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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 2

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 2

Chapter 2 – The Cursed Maw.

Someone. Asked me

What is the most rewarding moment in football?

I answered him

“When the other side is frustrated and crying. That’s the most rewarding.”

Beep- Beep- Beep!

The referee’s whistle blows to end the game.

On the ground, I saw Republic of Korea players with bright expressions and Brazilian players shedding tears.

In the second half, the Brazilian players ran like crazy.
Martinez’s void could not be filled.

Second half 65 minutes. I completed a hat-trick through a gap in the defense that was punctured by Martinez’s sending off.
I didn’t have a ceremony to do, so I ran to the director and grabbed my head and shook it once more.

It was quite fun to see the faces of the seniors around me turn white.

Looking at the Brazilian players sitting down and crying
I heard voices cheering my name and headed to the stands.

“Lord Jesus! Lord Jesus! Lord Jesus!”

Calling my name in a louder voice as I approach
Waving to Koreans living in Washington.
I gave my clothes and soccer shoes to a child as a gift.

After greeting the audience
Let’s move to the locker room.
I ran into senior Minjun who was looking for me.

“Jesus! I have to go to the M.O.M interview right now!”

I pointed at the raging muscular body.


“What! Where did you sell your clothes and soccer shoes!”

“Did I throw it to the Koreans who came to cheer me on?”

“Uh.. That was good. Stop by the locker room and go to the interview quickly.”

“Yes. I understand.”

I hurriedly went to the locker room and put on a uniform with the number 14 JESUS ​​on it.
I went to the interview room.

My fresh-looking white horse sister saw me and smiled brightly and came over and joked around with my name.

“Oh! My Road Jesus! Fantastic play.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“South Korea won with Jesus’ goal. How do you feel?”

“It’s a bad feeling to be eliminated in the group stage.”

The interviewer quickly changed the topic with a puzzled look on his face.

“Jesus is 17 years old and 200 days old, and he shortened Pele’s record for the youngest hat-trick by 44 days. How do you feel?”

“I’m happy to break Pele’s record against Brazil.”

The interviewer’s expression hardened at my answer.

“Ummmm… You’re saying that it was more rewarding because it was such a difficult opponent, right?”

“Well, let’s do that.”

“Yes. Then, who was the player who gave Jesus the most trouble?”



“I couldn’t sleep the night before because I was playing games, so I think being tired was the hardest part.”

Finally, the interviewer was at a loss for words.

“If you have nothing to say, can you finish the interview now? I’m tired and I think I need to go to bed.”

After the match interview that day was over.

Fans of soccer all over the world were on fire.

– I’m going to kill that bastard!
— Five. Here’s a Brazilian who didn’t even make it to the round of 16 because he was defeated by Asians.
— Shut up your snout before it rips out its jaws.
— Five. Ok bro Come to Detroit.

– To be honest, his skills were fantastic.
— And opening your mouth is fantastic.
— You want our team to recruit you?
— I don’t like it. I don’t think I’ll fit into our team
— He wouldn’t want to go to Arsenal either?
— Shut up

– And fuck. It’s the first time I’ve seen a player do an interview like this since Nam Yoon-hyung.
— ㄹㅇ It’s fucking sensational
— Isn’t it crazy to beat Brazil and mention Pele?
— The interviewer asked first.
— Hey, take a look at this (Link)
— What is that
— That’s why that crazy bastard grabbed the manager’s head and shook it.
-Hahayou crazy bastard. It wasn’t Gura when I said I was tired, it was the truth
— ㄹㅇ It seems that the greatest turn of all time has appeared on the Korean soccer board.
— Oh, can’t we see you in the K-League?
— Because he is underage, he could not sign a K-League professional contract. And personally, if I went abroad right away
— 222 Please come to United!


After the Lord Jesus returned to Korea, in countless places
Once on the air, I got a call saying that I was on the air.

And one day
At the orphanage where Joo Jesus lives, there were broadcasters who came blindly with cameras.

On behalf of the Lord in heaven. The Lord Jesus said to them
It made me know what the law was.

[Soccer player Joo Jesus sues S station K PD for taking pictures of his face without permission]

Soccer player Jesus Joo entered the orphanage where he lives without permission and took a forced filming.
It became known today that S Station sued K PD.

Attorney Shin Yong-seok, known as the spokesperson for Joo Jesus, said that Joo had absolutely no leniency and that he would take tough action with the intention of preventing this from happening again.
In addition, it is known that the faces of children in the nursery school were also photographed without permission.
A lawsuit will proceed separately from the case.

