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Wireless Onahole 8

Wireless Onahole 8

Chapter 8 – 008 a New Way to Communicate and the Girl Next Door

A new week has begun.
It was supposed to be a refreshing morning, but my body screamed that it was tired.
Why? It’s because of that bastard’s ona hole.

Yesterday, before leaving the motel, Shin Ah-yeong sent a series of signals.
But I took it as a thank you for helping me masturbate, and I quickly forgot about it and went to sleep.

Feeling hungry while sleeping, I woke up to find that the sun had set and it was dark outside.
I went to the kitchen to cook and do my homework, and it was midnight before I knew it.

Thinking of taking a break, I stretched out and looked at the ona hole casually, but wasn’t the hole wide open?
A sight like observing a transparent dildo in AV.

She put her hand on the ona hole and conjured up an image of her, Shin A-young masturbating with her long hair disheveled.

As if her fingers were not enough, it was a masterpiece to put cosmetics of the right size into her pussy.
Her breasts were also moist and smooth as if they had sucked themselves.

“Haaang… When will Mr. Ghost come… If you come even now… You can fuck this horny pussy as you like…”

He was spitting it out without hesitation as if he was excited about saying dirty things himself.

‘Was it like that originally? It must have been written as M on the information window, but…’

While thinking for a moment, she seemed to have reached the climax, and her waist started to rise and her speed began to increase.
Shortly thereafter, the liquid was sprayed onto the towel laid out below, and the cosmetics came out with a kissing sound due to strong vaginal pressure.

Haha… Ha… I don’t feel as good as that cock. I wonder if he won’t come today… I’ve been waiting since 10 o’clock…”

‘Have you been sore for two hours? Did you really wait for me to fuck you?’

She couldn’t believe it, but she couldn’t believe it when she saw it with her own eyes.
I wanted to fuck you right now, but I wanted to see more erotic images.

After thinking about it for a while, I remembered a scene I had seen somewhere and brought an oil-based marker.
Isn’t that common? It is used to record the number of vaginal deaths by scribbling on the body of the toilet and writing a sperm to apply.


I started writing on a large ona hole boat.
If this is interlocking, it seems that the letters will appear on Shin Ah-young’s stomach.

[Can you see this?]

Shin Ah-young put her cosmetics back in place while tidying her place.
She looked in the mirror inadvertently and was startled that she looked at her stomach.

“Can you see this? When will this…Ah!”

Shin Ah-young read slowly, frowning at her because of the left-right reversal of her mirror.
She must have noticed that it was me, so she opened her eyes and stared into space at her.

“Are you Mr. Ghost? Yes. I can see you well.”

[Should I fuck you?]

A simple, bottomless question.
There was silence for a while. She seemed embarrassed that she was talking to her in this way.

“Ah, yes. That…I waited…”

[Then try to excite me with dirty words.]

As she read her words, she sat on her bed and pursed her lips.
But she was ashamed, covering her blushing face and hardly opening her mouth.

[If you don’t do it within 1 minute, you won’t sleep.]

She finally laid down on her bed as if she had made up her mind. She spreads her legs as her dog rolls over.
Then, with both of her hands, she spread her wet, pink cunt.

“Here… Please insert a big cock into the horny pussy full of love juice that I’ve been waiting for, even though it’s Mr. Ghost’s cock..”

I just said it, but the lines with great destructive power came out.
Even though it’s already in full erection, it feels like it’s gotten bigger.

I thought there was a possibility after seeing dirty words coming out automatically every time we had sex, but I didn’t expect it to be this much.

When I brought it right to the entrance and gave strength to my waist, it went smoothly to the roots.


He lifted her back a little more and cupped her chest with both hands.
He then took her mating press position and poked her womb from above, her tongue loose, as she let out a groan.

“Kiss the womb.

Fussoo…! Fussooooo

The sky-facing cunt sprayed as he packed his cum into the mouth of her womb.
The stream of water, which was rising vigorously, lost momentum and fell, soaking Shin Ah-young’s body and bed.


Her legs stretched to the sky trembled, though she gritted her teeth to hold back her moans.
It seemed inevitable that an animal-like sound would come out.

She was so worried that she wondered if she might be complaining about being noisy next door.
But right away, that worry was put to rest.

When she came to file a complaint, it was clear that she would not be able to say a word by looking at Shin Ah-yeong’s face and her figure.
Even if it’s me, if a woman like this is making her moans at dawn, she’ll put her ears to the wall and stay still.

“Uhhhhh…! It’s such a shame…The pussy is so hot…”

Without giving her a chance to rest, he continued to drive her, so Shin Ah-young went away once more and stretched out on her bed.

She exhaled wildly as her drooling sprawled, and her hips swayed, her semen and juices exploding.
It was a bonus that the residual urine leaked out after the cumshot.

This happened just a few hours ago and is why I overslept.
Since it was so hot, there was no time thief or semen thief when it came to fucking without hesitation.

“Haa… It seems like it’s getting more and more erotic, but maybe I’ll get eaten later.”

She had only heard about it on the Internet, but when she experienced it herself, she realized how terrifying it is for a woman to know her pleasure.
But I still have the upper hand, so I decided to think slowly.

“Today is a public class, so let’s take out the trash and clean up.”

She vacuumed and sorted the collection.
As soon as I got on the elevator and tried to enter the password, someone came out from the next door in a hurry.

She was the pretty girl she spotted in the park on the weekends.
Black slacks and a white knit. And even her sensible round hat, she looked innocent and light, as if she were dressed up or not.

She ignored me and rushed down the elevator as if she was late.

As she went she opened the door and saw something fall in the hallway.
When I picked it up, it was a student ID.

Future University.

Yoon Hye-yoon, a sophomore in the Department of English.

