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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 3

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 3

Chapter 3 – I’ll Do My Best Here and Go to Real Madrid.

The woman she asked me

What is the flower of football?

I answered her

“As the flower of baseball is bench clearing, the flower of soccer is foul play.”

She asked again.


“A foul that the referee doesn’t notice is more beautiful than art.”


In the meantime, I was busy negotiating with various teams in the PL.
I met agent Kim Doo-sik after a long time.
The professional bald head was certainly reliable.

“Which one is the best?”

But it’s really amazing. The club that offers the best conditions is different every time.
What. Still. Because the stock flow is the same.


This time it’s Newcastle.

“Then let’s go there.”

“It’s in the relegation zone, is that okay?”

“Should I be demoted on my way?”

“But since you don’t know, wouldn’t it be better to think about it a little more?”

Agents still concerned
Said it proudly.

“Brother. I am Lord Jesus.”

“Damn it. Your name is Lord Jesus.”

“····Hyung, don’t you look at the internet these days?”

In my words. Only then did I know it was a drip
Agent hyung put on a puzzled expression.

“Where do I have time to browse the Internet, now that I’m in Korea.”

“They called me that overseas.”

He scratched his cheek in embarrassment.

“I know it’s called Jesus. I didn’t know it had Lord in front of it.”

“What’s the name of Newcastle’s home ground, anyway?”

“St. James Park”

“Oh, you look good with me? St. James’ Park, where Lord Jesus resides.”


It was a drip of conversion, but it must have been boring.
I went on to explain why I had to go there.

“Isn’t it possible to do a pro contract anyway if it’s not a PL?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“…? Because of labor laws in Europe, people under the age of 18 cannot sign a professional contract.”

“Who is it?”

My older brother did that in the past life.
Let me quietly stare at you.
He coughed

“… Hmmm. I think people misunderstood. The law changed after the Premier League took out a lot of prospects over the age of 16. And in the K-League, you can sign a semi-professional contract from the age of 16 to nurture prospects, but the K-League Aren’t you interested?”

Of course, I’m going to nod my head at the agent’s words.
Suddenly, I remembered Yuna.

“Brother, wait a minute.”

I take out my smartphone
I punched Yuna noona.

I communicated with Yuna noona several times,
They were in a state of liking for each other.

If someone confesses to you first, go straight to it.
But to take the lead
We started a long push and pull.

-Me: Sister.
– Yunanunna: Oh? Yesu! Now, what are you doing at this time! Aren’t you in school?
-MehahaI’m talking about a professional contract with my agent.
– Yunanunna: Aha! But why are you looking for your sister? Could it be that you suddenly want to see your sister? (灬´ิω´ิ灬)
-MehahaI miss you. I didn’t contact you because of that.
-Me: In terms of singers in the Premier League, the offer came from the Billboard chart.
-Me: But it takes a sister to sign a contract therehaha
– Me: I can sign a contract in the K-League, but should I sign in the K-League?

-Yunaunna: The K-League is a semi-professional contract!
໒( ᓀ ‸ ᓂ )७ Go abroad unconditionally!. This sister doesn’t want to be a woman holding back Yesu!

Her remarks were also outrageous.
She was also puzzled.

-Me: Huh? How does your sister know that the K-League is a semi-pro contract?
-Yunaunna: My sister has been watching soccer hard these days!
-Me: Lee Yeol- Are you starting to help your husband already? When will the wedding be held? Should I make it the day my sister graduates?
-Yunaunna: 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸 Don’t be a jerk!
-MehahaI love you ♥

‘Did you read and chew?’

I feel a little bit sad.
When I was about to end her talk with a small sigh.
Song Yuna sent her audio file.

[···I love you too. Side. Don’t look at the stylist sister! Don’t even make fun of me! Aaaaa embarrassing eoong]


This sister is cute

And the agent hyung, who was looking at it, said a word.

“…Are you okay?”

“Okay, don’t you have any signs of dying?”

“No. It’s okay. It’s plain to die.”

“Then why are you asking?”

“I hope you get married soon.”


“To marry”


“If you want to get married, bastard! Then I know!”

To his attitude of swearing out of nowhere.
My mouth opened automatically.

“Shouldn’t my older brother remarry first?”


“… That was a mistake. I’m sorry.”


Kim Doo-sik, the agent’s older brother, was currently going through a second divorce.

In the end, in order to escape from the cafe where the chilly silence instantly flowed through my throat.
Decided to withhold the decision.

“Can I think about it some more and then contact you?”

Agent hyung also didn’t like this awkward atmosphere.
With a nod, we parted ways at the coffee shop.

“…Yes. See you next time. Oh. Shall I take you home?”

“No! I have an appointment, so I have to stop by there!”

“Really? Okay. Go inside carefully.”

“Yes, hyung, please go in carefully.”

Phew. Thank god.
Promise? There is nothing else

I managed to break the awkward atmosphere and see a way to run away.
If you travel in a car driven by your agent, there is no reason to delay your decision.

I took the subway and went home. A large cross caught my eye from afar.
A nursery school run by the cathedral.

I’m afraid the kids will get hurt anyway. I carefully opened the door, which felt stiff due to rubber being stuck in the door gap, and entered.

“I’m home.”

