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Wireless Onahole 12

Wireless Onahole 12

Chapter 12 – 012 Holes on Both Sides

I watched it while lying on the bed, but it was more fun than I thought.
Looking at Shin Ah-young’s point of view, it seemed that she clearly knew what focusing attention was.

Wherever she went, everyone passing by was surprised to see Shin Ah-young’s face, clapped at her breasts, and shed tears at her pelvis.
The expressions on her face as if she were honored to see such a goddess.

But they will never know.
That she is a woman who spurts out her love juice after being fucked a few times and asks for more.

Just like right now.
However, since she seemed to pass out if I hit her now, she asked me to wash and rest for now.
Of course, she didn’t forget to write a postscript.

[Do the enema.]

She rummaged through her shopping bag and grabbed a few items and went into the bathroom.

There was a tremendous sight as she wandered off of her for about half an hour.
Shin Ah-yeong, lying on all fours and touching her anus with only her hips raised.

No matter how much she applied the love gel, the gel reflected in the fluorescent light was shining.
Next to her was a cat’s tail that was secured with anal beads, but it was too big to see that the front was covered with gel, so she gave up halfway through.

“Ahhhhh her ass hole…Hhhhh hot assholess in her assholessnh…”

I keep putting in and taking out about 2 bars of the middle finger and release it, but I didn’t put it deeper because I’m not used to it.
Clear water leaked out little by little from the other hole, as if he was feeling it.

After a moment, she removed her fingers to see if her posture was difficult, and she took a slow breath.
The way her pink wrinkles kept twitching in sync with her breath made me want to fuck him right away.

“Haa…Huh…♡ Aha…”

She turned her head and looked at her cat’s tail, now that she thought it was worth it.
There were 5 marbles the size of green grape candy in a row, and the last marble was made larger than that.

She rubbed her first bead into her asshole, turned it into a gel smear, and began giving her powers.
Should she go in or not? She continued to siege, and in an instant, her orb disappeared.

“Haaaaang…♡ Hauu…”

Her butthole converged inward, as if she wouldn’t miss what came in.

She clenched her fists and spread the gel down her anus again to see if it was okay.
Grab her second bead dangling.



Her hips trembled with a moan as she inserted her marbles.
She did so she put in a total of 4 and only her last marble was left.

It’s a size that you can tell that it’s much bigger even if you touch it roughly.
She closed her eyes tremblingly and continued to play with her marbles.

Then, as if she had made up her mind, she forcefully pushed her hand into her.

I could see her hands shaking, but she seemed to be too big, so the marble went in a little and bounced back.
After several attempts, she went in with a louder noise than before.

“Ahhhhh ….!

Her big ass trembled, marking her delight.

She got up from her seat and checked herself.
He stroked her stomach to see if it felt strange, and gently pulled her tail.

Whenever that happened, I went in front of the mirror to see if I was bothered by the tail hitting her thighs and legs.
She turned behind her and stuck out her hips.

The flooded pussy and the pretty tail.
Just looking at it made my cock feel like it would explode.

[Should I fuck you now?]

I touched her pussy while writing.
Even though she only inserted two of her fingers, the clear liquid of love flowed down her hand.

Shin Ah-young groaned at my touch and then she opened her mouth on her own.

“Put your cock…In that…Pussy.”

[More naughty]

“Please put your cock in my horny cat’s pussy..”


“Please stir Nyanko’s horny pussy with a big dick..”

She immediately pulled out her cock.
She lightly pressed her glans against her labia minora, causing her cunt to sag and seduce him to come in quickly.

She slowly pushed her waist forward, feeling her cunt tighten with each entry.
Once when only her glans was inserted, once when she scratched her G-spot, and once when she touched her uterus.

Shin Ah-young shook her whole body and tilted her head back.
She couldn’t stop moaning as the waves of climax continued to roll in.

“Hauuuuu..! Now.. Wait.

After putting it all the way in, Shin Ah-young sat down on the floor as if her legs were weak.
A clear puddle formed under her buttocks, and the flow of water increased her continuation area.

Thanks to that, I was also experiencing great pleasure.
Even though she didn’t even do a piston vagina, her vaginal folds took care of themselves and her uterus sucked her glans.

In addition, there were anal beads inside, and the beads felt through the wall added to her stimulation.

Feeling her immediate ejaculation rising, I grabbed her waist and pressed her down to the entrance of her womb.

The view

Maybe it was because it had only been an ejaculation for a week, semen was constantly coming out.
A considerable amount to the point where you can feel the tingling.

After she had a long ejaculation. Looking at her god Ah-yeong, she was already drooping.
It’s just the beginning, but it’s already like this.

