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The Status Window of S-Class Vegetative People Is Visible. 63

The Status Window of S-Class Vegetative People Is Visible. 63

Chapter 63 – You’re So Obsessed With My Anus♥ I Can’t Help It♥

“Then I’ll go. See you on the next treatment day.”

‘Ugh, uhm…’



After Stay left with her goodbye, Mir Ryuin let out a hot sigh that she had been holding in.

Because she was in a vegetative state, she wasn’t actually sighing, she was just feeling that way.

Anyway, only after Stay left and felt the disconnection in her heart, Mir Ryuin was able to carefully open her mouth.

‘Ah, anus… No, I never thought touching her butt would feel so good…’

The faint pain felt in her buttocks, where her handprints were still red, and in her anus where three fingers had entered, reminded Mir Ryuin of her anus being pinched by her stay.

‘From the moment her fingers entered, I couldn’t resist. There was nothing I could do other than let out a moan every time the finger inside the anus moved…’

Even on the first day that she received treatment from Stay, Mir Ryuin had a faint orgasm when a finger entered her anus, but at that time, she had no time to properly feel the pleasure coming from her anus, and was just lost in her intense stimulation.

Therefore, even though it was her second time having her anus massaged, she continued to climax from the unfamiliar pleasure as if she was having her anus massaged for the first time.

In addition, the soft and warm pink anal message that took place today was a sincere caress performed with Stay’s intention to manipulate Mir Ryuin, so the pleasure that came from it was so intense that it could not be compared to the treatment on the first day.

Mir Ryuin was completely taken over by Stay’s anal training, which was in enjoyer mode.

‘Huh… Boy, my anus feels empty. My butt is burning, but my anus feels empty…’

You might think it was loose enough for three fingers to fit in without a problem, but Mir Ryuin’s pink anus was closed tightly because it was so elastic that it was given the adjective “Soft and chewy.”

Therefore, the sorrow that Mir Ryuin is feeling now does not come from physical emptiness but from psychological emptiness, and Stay had to come to fill this emptiness.

But since Stay won’t come to this hospital room for the next three days, there’s only one thing Mir Ryuin can do.

All I could do was repeat Stay’s serious anal training that took place before I fainted.

‘Even when just one finger came in, I felt like I was going crazy from the pressure. It was expanded to accommodate three in just one day… It shouldn’t happen this easily. But what can I do when Stay’s fingers feel so good? If you pound your butt to make your anus soft and warm and then stick your finger in it, it’s natural that you’ll be given an anal pass right away…’

However, the more I relived the memories filled with pleasure, the more the pain of the empty anus and the longing for Stay’s thick, long, delicately moving fingers grew.

‘Huuuuu······. Eww?! Oh, no. It can’t be like this! Wake up, Mir Ryuin! Well, what kind of anal pass is it? It’s soft and warm, so you’re just talking vulgar nonsense! These are words only an anal addict who thinks with the anus, not with the head, would use!’

Then, Mir Ryuin suddenly had a terrible premonition that if he continued like this, he might end up thinking only about Stay’s sweet and gentle, yet persistent and wild anal training.
He came to his senses and tried desperately not to think about anal.

Since the human brain is not originally equipped with the concept of denial, the more one tries not to imagine something, the more it is emphasized, but Mir Ryuin was not an ordinary person.

Because she was the greatest genius on earth, able to freely change the direction of her consciousness, she was able to exercise the ability to not imagine things she did not want to imagine.

‘Different thoughts. Let’s think differently. Yeah, yeah! Stay said earlier that he would tell me something about himself that I didn’t know, but he left without telling me! What on earth was that?’

Mir Ryuin, who successfully came up with a topic to distract her, ‘Stay’s remarks’, thought about Stay, who said that line as if she was going to say something important, but left after leaving her stunned without telling her anything.

‘What is it really? Why did you make it sound like you were going to tell me something about yourself that I didn’t know, but then you didn’t actually tell me anything?’

Just like that, questions about Stay’s remarks filled the mind with Mir Ryuin, who was confused by the anal training, and when about 30 seconds had passed, like the world’s best researcher, she calmly responded to Stay’s remarks, completely forgetting about the pain of her anus.

‘It didn’t seem like I just said it casually. If I think about the tone of voice and atmosphere at the time he said those words, I can’t help but think that he had made a big decision and said those words to me. In the first place, there was no way Stay would be the kind of person who would bluff me. In that case, the only conclusion I can come to is that I just didn’t realize it and Stay has already told me about myself that I don’t know…’

Before we knew it, Mir Ryuin was contemplating with such seriousness that it was hard to believe that he was the same person as the pervert who had used the vulgar word ‘warm, soft anus’ just moments ago.

If you continue like this, you will be able to forget the burning and pain caused by anal training and successfully spend time until the next treatment date.

Through this reflection, Mir Ryuin continued to delve deeper into what Stay was trying to tell us in order to completely escape the pain of the anus.

