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Wireless Onahole 5

Wireless Onahole 5

Chapter 5 – 005 New Features

After finishing the experiment in advance, I returned home first with the assistant’s permission.

When I asked the assistant if I could go first, he looked like he was staring at some crazy person.
After confirming the perfect circuit and data, he sent it without saying anything.

I quickly arrived at my room, changed clothes, washed up, and lay down on the bed.
Maybe it was because I slept late the night before, I fell asleep right away.

‘Ummm.. Were you asleep..? But where is this place?’

Familiar landscape.
A space with a clean white wall and a continuous square wall.
It’s similar to a place I know, but it feels awkward as if something is missing.

‘Looks like a bathroom… There’s no urinal? But why am I floating in the air? Is it out of fluid? Didn’t I fall behind?’

Looking around to understand the situation, it seemed that the only toilet was in the women’s bathroom.

There was a person in one of them, and a pretty woman with striking black hair was sitting on her toilet.
The clothes and face were familiar, as if I had seen them recently.

‘What? Isn’t that Shin Ah-young? Could it be… In the bathroom…!?’

“Haaaaa (I am.. Of course, of course), I-Hee… Of Cli’s eyes♡ I went.

Scary to think, Shin Ah-young groaned and spewed out her love juice as her back bounced.
She was wearing nothing on her lower body, revealing her white thighs and slightly bloodshot red cunt.

Even her huge breasts that sway up and down every time she takes a rough breath.
It was Shin Ah-young’s half-naked appearance that I had only seen in my dreams.

‘Wow what the fuck is this..? Is it a dream is it a dream? No, since I’m thinking about it, is it a lucid dream?’

“Ahaa ♡ It’s hot .. I feel like …. ♡

‘What do you know? It’s fucking crazy. That Shin A-young is her super-rare daughter masturbating.’

Seeing the feeling of her daughter of a lifetime, the moment she pulls down her pants and puts her hand on his already big cock.

Familiar ceiling.


“Ah, was it a fucking dream… It was fucking vivid, but it’s too much. I’ll keep it until I have a daughter.”

She put aside her question of ‘can I hit her daughter in a dream’ and tried to recall as much as she could of the scene she had just seen.

“I’m going to take one of her feet off while imagining as I remember. I’m sure I’ll stretch her legs out while leaning against the toilet seat…”


While imitating her posture and recalling her memories, she suddenly heard her cell phone ringing.

“Ha, I haven’t been in touch normally, why is the phone ringing right now… The timing sucks…”

She sighed and checked her phone as her heightened mood was broken.
From the first line, she had a suspicious letter that she did not want to read.

Title: Customer Satisfaction Survey

Hello. Woojin Park. Did you receive the product you ordered?

A week after purchasing it, I sent it for a satisfaction survey.

If you answer sincerely, you will receive a small gift!


Just write down the number from 1 very dissatisfied to 5 very satisfied and send it back to this number.

Have a good day!

‘What kind of spam text… Was it sent from the site where I bought the Vibe?’

I was angry that the atmosphere was broken by such a text message.
The moment I was about to press delete, one fact came to mind.

A week after purchase?
It must have been 3 days ago that I bought Vibe. A week is…

‘Did it be sent by the unidentified seller? It’s a small gift if you answer honestly… I have no choice but to do it unconditionally.’

Since the person selling these things must be an alien or someone from the future.
Nervous, I looked at the questions slowly, but when I looked at them, my pulse was relaxed.

1. Do you like this product?

‘Oh, I love it, very satisfied with number 5.’

2. How often do you use it in a week?

– 1. Not used 2. Less than 5 times 3. 6~10 times 4. 11~15 times 5. More than 16 times.

‘I haven’t been able to use it that much because of my observation… No. 4.’

A few more trivial questions of this kind followed, and as I was scrolling down, I finally came across the last question.

★. Have you noticed any special advantages of this product?

A meaningful and unique subjective question.

‘I guess… That’s what you’re asking?

I found out on the 3rd day because of the online class, but maybe if it weren’t for that time, I might have still just thought of it as a pleasant Ona Holo.

