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Wireless Onahole 16

Wireless Onahole 16

Chapter 16 – 016 Fella

I was taking a nap and woke up with a strange feeling.
The tongue is pulled and the feeling of something touching the lips.

When I opened my eyes slightly, it was the same scenery as usual.
There is only one correct answer sheet left since there is no robber with a knife riding on top of me.

Mr. Ghost.

I wanted to ask him to fuck me right away, but something was different from usual, so I stayed still.

Until now, I had only been interested in pussy and anus, so I didn’t think much of it, but now I was using my mouth.

I decided to keep pretending to sleep to find out what Mr. Ghost was up to.

Soon, the cock entered his mouth slowly, and he opened his mouth as wide as possible to avoid scratching his teeth.
Even so, because the glans was so big, I couldn’t help but touch my teeth.

He tasted what came in and gently covered it with his tongue and lips. The same shape as I felt with my pussy.

A large, well-stretched glans that hangs over the lips, and a not-so-large, but hard and thick body.

But it soon slipped out of my mouth and I felt regret.
As I was about to open my eyes, hot, thick liquid smeared on my face.
I instinctively realized that it was semen, without having to smell or taste it.

The bottom of the section was pounding.
I savored it slowly and sparingly, and when it was mixed with saliva and the consistency of the semen, I swallowed it in one gulp.

The semen was fishy and watery, so I even vowed not to drink it again.
Oddly enough, Mr. Ghost’s semen was sweet and jelly-like, and it tasted like swallowing.

As I licked my lips, trying to soothe the empty feeling in my mouth, my cock finally touched the entrance to her pussy.

A very gentle move unlike usual.
He came in slowly, kissed the womb, and then slowly left again as if anxious.
I wanted to rub the pleasant part with a big glans, but it was so frustrating.

I deliberately let it touch the weak point pretending to turn, but only then is it good for a while.
Frustration struck again.

‘Stir the pussy quickly… I think I’m going crazy like this..’

However, I continued to move slowly, as if that thought had not been conveyed.

Then at some point His cock swelled and let out something hot.
When the semen touched the walls of the vagina and the uterus, it made her even hotter.

After a load of semen, it exited the cunt as if satisfied.

‘Could this be the end…? I made it like this…?’

The feeling of emptiness in the stomach and the burning desire to leave grew.
I secretly licked the semen on my face to soothe my regret a little.

Then the cock came in again. I’m already very sensitive, but I put it in like that.
He bit his lip and enjoyed the rush of pleasure. It wasn’t long before it came to a state of climax.

‘Tease…♡ This isn’t bad either…’

I tried to endure it with all my strength, but there was no way I could resist the peak wave.
With a leaking groan, it went away as grandly as it had endured for a long time.

After catching my breath and nothing happened for 5 minutes, I slowly opened my eyes and checked my condition.

Damp pants and already soaked panties.
At times like this, I don’t like too much water. Should I sleep without wearing panties from now on?


A few days have passed since I returned the package to Yoon Hye-yoon.
Unfortunately, I’ve never encountered one before. It’s almost as if he’s deliberately avoiding it.

In the morning, I checked the ona hole just in case. The hymen was still intact.
I think I bought it out of curiosity, but I was fortunate enough.

The good news was that the number of masturbations increased after purchasing the dildo.
There were quite a few times when I looked at the ona hall while studying and there were quite a few holes.

Just like now.
Fella Hall, who was sitting quietly on the desk, was sucking something with her mouth open.
He looked very busy puckering his lips and sticking out his tongue.

I took off my pants and sneakily placed the still-uneretic cock in front of my mouth.

Unlike the dildo, the movement stopped for a moment, probably recognizing the cock that emitted hot energy.
Soon the cute nostrils twitched and sniffed, and then the tongue approached slowly.

Little bit

He licked the lower part lightly, then extended his tongue longer and longer.
As if supporting a cock from below, he swept the pillar up from the bottom.

Pushed in a bit more.
His mouth opened wide and stopped moving, as if he was surprised at how much bigger he was than just before.

However, the tongue stuck again and began sucking the front of the glans along with saliva.

It wasn’t the first sucking movement I’d been practicing.
When my tongue brushed against the forked part of the urethra at the front, I flinched involuntarily.
The mouth did not miss such a response and more actively entwined and caressed it.

