Onahole 2

Wireless Onahole 2

Chapter 2 – 002 Why Is My Body Doing This?

It was an ordinary day, as usual.
It was the kind of day where I did my homework as usual and kept in touch with my friends.

But was it around evening?
While writing an experiment report, I suddenly felt a strange feeling at the bottom.
At first, I thought it might have rubbed my clothes and ignored it.


The feeling of something getting inside and scratching the walls of the vagina.
This time, I checked to see if there was something hiding under the desk.
However, it was an empty space with nothing but a multi-tab.

Has my body finally become strange?
Could it be that you have a nerve problem?

Feeling a little scared, I got up from my chair.
I took off the pants I was wearing and lifted my panties to check, but I couldn’t find anything wrong.

Meanwhile, something was smearing something sticky inside her vagina.

“Ss… What is this… I’m not doing anything… I’m not even a ghost…”

Anything that touched every nook and cranny was soon out of her pussy.
The moment when I was relieved to think, “Is it finally over?”


A gigantic pillar, incomparable to the one I had just entered, began to penetrate my pussy.
The enormous size that I felt for the first time. It was a pain that felt like it would tear inside.

“Sigh… Wait… It hurts so much…!”

Power was applied to the vessel to prevent foreign matter from entering.
Then, after stabbing the inside a few times, he quickly gave up and walked away.
It was a huge size that made the bottom tingle even if it came in just a little bit.

‘…What was it just…Is it over?’

However, as if to mock the idea, the sticky liquid from earlier came in.
Then he rubbed the walls of his vagina more persistently than before.

“What the hell…Is happening to my body…!?”

He struggled to block it, but he couldn’t stop it from coming in anyway.
Even though I was sitting on a chair and wearing clothes, it was like a ghost coming in.

Ignoring my reaction, the pillar passed through my vagina and reached the front of my uterus.
The pain naturally tightened her pussy, and the shape of the foreign object was roughly drawn.
The front is shaped like an umbrella, and the back is a hard, hot pillar, like a cock.

“This can’t be… It can’t be… I’m still…”

As the size, incomparable to that of my boyfriend, began to move back and forth, I felt pain and pleasure at the same time.
A moan came out at the unfamiliar sensation that filled the inside of her pussy.

“Huh…So…So big…Please stop.”

Blocking the entrance and resisting, it didn’t stop, but rather, the transparent penis grew bigger and bigger.
Then he flinched and spewed out something, and he felt something hot and gooey dripping down inside.
I took off my panties and tried to check it, thinking it was the first time I felt it.

‘Could it be… Is it real semen?’

The moment I put my hand in to check it out, the transparent cock began to throb violently in my vagina again.
However, I could tell that the location of the stabbing was different from before, and that the butt was being hit hard.

“Haaaaagh…! What is this… Sitting there…How are you stabbing me?”

Although he stabbed at random, he filled up the inside and scratched the entire weak point, so an unbearable moan came out of his mouth.


It was hard to accept the waves of immense pleasure that I felt for the first time.
My back trembled and my limbs shriveled up, a sensation I never felt when I was with my boyfriend.
Her body didn’t listen at all, so she had no choice but to lie still on her desk.

When her tremors had subsided, I put my finger in her to see if what was inside was real semen.
A sticky thread formed between her fingers, and it was diluted with a mixture of love juice and an unknown liquid, but I could tell by smelling it.

Undoubtedly obvious semen.
The fear of pregnancy came to me when I was so wrapped up in such a deep place.

“If it’s real semen… What should I do… If I don’t scrape it out quickly…”

While stroking her lower abdomen, which still had some pain, she hurried to the bathroom.
A stream of warm water hit her entire pussy.

“This time… Again, what the hell… There…!”

Cli was hit directly by the stream of water, causing his back to bend on its own, and something that felt like a finger entered and scratched hard at the inside.

Heheh.. What is it? You wrapped it up inside and now what..!”

After the forceful rubbing inside her cunt, she felt that the inside was clean.
The pain and feeling were still there.

Haha… Ha… What the hell is this…? I can’t go to the hospital… I can’t call the police…”

If you report something that happened earlier, they will think it’s a prank call and hang up right away.
I can’t believe it myself, but who will believe it?


