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Wireless Onahole 15

Wireless Onahole 15

Chapter 15 – 015 Sleeping Shin Ah-Yeong

No, it’s the courier’s fault for leaving it in front of my house.
I didn’t order it myself, but I didn’t know how many boxes would arrive, so I brought them all.

Blaming the courier now won’t change anything, so I tried my best to figure out how to solve it.

First: Repacking and pretending not to know, leaving it in front of Yoon Hye-yoon’s house and running away.

There are already all the signs of torn invoices on the tape, so how do I fix it? Leaving out.

Second: Seal it again and go next door and apologize for thinking it was mine.

I opened it thinking it was my courier, but when I saw the dildo, I knew it was wrong. Sorry.

It was something to be prepared for being slapped on the cheek, but no matter how I looked at it, this was the only way I could think of.
It’s better to get hit quickly, so I decided to hand it over right away rather than keep thinking about it.

I put the dildo back in the black plastic, taped the box up, and headed out the door.


I heard a clear voice as if I was inside.

“Yes, who are you?”

“Oh, hello, I’m the person next door. Can I talk to you for a moment?”

“Yes? Oh yes, I’ll open the door now.”

I’ve been running into them often lately, so now I open the door without much doubt.
The face seen through the crack in the door radiated innocence despite the lack of makeup.
The lightly worn black T-shirt showed off her protruding breasts and smelled fragrant.

‘Is it passive for pretty women to smell good?’

“That… What’s going on?”

“Yes. That’s… The courier came… It was in front of my house, so I just opened it and this… It was yours.”

I did not know if there was any additional explanation.

“I also had a courier coming today, so I only found out after opening it.”

“Ah, did you.. Yes-neet!?”

His voice rose and his face quickly lost blood.
I could see his pupils dilated and trembling.

“That… That… Have you seen… The contents?”

I cautiously asked with my last hope.

“Yes..I saw it. I’m sorry.”

I miserably broke that expectation.


Yoon Hye-yoon, unable to continue her words, stares at me with a blushing face.
She immediately lowered her head and held out her hand.

“Please, please.”

Well, I am also in a position to use an ona hole, so I fully understand how embarrassing this situation is.
As she handed over the box, she said one word not to be hurt.

“As an adult, things like this are normal. I understand everythinghaha.”


Was it counterproductive? I was sincere.


What can I do? What can I do? What can I do? What can I do?

After she closed the door, she couldn’t get her feet off the porch.
Her hands trembled and she broke into a cold sweat.

What to do If there are rumors about the school…?
Now you’ll be looking at me with strange eyes, what should I do? Is it next door? Shall we move?

I’ve been thinking a lot, but I haven’t come up with a fundamental solution.

‘…I have no choice but to live on an iron plate…Yes, an adult bought adult products, so what’s the problem?’

After thinking about what the guy next door said earlier, I gained some confidence.
He calmed his beating heart and returned to his desk.

‘It’s embarrassing to be ashamed of, so I’ll have to look at things first.’

I took a pair of scissors and opened the box covered with tape.
Her flesh was visible through the black envelope torn in half.
When she put her hand in and took it out, there was a dildo that looked exactly like the picture she had seen on the internet.

Although I had never actually seen it, the fine veins and large glans were very erotic to look at.
As I continued to watch, my lower abdomen ached and my heart started beating fast.


She felt her saliva slip away on its own as she gently cupped the dildo in her hand.
It’s round, but the thickness and length are completely different from the fingers.

I rocked it up and down.
Whenever he moved, the glans caught between his index finger and thumb, causing friction.
There was something strange about getting my fingers caught on the glans.

‘On the Internet, they say that the area under the glans feels good… Is it okay if I rub it like this?’

I was imagining giving my goddaughter a while and touching it, but there was no response, so I was bored.
I took her hands off her for a moment and drool over the dildo.


The saliva that fell on the upper part of the urethra came down the glans.
However, the amount is not enough to cover the entire torso.

It seemed that if I spit more, it would take longer, so I made up my mind and lowered my face.
With his left hand, he brushed back the side of his hair and opened his mouth wide.

The head of the dildo touched her lips. He licked it with his tongue and swallowed deeply.
I had to open his mouth wide because of the size bigger than I thought.

“Yes, yes.. Yes..”

Swallowing only the front part, I rolled my tongue and carefully tasted what it looked like.

‘How can I like a man more..? If you shake that face back and forth…’

As I remember seeing in a video, I pursed my lips and concentrated on sucking the hollow under the glans.
As soon as I felt that I was doing something in earnest, I felt my bottom get wet.

I quickly took off my pants and panties and rubbed the cleat.
Masturbating while sucking with my eyes closed made me feel like I was having real sex.

Rubbing in a clockwise direction, he slowly came down and stroked the area around her cunt.
There was already a lot of juice coming out of the entrance, and as soon as his finger touched it, it made a tingling sound.

He used the sound as a stimulus to speed up his scrubbing.
By the time the juices flowed out and dripped to the ground, his back bounced loudly and he reached his climax.


Both the upper and lower mouths flowed down, forming a sticky thread.
Looking at the shiny dildo with the invasion made me want to suck a real cock even more.

