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Wireless Onahole 17

Wireless Onahole 17

Chapter 17 – 017 a Couple Studying

10 days prior to midterm exams.
I finished studying the first three subjects for the exam.

Today is the weekend, so I decided to take a break. Is this a gift to me for studying hard?
Even if I say rest, it would be for playing games or using ona hall.

When I got up from my desk, I naturally moved toward the large ona hall.
In fact, it’s more fun to eat Shin Ah-young than playing games, so I rarely play games these days.

‘It’s the weekend, what are you doing? Are you a model student?’

When I put my hand on the ona hole, the images in my head gradually became darker, and I saw familiar backgrounds and characters.

A pair of men and women sitting side by side in a small room with a desk in front of them studying.
One was Shin Ah-yeong and the other was the boyfriend I saw on the last date.

I wasn’t in any rush to want to fuck right away, and I was curious about what those couples would do when they were alone, so I decided to watch.
Like sex for example. Or sex.

Square square…

Knock knock..

I’ve been watching for an hour and nothing happened.
The sound of writing, the sound of tapping on a laptop, the sound of flipping papers, and the occasional light chat is the end.
Not a single scene I wanted came out.

No matter how you look at it, the man seems to be a eunuch.
If I had a girlfriend like Shin Ah-young next to me, I would have jumped right on her and fucked her all day long.
Doesn’t that guy have a sex drive?

Gradually, I got tired of watching the vlogs of the schoolboy couple, so I inserted a finger into my pussy.

“I’m sorry…”

It was partly because of the tight posture, but it was not easy to enter because it was in a dry state with almost no water.

I twirled my fingers and expanded my pussy little by little.
Every time I put my big cock in it, it was strange that it came back to its original state and kept it tight.

Shin Ah-yeong, who seemed to have noticed the existence of my finger. She glanced at her boyfriend next to her and spread her legs a little.
Her breath was clear enough that she could move her fingers.

He put his other hand on her cunt to loosen it up a little more.
Her body twitched slightly as I slowly touched her cunt mound and inner thighs.

As time went on, I felt the water inside my fingers. I moved to the cli to give more stimulation.

In order to bring out the clip hidden in the flesh, the surrounding flesh was spread wide on both sides.
A small clit protruded and was a little erect, as if begging to be touched.


Shin Ah-yeong flinched when she touched her with her finger.
It was cute seeing her desperately enduring herself so as not to be caught.

At first, both cunt and clit were caressed lightly, slowly picking up speed.
As the vagina started to get wet, I added an additional middle finger to increase the range of stimulation.

After a while, the sound of the water gurgling intensified and her cunt opened. An easy-to-know sign of going away.
The moment I sat down to finish, Shin Ah-yeong stood up.


“Oh, wait, go to the bathroom…”

You can’t run away.
Shin Ah-yeong, who was walking, stumbled as she increased the speed of her fingers.

Tingling, clatter, clatter.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“It’s okay… That leg got cramped… Don’t worry and keep studying.”

The bathroom door was closed. I sped up the tingling right away.

“Now, let me take off my pants for a second…!”

Shin Ah-young spoke in a low voice, but she pretended not to hear and continued to stimulate her.
Staggering, she barely sat on the toilet, took off her pants, and pushed her panties aside, leaving only her pussy hole visible.

“Haah … Jamba -a -ah … That’s …”

She announced that she was about to climax as her tremors grew and she pushed her hips forward as far as they could.

“I… I’m going.. I’m going.. I’m going… I’m going..♡”

Just before her climax, she bit her teeth into her top to keep her sound from leaking out.


White sticky liquid and yellow urine swirled together into her toilet bowl.
Shin Ah-young sat on her toilet seat, her legs spread apart, as if she had lost her strength, and she took a deep breath.


Brought her fella hall while she rested. She pushed her cock right in.
Since her mouth was already full of saliva, it entered her glans without difficulty.

“Yeah… Boo yup..! Yup!”

She was embarrassed when she suddenly put it in. She said something. There was no resistance as she moved back and forth, feeling the warm mucus.
Her soft lips and tongue wrapped around her glans and her gooey saliva served as a lubricant for her.

She sometimes made her cough as if she had accidentally pricked her deeply.


‘Doesn’t he have a knack for sucking more than you think? Rather, it seems that Yoon Hye-yoon sucks better.’

After her cough subsided, I lightly pressed Shin Ah-young’s cheeks. She deflated and deflated to fit the shape of my prick.

