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Wireless Onahole 19

Wireless Onahole 19

Chapter 19 – 019 Library

Have you lost your mind…?

I woke up from bed, rubbing my eyes. On the day I had sex with Mr. Ghost, there was a high probability of fainting, so I was used to it now.
He looked around, massaging his throbbing head with his right hand.

Outside the window it was darker than the last time I saw it,
The room was colder than usual, probably because of the wet bed.

I lowered my head and checked my body. Seeing something fresh and clean, it seemed that Mr. Ghost had washed it.
She tried putting her hand into her cunt just in case, but no white liquid came out of her.


When she removed her finger, she felt pain as if she had touched the wrong vaginal wall.
Mr. Ghost’s cock was so big that this often happened if he didn’t get enough rest after intercourse.

‘Today’s sleep…He said it was really big…’

From head to toe, it was translucent with a slight bluish tint. Of course, the cock was invariably translucent, but it was enough to make out its shape.
From the big and thick pillars to the vicious glans that seemed to scrape away all the flesh of her pussy.

Today is a special day to see the real face, so I decided to write down what happened.
I rummaged through the desk drawer and found the diary I had lost.

XX Month XX Day XXXX.

A few days ago, my boyfriend called and asked me to meet casually on the weekend.
I wanted to go on a date because we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, but I declined because midterm exams were right in front of me.
Then he asked me about a study date, so after thinking about it for a while, I agreed.

Time passed and today, as promised, my boyfriend came and we sat side by side in my room and started studying.
At first, he wanted to study hard, but as expected… His hand came to his chest.

Castings castings.

This level was fine, so I left it alone for a while, and then put my hand on his thigh and started stroking it.
If you leave it as it is, it will become a strange atmosphere, so he shakes off his hand.

“That… I have a lot to study, and I’m not in the mood to do anything today.”

I turned it down and refused, but when his hand didn’t leave as if it was regrettable, I spoke a little stronger.

“I allowed a study date because I wanted to see your face, but I didn’t meet you today for this purpose. Please keep your hands off me.”

It looked like the sky had collapsed, but I tried to ignore it and grabbed the pen again.
In fact, in the past, I would have acted like I couldn’t win and just did it.

But these days it’s nothing.
There are many reasons, but the most important reason is that I realized that sex with my boyfriend doesn’t feel so good.

‘This has all been since I met Mr. Ghost…’

It’s not that I don’t like my boyfriend. Except for the sex, he is almost like a perfect mom.

But since I’m the kind of person who thinks sex is half of a relationship, my priorities have become quite ambiguous.

After having sex with Mr. Ghost, my body and mind became very refreshed as if my stress was relieved.
Dirty words or perverted actions that you would never normally do.

And that’s not all. Sex like an animal that entrusts itself to its instincts and only lusts for pleasure.
Being able to act without hesitation in front of Mr. Ghost really felt like liberating me.

What if you do it to your boyfriend?
He would smile and accept it from the front, but from behind it was clear that he would think he was a strange kid.

In that sense, Mr. Ghost will accept anything you do, and on the contrary do more perverted things.
Thank you for teaching me such pleasure.


I scribbled here and there for an hour, but in the end all that remained was the good things about Mr. Ghost.

Actually, there wasn’t much to write about.
After I turned down the relationship, there was a subtle atmosphere, and on the way, Mr. Ghost came and secretly enjoyed it.

“Haa…I don’t know…Is this right…?”

It’s a night where the head gets complicated.


The day before midterm exams. During this period, I tearfully regret coming to engineering school.
Someone says this.

‘Isn’t it nice because if you memorize the formula and tap the calculator, the answer will come out exactly one.’

Fuck. That the formula is not memorized. He put down the pen he was holding and stretched.

“Oh ah …. The problem is not solved, the range is a lot behind …”

I needed something to de-stress.
Looking around, I saw an ona hole.

Shall we take one step out now?

‘No, no, the kids must be studying too. I’m sorry to disturb you.’

Reason stopped me with rational reasons.
Then the cock stood up and made a claim.

‘Is other people’s studies important? It’s important to quickly take one step off and resume my studies.’

Cock victory without thinking. I immediately brought a large ona hole.

When I thought of Shin Ah-yeong, the school library appeared. It was the day before midterm exams, so the reading room was packed with people.
Except for two seats.

Even empty seats were empty on both sides of one person.
I immediately understood why.

Ayoung Shin is studying hard with her earphones on.

She was wearing her gym uniform set and slippers as if she were wearing them casually, and her hair was neatly tied in a ponytail, as if she was concerned about her flowing hair.
Even her shoulder line slightly exposed on her pure white back neck, which was invisible because of her long hair that she usually let loose. She was perfect

If a guy sat next to me, I could bet my entire fortune that he wouldn’t have studied at all.
I wish I would have studied at a PC room, but it would be impossible for Shin Ah-young to sit next to her.
A full erection is the default option.

