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Wireless Onahole 11

Wireless Onahole 11

Chapter 11 – 011 Shin Ah-Young’s Outdoor Adventure

Mr. Ghost wrote part of the scenario on his thigh.
The rest is said to be written at that time when it is time tomorrow.
I wrote it down on paper in case it was erased or forgotten while washing.

When I said that I would never sleep again if I didn’t do it, I said I did it reflexively.
No matter how many times I read it, I was worried that I would be able to do this sanely.
Even sarcastically, at the end, it was written [I will keep watching, so don’t leave out any of them].

‘Haa…I haven’t been able to see the bed for almost a week…I’m crazy.’

When I searched for the weather, the weather was sunny and there was no cloud, so it was a very good weather for an outing.
Not even the sky cares

I looked at the paper on my desk and read the first order.

1. Wear only one underwear. (Freedom to wear)

2. Bring a dildo.

3. Going alone to a set place.

When I searched on the map, it turned out to be a good date spot.
Even on the weekend, it was obvious that it would be overflowing with people.

In line with the spring weather, she wore black jeans, a beige knit, and a jean jacket for a light feel.
Every time she walked, her nipples rubbed against the soft surface, but this was tolerable.

The place I had to go was a little far away, so I walked to the subway station.
The destination is 7 stops away from here.

When the subway arrives and enters through the open door, I can feel the eyes on me for a moment.
Regardless of age or gender, they all looked at me, but it was like this everywhere I went, so I calmly went and sat in the corner.

‘No one knows that I have a no bra and a large dildo in my bag.’

I smiled and closed my eyes and waited for the announcement to come out.

“This station is ~~ station. The door to get off is to the right, to the right.”

I got off the subway according to the announcement.
As I climbed the stairs, the dazzling sun greeted me.

When I came up from the station and looked around, there were wide squares and shops lined up.

Because it is famous as a date spot for food, entertainment, cafes, etc., Couples overflowed everywhere.
It’s a place I’ve been to a few times before, but this time I’m going to the place I’m going to for the first time, so I figured out the location with GPS.

‘From there… Go forward 2 blocks… Then turn right and go 1 block.’

As I walk along the street, I feel more explicit gazes than on the subway.
Men staring at them with their eyes and mouth wide open, and women staring at them with jealous eyes.
If they have something in common, they all look at my face or chest.

‘It’s a no-brain today…It didn’t come out on top of the clothes, right?’

To be honest, I felt like I was rubbing my clothes all the time, so I lowered my gaze to check and saw nipples slightly protruding from the top of the clothes.
Could it be that you haven’t seen it all this time?

I arrived at my destination, wrapping my jean jacket as tightly as possible in the front.

{Adult goods store open 24 hours – B1F}

An eye-catching sign.
At a loss for words, I checked the map several times, but this place was correct.

There are so many people.
It’s also in a state where there’s nothing to cover the face like a hat or sunglasses.

I seriously thought about it, but once I went in, I decided to think about it.

“Welcome.. Huh!”

The eyes of the male part-timer at the counter widen.
When I looked around the store, ignoring it, there were 4 couples shopping in a space of about 30 pyeong.

I had arrived, but there were no further orders, so I felt like writing something on my stomach as I hesitated.
I hurriedly went to the bathroom to check.

[Showing the clerk a dildo and asking if there are any products this size.]

[Buy some of the items I specified.]

…….If news broke today that a woman in her twenties committed suicide, it might be me.

“Hey… I need to ask you something…”

“Yes, yes, tell me.”

When you talk, the part-timer answers with a look of great anticipation.
Imagining how that expression would change soon, I rummaged through my handbag and pulled out the large dildo I had brought with me.

“Do you sell dildos of this size…?”

A part-time job student who is very embarrassed when he speaks as if he is crawling with a bright red face.
I answer by looking alternately at my face, breasts, and dildo.

“Uh…Uh…Yes…I have one…But that size doesn’t sell well…So I’ll get it out of the warehouse. Wait a minute.”

I quickly hid the dildo inside my jacket as I watched him rush into the warehouse.
Soon the warehouse door opened and a part-timer came out with three boxes.

“I’ve been looking and we only have 3 products. If you see something you like, please let me know.”

I lowered my head and looked at them one by one. All items with black dildo written in the description.
Still, there was no dildo that was 20 cm long, so I called the clerk again.

“Hey…I don’t have the size I like…I’m sorry…”

“Oh no! I’ll go back. Please take a look around the store in case there’s something you like!”

I glanced at the part-timer’s pants, which he was quickly tidying up, and saw that they were protruding forward.
I moved to look around the store with my back to him as he entered the warehouse again.

‘This is a place that sells rotors… This is a dildo corner. Shall we take a look?’

Display bins neatly organized by size.
Among them, it was divided into several compartments depending on whether it was a suction type or an electric one.
However, since there were only average sizes or slightly larger sizes on display, I quickly lost interest and went to the next corner.

