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Wireless Onahole 18

Wireless Onahole 18

Chapter 18 – 018 Translucent Mode

The line came out naturally as if he had thought in advance that he would do something like this.
As proof of that, love juice leaked out from inside her open pussy, forming a transparent thread.

I watched quietly to see if the stretched thread would fall off. I was at a loss for words at such an erotic sight.

When Shin Ah-young didn’t answer me, she pushed her waist out, opening her cunt more as if tempting.
Her legs trembled slightly, as if uneasy.

‘This has a tantalizing taste.’

I never got tired of seeing a perfect woman like Shin Ah-yeong asking for a fuck.
It was nice to tease him, but now I couldn’t stand it. He stroked her ass and inserted two of her fingers into her cunt.

Then, as soon as I put anything that came into her cunt as if it were welcome, it was sucked up.
She bent her fingers and scraped her vagina a few times, and the juices from her cunt ran down her wrists.

“It seems that the preparations are already complete… Shall we try the new function?”

She said that she could use physical force on the app and appear translucent like a real ghost.
But how do you write it?

Right now, I am in a position where my thighs are touching with the large ona hole lying on the bed.
First of all, the basic mode is to drive the opponent in a transparent state… Will it change if I memorize a spell?

‘Become translucent!’


The moment she memorized the spell in her head, Shin Ah-young screamed.
The moment I saw her, I knew her heart was pounding and sinking.

A pair of black eyes were staring straight into my eyes.
Shin Ah-yeong cautiously asked her as she tried to get her body away from the hall in a hurry, wondering if she had been caught at the moment.

“Could it be… Is it Mr. Ghost…?”

Fortunately, seeing what they still call ghosts, they seemed really translucent.
He rubbed his chest and nodded slightly.

Curiously, she glanced at me from top to bottom. Then, his gaze stopped in the middle.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her as if I was fixated on something towering above me.

Her pupils moved just like a cock when he gave her strength and jerked.
Shin Ah-young came to me as if possessed and held her cock with both of her hands. I felt her warm hand.

‘Shin Ah-yeong can touch me…?’

Since I can touch Shin Ah-young, can she also touch Shin Ah-young?
First of all, I decided to find out about it later, and decided to focus on the current situation.

As if to measure her size, she squeezed the pillars inside her and connected them with both hands. Even so, her glans protruded upward, and her two fingers did not touch tip to tip.

I let go of her God A-young’s hand that was gripping her cock. Instead, her forward raised her cock in front of her face.
Whether her face was small or my cock was large, half of it was covered.

“Haa… The cock…”

Rough, hot breath. She slowly stuck out her tongue, tasted her cock, and put it in her mouth.

“Yeah… Yup… Yup”

Fella moving her tongue fast, holding her lips against her teeth. It was much better than what I had done in the bathroom earlier.
Seeing the form directly, it seemed that he had realized how to handle it.

The more she tried, the deeper she swallowed until it reached her uvula.
When I looked at her face, there were tears. It was admirable that he put up with the case and tried to make it feel good.

Her semen began to rise and his cock began to quiver.
Shin Ah-yeong also noticed her and grabbed her pole and moved her face faster.


Beaureureus… Beaureureus..Beaureureus..!

Each time her semen came out, she gulped and gulped it down her throat.
After a while, she sucked up the last of her semen that was left and said with her face begging for praise.

“Puhaha…♡ Mr. Ghost’s hot and sweet semen…I ate all of them without spilling…”

After she finished speaking, she slowly made her way to bed, as if hoping for her reward.
She was so excited that every time she walked, her juices dripped onto the floor, leaving a trail.

Shin Ah-young climbed onto her bed on all fours. She just lowered her upper body and raised her lower body into her cat pose.
She didn’t stop at that and put her hand between her legs, opening her hole wide.

“Here.. Fuck her pussy… Let her lower mouth eat delicious semen…♡”

If you see this, you’re crazy. I immediately grabbed my cock and rubbed the glans against my labia minora.
Her pussy widened and a handful of water dripped out. Shin Ah-young begged once more if it didn’t matter if her bed got wet.

“Hurry up… Fill this pussy up…♡”

She inserted right in. No matter how wet it was, the amount of juice that was inside her cock leaked out.
As if she was still looking forward to it, Shin Ah-young shook her butt and pushed her in.

She pulled back a little, seeing her eager desire for his cock.
All the way she grabbed her hips to put in one shot and she pulled towards me.

“Uh hee hee ♡”

Her face, buried in her pillow, came to mind in an instant.
She had gone slightly, her eyes wide open and her mouth open.

In one go, a round object touched the tip of her glans, which was pushed all the way in, and her cunt tightened even more as he rubbed the object.

