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Wireless Onahole 7

Wireless Onahole 7

Chapter 7 – 007 Sneak Guest – 3 Dates

It’s the weekend.
When I opened the window, the cool and sunny weather made me feel better.

“The weather is nice. Shall we go for a walk in the nearby park?”

I put on whatever clothes I could get my hands on and left the room.
I wonder if it’s true that everyone thinks the same way, the outside was full of people out to play.

But all I could see were pretty, nerdy women.
While looking around to see if there were any girls who could register for Ona Hall, she saw a familiar face.

‘I’m sure this is someone I’ve run into a few times in the hallway?’

A woman walking while she happily chats with her friend.
She may not know me, but I do remember.

The person who lives next door.
I never said a word to her, but she was imprinted in my mind because of her beauty.

Her brown wavy hair that came slightly below her shoulders, and her pretty eyes that drew lines when she smiled were impressive.

It seemed like we were at the same school when I saw them sometimes wearing gwajam, but they didn’t know anything about it.

‘Should I fuck him next?’

It wasn’t long before she went out for a walk, but she returned home because she had achieved her goal.
She turned on the air conditioner and sweated for a while to cool off, hitting her bruises.

‘I don’t have anything to do, so I’m going to raise my daughter…’

She wanted to do it with the girl she saw earlier in the park, but it was her first time and it was a bit too much to suddenly fuck her outside.
She later agreed to do so when she was at home, but instead she touched the ona hall thinking of Shin Ah-yeong.

Voyeur mode activated, and an image flashed into her mind.
Bright screen and dark surroundings. It was a movie theater.

She looked like she was on a date with her boyfriend, as she was sharing popcorn with the guy next to her.

Taking advantage of her darkness, her boyfriend pretended to touch her and only massaged her right breast.
She is seen trembling wildly as if she did not know how to touch the movie.

“Oh.. Oppa, that.. That’s a bit…”

Shin Ah-young turned her head slightly and touched her side to try to free her hand from touching her chest.
Her hand powerlessly cut through her air.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Ahyoung?”

“Ah.. No.. Let’s watch a movie.”

Castings castings.

Hey, it kills the feeling. It’s hard to go anywhere to see such big breasts.
I have a free pass for life, so it’s good.

He briefly removed her hand from touching her in front of her. She once decided to try nipple development, which she now does.
It’s impossible not to feel it with a heart like this.

He gripped her huge breasts with both of her hands and touched her nipples with her index finger.

When I rocked her up and down, her erect nipples bounced like rubber bands, and when I gently moved her around and stroked her, I pushed her breasts forward in an anxious manner.

When she was a little excited, she lowered her right hand little by little and ran it all over her body.
She especially enjoyed touching her clitoris and twisting her nipples just before she left.

Shin A-young trembles with her back straight.
He threw her head back and opened her mouth to let out hot air.

‘If you send both Yudu and Klee at the same time, you’ll be able to go with only Yudu someday, right? It’s because the feeling of ‘I’ve gone to the nipple’ is important.’

She didn’t give her a chance to rest.
This time she mobilized her vibe and kept her aroused.

She was buried in the loud movie sound, so she couldn’t hear her vibrating, but as if she was going to hide it as much as possible, Shin Ah-young crossed her legs.


When I stimulated the sticky gel-stained nipples with my fingers, a dirty sound reverberated through the theater.
They were watching a movie together while playing with their enlarged nipples.

The twitching in my back got bigger and soon, ‘I’m on the verge of climax.’ It showed an easy-to-understand response.
Stop the vibration of the rotor and move your fingers quickly to stimulate the nipples.


His body trembled with a small nasal sound.
Although they received help from the vibe, the climax itself was achieved with only the nipples.

The movie is over.
It was still daytime, but with Shin Ah-yeong’s active initiative, the couple entered a motel.

Every time he left while spouting cumshots, he felt frustrated as he gently touched her and felt only a weak climax.

As soon as she entered the motel, Shin Ah-young began to undress her.
She made her erection immediately without washing. After pushing her boyfriend onto her bed, she climbed herself up.

“Ahyoung, I haven’t even washed yet, so take it slow…”

“It’s okay because I wear a condom. I… Can’t stand it… Hurry up.”

She grabbed her cock with her eyes slightly undone and inserted it right away.

“Ah.. Ah! Ehh.. Haang.”

As soon as she put it in, she rocked her back hard and searched for where she felt herself.

“Ah, if you do it that fast…”

“No, hold on a little longer.”

Bang bang bang bang!

A man’s groan was heard first as the sound of her butt being slapped down grew faster and faster.

“Keuheuk…Ahyoung, now I’m going to eat.”

The view… The view…

Shin Ah-yeong immediately stopped her movement.
She then looked at her boyfriend with a look full of anticipation, but he immediately betrayed him.

“Whoa…It felt good. But let’s take a little break, Ahyeong. I’ll wash up first and come back.”


When the man entered the bathroom, Shin Ah-young secretly started touching her cunt.
As if regretting that she hadn’t gone, she moved her fingers rapidly.

“Huh.. I’ll give you a little more… Haaang…♡ I haven’t been there yet…”

‘I think I’m in heat, can I fuck you? It’s so fucking bad.’

