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The Status Window of S-Class Vegetative People Is Visible. 64

The Status Window of S-Class Vegetative People Is Visible. 64

Chapter 64 – I’m Here, Dain Adamas. You Waited a Long Time, Right?

‘How long… How long do we have to wait…? I hate being alone. I feel lonely. Furthermore, I’ve never had anything like this before. Furthermore, I didn’t know this. Ugh······.’

While May Ruina was being raped and her breasts were slapped, and Mir Ryuin was discovering the pleasure of anal training and becoming an anal training addict, Dain Adamas was struggling with loneliness.

‘I heard the sound of Mir Ryuin being treated through the speakers, and then the sound cut off along with the goodbye. That means it’s really my turn now. But why aren’t you coming? Why don’t you come to me? On other people’s treatment days, he stayed by their side from very early to very late. Why don’t you come early on my treatment day? What are you going to do with me if you tell me such things and leave me alone like this? It’s discrimination. No matter who sees it, it’s discrimination.’

Because Dain Adamas was the strongest, he took loneliness for granted, and since it was natural for him to live alone, he never felt lonely.

Therefore, unlike Mei Ruina and Mir Ryuin, even during the three days without a stay, I felt only boredom and did not feel the pain of loneliness.

But that’s just the story until the last treatment day. Stay, who had suffered a wrist injury, practiced ‘full-body close full-force hugging’ treatment with the goal of killing two birds with one stone – healing the wrist injury and curing the curse of Dain Adamas at the same time. I came to know the warmth of.

For the first time in her life, she felt the warmth of another person whose sole purpose was to heal her.

The warmth of being able to entrust one’s body with peace of mind, which is completely different from the disgusting things of the flies that stick to it because it is the strongest, was enough to poison Dain Adamas, who thought solitude was natural.

‘If you hug me so tightly, stroke my head, get excited about me, and go so far as to raise your lower body and press my lower abdomen in an attempt to get me pregnant… There’s no way I could forget to make her uterus surrender and force her to ovulate, then put it in her ear and ask her if she ovulated. Once you know that, it’s natural that you can’t go back to the way things were…’

The warmth of her stay, which had brought Dyne Adamas to a climax three days ago, had not faded at all even after three days had passed, and had become even more vivid, tormenting her.

The warmth of Stay remained so clearly in her memory, and therefore the reality that that warmth did not exist felt very painful to Dain Adamas.

Loneliness, which she had taken for granted and was not a problem, attacked Dyne Adamas in full force from the moment she learned of the warmth of Stay, and she, who was in a vegetative state, was unable to console herself, so she was defenselessly pierced by loneliness.

‘Ugh, why does time go by so quickly? Why do I have to have this hard time? If you’re going to leave me like this, I shouldn’t have hugged you in the first place. It was better not to know this. When I didn’t know, it wasn’t difficult…’

Dain Adamas’ suffering from loneliness became her anger and resentment and was directed at Stay, who made her realize the suffering caused by her loneliness.

Incurring the wrath of an S-class awakened person, the world’s strongest human being who is ranked number one in the world’s hero rankings, is like an unavoidable disaster that would not be strange at all even if he ends his life immediately.

‘It’s all Stay’s fault. I think it’s because he hugged me all the time. He hugged me and made me bury my face in his chest… You pressed my lower abdomen with your very angry penis…♥ You imprinted the outline of my lower abdomen on my uterus♥ It’s Stay’s fault for forcing me to feel strange even though I didn’t ask for permission!’

For Stay, who wanted to live a peaceful life completely isolated from the S-class awakened people, it was a truly shocking event, beyond feeling like it was a thunderbolt. However, such circumstances were of no concern to Dain Adamas.

Right now, Dain Adamas’s mind was filled with resentment toward Stay, who had made him so weak that he suffered from loneliness and other things.

‘On the topic of stay. How dare you make it so difficult for me on the topic of stay. I will never just pass by. Stay, because you were the one who made the mistake first. After making, it so hard for me, he was happily playing around with Mei Ruina and Mir Ryuin…! It’s natural for me to be angry…!’

Dain Adamas trembled with anger as he recalled Stay’s voice coming from the speaker last night.

