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Wireless Onahole 10

Wireless Onahole 10

Chapter 10 – 010 Vegetables Are Good for You.


I opened the refrigerator to have lunch, but it was very miserable to find it empty.
The electricity bill to run the refrigerator is a waste.

You can order ingredients online, but it was better to see and buy them with your own eyes, so I prepared to go out.
When I left the door with my bag, Yoon Hye-yoon was standing in front of the elevator.

She’s next door, so she pretends not to know, so she said hello first.


“Ah! Hello.”

“Did you solve the ghost appearing in that room last time? Her face looks good.”

“Ah…That…If it’s resolved, it’s resolved…If it’s not, then it’s not…”

She averts her eyes when she is told that her face looks good, and her face turns slightly red.

“…For now, I’m glad.”

After that conversation, she remained silent until the elevator arrived and took her to the first floor.

“I have to go this way. Goodbye.”

“Yes, I’m going this way… Goodbye.”

Looking at the direction of the school, it seems that there is a class or something else.
Rather, ‘if it’s solved, it’s solved, if it’s not, it’s not’…

A meaningful word.

In fact, I think I know roughly what it means.
There’s no reason to hate it when you help me masturbate so many times a night.

From Yoon Hye-yoon’s point of view, you’ll probably think of it as a ghost that only helps you masturbate.
It seems that the resistance to touching has almost disappeared, so shall we slow down a little?

She arrived at Hoom Plus around the house to buy her essentials and look around to see if there was anything else to buy.
While walking along the wall, an interesting corner caught my eye.

Vegetable corner.

My brain, pickled in Hitomi, ordered me to go there as soon as I saw that letter.
Cucumber and eggplant, the staple ingredients. It is a very tasty ingredient that the lower mouth likes.

I touched this and that, picked the right size, put it in the shopping cart one by one, and returned home.


Today was a public lecture, so I wanted to rest at home, but I had an appointment for a group assignment, so I prepared to go out.
There are many programs that allow real-time communication like online lectures, but people say that face-to-face is more efficient.

The main purpose is to chat while doing assignments, but I agree that doing it in a meeting is more efficient.
Dressed simply, we went into a cafe near the school where we were supposed to gather.

Three members of the crew were already sitting at the table by the window, each with their laptops out and talking.
As I approached, he spotted me and greeted me warmly.

“Hyeyun-ah! It’s here, it’s here~”

“Come on.”


All three of them are female classmates in the same department.
Due to the nature of English literature, where the sex ratio is 2:8, there were quite a lot of cases like this even when groups were randomly selected.

When everyone gathered, the team members organized the materials they had prepared.
When it was finished to some extent, the real chatting time began.

Topics such as departments, professors, grades, employment, etc. Were circulated for an hour.
Naturally, the conversation continued as if the 19-year-old could not be left out.

To be honest, this subject is a little burdensome because I have no experience, but I listened with my ears pricked up because of my increased curiosity these days.

“I wish my boyfriend would caress her more, but she always just touches her breasts and tries to put it in. I hate it.”

“Ah, you know that feeling. Stopping when you want to heat up a little.”

“I wish I could touch every corner of my body, but it’s a bit like touching only the chest and bottom.”

The three of us took the initiative to lead the conversation, and suddenly looked at the quiet me.

‘I think I know what to say…’

“How is Hyeyoon? Is her boyfriend good to you?”

“Uh!? … That’s why I don’t have a boyfriend… She’s in fact she’s never had.”

When I answered in a crawling voice, my classmates were surprised and asked back.

“Where’s a pretty and kind girl like Hyeyoon? Everyone doesn’t have eyes to see.”

“I mean. But I think I’ll get a lot of numbers. How is it?”

Men often ask for a number on the street. I rejected all of them because I felt like they were stabbing me rather than being sincere.

When I didn’t get much of a response, they started talking more sensational among themselves again.

“I love clitoris licking. I just can’t think of anything.”

“I like that one too, but I like putting it deep inside. I’m very happy with the feeling of being full.”

While listening to the dirty talk, something seemed to heat up in my body.
I thought it would get weird if I listened to it any longer, so I said I had an appointment and hurried back home.

As soon as I entered the room, I touched the underside and found that the panties were slightly stained.

There was a conversation from before, and I felt like that, so I took off my clothes and lay down on the bed.
But no matter how much I touched it, it didn’t feel like it used to.

The sensation of touching her clitoris and vagina with her thick fingers and spinning her nipples in an erotic way.
If only I could do it one more time…

Unfortunately, I stimulated the clip and went lightly once.
However, I was not satisfied at all because I had become accustomed to the sensation of being touched and caressed up and down for several days.

