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Wireless Onahole 1

Wireless Onahole 1

Chapter 1 – 001 Ona Hole With Many Functions

Squeak… Squeak…

As I applied the love gel diligently, I could feel the inside moving little by little.

‘I think the inside was wriggling just now? Is it because of the mood? It seems a bit warm inside.’

She felt it was strange, but she just passed it off as ‘expensive, so it must have some kind of function~’.
It was the first large ona hole I used.

After applying enough love gel, I put the cock on top.
A feeling that is slightly warmer than human body temperature and tightens.

It felt better than any ona hole I’ve ever used.

Maybe 1/3 of it? It was difficult to advance any further by the narrow inside.

“Is it because it’s the first time? It doesn’t go in well from here. I need to add more gel.”


When he pulled out his cock, there was a sound like a cork being unplugged.
Perhaps 20cm was too big for the ona hole, and even though it was a new product, the entrance did not close completely.

I squeezed the love gel directly into the gaping hole.
I held my posture again and inserted it.

She sucked on his cock as if her pussy were alive, and the scratching of each crease in her vagina seemed like it would come off quickly if she wasn’t careful.

The advertisement I saw yesterday was not false.
I kept moving my waist thinking that I should leave a 5-star review later.


A dirty sound echoed in the room, and soon after, I felt a sense of ejaculation from the tremendous tightening and sucking.
When I did not hold back and packed up, my vagina tightened and began to twitch together.

A tremendous pleasure that is different from the Ona Hall I’ve used so far.
I feel like I’ve released more semen than usual.

“I bought this one really well. To think there was such a thing…”

Looking at the cock that was still growing even though it was wrapped once, I turned it 180 degrees so that it was in a doggy position.
As it was, I watched the undulating buttocks and the fluttering anus while fucking violently.

The feeling of being widened by the large glans on the narrow side, and the feeling of tight pressure as if to pull it out, as if telling me not to go.

After about 10 minutes of shaking my waist in a trance, I ejaculated again.
As if a succubus had sucked her energy, her body was drained of strength.

Compared to the small ona-holes, which usually only require waving hands, the large ona-holes that use the whole body consume more energy.

I enjoyed the long afterglow and took a rest while drinking water. When my strength returned, I took the ona hole and headed to the bathroom.

Due to its size, I couldn’t wash it in the sink, so I had to use the shower.

Shoot it

A rushing stream of water. I turned the handle and waited for warm water to come out.

When the temperature reached the right temperature, the ona hole was placed on the water stream.
Since the water spread was wide, it was possible to wash the area around the hole at once.

The moment the water touched the clip, I felt something twitch.
But without much thought, I scraped the inside and washed away the semen and love gel.

I didn’t know it when I put only the cock, but I felt the internal structure well when I rubbed it with my fingers.
There was something bumpy on the top, and I knew that the vaginal wall was more curved or wrinkled than I thought.

“You’ve put a lot of thought into the details inside, so I’m going to wash this and go right away to write a review.”

Ona Hall surprised me the more I wrote it. He exclaimed in admiration and finished.
After wiping off the water, when I accessed the site I bought it from, a strange phrase popped up.

[Page cannot be displayed]

What, the page disappeared in one day?
It’s not out of stock right now, is it a scam?

I had all kinds of thoughts, but I didn’t think deeply.
It was a fairly good ona hall by my standards, and it was because there were no defective products.

I calmed down and started writing the report for tomorrow’s experiment.


Next day

A compulsory subject experiment in engineering.
If you don’t complete it, you can’t graduate, but it’s the worst subject that takes up to 3 hours for a 1-credit topic.
There was even the annoyance of having to submit a preliminary report and a result report every week.

Going to school and experimenting myself was annoying, but there were some good things about it.

Shin Ah-yeong, who is reputed to be the prettiest in our school.
The point was that she was in the same class as hers, so she could be seen all three hours.
No matter how hard the experiment was, it wasn’t bad because the fatigue disappeared when I saw her face.

After she arrived at school and sat down, she was examining her lab equipment when Shin Ah-yeong came in.
She always had a pretty smile on her face, but today she looked gloomy and gloomy as if she was very low-key.
She seemed to have eaten something wrong that day, judging by the fact that she was stroking her belly.

‘You have to be careful at times like that. I shouldn’t be fooling around.’

