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Wireless Onahole 4

Wireless Onahole 4

Chapter 4 – 004 Toilet

It’s been a week since I bought my first ona hole.

For two days, I just thought ‘I bought a good ona hole that feels good’, but
During the online class on the 3rd day, my perception changed when I accidentally saw Shin A-young’s reaction.

Almost 99% of the time, this ona hole was connected to Shin Ah-young’s pussy.

Right now, there are two ona holes in front of my eyes.
One is a large ona-hole that I bought after seeing an advertisement for the first time, and a small ona-hole that I received as a free gift.

I feel like it won’t be enough even if I do 108x thank you to the seller who sold this.

So, what are the functions of these two ona-holes?
I’m sure that the small ona-holes are connected once, then what about the large ona-holes?
And does it end with simply being connected?

Concluding that such a dream object could not simply have such a function, I went into observation for four days.

I kept looking at the pink pussy that was tightly closed with a single letter, and I was pissed again for no reason, but I endured it thinking about the original purpose.

As I observed, I found three interesting things.

The first: several times a day, my pussy and anus twitched as they opened.
Fortunately, there was no secretion coming out of the ona hole, it was just the hole.

Second: Both large ona-holes and small ona-holes are synchronized.
This is because when the hole squeaks, the two move together.

Third: It seems that my body only reacts to things that touch or have been touched.
Although it did not respond that a bug was simply sitting on the ona hole,
It’s because if you pick up a sharp and poke it once, you can see that it reacts.

Since it is a result obtained simply by observation, you will learn more facts by doing it yourself.
Once I got this much information, I’m satisfied.

Two days ago, after finding out about these, I ordered something interesting.
I am very much looking forward to the lab tomorrow.


Have you ever felt so much fun going to school for an experiment?
Unlike usual, the bag looked a bit heavy, but the steps were light.

‘A small ona hole, love gel, vibe, and a few clothes to cover in case you can hear the vibration… This is perfect.’

In particular, the rotor was purchased wirelessly so that it can be controlled directly from the pocket with the remote control.

To stay still with Shin Ah-young’s pussy rumored to be pretty for four days in front of her eyes
I was on the verge of going crazy, but the day of liberation finally came today.

‘Are you following your face even if you don’t see it? It’s pink, so it’s fucking pretty…’

As she imagined she was happy, she arrived at the school building before she knew it.

As I was waiting to get on the elevator, I smelled a nice lemon scent from the side.
I glanced over and saw Shin Ah-young, wearing a long beige coat.

‘Wow, fashion is also fashion, but her face is really pretty, so it’s perfect.’

– Tiring. 1st floor.

As I secretly peeped and smelled a nice scent, I heard a machine sound.
She went up to the laboratory, resenting the elevator that came down quickly.

1 hour later. I finished all the amount of work I was supposed to do today, as if it was worth studying the previous day.

Now pretend to experiment. She opened her bag, deciding to watch Shin Ah-young’s reaction.

First, I applied love gel to the inside of the ona hole and inserted the rotor deeply.
Actually, it is not necessary to apply the love gel, but I applied it with the feeling of ‘be prepared because it will start soon’.


Shin Ah-young trembled in her legs for a moment, but she soon found herself experimenting diligently again.
She turned on the rotor in earnest and set the intensity to [Weak].


As she stood, Shin Ah-young, who was making her circuit, suddenly made a strange sound and staggered her body.
When her classmates who were experimenting with her looked at her with strange eyes, she hastily made an excuse.

“Oh… I stomped her foot on the corner of her desk… Never mind.”

Shin Ah-yeong, who smiles and shakes her hand and says it’s okay. I haven’t even started yet, is it really okay?

[Low] Seemed to be able to withstand it, so I decided to increase her strength with [Medium].

Click! Weeeee

I started to hear a louder vibration from her bag, and I moved to a position where I could see Shin Ah-young’s profile.

Shin Ah-young, who holds on by biting her lip.
He was twitching at her waist and shaking her legs slightly.

I wanted to hold on well, but in the end, 10 minutes later.

“Teacher. I’m going to go to the bathroom.”

She ran to the bathroom.

After hiding the onahole in my inner pocket, I decided to follow it to the bathroom.

As she passed by, Shin Ah-young saw the round chair she was sitting on.
It was shining in the reflection of the fluorescent light, and there was a little bit of water on it.

‘Are you a little tired? Seeing that it’s transparent, it looks like it’s stained with love juice.’

I went into the quiet bathroom and took out the ona hole from the toilet cubicle.
As expected, the inside was soaked and the juice was leaking out.

After turning off the power and waiting for a while, I heard the door open and come out of the women’s bathroom.

Erratic steps.
After raising the intensity to [Strong], I rubbed the rotor hard against the G-spot.
It’s because I figured out that this is Shin Ah-young’s weakness through experience so far.

Yi Yi Ying!

“Ughhh! Ahaaaaa!”

Moaning was heard from the hallway with the vibration getting stronger.
And then again the sound of the bathroom door opening and locking.

‘I made a U-turn and went back.’

As I continued stimulating the G-spot, I licked the clitoris once, and the inside was curved, and the juices came out.