Next day

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I instinctively touched here and there.
Fortunately, nothing happened during the night, so it was the same as before sleeping.

I sighed and thought about what happened yesterday, but I shook my head.
It was such a terrible memory, I wanted to forget it.

I wanted to take a break today because of that kind of experience, but I had to go because it would be difficult to keep up with the progress if I skipped even one experiment.

I almost forcibly washed my face and makeup, dressed, and left my room.

‘I just want to rest, but grades are still important…’

When I arrived at the school helplessly and opened the door to the lab, my classmates saw my expression and asked how I was doing.

“Ahyoung. Are you in a bad mood today? Your expression is a little dark.”

“What happened today? Where are you sick?”

Yes, I was doing my homework yesterday, and my big transparent cock cummed and washed away before disappearing.’
I wanted to grab someone and complain, but then it was perfect to be treated like a psychopath.

Finally, she swallowed the words inwardly and clapped her hand.

“Ah..No, it’s okay..It’s no big deal.”

After roughly finishing the experiment, her classmates refused to eat.
I wasn’t in the mood for that, and it seemed that if it happened again in front of my classmates, it would be impossible to fix it.
With arrogant thoughts, I walked helplessly to my room.

I didn’t want to do anything today and just wanted to rest.
Could it happen again…?

About 10 minutes before I got to my room, I suddenly felt someone touch my chest.
I quickly looked around, but the street was empty.

‘What… What is this, starting again..? Please… Stop it… I don’t like it anymore…’

I felt the palms touch my breasts on both sides, and rough hands began to touch my breasts without permission.
Then, the same sticky liquid as yesterday smeared on her chest.

Then, the huge pillar I felt yesterday came in between my breasts and started rubbing.

‘What is this again… Haa…Yes, I’d rather touch the chest…It’ll be better than the lower part…’

Touching her breasts was worth it, so she hurriedly increased her pace.

Hehe…Hot! Haeuk…”

Other than the occasional moaning when pinching or rubbing her nipples, there was nothing special about it.
But after a while the column got bigger and she started to pulsate incredibly.

The view… The view..!

The thing that came out with great force reached the collarbone and under the chin and dripped down creating a thick thread.
I stopped right away in such an absurd situation and wiped the semen from my chin.

But it just felt like that. There was nothing on her hands.
As soon as she arrived in the room with a stiff face, she immediately went into the bathroom and started taking a shower.

Shoot aaaaa

“Huhhhhh, what…

As I was crying while getting hit by the water, I felt another rubbing underneath.

“Okay…Do whatever you want…I’ll stay still…Just finish it quickly…”

With a resigned voice, I relaxed and applied my body, and a huge pillar squeezed into my pussy.
The feeling of the vagina expanding and coming in was scary even if I felt it again.

“Hey… I tried yesterday… But this is too big…”

I put my arms on the wall and leaned my head on it, praying for a speedy end.

However, it was so big that it scratched all the weak points, so my back was shaking and I felt like I was going to pee, but I persevered as much as I could.
But even that, for a moment, felt like it was going to be cold as the power was released at the bottom.

“Wait… I think I’m coming out… No no no at…!!”


The waist bent backwards, and clear juice gushed out and splashed onto the wall.
I experienced cumshot for the first time in my life.

His legs lost strength and he sat down on the floor.
A great feeling of pure white hair and trembling all over the body.

Clear liquid leaked out of her cunt, but it was fortunate that it was in the bathroom, so it was easy to clean up.

“Ahhhhh…! Uhhhhh…I don’t know…What can I do…”

The afterglow didn’t end, but the transparent penis started to move right away as if he wouldn’t care.
The feeling of rubbing the vaginal wall and entering the womb gradually emptied my head.


How many times have you gone and left Shiofuki and her pee on the bathroom floor?
She waited until the end, surrendering herself to her pleasure, but lost her mind for a moment in the middle.

After a while, she somehow opened her eyes and looked down, but she was just as clean as yesterday.

“Haa… I’m not even an ona hole… Did I just fuck myself and then wash it off and leave? I’m sorry…!”

She felt a belated pain in her lower abdomen as she slowly made her way to bed.
She was thirsty from having drained too much of her fluid, but sleep was more urgent now.

‘I hope it was a nightmare when I woke up…’

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

무선 연결 오나홀로 따먹기
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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