If a woman sits down, she might run to the library roof, blaming her own appearance for she turns into a squid right away.

Anyway, that shiny look made it easier for me to do naughty things.
I crossed my arms and touched my chest in a hugging position from behind.


To her surprise, her shoulder jumped 10 cm.
When Shin Ah-young turned her head behind her strokes to make sure no one was there, she let out a small sigh and wrote something on her paper.

[I want you to be patient with me today because it’s my major exam tomorrow.]

He asked for the pen she was holding and tapped her finger. She seemed to understand, so she calmly put it down.
When she listened to it once as a test, she seemed to be able to write well enough with her current physical strength.

[I’ll do it just once.]
[No. I really have a lot to study.]
[Then, only the chest.]

She negotiated by writing down like a comment window.
Her breasts were ok, she hesitated for a second then ok sent her autograph.

[Instead, just a little bit.]

When she gave her permission, she immediately rubbed her breasts. The stress of her studies flew away.
After touching it for a while, the sound of hot breath leaked out. The moment she was spurred on by it and tried to go faster, an interesting idea came to her.

It’s a prank that puts your hand between your breastbones and moves it from side to side.
I did it right away.

Tack clap clap clap clap!

The sound of flesh echoed in the quiet reading room.
Along with that, her huge breasts swayed wildly from side to side, enough to be discerned through her clothes.

Shin Ah-young was embarrassed and wrapped her arms around her own breasts.

[What are you doing now? Everyone else will stare at you!!]

Have you already seen the person sitting next to you? He was staring only at Shin Ah-young’s chest with her wide-eyed expression.
Is this the first time you’ve seen a heart shaking alone?

I stopped and wrote again.

[I won’t, so let me use your pussy just once. I’ll really quit when it’s over.]
[…Do you have to finish it once you pack it? It’s a promise.]

She said yes with her blushing face as if she couldn’t help it.
I applied the love gel to the entrance and put it in a position where a large ona hole sits on top of me.

Her pussy was tighter than usual, probably because of the position with her legs together.


She covered her mouth with her left hand to stop her moans from leaking out.
At the same time, it was truly admirable to study with her right hand.

Strangely, seeing him solve the problem with his cock inserted, I wanted to torment him even more.

I stopped moving and stayed still.
While still in contact with her womb, he only struggled with occasional force.

As if I had become a chair, I took my hands off and did something else with my phone.

After a while Because I don’t move, Shin Ah-young wrote.

[Please move quickly and finish…]

Pretending I didn’t see it on purpose, I kept still, so the tightening was better than the first time.
As if they were one from the beginning, from the glans to the roots, tightly adhering.


Now, as if Shin A-yeong was getting anxious, the sound she was spitting out from her mouth became erotic.
He squeezed and loosened her cunt, tasting it again and again, moving her waist little by little, rubbing it against herself.

After about 10 minutes, I gave up.

[Since I lost… Please let me go away quickly..]

As she opened her mouth with her eyes slightly open, a drop of saliva dripped onto her desk.
Letters spread from the distant spot. But she moved her pen again, as if she couldn’t even think to polish it.

[Quickly… Punish the pussy that was lost to the cock…]

Shin A-young asks to fuck her first if she teases her a little bit.
It was really easy to understand.

I saw her cute side, so I took a pose to move her slowly.
He wrapped his arms around her waist and rocked her up and down, rubbing her vaginal walls.

“Eup.. Hmm..! Ss.. Uhhh! Haaa…♡”

He bit her lip and covered her mouth with her hand. Still, she couldn’t completely stop her moans from flowing out.
She looked around to see if she had heard it. Fortunately, all the people studying nearby were wearing earphones, so they didn’t seem to know.

She seemed to be able to move a little more vigorously. I lifted the cock from the ona hole until it was about to fall out.
Shin Ah-young’s favorite combo that scratches her G-spot and puts her uterus in one go.

“Haaaaah… More quickly…”

I didn’t even do it a few times, but the tightening of my pussy was noticeably different. It seemed to be gone already.
Juices gushed out and the creases of her vagina scratched all over her cock.

Let’s maintain that state, the signal came to Shin Ah-young first. In order to avoid showing off as much as possible, I gripped the armrest of the chair as hard as I could break it.
She went right away

“Kkeuheugh…! Uhuhhhhh…♡”

I also ejaculated while feeling her pussy squeezed as if she would cut off her cock.

Even in the middle of cumming, the vagina squeezes her urethra as if to ask for more semen.
It wasn’t until the end was finished that I pulled out my cock and continued writing.

[As promised, I only packed it once. Go study!]

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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