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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 5

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 5

Chapter 5 – The Attitude of the Deceased to Resist Racism.

It was strange to see a bastard smirking and spitting out racist remarks.

That sugarcane kid has turned around.

If you are a normal Asian freshman, you will be able to tolerate it. He’s a rookie, and that bastard is still the vice-captain from La Masia, which Barcelona cherishes.

But as a deceased person, I am different.
A bastard like that should be trampled on in the beginning.
Discipline from the club?

Give if you will.
Right away, they burst out with racial discrimination and display unhappily.

The evidence is sufficient.
These days, the performance of the micro recorder has also improved.
His remarks were probably recorded as well.

And above all.
How can you stand it?

After turning off the recorder in my arms
I kicked the ball hard at the guy and hit him in the head.


I hear the sound of his pot exploding.
A white object protruded from his mouth.
How much is jjambab, but I hit the target exactly.

I raised my hands and said to the collapsing guy pretending it was a mistake.
“Huh? I didn’t know where the face was because it was black, so why not wash it white!”

The other black player made an uncomfortable expression at my words, but for now, the fact that the vice-captain said racist remarks first kept him still.

“Huh? Dembele? Alain! Alain!”
It looks like he passed out after being hit by my ball.
Let’s urgently find the team doctor next to the captain.
In an instant, the training ground became a mess.

Fortunately out of misfortune. The guy who barely came to his senses was loaded into an ambulance and transported to the hospital for a detailed examination.

“Ugh? Why am I lying down?”

And coach Vasquez, who heard about this situation from third captain Luis Garcia, asked for a consultation with me with a serious expression.

“They called me Corona.”

I immediately gave it all away.

Let’s talk about racism.
As if director Vasquez had also guessed to some extent
He nodded.

“The club and I will talk. I am sorry that you have left bad memories.”

“Thank you.”

And the next day the manager was fired.

[Barcelona CF, director fired. The reason for the dismissal is that the directions we are pursuing do not match.]

“It was a nonsensical story to say that someone who couldn’t inherit the spirit of Barcelona was the manager.”

“Obviously, a true Barcelona manager has to come from La Masia.”

I saw that the captain and vice-captain gang became more energetic.
It seems that he went to Barcelona as well.

Still, those gangs don’t touch me anymore,
The recording is intact and is in good condition.
If you don’t send me to Real Madrid later, I’ll have to explode with racism issues.

For reference, even if there is a buyout clause in La Liga, the club can reject it.
In that case, I have to receive the buyout amount from Real Madrid and pay the buyout amount myself.
In this case, the income tax is 40-50%.
Oh my gosh fuck the hell
My buyout amount becomes 66 billion in an instant?

Neymar paid an astronomical amount for this and jumped to Paris.

Ah. Also. Our floor. Did you foresee the future of Barcelona?

In any case, it’s a really dumb rule.
However, it is said that this regulation was pioneered by our great prophet, Louis Figunim.

Just Pi-Men.
This time I will pave your way.
I will make a new rule!

Okay. Decided Another goal in this life. It is to stipulate a ban on ceremonies against the parent team.


A new director was appointed.
“Please take good care of me in the future. Gentlemen”

He was the manager at Barcelona B.
Usman Griezmann.

Watching his seniority, I remembered what I had seen from the future.
“Finally, Barcelona has opened the gates of Hell.”

Barcelona’s infernal treble.
Racism, tax evasion, and bribery

Achieve 3 crowns
A rare master has appeared to put people’s perception of Barcelona CF under the ground.

Usman Griezmann has been the captain and vice-captain since childhood.
Even the captain and sub-captain became racist.

“That bastard is the culprit.”

I have nothing to say.
And what are the gentlemen in the greeting
Fuck. What is Francisco Franco?

. . . They look a lot alike
Are descendants

[Barcelona, ​​defeated again! Is it the players’ sabotage? Is it the incompetence of the director!]

Looking at today’s newspaper, I nodded my head.
Well. After all, rare names are on a different level.

Currently, the 5th round of the league has been played.
Barcelona’s record is 2 draws and 3 losses.
Given that 2 draws are the teams currently playing in the relegation zone.

It was a shabby report card that made me wonder if they were really slowing down.

Why are you excluding me?
I have never competed so far.

It’s only in Korea that I’m used to it. It’s crazy.
Even if I’m here, it’s okay even if I’m not there
Because the player no one recognizes me

When I go out on the street, wearing a Barcelona uniform, hey nihao! Chino! And then he was racially discriminatory
What a great city

I was going to say Hello French to him too.
If I said that, I would not be able to play in Madrid, so I held back.