Xx/xx 2001.

It seems to have been shoved in a pocket and dropped on the way.
There was a pretty picture on the student ID, but the real thing looked much prettier no matter how much I looked at it.

I decided to return it later when I heard the next door coming in, so I kept it.

When she returned to her room, she touched the hall and remembered Yoon Hye-yoon.
Then, surprisingly, it began to change its shape on its own.

Her chest was smaller, her waist was a little thinner, and her pelvis was a little smaller, so her overall body shape was smaller than before.
Of course, she is slender compared to Shin Ah-yeong’s body, and no one can deny that she has a good body.

The most different thing was that the hair was neatly growing on her pussy.
Maybe it’s because I only saw Shin Ah-yeong, who has a shaved head, but having hair is also quite attractive.

Once she saw the ona hall change, she turned on the app.

[Shin Ah-young]

Currently, Shin Ah-young’s gauge is 147 points.

Age: 22
Height: 168.3cm
Weight: 49.8 kg
Three sizes: 97 – 66 – 95
Tendency: M
Weaknesses: Clitoris, G-spot, entrance to the uterus, anus, nipples
Favorite position: Back kick, top position.

Shin Ah-yeong’s score was 147, and it seemed that a little more would open her secondary function.
In addition, nipples were added to weak points.

[Hyeyun Yoon]

Currently, Yoon Hye-yoon’s gauge is 0 points.

Age: 21 years old
Height: 162.5cm
Weight: 45.6kg
Three sizes: 87 – 64 – 88
Tendency: Moderate
Weaknesses: Clitoris, G-spot, breasts, armpits.
Favorite position: back kick, top position, riding position.

Just looking at his profile, it seemed like he was standing tall.
Taking a closer look at her breasts, her pink nipples, which were as pretty as those of Ayoung Shin, stood out.

Let’s lower our gaze. He’s exercising. From his first-character abs to his small belly button. Her body, full of her healthy beauty, stood out.
Women who exercise are said to have a tremendous tightening of their pussy, so I was really looking forward to it.

As time passed and the sun went down, footsteps could be heard in the hallway.
Then, when I heard the door next door closing, it seemed that I had just returned.

Since I had just returned from dinner, I decided to leave it for a little rest and come back in 20 minutes.

After a while I went to the next door with the student ID I had picked up in the morning and rang the doorbell.
There was a rustle inside, and soon a cute voice came through the intercom.

“Who are you?”

“Oh, hello. I’m the person living next door. Did you lose your student ID? I picked it up in the hallway earlier.”

“Ah! That’s right! Wait a minute.”


When the door opened, wet hair and a pretty face that had just been washed came out.

I couldn’t bear to look down because the distance was too close, but I could catch a glimpse of her breasts protruding from her white short sleeves.
Even the two taps slightly protruding from the no line.

‘She’s a good service woman.’

“Ah, I’ve been looking for it all day, thank you so much. I’ll give you a gift certificate later.”

“Oh, no. I just did the obvious thing. Have a good night then.”

The sweet scent of shampoo that tickled my nose and the 2 no bra combos were so powerful, I reacted to my cock and hurriedly said hello and left.

‘If I had told you more, it would have jumped out of my pants. Smell is quite powerful.’

She returned to her room, picked up the large ona scepter, and placed her ear in the next room.
I covered my breasts from above and massaged them once.


I was more surprised by the louder sound than I thought.
I didn’t expect it to be so loud even with one wall.
Then one more time.

“Who… Who is it!!”

As I kept rubbing my hips and breasts alternately for about three minutes, I heard the door open.
As soon as I removed his hand and watched the situation, the doorbell rang.


“Who are you?”

“I…I’m the guy next door who got my student ID earlier… Can you help me for a moment..?”

I was very surprised to see his voice tremble little by little.
I pretended not to know and continued the conversation.

“What’s going on? You were screaming earlier.”

“Could you go to my room with me?

When I opened her door, there she was, with her arms wrapped around her body, with her face almost crying.

“Did a ghost appear?”

“It’s true… I was alone in the room and suddenly something touched my body…”

“Yes? May I go for a visit?”

Yoon Hye-yoon’s room that she entered like that.
As soon as I opened the door, the smell of fragrant shampoo wafted up.

I looked around the room. Clean and tidy room.
A 90 out of 100 with no desk, no laptop, no messy clothes on the bed?

“What exactly is the situation?”

“I was getting my student ID and was drying my hair… I suddenly felt someone touching my butt and chest…”

Seeing that his voice is getting smaller and smaller, he seems to be ashamed to say it.

“Then may I look around the room?”

“Ah.. Yes yes!”

I asked for permission and pretended to look around to see if there was anything interesting, but there was a familiar cylinder-shaped container on the desk.
To others, it may feel like nothing, but from my point of view, it was 100% love gel.

I wanted to look for something like a dildo, but it was not polite to search through the drawers, so I ended the search roughly.

“I don’t see anything special. I’ll go back for now, so tell me when you come back later.”

“Yes, thank you.”

I decided not to touch him today because he seems to be very scared.
But when it was time to go to bed, a change occurred in Ona Hall.

Her cunt opened up a little, and her clitoris was bobbing around.
Since it was like that for more than 5 minutes, it was clear that he wasn’t peeing and was masturbating.

As a sign that I had no intention of harming her, I gently touched her breasts and rubbed them around her nipples.

My body trembled, but there was no significant resistance.
I licked my armpit, feeling that it would help me masturbate more comfortably.

I wonder if my will was conveyed, and she continued her masturbation.

Soon after, her back shook greatly.
I immediately removed my hand and left it to enjoy the afterglow.

Yun Hye-yoon decided to feel that she was helping her masturbate slowly.
Even if you move, you can’t go away.

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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