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Wireless Onahole 13

Wireless Onahole 13

Chapter 13 – 013 the Girl Next Door

[Shin Ah-young]

Currently, Shin Ah-young’s gauge is 180 points.

Age: 22
Height: 168.3cm
Weight: 49.8 kg
Three sizes: 97 – 66 – 95
Tendency: M.
Weaknesses: Clitoris, G-spot, entrance to the uterus, anus, nipples.
Favorite position: Back kick, top position.

When she got up and checked the app, 200 points were in front of her eyes.
She didn’t ejaculate much, but Shin A-young kept going away, so her score seems to have gone up.

I checked her condition to see if she was okay, and she was sitting at her desk and studying as usual today.
She also seems to have a bit more firmness and radiance in her skin.

She had no intention of interfering with her studies, so she quietly cheered and remembered Yoon Hye-yoon.
A slightly slimmer onahole body shape.

Usually she masturbates before bed, so I changed it once, and she went to the school library for midterms, which are now three weeks away.

The reading room she entered after taking her student ID was about 1/3 full.
She really liked the cool air conditioning, the spacious study space, and the quiet atmosphere.

She settled down and was in the middle of studying, and she smelled sweet and a person passed by.
She reflexively looked to her side.

‘Yoon Hye-yoon? Was she studying here too?’

Her shoulder-length wavy hair, a white sweatshirt, and slightly baggy gym shorts.
She seemed to be dressed roughly, but her body and clothes made her face look pretty just from looking at her back.
I wonder if I was the only one who felt that way, and a few people around me were staring at me in awe.

‘I was going to visit you tonight, but I’ll meet you here.’

She was happy, but she and I were nothing.
I just watched.

By 6pm, people started to leave.

The moment I stand up, pack my bag, and look up.
My eyes met with Yoon Hye-yoon, who was coming from the front.

She, too, was on her way to the house with her bag.
She bowed lightly and turned around and left the library.


Only the sound of two footsteps echoed in the empty street.
Cars pass by occasionally, but overall it is a quiet street.

It can’t be helped because the house faces the same direction, but it’s oddly awkward.

It’s not really a conversation, so I’m walking a little faster on purpose, but strangely, the distance didn’t widen.

By the time I almost got home. Footsteps quickened behind him, and a clear voice was heard.


“Yes? Yes, what is it?”

“Well… It’s weird to say that, but… Do you think there are ghosts?”

“No, I don’t really believe it. Is it because of what happened last time?”

“If…If there is a good ghost, can I live with him..?

As he spoke the last words, he lowered his head and his voice gradually decreased.
She knew what she meant, but pretended not to know, and she replied.

“Well… It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t cause damage? I think it’s fine.”

She didn’t say anything until she entered the house, as if she was still pondering over those words.

“Go in.”

“Yes, bye.”

After parting in the hallway, I briefly washed and ate ramen.
After that. I went for a walk and exercise.

It’s because I felt that I lacked a lot of stamina because I was having sex rather than sex these days.

Maybe an hour passed. She decided to go home, as she seemed to have exercised moderately.

As she rode the elevator, she grabbed her clothes and fanned herself to cool off the sweat.
The top and bottom were all covered with sweat, so the pants were flapping along.

– Tiring. It is on the 5th floor.


When the door opened, Yoon Hye-yoon stood in front of her.
She was dressed comfortably and wearing a hat, as if she was going out for a while, but the direction of her gaze was subtle.

Her eyes were looking down, not at my face.

Flutter flutter.

“I’m sorry. I showed you something I shouldn’t have seen. I’m really sorry.”

“Oh, no. It’s fine.”

When I apologized quickly, she accepted it with averted eyes.
Then, he immediately took the elevator and disappeared.

“I think I saw some panties… Didn’t I?”

Scratching her head, she entered the room.
After a while Seeing the door next door open and close, she must have been to a convenience store.

After she washed up, she sat down in front of the computer.
When I looked around the desk while the game was loading, I saw that the small ona hole next to it was slightly open.

It wasn’t even 9 o’clock yet, so I left it as if I was doing errands in the bathroom.
However, when it didn’t close after a while, I licked the entire pussy with my tongue.

A pussy that trembles for a moment.

He rubbed her tongue up and down her, stimulating her clit and labia minora.
When I put her tongue in her slightly loose cunt, I could feel the tightness and salty taste at the same time.

She rubbed her clit gently with her hand, stirring it inside her.
The tightness intensified and the frequency of tremors increased.

I stopped on the verge of going and took out her rotor and moved towards the large ona hole.

First he buried her face in her breasts and caressed her areolas with her tongue.
As she teased her nipples as if sucking them, she gently licked the sides of her nipples once in a while.

Her free hand ran over her body, gently running from the bottom of her breasts to her stomach, waist, and back.
The bouncing of her body was cute.