‘I thought about whether to buy it or not, but I think I made a good purchase..♡’


After handing over the box, I returned to my room and went straight to the large ona hole.
To be honest, I didn’t expect Hyeyoon Yoon to buy a dildo.
Couldn’t you just break her hymen or something like that?

I’ll find out later when I open my pussy and check it out.

First of all, the most important thing is to calm down my angry cock.
It was only a brief conversation with Yoon Hye-yoon, but that alone was enough to get an erection.

Oh, of course, I’m definitely not a beast that goes into heat just by looking at a woman.
Just a pretty face, a clear voice, a good smell, and a slightly revealing body.
Watching this and putting up with it is rather abnormal.

Of course, I will take my anger out on Shin Ah-young.
When I tried the Quan Yin mode, I found Shin Ah-young lying on the bed and sleeping soundly.

Sleeping with your mouth slightly open. Even that was pretty.

I remembered that I could use physical force with my new ability, so I tried to pull down Shin Ah-young’s pants.

I could feel my pants, but I didn’t think it would come down.
It feels like you are trying to hold your pants down by 0.1cm, but they slide tick tock and feel as if they are in place?

‘Was the lack of physical strength really that weak?’

I gave up on looking directly at her pussy and approached her face.
When I put my finger in her small mouth, it was warm to see her soft lips and bright red tongue wrapped around her.

He opened his mouth wide by stretching his fingers, then rubbed the cock against his lips and slowly inserted it.

Hard teeth prevented the intrusion. Scratching the glans hurt a little, but I kept pushing.

I grabbed my tongue with my hand, pulled it out, and pushed the glans all the way in. It didn’t go in anymore, as if it had touched the upper ceiling.
I put it in and took it out little by little, but the stimulation was weak and there was no reaction.

Reluctantly, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and slapped her daughter.
Bukkake spraying semen on a pretty face is something I’ve always wanted to do at least once.

The view… The view.

I aimed accurately at the mouth and shot it, but maybe it was because the force that came out was too strong,
70% of it ended up in her mouth, but the rest was white on her cheeks, nose and under her eyes.

This was enough to wake her up, but Shin Ah-yeong was still sleeping with her eyes closed.
It was a little disappointing that she didn’t respond, but she came back downstairs.

When she opened the hole in the ona hole, it was wet enough to see water.
Is her body reacting on its own even when she is sleeping?

I put it right in her pussy to solve it before Shin Ah-young wakes up.
The sensation of moving the inside of her tightly shut to her glans was thrilling every time I felt it.


It reached the entrance of her womb smoothly.
Her cock tightened and her pussy tightened every time he touched the vaginal wall.


Shin Ah-young groaned and twisted her body slightly, as if it was uncomfortable to have a foreign object in her cunt.

I carefully pulled it all the way to the entrance so as not to break it.
I usually fuck hard, so today I wanted to enjoy it leisurely.

Pushing her waist forward, she went inward towards the narrowed back.

I felt it while slowly inserting it, but there were many structures that stimulated Shin Ah-young’s inside, such as bumps and vaginal wrinkles.
It seemed that being a real cunt meant a pussy like this.

As I tasted each one and slowly pistoned her, the hollow space between her glans and torso was filled with pussy meat.
In particular, it was excellent that she scratched her glans as if she was telling her not to lose weight when she was losing weight.

As she continued to insert it repeatedly, the sense of ejaculation came up in an instant.
The reaction intensified as the pussy sucked in from one side, perhaps noticing that his cock was growing and was about to spread seeds.

The view… The view.

Maybe it was because I enjoyed it slowly, so I ejaculated a little longer than usual.
After completely soaking up the semen, I took out the cock.


Seen from afar, there was a pussy that was clamoring and begging his cock, as if it was still lacking.
I was still lacking, so I put in a bunch at once to meet the request.

This time, regardless of whether she woke up or not, she kissed her uterus fiercely and fucked her hard.
The more she probed her flesh, the more Shin Ah-yeong’s waist began to curve.

The sound of the gurgling water grew louder, and finally he squeezed his cock out while giving a cumshot.

“Uhh…Sss♡ Uhh…”

A small moan was heard.
But usually when Shin Ah-young went, she moaned loudly, so it didn’t seem like she was awake.

It seemed that I was going to be cold soon, so I increased my speed without giving any room.
The trembling of her pussy didn’t stop, it felt like she was using a vibrating ona hole.
Semen came up through the urethra and ejaculated with about half of it inserted.

I felt so good that I couldn’t move when I ejaculated.
When I wrapped it coolly and pulled out the cock, pale semen mixed with the clear pussy juice came out.

‘Ah, come to think of it, I didn’t take off my clothes before fucking…’

When I checked it once, the shorts were dyed darker than the original color.
If the pants were that good, there would be nothing to say about the panties.

I glanced at her face to see if Shin Ah-young was awake.
She closed her eyes to see if she was still in dreamland, salivating and licking her lips.

‘Pretty girls are pretty even when they drool.

Realizing once again the power of her appearance, she went to the bathroom to wash her cock.

But when I thought about it, it seemed that the amount of semen sprayed on her face had decreased a bit?
Was it spilled or wiped on the bed while tossing and turning?

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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