Since she was already wet, she gave her cue by rubbing her cock against the opening of her cunt.

I was startled and the masturbation stopped.
She stared into space at her, then pulled her fingers apart and spread her legs apart.

As soon as she put it in, her pussy sucked as if she had been waiting for this cock.

“Hauuuuu! I wanted this..”

As if she was still lacking, she rubbed her breasts and clit on her own, seeking greater pleasure.
The appearance of Shin Ah-young masturbating while getting stuck. Her cock was about to explode.

“There..! More there.. Rub the womb…!”

She nailed it all the way to her roots as she wished.
She kissed her womb, tightening her vagina and twisting her waist wildly.

Then the sound of water in the bathroom disappeared.
Shin Ah-yeong then buried her face in her pillow to hide her moans.

“Huh! Haaang.. Kkeuhss.. More, I’m going now.. Let’s go…!”


At the same time as ejaculation, a man came out.


Even though her boyfriend came out, Shin Ah-young is still feeling the climax.
She stayed that way, and immediately left the motel with the excuse that she was sick.

But right before he came out, he looked back and held out a circle with his right hand and a index finger with his left hand to stroke the piston.

I don’t think.. You’re not asking me to do it again..?

Is that Shin Ah-young? Ay no way


Today is the day I meet my boyfriend after 3 weeks. In the meantime, I was especially busy, so I was excited because it was a date after a long time.

I paid attention to pretty clothes, put on makeup carefully, and left the house.

The weather was nice, but the temperature was high in the afternoon so we decided to go to a cool movie theater.
Has it been 30 minutes since the movie started? Her boyfriend gently touched her breasts.

I know she’s excited to see her after 3 weeks, but I’m embarrassed to have so many people around, so I let her pull her hand out.

I hit her chest side with my arm, but nothing caught.
Then the only answer left is that ghost.

‘It’s a date in three weeks, are you following me all the way here? I’ll take care of you today…’

The good thing was that I mainly touched his chest.
But he felt his body heat up as his chest was stimulated for the entire 20 minutes.

As he tensed up, his hand went down.

‘Hush..! Uhhhhh…’

The moment he touched Klee, he went away for a bit.
His chest was hot and his bottom ached.

I want more stimulation.
As if noticing that feeling, a vibe was added and caressing began.

I feel better than before, but I’m still lacking.
‘I want to quickly get stuck in the cock and leave.’ The thought ran through her head.
To the point where my body ceases to be my body.

After the movie, I seduced my boyfriend and went straight to the motel.
Originally, I was going to go to a cafe to talk and then have dinner, but my body wouldn’t allow it.

As soon as I closed the motel door, I took off my clothes.
Her boyfriend seemed a little taken aback by her aggressive attitude, but it was more urgent to calm her body than to save her face.

She climbed onto the ride and immediately inserted her cock into it.

‘What? Was it originally this small..? Originally this far..’

The boyfriend was average sized and she was satisfied and enjoyed the sex, but the cock she met after 3 weeks was missing something.

Still, it will get better if you do it, and moved her body.

‘If I could reach there… Deeper, faster…’

“Ah, if you do it that fast…”

He could feel her prick getting bigger and bigger. A sign that she will ejaculate soon.

‘No…I’m starting to feel it now…Hold on a little longer.’

The semen coming out mercilessly trampled on my expectations.

‘I haven’t even felt it properly yet… Has my body changed? It wasn’t to this extent…’

When her boyfriend went into the shower, she covered herself with the blanket and secretly started masturbating to her.
It was because I felt like I would go crazy if I didn’t calm my excited body.

In the middle of consolation, I felt a large thing rub against the entrance of my pussy.
I didn’t put it in, but I felt it from the entrance, and it’s a huge size that I’m sorry to compare with my boyfriend.
Perhaps the ghost…


She spread her legs and took a position that made it easy for her to come in.
Did you understand? The transparent penis expands and enters the narrow vagina.
It felt like it would go away as soon as it came in, pressing and rubbing every corner of the weak spot.

Haha..! Yes, this is it.. This size fills up the pussy..♡’

Knock Knock Knock Knock..

When I asked her to pierce my uterus, she put it right in deep and rubbed it, and as if she knew all about my weaknesses, she pierced me in a sensitive place.

My back started to tremble uncontrollably.
It was ironic that I couldn’t groan because of my boyfriend, but I couldn’t help it.


Her limbs shriveled up and she felt like electricity running through her body.
Tears and saliva flowed spontaneously, but could not be controlled.

‘Haa…Haa… This is it… This feeling…♡’


While enjoying the climax, my boyfriend came out after washing.
I hated myself for thinking, ‘I’ll come out a little later’ as I flinched at the moment.
What can I do to feel good though?

The sage time came and said he was sick and said he was going home.

When I get home, can I fuck you without noticing? To the point where my hair turned white and I couldn’t stop cumming.
But once is not enough.

Before opening the door. He turned around behind her and stuck out her tongue.
And I made small hand movements that anyone could understand.

‘You’ve seen it. Mr. Ghost? I’ll look forward to it later.’

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

무선 연결 오나홀로 따먹기
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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