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Wireless Onahole 14

Wireless Onahole 14

Chapter 14 – 014 the Second Function

When I woke up in the morning, my body was completely washed.
On the other hand, the bed was in great condition.
The sheet was halfway down to the ground, and the blanket was already on the floor.

How much uproar did it have to be like that… I felt ashamed at the moment.

I got up from my seat and started tidying up.
I adjusted the angle neatly and folded the blanket, but something caught my eye.
It was a dark color under the bedspread, as if it had been slightly wet.

‘No way…I…’

Looking at the traces, I began to remember what happened last night.
My face turned red as I recalled making strange noises.

‘I’m crazy, really…But I felt really good…’

After putting the laundry in the washing machine, I took out the long-forgotten rotor from the drawer.
When I started to trace, I bought it out of curiosity, but the stimulation was too strong, so I didn’t use it.

I looked at the little pink vibe in her hand and turned it on.


As I felt the vibration, my hand went down and into my pants without realizing it.
Naturally, the rotor headed for the cli that I felt yesterday.

“Huh.. As expected, that was yesterday… Haa♡”

I remembered yesterday and my hands did not fall.
My body must have remembered now, and my waist was sticking out toward the rotor.

“No… I’ve been doing this since morning…Hehe…”

The waist that gradually stands upright and the head that tilts back signaled the climax.
However, far from separating my hands, I pressed it hard and felt the vibration better.

“I’m going.. I’m going to Cli..! I’m going..!”

My legs were shaking and my head was a little dizzy.

“Heuuuuu…! Haaaaa…♡”

He left standing in his seat.
He stared at the wall with blank eyes and exhaled a heavy breath.

‘Haa… It’s good… But something is lacking…’

He removed his hand and turned on the laptop.
After accessing a site I had been to before, I started looking around.

I slowly read through the pictures and descriptions and picked one I liked.
I thought a lot about whether to buy it or not, but I thought I would buy it someday if it stayed like this, so I closed my eyes and pressed the payment button.

[Your order has been completed. Expected arrival date is tomorrow.]


“Hmm… 180 points… I have to break through 200 points today.”

Looking at the app, Shin Ah-young scored 180 points and Yoon Hye-yoon scored 45 points.
At first, Yoon Hye-yoon wanted to do it while watching herself, so her score was slow to rise.

She first used her voyeur mode, reminding herself of Shin Ah-young.
Today, she sits at her desk and studies without fail.
It is a desirable figure that can be used as a model for children in a good new country.

‘No, is it weird that I don’t study even though it’s an engineering school?’

However, she still had some spare time after three weeks, so she took a large ona scepter and wrote a letter on her thigh.

I was more curious about what would happen when I reached 200 points, so I thought I’d upload it quickly.

[I want to eat pussy right now.]

“Ah..Hello. I’m sorry, but I have an assignment that needs to be paid by today…Can I just finish this…?”

Now I’m not too surprised if I’m used to writing on her thighs or stomach.

Wearing a no-bra, white bra, and short pink shorts, Shin Ah-young stares into the air and replies.

Her huge breasts swayed slightly as she raised her head.
Like that, I am worried that the shoulder straps of the nashi holding her big breasts will not break.

[I want to put it right now.]

“The submission deadline is 1:00 PM, so the time is ambiguous.”

Shin Ah-yeong, who was hesitant, added her words.

“If I do it once… I do it for a long time… Then I run out of energy…”

[Then put the dildo in and study. If you refuse this, I will not sleep.]

As if she couldn’t help it, Shin Ah-young took out a dildo from her drawer.

Shin Ah-young took off her pants and her panties and set them down on her floor.
She prepped herself with a towel under the chair before securing the dildo.

She slipped her fingers into her cunt before loading.
But she took her gel to make sure it was dry and carefully applied it around her mouth, spraying the gel on the dildo as well and rubbing it up and down her.

I thought I had enough, so I got on top of the dildo.
Open her cunt to fit her mouth.


She slowly started lowering her waist.

Then he swallowed it whole in her lower mouth and rocked her back and forth little by little.
Little by little, she rubbed the dildo, and as soon as she got used to it, she started studying again.

At first she thought she was doing well as usual, then she started to twitch little by little in her lower back.
With her face flushed, her mouth opened halfway, and a soundless hot breath came out.

10 minutes later.

She gradually slowed down as she typed and her hips visibly moved.
After a while, she was now moving her hand away from her laptop and holding her desk.

“Uhhhhh…! I have to do an assignment… How can I put up with something like this?”

She muttered to herself as if talking to me.
Then she stared plaintively into the void of her eyes and let out her moan.