This was because he clearly heard people calling him by his name, which he had never done for him, and hugging him with full body force, which he had done only for him and should only do for him in the future.

For Dain Adamas, who was already suffering from the pain of loneliness, Stay’s sweet voice, addressed to a woman other than himself, coming from the speaker, was bound to be painful, and the pain caused even greater anger.

‘I won’t forgive you until I receive an apology. And it’s not just an apology, it’s a sincere apology. ‘I will never let go of my anger unless you give me a sincere apology for the huge mistake that made me wait like this and hurt me like this.’

If the current Dain Adamas had not been a vegetable, if she had been able to use her powers freely, she would have reduced the entire Manai Hospital to dust in response to her anger.

Dain Adamas was so angry with Stay that her desire to accept her apology was also sincere.

‘First, you need to go back to the basics of full-body, full-body hugging, and call her ‘Dain’ in her ear while stroking her head. Since Mei Ruina and Mir Ryuin only called me by their first names, it was only natural that I also called them by their first names. In addition, I was so excited by my body that I pressed my lower abdomen with my lower abdomen, which had become hard, and pressed it close enough to force ovulation, until I said I was done. I’m sorry, Dain. Please forgive. It’s my fault. I won’t do that again. I’ll really do anything to relieve your anger. Furthermore, I have to repeat my apology until I am satisfied. Furthermore, I won’t let go of my anger unless it’s such a sincere apology.’

Dain Adamas was the type of person who had to get what he wanted to satisfy his true nature, and because he had the ability to get what he wanted very easily, he lived a life that suited his true nature.

‘Stay, of course, as soon as you enter this hospital room, you will realize why I am angry and apologize for what I want, right? You’re quick-witted. The sooner you apologize and praise the better, and since I’m not that patient, you’ll have to apologize to me sincerely as soon as you come in. Of course, I don’t plan on letting you go easily, so be prepared.’

Therefore, I couldn’t find anything strange about asking a question that I couldn’t answer unless I was told in advance, and I just vaguely thought that Stay would definitely be able to answer the question I asked.

‘Okay, this decision will never waver. I will never resolve this anger until I get the apology I want. Stay, I’ll show you how scary I am when I’m angry. Although I am now in a vegetative state, I am still Dain Adamas. ‘Face the anger of the world’s strongest human being.’

In Dain Adamas’ mind, Stay had become a vicious person who had committed a serious crime, and she had become a noble judge who would bring justice to such evil people.

That was when Dain Adamas, backed by the arbitrary justification of acting for a just cause, made a decision that would never waver.


“I’m here, Dain Adamas. “You waited a long time, right?”

With perfect timing, the door to the hospital room opened and Stay’s voice flew into her ear.

If it had been Dain Adamas just an hour ago, it would have been such a happy voice that it would have waggled its tail, but now Dain Adamas was too angry to wag his tail.

‘You waited a long time, right? The reason I said this is that you clearly know that I’ve been waiting a long time. I can’t apologize right away, but how dare you ask such a question? Do you really think of me like a puppy waiting at home for its owner?’

Dain Adamas’ misguided anger grew to the point where she even developed ridiculous paranoia, and the moment her heart connected, and her voice reached her, she said, ‘Shut up and heal me.’ ‘She’s in a shitty mood,’ she said, bracing herself to express her anger directly.


The moment she prepared her mind at the right time, the long-awaited and very warm feeling of her heart connecting with Stay enveloped her entire body.

Just like that, she uttered the line she had prepared so hard.

‘Wow, if you came here, please treat me quickly…’

It was a completely different voice from what Dain Adamas had prepared, and it was a very gentle voice that did not have the slightest edge.

The Status Window of S-Class Vegetative People Is Visible.

The Status Window of S-Class Vegetative People Is Visible.

식물인간 S급들의 상태창이 보인다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
You have become the caretaker of a S-class hero who has become a vegetable.

[Target is afflicted with the 'Curse - Eternal Prison'].

[Treatment Method: Infusion of Yang Qi]
!The greater the physical and mental sexual excitement of the target, the better the effect.

[Please, anyone, get me out of this horrible place...! Please... do anything... anything... anything...]

I've gotten permission, so I'm going to try anything.


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