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Wireless Onahole 9

Wireless Onahole 9

Chapter 9 – 009 Masturbation Show

A ghost lives in the room. It’s not a novel or movie title, it’s a real life.

A good person who doesn’t just throw things or hurt me? I’m glad I’m a ghost.
I was conscious though.

Apparently 4 days ago. While I was drying my hair after going out, someone touched my breast from behind.


I wondered if a robber had entered, so I threw down the dryer I was holding and looked back.
There was no one. Did you feel wrong?

I think it’s because I became very sensitive because I lost my student ID that day.
But it was felt again soon. This time, it was a certain feeling that there was no doubt about it.

I was so scared that I immediately ran out of the house and called for help next door.

At my explanation, the man next door looked at me strangely, but he came to my room without saying anything and searched here and there.

But I couldn’t find anything strange and went back.
Even my friends contacted me saying that someone was touching my body, but when they said they couldn’t see anything, they just said that if I drank, I would grow up beautifully.
No one believed

Fortunately, after the man next door left, there was no sign of him anymore.
I lay in bed hoping for a bright morning to come soon.

Horse dung horse dung

I can’t sleep.

Could it be that you fall asleep and become possessed?
I woke up and the ghost wasn’t sleeping next to me, right?

I couldn’t sleep even when I closed my eyes, thinking about all kinds of things.

‘Should I just masturbate once and go to bed… It’s best to do it when I can’t sleep.’

He took off his pants, threw them on the floor, and pulled his short sleeves up over his chest.

Drop-shaped chest to toe. A soft blanket gently wrapped around the shape of her body.
I started to get goosebumps from the feeling of being tickled all over my body because it was a microfiber blanket.

‘Haa… I love this feeling. I want to keep doing this..’

She rubbed her larger-than-usual nipples against the blanket and placed her hands on her chest.


He let out a small groan and then naturally lowered one hand down.

Gently stroking her belly, she touched Klee, who poked her head out.
Then, when I touched the tightly closed straight crack, which was my destination, I felt something sticky.

When I put my middle finger in to check the condition, it seemed to be lacking in moisture, so I brought it to my mouth.


I sipped it in and out of my mouth like sucking a cock, savoring the taste.
Did you suck for a minute or so? I put my sufficiently wet finger on the opening again.

When the wet fingers were joined to the wet pussy than before, they entered without resistance.


At that time, my body stiffened at the feeling of massaging her breasts and licking her armpits, but I couldn’t stop her hands from the pleasure that was heading towards the climax.

The body, which had never felt the touch of another person, immediately went to the new stimulus.


Along with the exhilarating sensation, the strength in the body was released and it became drowsy.
Naturally, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

‘That touch… Felt good…’


For almost 4 days, I put the ona hole on my desk and observed it, and it seems that I touched it every time it opened.

Yoon Hye-yoon masturbated mostly in the evening or at night, although it was a pity that if she went away once or twice, she would stop.
I didn’t resist anymore, so I endured it.

Because it is important to slowly increase the intensity of pleasure so that it cannot escape.

‘I think I sent it 9 or 10 times in 4 days… But I still have about 30 points.’

In fact, it would be comfortable if I just put it in and cum inside like Shin Ah-young, but what I couldn’t do was that Yoon Hye-yoon was her virgin.

As she ran her fingers through her cunt to loosen it up, she found out that something had gotten stuck in her cunt.
This pretty girl is a virgin, but she just can’t eat it.

What if my 20cm cock was right there?
She started crying right away and it was clear that she had a sex phobia that day.

‘Come to think of it, I haven’t been paying attention to Shin Ah-yeong lately. What is she going to do now?’

She thought of Shin Ah-young and used her voyeuristic mode.
Then I saw Shin Ah-young, who was typing and writing her report.

She didn’t pack once in four days, so she wanted to pounce right away, but decided to wait until her assignment was over.

She thinks it’s going to take a long time. She wants to do her thing for a while, but suddenly Shin Ah-yeong runs out of her door and brings something.


A face full of anticipation.
Inside the box came another colorful box, and the outside of the box…

‘A suction-type completely waterproof electric dildo?’

A huge dildo, almost reminiscent of a black cock, was pictured on the cover.

Shin Ah-young quickly removed her wrapper and held her dildo close to her face.

A dildo almost the length of your face.
Despite her small face, she was about the same size as mine.

‘Will you look at this? She’s buying this just because she’s been fucking her for days.’

I wanted to punish it, but it looked fun so I let it go.

She measures herself with a puzzled expression. He joined her hands together and squeezed the pillar part of her tightly.
She gulped and ran to the bathroom to wash the dildo clean.

Shin Ah-young carefully applied her gel to the inside of her pussy and dildo.

The dildo fixed to her bottom to see if it was ready.
She slowly lowered her waist and rubbed it against her entrance.

“Hmm.. Yes, it’s this feeling. It’s this size that seems to be caught from the entrance…♡”

I put it in shallowly and then took it out repeatedly to see if the feeling of the large glans coming in was good.

But that’s for a while. Unable to hold it in any longer, he lowered her waist and swallowed her midway.