The feeling of being forced to leave. On the contrary, it was hard and I didn’t feel very good.
I missed the sensation of goosebumps all over my body, my back floating on its own, and my hair turning white.

For some reason, the ghost that always appears when you start masturbating didn’t come today.
I masturbated once more just in case, but I couldn’t feel the touch at all.

‘Why don’t you come with a body like this? Because I can’t be satisfied with myself anymore…’


I ate fried rice for lunch.
I came up with an image while putting my hand on the ona hole to exercise after eating.
Looking at what she’s doing, it’s Shin Ah-young sitting at her desk and working hard on her assignments.

I rubbed the palm of my hand between her legs to signify that I had come.
She was taken aback for a moment, but Shin Ah-young spread her legs further and spoke to her.

“Did you finally come? I’ve been waiting for a very long time…”

For her part, she was greeted with a very welcoming voice, as it had been almost 5 days since she had appeared.
Seeing her slightly raised corners of her mouth and the slight shaking of her pelvis, she seems to be very excited.

As I continued to rub her cunt, she said wait and then disappeared.
After a while, she returned to her naked body with a towel.

“That… It’s hard to clean up if you don’t prepare towels in advance.”

She laid out two layers of her towel she had brought and placed her legs on her chair, hugging her knees.

Looking up from under the desk, I put my mouth to her pink cunt.
It smelled faintly of soap, probably because it had just been washed.

“Jjok…Jjak.. Side.”

“Haaaaa” “That’s good. Please press the clicker with your tongue a little more…”

When the inside started to get wet, he removed his tongue.
Among the vegetables I prepared, I picked cucumber first.

Shin Ah-young said in an uneasy voice as she gently inserted and removed it from the entrance of her pussy.

“It hurts because it’s a bit too rough. It feels like it’s being scratched.”

Come to think of it, in porn, it seemed like a normal condom.

I chose a huge one after a long time, but I think I will have to eat this later when cooking.
It’s because I don’t want to put it in for nothing and get hurt on the inside.

When the cucumber was not inserted into the labia minora, Shin Ah-yeong hesitated and took out a dildo from the drawer.
It looks like I thought of dildo play with something else, not a finger or dick.

“If you’re looking for that…Dildo…I have one too…♡”

Seeing him holding it with both hands as if he was loving it, he must have really liked it.
Feeling embarrassed for nothing, I brought an oil-based marker and wrote letters on her thigh.

[I have my cock. Buy it?]

“Yes? No… That… Mr. Ghost hasn’t come for days… It’s lonely.”

[Then do it with that dildo. I can’t sleep anymore.]

“I’m sorry…I’m in heat…I’ll throw it away right away.”

Shin Ah-young, who is told that she is not sleeping, immediately puts an apple in a low-key position.
It felt good to say that my cock was good.

[Then keep sucking on that until I say yes.]

Shin Ah-young opened her mouth wide and covered her head with her lips.
Perhaps because of her size, it seemed that she couldn’t swallow her pillar.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…”

Watching her wash, she brought out a rotor she had bought before.

She took out some love gel and dabbed it all over her anus.
She kept flinching, but she offered no particular resistance.

As she gave more power, the rotor went in with a bang.
She didn’t even think about putting it in her anus, she said as she momentarily removed her mouth from the dildo.

“Yup..!! Puha… That, that place… No way… It’s dirty… Heuuuuu…”

The vibration caused her anus to twitch at high speed, and her juices leaked from her cunt.
When she seemed to be ready, she placed the eggplant she had prepared next to her into the lonely cunt.


I feel like I’m suffocating for a moment because I picked a size similar to my cock.
I put it deep and then poked the branch.

“Heuuuuu] “

Push it all the way in and knock on the womb.
I even took it to the entrance of her pussy and pushed it in at once.

“Uhhhhh..! It’s too deep… Slow down a little..”

Forgetting to suck the dildo, she held on to the arm of her chair, holding on to her pleasure.
I focused on the place where the reaction was the most intense in order to let it go slowly.

“Ahhhhh! Uhhhhh…Wait a second, Mr.

Fusooooo..!! Weiying…

The vibe that I put into the anus came out from how much power I exerted on my lower stomach, and the cumshot flew farther than usual.


Leaning back on the backrest, her legs trembled together in a diamond shape.

“Hey…Hey…Now…Fuck your cock into my molten pussy…”

Still not enough, she begged, opening her cunt on her own.

“Now I’m not going to put anything in my cunt… Except Mr. Ghost… Jebaal…”

To be honest, I wanted to fuck him right away because it was so bad, but I held back because I still had something I wanted.

[If you do what I tell you to do, I’ll fuck you tomorrow.]

“I’ll do anything… I’ll listen carefully…”

That’s right…

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Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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