Fuck this
I guess today is really a bad day.
Just in time, I bumped into preschoolers who were coming out after praying.

“Wow, it’s Jesus!”


“You go away! Oppa said he would play with me after he left!”

“Beep beep”
“Excuse me”

I really wish it was all turned off.
I need to earn money quickly and give them a smartphone.
After giving away my smartphone, 90% of the kids who fall in love with me because I use my smartphone disappear.

“Go! My brother is going to play with me!”

Even if you give me a smartphone
The child belonging to the remaining 10% screamed.

Then, to the commotion in the hallway, her mother came out of her prayer room.
“Oh, Jesus, are you back already?”

I always feel it.
Every time I see him
I feel a sense of peace and stability in my heart.

“I’m back. Mother”

I lightly hugged her mother, who smiled warmly at my words and spread her arms.

“How did you decide to sign the contract? And is Dushik doing well?”

“Yes. Didn’t Dusik hyung contact you?”

Oh for reference. My agent, Kim Doo-sik, also came from the same orphanage as me.
So, the law still employs the confused brother. If not, I would have cut it long ago.

“Secondly, they didn’t contact me after I told them about the divorce.”

“I will contact you again after some time.”

“By the way, is Dusik still working for that agency?”

“Yes. Well, even if you’re divorced. It’s not a bad breakup, and the CEO there isn’t the one to say anything about your personal history.”

“Anyway, I wonder if it would be inconvenient for a company with a former father-in-law as its representative.”

“Hyung is still going to reunite, so don’t worry too much.”

“Yes, please take good care of Dushik. He has a good brain, but he has no sense”

“I will. Just say I’m sorry I forgot our wedding anniversary. What kind of pride is that?”

“That’s what I mean.”

Well, it’s still not long until the reunion.
A niece misses her father and becomes a lost child in the middle of Seoul. After barely finding
The two reconciled and became a lovebird couple.

“So where did you decide to sign with?”

“Oh, I decided to think about it a little more.”

“Yes, Jesus, contracts must be handled carefully.”

“Yes. Mother, I will go in first.”

“Okay, go in and get some rest.”

Say hello to mother
Let’s head to my room

In the last game of my last life, against Brazil,
Joo-yoon, who assisted on both of my goals, followed me into my room.

“Ah! Petty brother! You were supposed to tell me first!”

“You’ll let me know when it’s decided?”

“A promise?”

“Okay, I promise”

So please.
Take them

“Brother! Let’s play house!”
“Brother! Let’s play soccer!”

Get out of my room

That day. After all, playing house and playing soccer.
My physical strength has been discharged, in the midst of my repeated life
The first time I met Dushik hyung, I didn’t decide on a team.

Is that a snowball?
For the first time in my 234 years of life.
I got a direct ticket to Mega Club.

I got a call from Kim Doo-sik early in the morning.
The news that Kim Doo-sik gave me in a very excited voice.
The fatigue ran away in an instant.

[Minho! Awesome! Real Madrid and Barcelona have offers! Even the conditions in both places are better than Newcastle!]

“They put it in? They’re strikers, aren’t they?”

[I suffered a long-term injury in the pre-season practice game yesterday]

“Both teams?”

[No, Real is a short-term injury. Since Kevin is old, it looks like he recruited him with his future in mind.]

Well, the player retired next year.

[On the other hand, Barcelona doesn’t have a transfer fee, so I think they’re trying to sign for a short time.
Their financial problems are still serious.
I think the goal is to shorten the contract period and sell it in the winter transfer market or the next transfer market.
Since you don’t have a transfer fee, you’re trying to do business with it.]

I decided on the club I would go to based on Dusik hyung’s explanation.

“Then I’ll go to Barcelona”

Choose Barcelona, ​​not Real Madrid.
Dushik was taken aback.
[Uh?. Barcelona? Not real?]

“Yes, please make the contract period 1 year and 3 months instead.”

[Isn’t that too short?]

“I’m going to take a direct bus from Barcelona to Real Madrid and try to transfer. Wow, I’m already excited?”

At my words, Dushik-hyung expressed concern.

[… Don’t you know what happened to Figo every El Clasico?]

In the voice of an older brother who sincerely cares for his younger brother
I said calmly, meaning not to worry.

“Brother, I like pig’s head.”


“I’ve been thinking about going and interviewing, how about this?”

[··· What]

“I’ll do well here and go to Real Madrid.
Isn’t it nice?”

At my words, Dusik didn’t say anything for a while.

[… Jesus. You can move from Barcelona to Real Madrid, but don’t do that. Then I won’t be able to play a single game.]

I nodded my head at Dushik’s words.
Actually, after saying it, I thought it wasn’t this either.
If you say you’ll do well here and go to Real Madrid.
Aren’t the Barcelona guys with a very big stomach going crazy and leaving them in the 2nd team?

“Anyway, that’s why a club without roots can’t do it.”

Doo-shik had a seizure at my self-talk.

[What? Barcelona is not fundamental?]

Oh right. It was this older brother.

“If you sold Messi, who is the root of the world, because you didn’t have any money, wouldn’t you have lost the fundamentals?”


At my words, Dusik hung up the phone without even saying hello.

Oh I hit it too hard.

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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