I haven’t been able to teebagging Barcelona yet.

Anyway. Enduring such a time of patience.
It’s time to honor the terms of the contract! Barcelona bastards!

“Hey, Jejus is starting tomorrow. Get ready.”

Ruler of the ground and God-given scoring machine
Lord Jesus appears at Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes, the home stadium of Granada!

[Barcelona CF vs FC Granada, in the first team list for the first time in the week of Jesus season, will they finally play?]

– Yes. You bastard who has no foundation is already screwed up~
– But isn’t the Lord Jesus really rootless?
– ? What are you talking about?
– You don’t have parents.
– Wow, you really are dog trash.

The day before the game, I took the team bus from Barcelona and headed to Granada.

The bus with the Barcelona team on board arrives in Granada.
Local fans. The Barcelona players were warmly welcomed.

“Dirty! Barcelona bastards!”

“Get out of our city right now!”

“Rooky okkikki! You monkey bastard, get off to your own country!”

Well. It’s really beautiful.
To think he was a monkey and to greet us with jokes.

The bus heads to the reserved athletes’ quarters.
Friendly Granada local fans
They are cheering us on by beating drums and blowing trumpets.

-Ridge! -Ridge!

– Pooh! – Pooh!

Players look familiar
After unpacking at the accommodation and having a light dinner
Everyone put on the earplugs they had brought and took a good night’s sleep.

Granada fans were on fire when the starting list was released ahead of the match against Barcelona CF at the Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes, which accommodates nearly 22,000 people.

“Put an Asian kid against us! Kill those dogs! “

“¡Ay, mi Granada! Ah my Granada”

“¡Ay, mi Graná! ¡Ay, mi Graná! Ah my Graná, ah my Graná!”

Listening to the angry voices of the Granada fans and their cheering songs, the players stood in their respective camps.

The referee’s whistle sounds to start the match.
After kick off to Luis Garcia
Quickly penetrated the front.

I see the Granada players who are embarrassed by the sudden penetration.

Just as the great pass shuttle Luis Garcia promised
It poked me hard at the bottom of my feet.

Lightly beat the defender who is trying to block it with the flip flap and quickly rewind the opponent to hit.


The ball was sucked straight into the goal.
The fantastic winding kick that exploded as soon as it started
To the dumbfounded Granada fans.

Adebayor’s reverse running ceremony was held.

“Kill that dog!”

A hot Granada fan bursts into flames
Rolls of toilet paper and the like fell from the stands.

Five. Blush is pretty

[Barcelona vs Granada Cheering Talk Talk]

– What? Now Ceremony What did I see?
– Reversehaha
– Wow! I was saying that my goal is crazy, but out of the blue, I hit a reverse runhaha
– But don’t you look like a dog right now? LOL
– ㅇㅇ If I were a Granada fan, I would be bleeding.
– Why is it so disgusting to stare at the prominence with innocent eyeshaha
– Free relay broadcast wbic.Wei
– Oh, pierced!
– Shoot! Kyaaaaa! Jumo! Shutter down!
– Lord Jesus He is God! Lord Jesus He is God!
– Wow, that’s really crazy. Isn’t La Liga the fastest multi-goal?
– 2 goals in 2 minutes seems to be the shortest time, but at this rate it seems possible to get a hat trick in the shortest time in La Liga
– Shortest time hat-trick Gazza!!
– Uh? Where is he?
– No fuck. Fool, you have a warning!
– Crazy guy lol What is flying kick!
– Multi-goal in the shortest time and exit in the shortest timehaha
– What is this bastard lol I think I’ve never seen a cumulative warning with a ceremony lol
– Mind! This is a k-ceremony!

I scored two goals with hot firepower
Do two ceremonies, get two warnings
Let’s quit

Both the coach and the players looked at me with dumbfounded expressions.
Their eyes are like

‘What is this bastard? Are you a friend or an enemy?

It was the look in the eyes of a soldier who saw an officer walking around wearing only underpants during training.

And the game that day
With the multi-goal I scored in the beginning
3vs1 victory confirmed.

Lord Jesus. Played 4 minutes in 1 match. 2 goals. 2 ceremonies, 2 warnings. 1 exit.

I did my best not to be disciplined during the M.O.M interview.

[Why did you perform the ceremony toward the audience in Granada?]

“I just wanted to go see it because it was strange to see a Granada fan imitating a monkey.”

[… Are you saying it was a message of protest against racism?]

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just went to see a white man pretending to be a monkey.”

Ruler. Now the turn has passed to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

Let’s punish this too!

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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