“Hauuuuu…! It seems a little smaller than Mr. Ghost’s, but… But this is enough…♡”

She trembled her legs, bent vaguely, as if she had gone lightly. A small amount of love juice flowed down the dildo.
The tremors had subsided and I lowered her waist and tucked her roots in as if she was feeling better now.


Shin Ah-yeong convulses with her back erect.
Slowly as she got used to the size she started squatting.

When her ass was pushed up, it caught a narrow hole in her glans and couldn’t get out, and when it was lowered, she ‘popped’ and made a gasping sound.

She shifted her position to find where she felt, and when she found one that felt good, she patted her on the back with regular strokes.

“Whoops…Whoops…Heuuuuumm.Hehe♡…It’s nice…♡

The louder she moaned, the faster she sped up.
She was just focused on her pleasure.


Fuss… Fussut…

As she squirted the tide, she pulled out the dildo.
Most of them fell to the floor, but some that failed to control the distance were stained with bedspreads, giving them a dark color.

“Haah … Ha … A little more … I’m still lacking ….”

Shin Ah-young pulled out the dildo, repositioned it, and placed it between her legs.
Crawling on all fours like an animal, he inserted her ass down into the hole that hadn’t yet closed.


She twirled her white buttocks pressed against the floor, stimulating her womb.
As she stares into space, her unfocused eyes and her saliva dripping from her wide-open mouth, she must already be in a state of euphoria.

She lowered her torso to the floor and pulled her dildo out of the way, holding only her hips high.
She then slammed her ass down quickly, hitting her on the floor.

Pang Pang! Splat!

Every time her luscious ass hit the floor, she rippled and made a raspy sound.
The more she shook her, the more juices from her cunt gushed out and flooded the floor.


Seen from behind, she had a cute twitching anus and a pussy with a dildo that was as wide as it was wide open.

As if she was about to go, her movements quickened, and she soon trembled at her waist with a beastly sound that matched her posture.


She gritted her teeth and let out her pleasure spreading all over her body.
However, the lower part of her seemed to have failed to hold on, and yellow water leaked out.

Eyes that were completely open, spittle dripping, huge breasts protruding sideways from being pressed to the floor.
And it was a perfect picture, from her quivering waist to her sky-high hips.

Even still, it seems that the reason for rubbing the pussy against the pole is completely gone and only instinct remains.

‘I was going to drain some water today, but it would be impossible in this state. But since I saw something good, what should I do next?’


Didn’t even come the day before yesterday. Didn’t even come yesterday
It hasn’t come yet today.

My libido is on the verge of exploding, so why isn’t it coming?
If you taught my body to feel that kind of pleasure, I would ask you to take responsibility and release it.

I tried poking her pussy with cosmetics, but it couldn’t stimulate every nook and cranny.
I looked around the house, trying to find the shape that resembled a cock as much as possible.

However, the size was not satisfactory, so I went to the supermarket to buy cucumbers and tried them.
The surface was so rough that I hated having to put a condom on every time.
I tried it with a banana too, but it broke too well, so I gave up.

I couldn’t stand my sexual desire any longer, so I signed up for an adult site and searched for dildos.

‘Since that cock came all the way here, it’s probably… About 20 cm long…?’

I remembered the sensation that came into my stomach and measured it with a ruler, and it came out about that long.

According to the size, among the dildos listed on the site, the search range was reduced to L size.

Next day .

While waiting for the courier to arrive and tracking the location, a text message arrived.
As soon as I confirmed the delivery completion, I ran out and brought the parcel.

When I opened the package, a large penis appeared.
Maybe if you see that ghost’s thing, wouldn’t it look like this?

Even if you hold it with two hands, the upper part sticks out a little, and the thickness is so great that your thumb and middle finger barely touch when you hold it.

Feeling her drool go down on its own, I took out the love gel that came with her as a gift.
Immediately after applying it to her pussy and dildo, she slowly lowered her waist.

When she put it all in, her head was dizzy.
Her head was thrown back and her mouth opened wide at the heaviness of her filling her insides.

Because of her slight departure, her legs were weak and she barely survived the fall with strength in her limbs.

‘Yes… It’s this feeling… This feeling that fills up the inside of her pussy…’

Compared to Mr. Ghost’s, it was lacking in many ways.
Warmth or size. Although she regretted not having the flinch of her cock, this was enough.

Moving little by little, she found a sensitive spot and started rubbing against the dildo.
She hadn’t tasted a cock in a long time, so her body didn’t listen.

‘What should I do… My back moves as it pleases… Now… I’m going, I’m going… I’m going ♡’

She squirted away, but climbed right on the dildo to soothe her still throbbing pussy.
Using the sound of flesh and splashing water as a stimulus, she rubbed her cunt faster.

To be honest, I hardly remember anything from this time.
Except that she masturbated with an awful lot of noise.

When she came to her senses and looked around her house, she could only sigh.
Water splashed in puddles, wet house and objects everywhere.

Her breasts were pressed against the floor, leaving red marks, and her butt slightly sore from the hard blow.

“Haa…It looks like this again…I need to restrain myself…”

No one will ever know.
That I have this hobby.

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

무선 연결 오나홀로 따먹기
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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