To get her to come to her senses, I slapped her on the butt with the palm of my hand.

Damn! Damn!

As soon as she was about to turn red, a small moan was heard in front of her.
I pulled out my cock and watched.

When the feeling of filling her cunt was gone, she looked into the air.

“Uh…Hey Mr. Ghost? Is that…Is…Already over?”

When there was no response, Shin Ah-young, who was in a hurry, looked at her in the air and apologized to her.

“Sorry..Sorry. I enjoyed it alone…Now I’m going to hold on to it with my pussy… Put my cock in it..”

Even in a state of 100% anger, his appearance would disappear in an instant, but he pretended to be angry on purpose.
It was so cute seeing such a pretty guy fidgeting and asking for my cock, so I wanted to tease him even more.

[Take off the cat’s tail. Then I’ll hit you.]

“Ah… I got it.”

She knelt down and bent her upper body.
She reached her hand behind her and grabbed her by the tail, and then her body began to tremble as she exerted her strength.

The anus opened a little, and her orb showed her face, but it was not enough to come out, so it hid back inside.


When it didn’t come out no matter how hard she tried, she sprayed more of her love gel.

“Huh..!! Huh..!”

The anus opened wide, and finally her beads popped out.


The hole was so big that it didn’t close completely as soon as the beads came out.
The wrinkles repeated contraction and expansion, and the protruding beads continued to sway and hit the perineum.

“This is how… The hips… Won’t close…”

Even as she said that, her face completely melted.
Her open eyes and open mouth were full of tears and saliva.

Once you’ve removed the largest marble, the rest should be easy.
Shin Ah-young grabbed her hips with one hand and pulled her tail with the other.

Incredibly vulgar attitude.
Is it because I can’t see you doing what you’re told to do?

She thought for a moment and then she popped her marbles out.
She repeated it in a high-pitched voice, and as she pulled it out completely, she collapsed on her side, breathing heavily.

Hehe…I did everything…♡ Now…”

She climbed onto her bed and looked at her ceiling, spreading her legs.
The skinned clit and the pussy covered in love juice. And the anus, which was still swollen, was clearly visible.

I had been patient with it for a while, so I drove it with a full piston right away.
No matter how much water she had stored, the more she put in, the more and more of her pussy juice came out.

Haha.. There.. I like it ♡ Eungheusss..! What’s inside!”

Shin Ah-young twisted her waist so that her cock landed where she liked.
Her bedsheets were disheveled and her unsupported legs stirred in the air.

“Kkeuheugh…! Harder! Even the womb.. Fuck me..! Ahaha!”

The more she screamed loudly, the more her pussy tightened.
Asking for her semen, the folds of her vagina clinging all over her cock, she couldn’t help but ejaculate her.

She twitched and rubbed the walls of her vagina whenever she cummed.
Then, the highly sensitive pussy also responded by wrapping it tightly around her cock.

Haha.. I feel so good..”

As if she thought it was over, Shin Ah-young gasped for breath and buried her body in her bed.
She has only been able to pack 2 shots yet. She can’t stop here.

He slid her finger into her cunt and smeared her love juice.
She then went in, stroking the crease of her anus.


She was able to put up to 2 of her fingers, perhaps due to the effect of the beads earlier.
I continued to inject my love juice and repeated insertions, and before I knew it, my anus was swallowing my fingers all the way to the root.

A huge clamp that seems to be about to break.
She just rubbed her barrier back and forth, pressing her cock into her cunt.


As I put it in, I felt a finger on the other side of the wall.
Shin Ah-young was hugging her pillow tightly, perhaps for the first time feeling pleasure from her two holes.

“Uhhhhh…! If you stab both sides at the same time..

Her vagina continued to vibrate as if her stimulation was strong.
It was the same with the anus, which made it quite difficult to move.

But as much as her pleasure was the best, her ejaculation soon came up.
I sped up more and poked two holes, and soon finished with a long ejaculation.

The feeling of being squeezed out even a drop of semen.
I also lost my strength, so I hugged Onahole and closed my eyes.

Shin Ah-yeong also smiled pleasantly, as if the hugging feeling was good, and she closed her eyes in the same way.

Did I fall asleep?
It was already dark when she opened her eyes, but Shin Ah-young was still sleeping.

Minggi got up and went to the bathroom to wash up, but he remembered Shin Ah-young and returned to her room.

I had a hard time, and my naked body was covered with all kinds of juices, so I was afraid I would catch a cold.

I took the ona hole and went back to the bathroom to wash it clean.
After putting it in a well-ventilated place, I went back to bed and went to sleep.

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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