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Wireless Onahole 6

Wireless Onahole 6

Chapter 6 – 006 Voyeur Mode

Sunlight peeked through the windows. Because I didn’t draw the curtains, it was pierced right in my face.

‘Ah… Did you fall asleep…What time is it?’

Looking at the cell phone next to the pillow, it’s still 8:30.
It was too early to prepare for the 10 o’clock online class.

Yesterday, lying in bed, thinking about apps and locked features, I must have fallen asleep.
I enjoyed it enough in the lab, so I didn’t have any intention of doing more.

‘Come to think of it, when you reach 100 points, you said that a new function will open, right? Was it 86 points now?’

As a man in his prime, having an erection in the morning is a basic option.
My cock must have gotten bigger, so I decided to try to get 100 points.

I got up from the creaky bed and brought a large ona hole to the bed.
Huge G-cup breasts and a cute pink pussy.

‘Then, this means that this is the same size as Shin Ah-young’s real breasts… This hairless shaved pussy.’

It felt like my palms were melting on her huge breasts that I couldn’t hold in one hand.
A lump of flesh that wraps around you softly and resiliently.

I never thought something like this would exist in the world.
I don’t know what material it is, but it doesn’t smell or feel sticky.
It doesn’t even smell like real flesh, though.

‘Ha, he’s fucking big. Did you drink milk all day when you were young? I wonder how many liters I’ll get when I get pregnant later.’

As I touched her breasts, I saw that her nipples, the size of a little finger, protruded stiffly.
It’s a man’s instinct to want to suck it when he sees this.
I can’t stand it.

I buried my face right away and rubbed my tongue around the right nipple as if rolling it gently to taste it.
When I flicked it with my tongue, it made a reciprocating motion like a cricket, then returned to its original place.

I rubbed the left side with my thumb and forefinger, but when there was no reaction from my body, I pulled my face back.

Come to think of it, when I saw it on the app, I didn’t seem to have any weaknesses in my chest or upper body.
He lowered his gaze, vowing to add breasts to the erogenous zone through steady development.

It’s a little bit more than before, but it’s a little bit open.
When I put my middle finger in and checked the condition, there was a little bit of water, but it seemed that it was still difficult to insert the cock.

‘There is an online class at 10 o’clock, so I have to do it quickly.’

In order to stimulate the weak point right away, the ring finger was additionally put in.
When I gently explored the flesh, I touched a bumpy part.

‘Is this the G-spot?’

I have seen many times on the Internet that if you stimulate this place properly, it will spray and go away.
However, I went to the bathroom because I was in trouble if I sprayed water on the bed.

I put the ona hole on the sink so that the entrance to the pussy looked into the mirror.

Gently turn the bumpy part in a clockwise direction to stimulate it.
I could feel my body becoming more honest.

Did you rub it for about 3 minutes? The water in her pussy was getting thicker and eventually it started to spill out.

Fu Shu Woo Woo… Fu Shu Woo Woo…

The inside convulsed and spurted water violently.
The mirror spread water similarly to when the shower was sprayed for 1 second.

I wiped the mirror and looked at the reflection, and saw that my pussy was pinching my fingers and twitching along with the anus.

‘Why are you so cute when you flinch? I want to torment you more.’

As I continued to watch, the anus that opened and tightened on its own looked cute.
It wasn’t colored, and it was the same pink color as her pussy, so it didn’t bother me that much.

‘Should I just put my finger in it? It’s an ona hole anyway, so there’s nothing inside.’

I smeared the juice dripping from her cunt with her finger and applied it to her anus.

She flinched as if asking why she was touching it, and her back bounced, but she applied it firmly.
When she thought it was enough, she tried to put her finger in, but as if she couldn’t, she stubbornly resisted.

Obviously, anal was on the list of erogenous zones, but it seemed impossible now.
I decided to develop the anal slowly, and again attacked the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time, making it go one more time.

With her hands out of her fully mushy cunt, she lifted Ona Hall and sat on the bathtub wall.

So-called lover posture. It was so nice to see her breasts touching and rubbing against each other.
Feeling the soft touch of her body, he searched for a hole to enter.


It must have been a problem because it was too wet, so it slipped and went all the way to the entrance of the womb.
I kissed her uterus with her glans and sucked her nipples. Then I felt the walls of my vagina twist and go away again.

‘Isn’t he too sensitive? Just hit it and it just goes away.’

It was impressive to see her heart flutter as she held onto her thin waist without stopping and shook it.
To be honest, it would hurt if something this big was shaken.

Slowly, I felt a sense of ejaculation and packed the semen deep into my vagina.

Beaureureus… Beaureureus!

The moment I ejaculated, my head was throbbing and painful, and at the same time, an image came into my head.
Shin A-yeong, wearing only a white camisole on the bed, bending her waist.