I removed her mouth and taped the rotor I had brought to the clip.
When I turned on her power, a completely different reaction came from before.

Her waist continued to tap my body, announcing the climax.
As the stimulation continued, she soon left with a squirt of water from her cunt.

Fushuuuuu… Fussoo.

She had only had mild orgasms in the meantime, and it was the first time I’d seen her go away spraying her water.
I waited, rubbing my chest, until I calmed down.

He pulled her nipples, which were harder than before, with her fingers, flicked them, and rubbed the sides of her gently.

As she kept touching her breasts and teasing her, she started to hear the sound of water from below.
It felt like she was masturbating by touching her own pussy.

As soon as I turned on the vibe again, I licked, sucked, and caressed my entire body.

The climax cycle became shorter as if it had gone away once and became sensitive.
After spurting out water without fail and going away several more times, I felt exhausted.
I went to the bathroom to mean that I had a hard time and washed it with warm water.


I studied at the library with 3 weeks left for the midterm exam.
In the evening, as I was on my way home, I saw a familiar face.

‘What? The person who lives next door…Right?’

She keeps staring. Her eyes meet.
She simply bowed her head to say hello and went back, but the man next door started going ahead.

Thump thump…

In an awkward atmosphere, I quietly moved my steps.
Then, suddenly, I thought that this person would listen to the ghost story seriously, so I brought up the story.

He didn’t say it seriously, but he gave me an answer similar to what I thought.

I’ve been masturbating to ghosts lately, but I wondered if this was okay.
Thank you for understanding something.

After I got home and rested, I remembered that the bottled water had run out. I didn’t even have water to use tomorrow morning, so I decided to buy it from a convenience store.

While waiting for the elevator, the man next door pops out from inside.

He was fanning himself with a strong smell of sweat, just like he had been working out.
His clothes fluttered violently, but he was also wearing pants. As I looked at it, I saw a large pillar shape.

‘Could that be…? Is it… That big?’

I couldn’t take my eyes off of it protruding from the top of my pants.
If something that big gets inside… Or will it come in…?

The whole time I went to the convenience store, I only remembered the shape sticking out of the pants.

‘I’ve grown so much…If that gets into me…To this point?’

As a rule of thumb, I stretched out his fingers and reached almost below the navel.
As I imagined getting stuck in something so big, my body naturally felt hot and the lower part ached.

As soon as he got home to quell his excitement, he lay down on the bed and started masturbating.


Since the ghost didn’t come on the 2nd day, it was in a state of frustration, so it kept piling up.
Today, when I saw the shape of the man next door’s cock, I got excited.

Lying on her side, in a shrimp sleeping position, I rubbed two of her fingers against her cunt.
The inside was already wet and hotter and sticky than usual.

While I was touching him while imagining his cock, I closed my eyes. Something rough touched her pussy.

“Uhhh…♡ Did you come just now?”

I was so happy that the ghost came at the right time.
It was a sensation I had felt several times before, so I immediately spread my legs and lay down on the bed.
The hot, soft thing licked every nook and cranny of her pussy.

“There…Good… Some more…♡”

I felt like something was about to come out as my tongue penetrated the inside of her pussy and touched her clit at the same time.

Haha… I don’t know…! I think I’m going… I’m going… I’m going…♡”

The peak I’ve felt in a long time.
My back trembled and a smile formed on my lips.
Wiping the tears that flowed slightly, I begged the ghost.

“It’s not enough… But I want you to do more…”

He seemed to have listened to me and gently caressed me from the chest.
It felt good as the chicken skin grew at the tickling yet gentle feeling of stroking it.

I only touched the top, but the bottom was lonely, so I crossed my legs, and it felt like something was attached to the clip and riding on top of my body.

After waiting for a while, a vibration echoed through her lower body.

“Huh..! This is… No way!”

My body couldn’t control myself at will from the tremendous pleasure of stimulating three places at the same time.
My back lifted on its own and my legs swept across the bed, but the pleasure did not stop.

“No.. I don’t care..!

But her caress continued, and at the same time her eyes went white and something fired at her.


“Uhhhhh..! Ahhhhh..”

My back and legs trembled uncontrollably.
Cool water spurted from below, adding to the climax of pleasure.

“It feels so good… It’s the first time… More… A little more… It’s still not enough…♡”

When she came to her senses, she was making sounds like a beast without even realizing it.
My reason has been blown away and my body, which only has instincts left, wants more pleasure.

His fingers moved on their own, scratching in pleasant places, and Cli stood tall to feel the vibration more.


Fu Shu Wook… Fu Shu…

Gone again It was the first time in my life that I felt such pleasure.

As I felt it without thinking, the time to sleep had already passed.
I knew in my head that I had to wash up and go to sleep, but my body was drowsy and weak, so I didn’t listen.

As I was lying in bed, I suddenly felt uneasy.

‘What if I heard my voice next door? I… I think I made a very embarrassing noise…’

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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