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Wireless Onahole 20

Wireless Onahole 20

Chapter 20 – 020 Alcohol Is Dangerous

The midterm exam is over.
Since the last exam was in the evening, it was dark when I went outside.

Since it was the last day of the midterm exam period, most departments were already in a festive mood.
The pubs around the school had already been full, and it was difficult to find seats in internet cafes and karaoke rooms.

Of course, I had no one to play with, so I headed straight home.
However, to go home, I had to pass through the university area, so I moved quickly.

As I was walking along the sidewalk, a group of people poured out of the bar in front.
In the middle, two men and women carried a woman who seemed very drunk.

“Oh really, so why did you drink so much?”

“They said I’d drink it instead… It was too much.”

“Where did you say his room was?”

‘I’m familiar with some hairstyle…?’

A brown wave that seems to have been seen everywhere. It was familiar, but I couldn’t remember right away.

As I rolled my eyes and recalled her memories, the woman who had been drooping in her eyes raised her head.
Our eyes met. The man pointed at me and yelled at me.

“Uh!!! It’s the sarong who lives next door~ Ehe… It’s been a while, right?”

Yoon Hye-yoon greets her with her tongue twisted.
No matter how much she drank, her eyes were open and her face was red.

“Ah…Yes hello. That…You seem to be very drunk.”

“Uh uh!? It’s okay~ I won’t get drunk even if I do~”

When I handed her her greetings, she came up to me and gave a crap talk.
It’s pretty, so it looks cute too.

I didn’t know what to say, so when I stayed still, the man next to me started talking.

“Hey… Do you know him?”

“Yes. We often run into each other because we live next door, but we’re not particularly close.”

A bunch of people who listen to me and giggle.
As if the meeting had ended, the man spoke with a smile.

“I’m sorry, but can you take him home…? Of course, I’ll reward you later.”

People around him looked at him with expectant eyes.
No matter how you look at it, it seemed that he was thinking of handing over the troublesome luggage and going to play with them.

I was on my way home anyway, and I wanted to get out of this atmosphere quickly, so I said I would take you there.

“Wow! Thank you so much. Here… This is Hyeyoon’s bag.”

With her help, he carried Yoon Hye-yoon on his back and received an additional bag.

If others saw it, they would feel envy at the two soft lumps of flesh on their backs, but I, who had already touched raw breasts as much as I could, didn’t feel much.

Thump thump..

Passing through the bustling downtown area, I entered a quiet one-room line.

I didn’t know it until now, but I was asleep before I knew it, and I heard the sound of breathing from behind.
With every breath, there was an unknown smell of alcohol mixed with sweet perfume.

‘Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. Almost three weeks?’

I hadn’t run into that dildo since the courier incident, but it was nice to see it like this.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s been a while since I’ve seen her, but it feels like she’s gotten prettier.
Should it be the overall atmosphere? It was as if pheromones that attracted men were coming out of her body.

As she was thinking nonsensical things, she arrived at the front of the house before she knew it.
I went up in the elevator, gently set it down in the hallway, and shook it awake.

“Excuse me. I’ve arrived home, so enter the password and enter. Yes?”

“Uh… Uh… Do you know?”

Yoon Hye-yoon opens her narrow eyes and answers in a cracked voice.
She didn’t seem to have come to her senses yet, but she said, ‘It’s right in front of the door, so you can go in on your own~’ and put her bag aside and went into my room.

She took a cool shower and ordered a chicken to say the exam was over.
The cola that comes with the set is good, but I was craving beer today, so I decided to quickly go to the convenience store before delivery.


I opened the door and tried to leave, but something tripped.
I forcibly pushed it out and checked it out.


Yoon Hye-yoon lies soundly asleep on the cold hallway floor.
It must have been like this ever since…

“Hey, if you sleep here, your mouth will go away. Please go in and sleep because it’s in front of the house.”

“Ugh… No… I’m going to sleep here…”

She didn’t think about getting up, acting cutely, perhaps because she had exceeded her drinking capacity.

“Haa… I can’t just leave it here… I have to bring it into my house while I’m at the convenience store…”

She quickly grabbed her arm, wrapped her around her waist, and lifted her up.
She felt it when carrying it on her back earlier, but it was lighter than she thought.

“The injections are really bad.”

He slowly brought it to my room and put it on the bed.
She watched for a while, afraid that she might have an accident, but her worries disappeared as she was breathing evenly and sleeping soundly.

She left immediately for the convenience store.

T-ring T-ring.


I bought two cans of beer, but I remembered a drunk woman at home, so I bought an additional hangover cure.

After finishing the calculation, I moved at a brisk pace. Because she brought Yoon Hye-yoon into her room, it took more time than she thought.
Thankfully she didn’t get a call from her delivery until she got to the front of the house.

She gasped slightly and dialed her password to enter the room.