“Really, just once.. I’ll let you put it in.. Quickly..”

The sound of splashing water was heard whenever her butt touched the chair.
When her back trembled and seemed about to go away. She inserted the cock all the way.


It’s slightly larger than a dildo, so it seems that he noticed it at once.

After a couple of hard thrusting of her piston vagina, Shin A-young climaxed her in no time.
She groaned as her hips pressed against the chair and her back trembled.


Her vagina rubbed frantically at her glans as she sprayed pussy juices on her towel.
I continued driving without giving me time to enjoy the lingering sound.

A thin, plump waist that contrasts with the white, large buttocks.
Even the chest that swayed wildly every time they bumped into each other.
No matter where you look, there is no way to explain it other than that it was made to extract semen.

The sense of ejaculation gradually increased and the speed increased, and it was wrapped in the deepest place.
Vaginal folds squeezed the glans on one side as if begging for more semen.

“Haaaaa… It’s hot inside… I like it…”

Shin Ah-young, who has an ecstatic expression and feels the sensation of her vaginal cum shot.
I didn’t even take it out as it was, I pulled out the cock only after it was wrapped inside a few more times.

No matter how cheap it was, as soon as I pulled it out, a thick, white liquid gushed out of the narrow hole.
Shin Ah-young stood on tiptoe with her upper body covered with her desk.

The chair was already far back, and white and transparent things dripped on the floor.

Looking at the time, there was one hour left until the deadline for submitting the assignment.
I returned to the room after washing my semen-covered pussy with the meaning of cheering up.

When I turned on my phone, there was an alarm.

[Shin Ah-young’s score reached 210 and the second function was opened. Please check the details in the app.]

“Is it finally open?”

When I hurriedly entered the app, Ayoung Shin was shining.
Do you press with high expectations?

[Shin Ah-young]

Currently, Shin Ah-young’s gauge is 210 points.

Age: 22
Height: 168.3cm
Weight: 49.6kg
Three sizes: 97 – 65 – 95
Tendency: Extreme M
Weaknesses: Clitoris, G-spot, entrance to the uterus, anus, nipples, breasts, armpits
Favorite posture: back kick, top position, top woman position

Then her whole body will become an erogenous zone.
If you scroll down, there is a guide.

[More details]

Since she is the first to reach 200 points, let me explain the new features.
The assimilation rate of women and ona holes that reached 200 points has increased, allowing them to perform additional physical power.

You can actually touch the female figure you see in voyeur mode.
However, the strength is weak, so please check it yourself.

An additional translucent appearance can reveal the woman’s presence in front of her.
Of course, it is invisible to other people’s eyes, and you can choose transparent or translucent.

+The company’s new product will be delivered to your door.

“Oh…So you’re saying you can touch it here and there just by touching the ona hole?”

Besides, is it translucent? Are you really becoming a ghost?
Then it seemed that from now on, communication would be possible through body language.

And it’s new…
What did you send this time?


Next day.

I quickly opened the door when I received a text message saying that the courier had arrived.
Two boxes were delivered to the door.

‘2? The size of the box itself is similar, but I just send it as one.’

Once inside, I opened the first box.
A familiar shape sandwiched between air caps. There was an ona hole.

I held it in my hand and looked around and saw its use.
An onahole that looks like a reproduction of a person’s face below the eyes.
Her nose and mouth were attached, and when she opened her mouth with her fingers, her tongue and teeth were detailed.

“I wanted to experience what Fella feels like, and I got the perfect one.”

In the meantime, I bought a fella hole, but it was just a regular ona hole with an added tongue shape, so I was very disappointed because there was nothing different.
First of all, I brought the second box because I was satisfied with the first product.

When I opened the box, it was double-wrapped in black plastic.
It feels like it was packaged by another company.

The thing that came out of the black vinyl was a dildo.

“Huh? It looks a bit small… Did you give it to use in the anus?”

I had only seen the large 18cm dildo used by Shin Ah-young, so the average size of the flesh-colored dildo looked small.
Still, I thought there would be a place to use it if I kept it, so I put it away for now.

However, if a dildo is in a man’s house, it’s perfect for strange misunderstandings.
I looked around the house looking for a place to hide.

I found a good place and tried to put the box on it, but I felt something strange.

The number written directly on the invoice.
My house is room 502, but why does the last number look like 3?

It looked similar at first glance, as if it were scribbled. If you look closely, it’s definitely different.
I couldn’t believe it and read the invoice slowly from cover to cover.

The boxes are overlapping, so I brought two without thinking. No way.

Send to: xxxxx ooooo xxxx

Receipt: Room 503, xx Mansion.

Recipient: Hyeyoon Yoon

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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