My top and face were wet from the vigorously spurted pussy juice.
The inside of her pussy continued to go away, squeezing her fingers and rotor.

After moderately stimulating it, I pulled my hand along with the rotor, and at the same time, a transparent liquid began to flow on the floor.

A pink pussy that spreads open and a transparent love juice that stretches like a thread.
At the sight that was so hot, he immediately lowered Zach and fucked his cock.


It seemed like it would be cheap as soon as I put it in, maybe because it was soggy for 4 days, but I endured it as much as I could.

While shaking the ona hole with my left hand, I held the rotor with my right hand and went to the cli.

“Uhhhhh!! Uhhhhh!”

A faint moaning sound came from the side in line with the movement of my cock.
I had only been shaking myself so far, but actually hearing Shin Ah-young’s moans made me go crazy.

How many times have you shaken it?
The inside of her pussy curled up and the tightness intensified to the point that her cock was painful.
I increased the speed and felt the semen rise and poured it right into the entrance of the uterus.

Beaureureus… Beaureureus…

His cock was constantly pulsing and he continued to ejaculate.
She was so cheap that when I opened the hole slightly with her hand, I could see her white liquid flowing.

She cleaned up and went back to the lab. As expected, Shin Ah-young hadn’t come back from going to the bathroom yet.

Moments later, she returned to her seat, limp and limp.

When I sneakily checked the ona hole in her bag, it was smaller than before, but still contained semen deep inside.

‘Well, if someone gets caught taking semen out, rumors will spread right away and I’ll drop out.’

The fact that my semen was in Shin Ah-young’s pussy in front of me was so thrilling.

She wanted to bully her more, but looking at her appearance, she seems to have to stop here today.


The invisible penis that I was afraid of not knowing when it would come in every day suddenly disappeared.
Are you finally free?

Her relief that she had finally regained the freedom of her body coexisted with her regret that she wanted to feel that great pleasure once more.

Actually, she was so lonely yesterday that she masturbated for the first time in a long time, but the pleasure that her transparent cock gave her was a pity to compare.

‘No, Shin Ah-yeong, are you crazy? How could you think of such a thing? I’m crazy, I’m crazy.’


He patted her cheeks with the palm of her hand and brought her to her senses.

When she arrived at the lab and was in the middle of an experiment, she suddenly felt a small round object enter her cunt.


‘What… What is it. Isn’t this a vibe? What…’

As she made her strange noises, she felt the peers around her stare.
She was quick to make excuses and pretended to be nonchalant.

‘At times like this…I’d rather do it when I’m alone. Now… I have to put up with it somehow…’


Fortunately, only vibration was felt, but no sound leaked out.
However, as the bottom quickly became damp, I took refuge in the bathroom to wipe it off.

Bang! Clap.

I quickly took off my pants to check.
My white panties were already wet and stained, and I could feel the dampness in my pants.
At least it was black pants, so it didn’t show.

When I held my panties in my hand, water droplets were dripping down like rain.
A situation that is uncomfortable to wear anymore.

As soon as I was in a hurry, I piled up the toilet paper and piled it on my pussy.
I decided to hide my wet panties and wait for the vibration to stop.

After a while, the vibration stopped.
On the way out and back to the lab. Suddenly, a tremendous vibration caused my back to bend on its own.

“Ughhh! Ahaaaaa.”

I covered her mouth and went back to the bathroom stall from before.

‘The upper part…It’s a weak part. If you just stimulate that place… It’ll go away soon…’

Feeling her vibrations stimulated Claire as well.

“Uhhhhh!! Uhhhhh!”

I bit her clothes as hard as I could to stop her moaning, but her jaw started to quiver from her immense pleasure and she couldn’t control the leaking sound.

‘It’s a foul to attack the G-spot and the cleaner at the same time.. I’m going… I’m going I’m going…!’

Fush… Fushuuuuu…

My shoulder touched the toilet seat back, and my back curved.
At the same time, the juice that came out violently left a lot of traces on the closed door.


When you feel the rotor coming out of your pussy and you think it’s over.


The invisible cock that had driven me crazy a few days ago reached the entrance.
As soon as the huge thing came in, it started to dig inside without mercy.

‘Ahiit…♡ I just went, heh… If it hurts like that… No more…’

At some point, she lost her mind, and a dirty sound came out of her mouth and echoed in the bathroom.

“Ahhhhh … Hot … ♡ Ah .. Huh ..”

She surrendered herself to the endless waves of pleasure.

Her legs were fully open, and her face was so loose that she could not control her face.
If you look at it from the front, you won’t believe it’s Shin Ah-young.

She came to her senses belatedly and stood at the sink to drain her semen.

It was sloshing around too deep to put her finger in and drain her cum.
She had no choice but to roughly clean the area around the entrance, and decided to leave the rest out of the house.

‘I… Got hurt again… I shouldn’t be like this…’

She thought so, but strangely, her body itself felt cool.
Is it because I let go of my sexual desire, or is it because I am out of energy?

‘I have to finish the experiment quickly and go back… It feels bad to be floundering in my stomach..’

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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