‘This is for anal use..’

There were several products such as anal beads, anal dildos, and animal tails.

‘I was told to buy it…Here it is.’

I chose a spade-shaped anal plug and a cat tail with multiple beads attached to it.

As I was fiddling with it, I heard whispers next to me.
When I turned my head, a couple immediately turned their eyes and ran away.

I feel like dying of shame

In addition, when I picked out the enema medicine and love gel and put them on the counter, the part-timer’s expression was very spectacle.
I asked for a large dildo earlier, and now I brought a bunch of anal products.
It deserves it.

After paying the bill, he quickly tried to put it in his handbag, but he didn’t fit it all, probably because he bought too much.
There is a couple waiting for the checkout behind them, but I noticed when I kept putting it on the counter.

“Hey… Can you give me just one shopping bag…? This one doesn’t go in…”

“Oh, yes. Write this. I’ll just give it to you.”

I hurriedly put it in the shopping bag the clerk gave me and got out.
But as if this wasn’t the end, people around me stared at me as I came out of the adult store by myself.
Her face flushed and she quickly went to the subway station as if running away.

Once I went to the bathroom to cool my hot face, the letters were written again.

[Put the dildo in and go.]

….I’ll be able to endure it if I just sit still in a chair.

I opened the packaging of the love gel I bought earlier and applied the contents to my fingers.
A sticky, clear liquid with a sweet odor. I think this is what I’ve been putting on my pussy all this time.

I sat on the toilet and pulled down my pants and panties.
The gel was applied to every nook and cranny, from the labia majora to where the fingers could go as far as possible.

The dildo was also gelled and pushed slowly into her pussy.
The big glans dug into the vagina and scratched the weak point, and the thick pillar filled the inside.

When the front of the dildo started tapping the entrance to my uterus, I removed his hand and checked to see if the dildo would come off.
It hurt to hold on only with the strength of her pussy, but fortunately it was fixed without falling.


There was a person in the bathroom, so I covered my mouth as much as possible and pulled up my panties and pants.
It’s tight skinny jeans, so the dildo doesn’t seem to leak out in the middle.

I got out of the bathroom and waited for the subway in front of the screen door.

{Because the subway is coming, stay within the safety line~~}

Soon after, an announcement came out and I saw the subway coming in. It was full.
Even on weekends, there can’t be as many people as this.

The plan to sit comfortably in a chair was shattered in an instant.
That’s how the hell season began, where I had to somehow endure 20 minutes.


“Huh… Ha…”

Every time the subway shook, dildos poked here and there.
The worst was when it rocked up and down and thumped directly against the womb.


A moan escaped my mouth, but no one seemed to hear it because of the loud subway sound.

‘Haa… I can’t move my body… It’s rather narrow, so I can feel it better when I close my legs..’

Every time the subway moved in various ways, such as starting, stopping, turning right, turning left, the entire vagina was rubbed.


The various stimuli gradually overflowed with love juice, and the dildo, which had lost friction, began to protrude little by little.

At least I’d wear pants today so the worst wouldn’t happen, but if I had worn a skirt.
It’s horrifying to even think about.

I finally arrived at the local station and hurriedly went to the bathroom.
When he lowered his pants, his panties were already wet, and the overflowing pussy juice was running down his thighs.
In a hurry, she took off her panties, put them in her shopping bag, and wiped the area around her pussy with a tissue.

It is still a 10-minute walk to the house.
After overlapping the roll of toilet paper as much as possible, I put it between the groin and raised my pants again.
We are almost done now.

‘Eventually, I got a house shop without underwear. Let’s hurry.’

Every time I walked, my nipples, which had completely stiffened, were trying to escape out of my clothes.
The wet tissues were clumping together and about to fall down my pants.

‘Five minutes now…I see a building over there. Let’s work hard.’

“Oh, where are you going?”

In front of me, two boys and one girl greeted me and came closer.
Her face is bright red, and she is carrying a shopping bag full of adult products in no bra and no panties.

“…Hi, I’m on my way back from shopping..”

“Really? What did you buy? Can I take a look?”

When the younger sister reached out, she hurriedly hid the shopping bag behind her back.

“No… That… It’s a personal thing… Sorry.”

This time, the younger sibling reaches out to her and interjects.

“Your face is red… And it looks heavy. Shall I lift it?”

“Oh, no, it’s okay. I’m right in front of here.”

Please go away I think I’ll get out too.
She sweated up and down and put up a desperate resistance.

“No, I’ll listen to you even a little bit. Your face is red and you’re sweating a lot.”

“Oh, it’s right in front of the house, so it’s okay. Then I’ll go.”

She bounced at a brisk pace, ignoring another grab from behind.
When she got home, the tension melted away.

Without even thinking to take off her shoes, she immediately lay down on the porch and said.

“I worked really hard today. Mr. Ghost… Will you reward me now?”

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

무선 연결 오나홀로 따먹기
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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