“Ahyoung! What’s wrong? I think I’ve been in the bathroom for a while.”

Shin Ah-yeong’s boyfriend asked her in a worried tone. Looking at the time, 15 minutes had already passed.
I pulled out her cock so I could answer.

“Puha…Uuuuu can can’t possible. I could sit for a long time because I had a cramp earlier… I’ll be out soon!”

Shin A-young answers with a bright voice right away if she is stabbed.
Getting out is getting out and you should be punished for not getting the cum out of her mouth.

After pulling the cock out of the fella hall, he started beating her daughter.
I didn’t have much time, so I shook it as quickly as I could. She soon felt her semen rise and fired it into her god Ah-yeong’s face.


At that moment, Shin A-young turned her head around as if looking for something.

‘Wait… If you turn your head…’

Patter… Tuk-tuk…

“Kyaa…! Eup.”

Her semen flew violently and landed not on her mouth, but on her left cheek and the side of her head.
I was thinking of feeding all the semen from the front.

She checked her hair with her fingers. Her eyes and mouth widened.
Maybe my expression is the same as that one.

She jumped up from her toilet and looked in the mirror, washing each one with water.
Perhaps because of her black hair, the pure white semen was quite conspicuous.

Shin Ah-young washed it all like that. She hurried outside and sat down next to her boyfriend.
As if nothing had happened, it was as if she had put on her mask.

“Did it take a while?”

“Yeah.. That’s what I came to do after relieving the cramps in my legs. I’m sorry it took longer than expected.”

While listening to her conversation, I suddenly noticed the white liquid still remaining on Shin A-young’s hair.
It seemed that she hadn’t polished it yet because she was at an angle where she couldn’t be seen in the mirror.

I secretly wiped it off because it would be difficult if it was discovered.
Looking at my semen on her fingers, I poked Shin Ah-young in the cheek as I wondered what to do with it.

He put her finger in her mouth as she turned her head with her questioning expression as if asking what was wrong with her.
She pulled her head back a little, startled by the sudden entry of her fingers, but then tasted her semen and began licking it with her tongue.

It seems to be easier to suck than a cock, and it is quite pleasant tongue movement.
Her soft tongue wrapped around every corner of her finger and sucked on it as if there was no more semen left.

I slowly removed her hand from her mouth so that my boyfriend wouldn’t suspect me. He then gave her a pat to turn her head back.
Then she put on a sad expression and pursed her lips.

As I looked at her, she suddenly opened her mouth wide. He showed me the collection of her semen on her tongue and gulped it down.
As she stared at the scene, Shin Ah-young changed the shape of her mouth and said something.

I really enjoyed the meal.

With a grin, she turned her head and started studying again.
No matter how you look at it, you can see the temperament of a fox.

After that, there was light skinship between the couple, but nothing interesting happened.
All lunch the two of us studied together, had dinner, went for a walk, and then my boyfriend went back.

Have you been watching all day?
I was watching, but I used a little expedient.

She applied that she could conjure up an image just by touching the ona hole.
Tucked between her thighs, watching her other errands, checking on something every once in a while, then going back to my own.

Looking at what she was doing even now, Shin Ah-young was returning to her room after seeing off her boyfriend.
She closed her front door and sighed for a moment.

“Are you… Is Mr. Ghost still there?”

In response, he pinched both of her nipples. She started to take off the short sleeves she was wearing, making her strange noises.

Her huge breasts, which had been trapped inside her bra, and her thin waist, which she could hold in one hand, were revealed.
Then, from the clean abdomen without a single hair to the belly button.

“Hmm..♡ I refused my boyfriend’s offer today and kept holding back. Ghost’s cock feels so much better…”

As she continued, she unhooked her bra.
As she focused her attention on her chest, Shin Ah-young’s first words reached her ears.

‘I guess he wasn’t a eunuch. It’s more pitiful that she asked her girlfriend to have sex with her but then got caught.’

As she continued to watch, feeling pity, she heard the sound of her face rubbing against her flesh.


When the black gym pants she was wearing came down, her white laced fabric covered her precious place.
How big her pelvis is. Her panties are pulled tight.

Shin Ah-young, who slowly lowered the last screen and became naked. She said, spreading her cunt open with her hands.

“I’m no longer satisfied with Mr. Ghost’s cock… So…”

Embarrassed, her face blushed and paused for a moment.
He swallowed her saliva audibly and took a deep breath.

“Take responsibility and make Ayoung’s pussy climax until she goes crazy♡”

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

무선 연결 오나홀로 따먹기
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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