As her expression darkened, her peers began asking how she was doing.

“Ahyoung. Are you in a bad mood today? Your expression is very dark.”

“What happened today? Where are you sick?”

“Ah… No, it’s okay… It’s no big deal.”

Her expression didn’t look okay at all, but Shin Ah-young smiled and answered.
Although her complexion was dark, her appearance was enough to brighten up her laboratory.

Her large breasts and thin waist are so large that she cannot even hold them in one hand.
And her big pelvis that seemed to burst her jeans and her legs that fell into her hips.
The title of body created by God was not a waste.

Is she the only one
Her flowing black hair, her large jet-black eyes, her long eyelashes, her high nose, and her small but moderately thick lips.

If only I had a good body, I could do that. It was so pretty that I wondered if such a person existed in the world.

She could feel her cock wriggling down her pants, but she desperately hid it because it was a social burial for her to show off.
While she was secretly peeping at Shin Ah-young’s back, her assistant came in and the experiment began.

“Today’s experiment is to ~~~ and measure with ~~. Then, please start.”

I was experimenting in the middle of the day, and I felt that Shin Ah-young came and went often.
No matter how you look at it, the day seemed right.

“You worked hard!”

After a long experiment, she started packing her bag.
After she finishes quickly, she starts to walk out when she hears talking behind her.
As she listened closely, she realized that her classmates were inviting Shin Ah-young to eat her meal.

“Ayoung, do you want to eat together later? There’s a delicious place near the school.”

“Sorry… I have some work today… Let’s eat next time.”

“Oh yeah? Then see you next time. Bye!”

It was a topic that had nothing to do with me, so she immediately moved to her room.
It was because I was full of thoughts of using the ona hole, imagining Shin Ah-young’s body.

Returning to the room, I threw away my bag and went straight to Ona Hall.
After laying her down on the bed, he started stroking her firm breasts.

‘Are Shin Ah-young’s breasts about this size? It looked so big and soft. Are the nipples pink as well?’

She suddenly became curious and jumped on top of her stomach, inserting her cock between her breasts.
Her breasts were quite large, but the front of her glans was sticking out.

I sprayed the love gel over her cock and rubbed it all over her breasts. When I asked enough, I moved her waist.

Every time I rubbed, the glans got stuck in my breastbone, but thanks to the love gel, I felt a new pleasure.

‘Oh…Is this a feeling…This is good in its own way.’

While rubbing, I felt something on my palm.
When I removed her hand for a second, both nipples were erect.

I can’t stand seeing something like this.
They grabbed it with her index finger and thumb, twirled it, and played with it.

After about five minutes, when her ejaculation began to rise, she shook it faster and wrapped it between her collarbones.

The view… The view…

Her palm prints left her reddened breasts and looked down.
Unlike yesterday, Klee was out of the shell, and the entrance was a bit wet.
She felt the same weirdness as yesterday, but she passed it on to her raunchy appearance.

‘Ah, I don’t know, it’s okay if I lose it. Let’s just fuck.’

She took some love gel and sprinkled it all over her clit.
When I put the flowing liquid into her pussy, the inside was already sticky and wet.

I straightened up and put it all the way in one go.
Then something touched the front of the glans.

‘I touched something at the end, is this the uterus? I’ve implemented something like this.’

It was strange, so I tapped the uterus with the glans, and the inside tightened and convulsed.

I don’t know if he’s squeezing his cock like he’s asking for semen in his womb, or if he’s blocking him from coming because it’s not a place to come in.

“Does it have a vibration function? It keeps shaking while tightening.”

After fucking like crazy, one foot is wrapped and two feet are wrapped… How long has it been?
Slowly, feeling that my balls were empty, I pulled out my cock.
Looking down, the sheet was soaking wet, and foamy white liquid continued to leak from her pussy.

I ventilated the room first and put the laundry in the washing machine.
Then, I took the ona hole and went to the bathroom to wash up.

I wore it on my side, but the ona hole was drooping, probably because I had been driving it for too long.

“I can’t buy this again, so I should have taken it easy…”

With warm water, I washed the semen on the white dry chest side and the fluid leaking from the pussy.
This time, I carefully wiped it off, removing moisture from every corner with a dry towel.

I hope it lasts a long time, store it in a well-ventilated place, and go about my business.

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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