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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 4

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 4

Chapter 4 – The Plague Farm

[Official Jesus Joo confirmed to join Barcelona CF in Spanish La Liga… 1 year and 6 months contract]

Joo Jesus, a South Korean national striker and famous for his hat-trick against Brazil, has moved to Barcelona CF, a prestigious club in Spain.

Barcelona announced on the 26th (Korean time) through the club’s official channel that “Jesus Joo has been recruited as a free agent.”

The contract period is 1 year and 6 months, and the buyout amount is 31 million paid, which is about 44 billion won.

In addition to Barcelona, ​​Newcastle and Real Madrid were on the list, but Joo Jesus ultimately chose Barcelona.

According to the Barcelona CF board,
He added that he had been watching Joo Jesus for a long time, and that he was recruited because he thought he had the skills to play in Barcelona.]

– Wow Daehan Minguk has signed a professional contract with Barcelona.
– Didn’t the three Barcelona players sign professional contracts in the past?
– Ah. Yes

– Do you want to be able to play? Aren’t these strikers very famous?
– Now injured. Even the candidate is injured, and La Masia, which Barcelona boasts, is completely devastated, so there are no striker prospects, there is no money, and there is no striker recruitment. If you do well now, chances are you will continue to receive it.
– How did our Barcelona become like this…
– Yes, you are the president chosen by local fans in Spain. Hold on and hold on ^^

– Seriously, how long has it been since you sold Messi? It’s bankruptcy again, it’s a financial crisis, this shit.
– ㅋ When the hell was Messi? Grandpa, give me some pocket money.
– $*@ㅛ#*!(
– Oh. Grandpa is still correcting


There seems to be a lot of talk about my recruitment in Spain.
[Barcelona CF’s predicted downfall? Why do we have to send an 18-year-old Asian striker as a starter!]

But did I have to put an Asian in front?
It’s really strange, though.
Those who couldn’t score more goals than me lived only in my mouth.

What the hell when was barshago
Whenever Tiki Takago
When is it spanish?

I came all the way to the entrance after caressing, but there are a lot of talkative guys who fall because they can’t find a hole.
Thinking like this makes me crazy.

The word spitting in one’s own face came to mind.

“… That’s not what a fucking Korean would say”

No passing, no defense, no offense without me
Seriously, how did you bring a team like this to the round of 16?
Wasn’t I the GOAT who made it to the round of 16 with a team like this?

To be honest, I think I surpassed both Ronaldo and Messi.
Oh Correct. I have a better football sense than Messi and I am amazing at passing. It’s not like that.
I said GOAT because I thought Messi would not have made it to the round of 16 if he had been in the Korean national team.

“Ronaldo is a dick.”

He’s only good at scoring goals, but if he scores less goals than me
That’s what I won.
Or not.

What. That’s not what’s important now.
I was planning for the future.
What should I say after moving?
Did my heart no it’s too weak
Isn’t Barcelona a big club?
I don’t think this is a bit

Something novel was needed to drive a nail into the hearts of Barcelona fans.

Put an awkward smile on your lips
The chairman with the unusual name of Bamtori
I took a picture holding a uniform with my name and number on it.

Really, seeing this Bamutori pup reminds me of the second round where he was rolled over like a dog, injured, and then abandoned.

At that time, I still remember the racist comments I received from Barcelona fans.
[Get off to your country! Oriental monkey! Eat more of the monkey mother’s milk you follow!]

How dare you touch my precious family.

That’s enough to fuck Barcelona.

I justified myself and signed the contract.
He changed into a Barcelona uniform to attend the press conference that was soon to be held.

Time passes and it’s five o’clock.
After moving to a different location and taking a seat at the press conference, the new Latin sister asked me a question.

[I know that Real Madrid made an offer in addition to Barcelona. Is there a special reason you chose Barcelona?]

In the meantime, I put the word Real Madrid in.
Awesome. Qure.
I started shaking my mouth at the female reporter’s question in Catalan, which was good for me.

“My heart told me to go to Barcelona.”

[Five. You are fluent in Catalan.]

“Yes. I studied hard.”

Were you positively impressed with your Catalan fluency?
The reporters’ faces lit up.
[Do you know about your strengths and weaknesses?]

“My strength is scoring goals and I don’t know my weakness.”

[Do you have any role models?]

“My role model has always been myself. I am not one to learn from others.”

After that, after holding a number of trivial press conferences.
Get in the car driven by Doo-shik
I returned to the lodging I saved in Barcelona.

It’s only going to last for about a year anyway.
Didn’t buy a home.
I just rent moderately and live.


That time.
Korean fans who saw the video of the initiation ceremony posted on the official account of Barcelona CF were thrilled.