-Yes. I know roughly. It’s connected to a real woman’s pussy, right?

I wrote this question respectfully.


As soon as I was afraid to send it, the vibration rang. I checked the contents of the text.

Title : Thank you for participating in the survey.

I think it will be a good feedback based on the contents of your survey.

The promised product will be sent by courier and will arrive tomorrow.

Thank you for responding to our survey.

I hope you have a good time.

“Have you already sent something? It’s also fast… Rather than that, what would a person who sells something like this send?”

No matter how you think about it, it probably isn’t an ordinary thing.

After thinking about it, I put on the pants I had taken off a while ago and sat down at my desk.
I had fun in the lab earlier. Same with the survey text.

A lot of mysterious things happened today, so I couldn’t think of anything else to do.
I started my assignment in moderation, hoping that tomorrow would come soon.


Next day

The courier has arrived.
The box was smaller than I thought, so I was slightly disappointed, but I brought it to my room and opened it.

‘What is this pamphlet? Manual?’

A small, about the size of an A4 paper folded once horizontally and once vertically,
It was like a travel brochure.

‘On the first page… How to use wireless connection onahole?’


Thank you for purchasing a wireless connection onahole product.
This product is a masterpiece and experimental work made by our company with great care.

We have the ability to taste real female genitalia, as our customers answered in our survey.

It’s still in its infancy, so it doesn’t have the features to realize all the women you can imagine.
It is possible if it is a person who is around you or a person who has a strong memory in your head.

‘It’s great that you made this. Where have aliens abducted you? Next page.’

The default value when first released was set to Shin Ah-young, who had the greatest affinity for Park Woo-jin.
Of course, if you wish, imagine another woman and the ona hole will change accordingly.

However, each woman has a gauge, and when that woman climaxes, 3 points. Each vaginal cum shot accumulates 5 points.
When you collect points and reach 100, 200, or 300 points, each locked function is unlocked.

To explain in one word that is easy to understand, you can think of it as an increase in assimilation rate.
Since this is your first time, the Quan Yin function will open when you reach 100 points.
Please experience the details yourself.

It was an explanation that was difficult to understand even after reading it.
Once I did that, I moved on.

I hope you collect data and I hope you have a good life.
*Please download the app from the address below.


On the last page, there was only one Internet address left with a final greeting.
It was an address that seemed like it could be hacked, but the desire to resolve curiosity was stronger.

‘Let’s take a look.. It’s an app.. It’s a development I’ve seen a lot.’

When I logged in, an app was automatically downloaded.
Install it on your phone and go in.

[Shin Ah-young]

Currently, Shin Ah-young’s gauge is 86 points.

Age: 22
Height: 168.3cm
Weight: 49.8 kg
Three sizes: 97 – 66 – 95
Tendency: M
Weaknesses: Clitoris, G-spot, entrance to the uterus, anus.
Favorite position: Back kick, top position.

As soon as I saw it, I was dumbfounded.

‘Wow what the fuck? It looks like an app that only Hitomi has seen, but isn’t there a hypnosis function coming out later?’

I don’t know if this information is real or fake.
When she thought that she had the technical skills to make things like Ona Hall, her faith suddenly went away.

I focused again and slowly read Shin Ah-young’s information from above.

It was beyond my imagination to see her breasts and hips, which were of enormous size even if I just looked at her normally, as data.
It was really surprising that she didn’t weigh more than 50kg while wearing something like that.

‘Isn’t this the level of walking around openly saying, ‘Please eat me?’

I read it over and over again because of her incredible specs.

After she completely stored it in her brain, she checked for other functions, but it was just information and nothing else.
She was a little disappointed, but where did this even come from?

‘Once you get 100 points, the voyeur function opens, so if you cum once and send it out a few times, it’ll be perfect.’

Since I only needed to fill in 14 points, I was going to fill it up right now, but I endured it because I thought I had given Shin Ah-young a lot of trouble today.

You have to give it some time to rest before it will respond.
Since I also need to recover my mentality, I put the ona hall back down.

I’m going to enjoy it properly from tomorrow.
I decided to do all the assignments in advance.

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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