‘You didn’t say anything to tell me anything. That means that you made it known through actions, not words. So what did Stay do to me right after he said that? That will be the decisive hint to solve this question… Ah.’

However, as Mir Ryuin focused on his consideration and exploration, he belatedly realized the huge flaw in this subject that he could have come up with just a little thought.

That defect is.

‘As soon as I finished saying that, I started training my child’s anus…’

Since I was thinking about today’s stay, thinking about anal training was a planned procedure.

‘I want to forget this. I moved my consciousness to a different place to not think about it… ♥ Ugh ♥ It came back to me again like this ♥♥♥’

Throbbing! Trembling!

When a memory that you once tried to forget resurfaces, the memory is emphasized with a shock several times greater than the original, and has a great impact on the mind and body.

That was exactly the case with Mir Ryuin.

The emptiness, emptiness, and sorrow that she had forgotten for a moment were emphasized several times before, starting from the anus and traveling up her spine, shaking her heart.

‘My, why me♥ Why did I choose the topic about stay? It’s obvious that this will happen. It was obvious that I would think of anal training again, eh♥♥♥ It was such a natural thing that even a fool could think of, eh ♥♥♥♥♥’

It might not have been known before it was emphasized, but since the pain that had already been forgotten for a moment came to mind again, it was impossible to return consciousness in the same way.

Therefore, all Mir Ryuin could do now was regret for his own negligence and for making Stay the subject of consideration.

But it wasn’t her fault when she clearly pointed out that Mir Ryuin had made it a topic of her stay to avoid thinking about her anal training.

‘Uuuuuw♥♥♥♥ But there’s nothing else to think about other than Stay♥♥♥♥ In the first place, other than Mr. Stay, there was nothing that made an impact that could cover the anal training that Stay gave him♥♥♥♥’

This is because the current Mir Ryuin is already completely addicted to her stay’s anal training, and she cannot forget the anal training unless it is Stay, the person who gave her the anal training.

‘W-was its something like that? Is this what you wanted to tell me…? Stay, did you want to train my anus and turn me into an anal training addict who can’t live without your anal training? Are you so enamored with my pink, soft, warm, and sticky anus that you want to massage it forever from now on, and today you have manipulated my anus to the point where you can insert three fingers in it? ♥♥♥’

In the end, Mir Ryuin was half distracted by her accentuated sorrow and began to dream that if her stay heard, she would be startled and lash out.

‘Well, if that’s the case, it makes sense. It’s just that I couldn’t express it in words because I was embarrassed, but in fact, it was clear that I showed it through my actions. When I think of the hand movements that persistently tormented my anus and the heightened breathing sound every time I slapped my buttocks and prodded my anus… Haha♥ Yes, that’s it♥ That’s what Stay told me I didn’t know… ·····♥ Stay was already addicted to my anus♥♥♥’

Mir Ryuin said, ‘Stay was very, very into my anus, and even after treatment, he wanted to massage my anus, so he took advantage of my vegetative state and gave me persistent and intensive anal training, making me an anal training addict who couldn’t live without Stay’s anal training. I came to the conclusion, ‘I want to make it.

‘Uhuhuhu♥♥♥ You’re so absorbed in my anus♥ I can’t help it♥ If it had been the same, I would have held heavy responsibility for daring to use such dark and shady tactics on Mir Ryuin, but for now, my treatment Because it’s for ♥ And even after the treatment is over, in my anus, no. Because I understand Stay’s feelings of not wanting to be away from me♥ Well, I’ll just have to let this matter go♥’

Mir Ryuin, who came to the arbitrary conclusion that Stay didn’t want to be away from him, felt like she was going to fly because she was in such a good mood.

‘But, this is the only time it passes. Stay, when working on someone, she has to be prepared to be worked on herself. I’ll just play with you until the treatment is over. Instead, it would be better to let go of any expectations that you will be able to touch your anus once the treatment is over.’

Mir Ryuin, who felt so good that he felt like he was going to fly, was proud and laughed leisurely as he pictured Stay infatuated with his anus.

‘Even after the treatment is over, I will keep you by my side and use you as my assistant to my heart’s content. Since you’re so addicted to my anus, you can’t refuse this invitation, right? No, you’ll have to ask me first. Please let me be your assistant. Please just let me stay by your side.’

It was a delusion that Stay, who thought nothing would happen, would immediately start foaming at the mouth and faint if he heard it.

The Status Window of S-Class Vegetative People Is Visible.

The Status Window of S-Class Vegetative People Is Visible.

식물인간 S급들의 상태창이 보인다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
You have become the caretaker of a S-class hero who has become a vegetable.

[Target is afflicted with the 'Curse - Eternal Prison'].

[Treatment Method: Infusion of Yang Qi]
!The greater the physical and mental sexual excitement of the target, the better the effect.

[Please, anyone, get me out of this horrible place...! Please... do anything... anything... anything...]

I've gotten permission, so I'm going to try anything.


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