[Real Madrid President Official Declaration “I will pay the buyout of Jesus this winter in the transfer market and bring him.”]

– Crazy! It’s crazy!
-Is it a promising prospect that will become real if the Real Madrid president pays attention to it?
-Since the chairman of Real Madrid is a merchant, Korean coins must be sucked out.
– If you’re going to suck, you’ll suck on Japanese or Chinese. Would you suck on Korean?
– And my heart told me to go to Barcelona in the first place! This is a player who made such a statement, would he say that he would ride a Korean coin?
– Aren’t you trying to recruit him and put him in the 2nd team?
– ㅇㅇ There are more possibilities than Korean coins
– But is it dodgeball?
– ㅇㅇ Like dodgeball, the pig’s head has been done before, so the cow’s head will fly awayhaha

[Newcastle “We haven’t given up on the Lord Jesus yet.”]

– Show me the oil money!
– I don’t think it’s bad to become a Newcastle legend like Aguero.
– ㅇㅇ Do you feel like you have built a club as a strong team? That’s what you want
– Five. St James’ Park, built by Lord Jesus.
– Fuck no jam

[Tottenham “I am interested in the rising star Jesus.”]

– Stay with Barça instead of going to Tottenham.
– Really. The Big 6 days are a thing of the past. It’s just a mid-tier team right now.
– If you’re going to Tottenham, go to Newcastle.
– I agree;; Not Tottenham.
After meeting Real Madrid president Núñez, Du-sik returned home and said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“Whoa. As you said, I talked to the president of Real Madrid to some extent beforehand. The president of Real Madrid was happy to hear what you said and giggled?”

“I’m sure he’ll like it. His hobby is hijacking players Barcelona want to sign.
My favorite player in Real Madrid is also Figo, who moved to Real Madrid after beating Barcelona.”

Dushik-hyung shook his head with an expression of incomprehension at my calm words.

“Ha. I don’t know. When you were young, you cheered for Barcelona with me. Why on earth do you hate it so much?”

I had nothing to say to my brother.

Should I call it possession in the game?
Should the game system be covered and called regression?
Anyway, with the game system, I came back before I participated in the national team for the first time.
In the game against Brazil, a bastard named Martinez prevented retirement due to an injury caused by a back tackle. Upon graduating from high school, I successfully went abroad.

Time flies, let’s leave Barcelona’s main striker injured.

When I was young, I watched TV and was able to join Barcelona, ​​where I really wanted to play.

Up to this point everything was good.
The food was delicious and the performance was up.

In the meantime, he was injured.

The team doctor told me not to overdo it, but at the request of the manager that the team was difficult, I took painkillers and ran.

The result of ignoring the team doctor’s words and taking painkillers and running the game.
My injury got worse.

When he recovered from his injury and returned, his form dropped noticeably.

At the time, the fans who were looking for a scapegoat for failing to advance to the Champions League round of 16 put me, the only Asian, as the scapegoat.

When I’m struggling with the racism and hatred of my fans.
The club also pointed at me as the scapegoat, and pushed me to hell.

[Barcelona CF terminates contract with Lord Jesus. He participated in training unfaithfully and caused a feud with his teammates.]

Wounds heal over time.
Strangely, the memory of that time is as vivid as if it were yesterday


In fact, it’s all faded memories now.
In order to justify myself, I tried to bring up the past that was far away from my memory.

‘But it’s not like this hasn’t happened, is it all true?’


I will avenge my enemies 200 years ago!


Everything is better than your karma!


Ahead of the final pre-season game at Camp Tito Villanova, Barcelona’s first-team training ground.
I officially greeted the Barcelona players.

“Feel free to call me Jejus”


And third captain Luis Garcia helped me adapt.

‘Anyway, Plague Farm’

The first time you transfer to any club
Argument aids adaptation.
If the captain is absent or there is a reason, the vice-captain helps the transfer student adapt.

However, the current Barcelona captain and vice-captain have no special reason.
When Asians transferred, the three captains helped.

The current captain (white) and vice-captain (black)
It’s racist.

Later, the fact was reported in the media.
It wasn’t until they started mocking Barcelona’s La Masia as an infectious disease farm.
Board Jin goes on to evolve.

By the way, Luis Garcia.
This guy has a very good impression.

“Jeju, if you have any questions about club life, ask me.”


The 3rd captain, who is the best in personality, was not appointed as the captain because he was not from Lamacia.
Admire Barcelona’s lack of roots
While talking to him


The ball flew by me.

“Hey Corona! Kick the ball!”

At the vice-captain’s remarks, the face of the 3 captains I was talking with hardened.

Under. Really, that’s the vice-captain.
It is also a club that has lost its roots.

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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