Her pink dolphin pants were tucked under her ass, but she was already soaking wet and not functioning.
Probably, it seems to have been laid out instead of a towel in a hurry because it was suddenly driven in the morning.

“Ah hey..♡ I’m sorry. I did something wrong.. That much..! I’m dying now… Heuuuuu♡”

Her back was arched, her legs wide open in her M shape, while her back was arched.

In the meantime, her love juice leaked out, which was so erotic that she would never forget it for the rest of her life.
I even want to record it.

‘Is it okay to put on a pretty face and do such a vulgar posture? Break the illusion.’


Shin Ah-young, who fell on her bed enjoying the long aftertaste, let out her rough breath and muttered.

“From Ahhim…He said…I…I can’t stand it..Just…Give me this…I have class later…”

She is Shin Ah-young, who talks to someone as if begging.
She didn’t even think about removing her cock from the too erotic scene and was enjoying it.

‘It’s so hot that the cock won’t die. It’ll be a little cheaper.’

While she was tucked in, her ona scepter was turned 180 degrees so that it was in a hugging position from behind her.
Position where you can pound her breasts with her free hands while getting her fucked.

Her left hand wrapped around her waist and pressed down on her, bringing her hips and mine into tight contact.
With her right hand, she crossed her belly and touched her left breast in an shape.

Meanwhile, Shin Ah-young shook her head while covering the entrance to her cunt with both hands, perhaps feeling uneasy about the feeling of being hugged by her.


Rub her g-spot with her glans straight up to her uterus.
She intensively stimulated both erogenous zones and watched her.

Shin Ah-yeong shed tears and she was screaming loudly.
The cunt was making more than a squeak, the sound of stepping in a puddle.

How much did you hit?
Gradually, the semen came up and he grabbed his waist with both hands and sped up.

Beaureureus.. Beaureureureus…!

His cock pulsated profusely and spurted out a large amount of semen.
Seeing the reaction in my head in real time, it seemed that semen was being produced 100 times faster.


When the cock was pulled out, a mysterious white liquid mixed with everything fell to the floor with the sound of the lid being opened.
Sometimes I wondered if it was too cheap to see something fall in chunks.

Shin Ah-yeong hugged her pillow tightly from her immense pleasure and seemed to pass out. She sometimes shuddered and did not wake up.

‘Wow, is this a voyeuristic function? What you see in real time seems like some kind of cctv. Crazy really.’

She bowed to the seller and decided to gather data diligently.
If 100 points is this much, I was very excited about what would come out with 200 points and 300 points.

However, when she saw Shin Ah-young, she seemed to have a hard time collecting it right away.
Is it because her body is weak or if she feels good, she faints easily.

As she slowly prepares to leave, it must be the bathroom.
While taking a shower, the service also washed the inside of her pussy and her drool-soaked breasts.

She will be clean when Shin Ah-young washes herself, but until then, she didn’t want to leave her smelly ona hall unattended.
You never know when she’ll wake up.

When she returned to her room and kept the hall, she looked at her watch and saw that it was past 9:40.
She hurriedly got ready for her class and sat down in front of her computer.

And that day, Shin Ah-young did not come to class.


I’ve been sleeping a lot lately.
As her transparent cock was fucked all the time, I could feel her stamina draining away.

That’s exactly how things are right now.
Awoke with a strange feeling in her lower abdomen, but her breasts were already permeating,
Inside her cunt, her two thick fingers were touching the upper part of her vagina.

‘For a moment! Since morning… No..!’

Fu Shu Woo Woo… Fu Shu Woo Woo…

She wrapped herself grandly on the bed.
The fact that the amount of laundry increases every day is not to blame.

I’m rather fortunate that I’m at home right now, but I can’t imagine what would happen if I did this outside.
She seriously contemplates whether or not to wear a diaper.

As she was slowly catching her breath, she felt something smeared on her buttock.

“Absolutely no way there! It’s dirty… I’d rather have it as a pussy…”

Even when she heard that, she felt like giving up after trying to put it in a few times.
Instead, she went away again, rubbing her G-spot and clitoris as if to vent her anger.


Her pants and panties were already wet, so she took them off and laid them under her ass.
She didn’t even have the strength to throw far.

‘Bed sheets have to be washed anyway, but it’s better than leaving them on the floor…’

At that moment, I felt someone hugging me strongly and wrapped my body around me.
Her breasts crunched like steamed buns, her invisible cock rubbing against her crotch in search of an entrance.

‘Isn’t this a real ghost? It’s like being hugged by a real person…’


The cock that had been rubbing all at once pushed into her womb.
There was no problem with accepting it because it was watery, but if you do this to the already sensitive pussy…

After that, my hair turned white and I can’t remember.
I just woke up and looked at the bed, and it was wetter than before I passed out, so I was able to infer the situation.

Worse than that is that he skipped class.

‘If I don’t do this..’

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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