“Yeah..! There…He didn’t want to rub it..♡”

She said no, but she didn’t know that she was rubbing herself too.
While stimulating each other in a pleasant place, Shin Ah-young’s body trembled as if the signal had come first.

The pussy twisted and started to cramp her back.

“Let’s go.. Go… Go… Go go go go…! … Ahhhhh♡”

Fuss… Fussoo…

Not long after, she was gone, spurting her water vigorously. Getting wet in bed is a normal thing now, so it’s not surprising.
I don’t know if it’s because of a physiological reaction, or if it’s addictive to go away while packing.

The strength in her cunt had been released, and her inner flesh was less clinging than before.


As I slapped her ass, her anus twitched and the tightness of her pussy improved again.

As I focused on the G-spot, which was the most responsive of the various weak points, her moans rose.
As she gently pressed her upper stomach, she gasped violently as if she were going to go again.

“Hey..! I think I’ll go again.. Oh, please…♡”

She kept interrupting her words in the middle as if it was difficult to breathe. I also speeded up to pack slowly.
The semen came up quickly because of the continuous convulsions and tightening of her pussy, and she did not hold back and ejaculated as it was.

The view… The view…

“Heuuuuu ♡ Jung Hae-aek… It’s hot… Ki Bo-woon… Jo ha-ah…!”

I couldn’t pronounce it properly because my tongue was loose, but I could understand what it was about.
Semen spurted out several times, and each time it caused a big bend in the waist.

I pulled my back back to rest for a while. But my cock hardly ever comes out.
When I checked what was going on, the fat in her pussy stretched out and was blocking me from going.

It was cute, but I wanted to lie down completely and rest, so I hit the cli at night.


I took advantage of the gap where the power was released and pulled it out.

As I lay in the middle of the day, her spirited Shina-young crept in between my legs.
Then she smiled at the sight of her cock in her recoil and sandwiched it between her large breasts.

I grabbed her breasts from both sides and rubbed them, but her skin was rubbed because there was no moisture.
Shin A-young paused and put her hand between her legs, as if she felt the same way.

A few times to hear the gurgling sound of water. She took her hand, which was soaked in her juices, and applied it to my cock and her breastbone.

“I applied natural love gel from my pussy…♡ Can I move now?”


She chuckled and answered. As if she understood, she immediately shook her chest vigorously.
The flesh, which was firm and soft to the touch, was excellent.

“How is it? I feel good..? I thought my breasts were pretty big too, but the front part sticks out..”

Shin Ah-young shook her chest and lowered her head. Sticking out her tongue, she placed the protruding cock on her tip.
He licked her cleft as meekly as a cat.

To receive such service from her? In addition to her mental satisfaction, her sense of ejaculation rose quickly.

She felt her cock grow bigger as she rocked it faster.
She literally took her ejaculation.

Beautiful…! Burrrrr…

Semen spurted out of the tip of the urethra and entered her mouth.
The liquids that hadn’t been able to get in also ran down the lines of her face and landed on her breasts.

“Ehehe…♡ Mr. Ghost’s semen… It’s still so thick and thick…”

She gulped down what was in her mouth and wiped what was on her face with her fingers.
Then he smeared her nipples with her semen from her breasts.

“How is it? Doesn’t it feel like breast milk comes out?”

I swung it around like she was bragging and then put it in her mouth and sucked it all up.
I have nothing to say about this. Too naughty

“I’ll do it again?”

Excited to eat her cum, I knelt on top of her on top of my cock.
She straightened her back, grabbed the pole with her hand, aligned it with her mouth, and then put it down.

“Haah … ♡ A sense of filling up … ♡ I like it …”

Her cunt squeezed tightly, contracting and relaxing her repeatedly.
Unable to bear it any longer, she pounded the mill so hard that she could feel the springs on her bed.

Her huge breasts brushed past my body as I held her arms forward and swayed.
Grabbing the bouncing chest and kneading it, the lower part tightened and the waist moved faster.

“Huhhhhh…! I… Now heh… I think I’m going. Mr. Ghost’s cock is trembling so much… Let’s go together.”

She said through her tears and drool with her face completely loose.
I grabbed it so hard that it left marks on my chest and shook my waist together.


As if the waves of pleasure were coming in succession, he let out a beastly groan at regular intervals.
After repeating the process, she collapsed onto her bed. Closing her eyes and breathing evenly seemed like she was asleep.

Shin Ah-young was really amazing today.
I wondered if that was a real hidden figure, and it looked like a semen extracting machine.

The service was very good, so I decided to wash it carefully. Shin Ah-young, who was next to her, removed her cock from the ona hall.
She was lost in her thoughts in the bathroom, watching the semen that came out even after washing and washing.

‘Translucent mode and physical force… I need to study more. Exactly under what circumstances… And how I look…’

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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