After a while, I thought I would have gotten used to the size, so I pushed the glans completely into my mouth.
His mouth was wide open, and his chin was shaking.

I went to the large ona hole to relieve tension.
With the cock in her mouth, she covered her breasts with both hands.

It sank as soon as the finger touched it.
He gave her strength and gently touched her chest.

Gradually, the nipple that was starting to get erect was pinched between the middle and index fingers and rubbed.

Excited, his lips pursed tightly, stimulating the entire glans.
In return, he lowered his left hand and rubbed it around her cunt.

When he sucked his cock fast and hard, he rubbed hard on his clit, and when it slowed down, he stroked it slowly and teasingly.

It seems that he soon realized that the speed of caressing was similar to the speed of sucking.
She swallowed the saliva in her mouth and pursed her lips.

And this time, she moved her tongue at a different speed than before, as if she was going to make me go away.
Her pussy also widened, asking for it to be inserted quickly.

He put his finger inside her pussy.
I bent over and tapped the place where the reaction was good, and rubbed the clip together.

She didn’t touch her for a while, but the top and bottom were all tight and trembling.

The more he touched her cunt, the more her waist trembled, and inside her, her creamy juices flowed out.
She seemed to have forgotten to suck, as the cock didn’t seem to stimulate her.

Fu shoot…

A light stream of water gushed out.

She protested, but she didn’t want to push her cock and suck it, but she didn’t respond.

She hit her daughter with only the front of her glans in her mouth, seemingly impossible to be felled for a while.
She soon felt her semen rise and she took her ejaculation as it was.

A violent spurt of white fluid hit the back of my mouth, and I continued to move back and forth, squeezing the remaining semen from my urethra.

After a while, when he pulled out his cock, the semen in her mouth was almost gone, either swallowed or spit out.
You’re already talking like this. If I practice more, I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything.


“Yup.. Eup.. Jjook..”

Lately, I’ve gotten a taste for masturbating while sucking a dildo.
The virgin wants to give it to the person she likes, so she can’t bear to put it in her pussy and is satisfied with her mouth.

‘How can I feel better when I wash it?’ While thinking, she is even looking for pornography that she recently stopped.

Most of the women in the video pouted their lips and made their cheeks look slimmer. Aka vacuum fella.
The highlight was stimulating the glans area.

I’ll have to do that one day too, but should I say the pouty lips look so ugly?
I hated showing that face to someone.

Still, just in case, she was practicing with a dildo by herself, but something bigger and hotter than that came in front of her mouth.
It’s the first time I’ve smelled it, and it’s something that makes me feel dirty.

As she moved her tongue here and there, a shape resembling a dildo was pictured in her mind.
Since only ghosts were transparent, I sucked it slowly.

The smell and the feeling of warmth were so exciting that it was incomparable to a dildo.
She started sucking as she had been practicing.

It was the first time I actually sucked a cock, so I moved slowly while tasting it, and I felt the pussy and clitoris.

I couldn’t be the only one who couldn’t feel better, so I sucked as hard as I could, and soon realized that the speed of my fella and the speed of caressing were similar.
It probably meant ‘if you want to go, try cheaping me’.

I swallowed all the saliva in my mouth and recalled the fella method I had seen in porn and tried it.

An ugly face with protruding lips and slim cheeks.
I was embarrassed, but since I couldn’t see anything in front of me, I gained confidence.


As time passed, the lower body floated upward without listening. I liked it so much that I forgot about sucking my dick and focused all my senses on my pussy.


A small fountain gushed out with the feeling of something exploding.
At the same time, a pleasant current flowed through my body.

‘To think I was sucking my cock and leaving…’

The situation itself was so exciting that it lingered more deeply and lasted longer than usual.
As I lost my senses and felt the climax in a daze, a hot, sticky liquid penetrated my mouth.

It was only then that I remembered that I was in a fella.
I’m the only one leaving I learned that it is polite to make the other person feel good.

Semen was still coming out of the front part, so I sucked it clean with minimal sincerity.

‘I heard that men like swallowing semen…Even this…’


I finished the cleaning fella feeling the warmth pass through my throat and enter my stomach.

‘Next time, I’ll make sure to cover it with my mouth.’

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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