A woman’s moans are heard when the door is opened. I took off her shoes and crept in.
As soon as she saw the sounding bed, she almost screamed.

How did she take it off? Her pants were strewn on the floor and on the bed.

Hehe… These days…Why aren’t you coming… Are you tired of me…? Uhhh…♡”

There was Yoon Hye-yoon masturbating to her while wearing only her top and black panties.
Her right hand was rubbing over her panties, and her left hand was inside her top and caressing her breasts.

‘What is that doing in someone else’s house..?’

For a moment she stared at the surreal spectacle, mesmerized.

Her pink blouse obscured her breasts, but her new white, slender legs were spread out in her M, showing her cunt’s cunt jutting out over her knickers.

“Like before…Why don’t you touch me? I’ve waited every day…So sad♡”

As if talking to someone with her eyes closed, she was concentrating on masturbating without even knowing that I had entered.

The more he touched her clothes the more anxious she was before she lifted her torso and put her hand on her back.
After a moment of fidgeting, a black bra was caught in her hand.

It slid over her pants, and two nipples protruded from her blouse against her bare skin.
She rubbed her nipples against her clothes and began to breathe more heavily, as if it felt good against her face.

The hand that had been rubbing over her panties had gone inside, looking for a more pleasant place before she knew it.
Even though I was a little away from me, I could hear the gurgling of water whenever my fingers moved.

“Haaa♡ I feel bad… There… What else… Touch my nipples… Like up and down…”

Both hands moved faster.
Gradually, his waist trembled up and down, and soon he stretched out his legs and let out a sweet moan.


Even though he had left, he didn’t think about getting his hand out of his pants.

Fortunately, she’s grateful that she didn’t spew water as loudly as anyone else, and when she was trying to figure out how to deal with this situation, she was racking her brains as much as she could.


Oh fuck This is the first time chicken has not been so welcome.
Killing the timing.

When her doorbell rang, Yoon Hye-yoon, who was lying helplessly on her bed, opened her eyes in a flash.
After receiving the chicken, I stood on the porch again.

Looking inside, he was staring at me with a much redder face than when he was masturbating.
After pulling up the blanket and covering her upper body, she pointed with a trembling hand.

“Why…Why…You’re here…And the clothes…”

“Uh… First of all, this is the embankment? And you took off your clothes yourself.”

At my words, she swung her head away. She opened her mouth wide as if she realized that the real she was in my room.

“Then…Then why are the clothes off…?”

“As you can see, I ordered chicken and went to the convenience store in between. As I said before, you took off your clothes and threw them away.”

I showed a box of chicken in my hand and a beer in a plastic bag. Only then did Yoon Hye-yoon nod her head.
Now that I’m a bit sober, I explained the situation on the spot.

“So…My classmates told me to take me there, I didn’t go home and slept in the hallway, and Mr. Woojin, who found it, brought me here, and I was… Doing it myself…Is that all? “

“That’s correct. As you can see, I haven’t touched anything, and I was here when I came to my senses, right?”

As if he finally understood the situation, he covered her face with both hands and made a strange noise.

“Huhhhhh…What should I do…In front of others…That…”

If left as it is, the second game would start, so I stopped immediately.
It’s a really bad injection.

“It happened while I was at the convenience store, so I didn’t see anything, so don’t worry. First, put on your clothes.”

At that, she pulled up the blanket and picked up the clothes on her floor.
She fidgeted inside for a while, then came out of the blanket to see if she was all dressed.

“Huh…Actually, I overdid my drinking today…And what happened today is a secret…You know?”

I would have said it with a scary expression on my other side, but if you put that expression on that face, it just looks cute.

“I don’t have any friends to talk to anyway. Go home in peace.”

I handed over the hangover cure I bought at the convenience store.
He then gave the chicken a sneak peek and pressured him to leave quickly.

Noticing my gaze, she gulped down what she was holding in her hand.
Then she got out of bed and headed for the shoe closet.

“Then I’ll go. It must have been heavy.. Thank you.”

“Yes, please go in carefully.”

“It’s right next to me, so there’s nothing to be careful about~”

As if her mood had been relieved, she left her room with her light snort.

“Is it really like that people change when they drink alcohol? He seemed very calm.”

She looked at the chicken she had left beside her and opened her box. Fortunately, she was still hot.
It seems to have been well sealed.

I sat down on the floor and started eating chicken and beer.

“Kyaa~ Yes, this taste… I will live by this taste.”

I was eating chicken while watching You Tube, when the doorbell suddenly rang.


“Why now… Who is it?”

I put down the chicken I was eating and approached the intercom.
What was reflected on the small screen was an unexpected person.

“That… You must be bored by yourself, don’t you need a drinking buddy?”

…Why did he come again?

Wireless Onahole

Wireless Onahole

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I bought an onahole, but it's connected to a real woman's pussy? Oh fuck.


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