– Are you really crazy? Did you just go in blindly and take a picture?
– When is the real era, are there still idiots like that?
– What era?
– It’s the era of the Three Kingdoms, you fucking bastard.
– Why are you cursing?

Eventually, due to the incident, Joo Jesus talked with the agent about going on the air.
First of all, I filter all the programs of S station.
Among the suggestions that came to him, he invited Song Yuna, who will become a national singer after a while, and appeared together.
I decided to appear on a program that threw the most delicious bait.

“The PD does a good job, he invited Song Yuna”

At that time, the same words were coming out from her agency Song Yuna.

“The PD does a good job, inviting the Lord Jesus”

“What if Yuna falls for Joo Jesus?”

“Our Yuna has high eyes”

“Jesus Joo is also handsome.”

“No way, Joo-Jesus is an underage player, so Yuna will come in.”

“Yuna is also underage, right?”

“Ah. That’s right. I forgot because Yuna looked so precocious. Hyunjun, what should I do, should she cancel Yuna’s appearance?”

“It’s too late. If I cancel now, will she be blacklisted?”

“But isn’t it okay to buy it?”

“What are you talking about again?”

“No. Yuna is not an idol, and in fact, if she is Yuna now, wouldn’t it be more beneficial for her to raise awareness of her even if she is in a relationship with Lord Jesus?”

“… Is that so?”

“Right? Let’s get the two of us together.”


“····But isn’t it a problem that Joo Jesus should like our Yuna in the first place?”


“…Doesn’t it seem like we turned on the happiness circuit too much?”


Anyway, the first meeting between Jesus Joo and Yuna Song has been decided.


The Lord Jesus remembered his encounter with Yuna Song in his other life.
At that time, when the two became adults, they met for the first time on a broadcast.

After it was over, I insisted on doing it with Enjoy.

“Go away, you pervert.”

After that, I couldn’t get back to you twice.

This life I decided to enjoy anyway.
I plan to thoroughly train Yuna Song.
I won’t let you sleep if I’m not by your side.

“Ah. Song Yuna is still underage, right?”

First of all, I should start lightly with love.

Set goals like that.

The next day. I appeared in a school concept art show called Any Brother.

Stop by the cast room.
First of all, I met and greeted Kang Seok-gu, who was from Cheonhajangsa.

“Hello! I’m Joo Jesus, a soccer player.”

“Yes, nice to meet you. I’m Kang Seok-gu, the general manager of the world. I enjoyed watching the World Cup match. You’re really good at soccer, right?”

“Oh, you can relax.”

“Okay? Then I’ll talk to you comfortably. You shouldn’t be too strict and just call me uncle.”

“Yes. Uncle.”

“Hey. Our Jesus nephew is so kind!”

Haha, no, uncle.”

So say hello to all the cast members.

The reason why I finally appeared here.
I knocked on the waiting room to say hello to my future sekpa.



The door opens with a soft voice.
She still has less breast meat, so her cuteness remains
Song Yuna was right in front of my nose.

Give her her right hand as she pretends to be her polite soccer player
Asked for a handshake

“Nice to meet you. I am soccer player Jesus Christ.”

She awkwardly grabs my arm and greets me.
We started talking.

“Hello! I’m Song Yuna. Thank you very much.”

“Excuse me, how old are you?”

“I’m a senior in high school this year. Huh? How old is Joo Jesus?”

“I’m a sophomore in high school. I’ll be a senior in high school next year.”

“Then am I your sister?”

“Can I call you sister?”

The innocent look of her replying with a snort was so cute.
“It’s not cool!”

Okay, let’s just call her sister.
As a minor, now, enjoy this period.
Later, when you become an adult, noona becomes Ya, and Ya becomes a sex partner in an instant.

To achieve the purpose of my older brother’s appearance today
Song Yuna handed her cell phone to me.

“Okay, can you give me Yuna’s sister’s phone number?”

“What should I do? Shall I give you my sister’s phone number? Yuna, sister! Please give me your phone number! If you do, I can give you one.”

Is the sound of noona so good?
With mouth hanging from ear to ear. The way she is putting up the medicine.

‘Really. It’s so fucking boring.’

She felt like a younger sister who wanted to be stabbed.

“..Haha. Please tell me Yuna noona’s phone number.”

She looked satisfied with my answer.
She entered her own number into her smart phone.

“Jesus, can’t you just send me weird pictures!?”

My sister will send it later.

I nodded as if it were natural.

“Then of course!”

‘But why doesn’t a manager stop a man and a woman from exchanging phone numbers? Is it because I’m underage?’

Something was weird just passed
To examine in detail
Already from my mission difficulty
That’s fucking right
Fuck. Winning the World Cup with Korea?

‘It would be faster for Doji Musk to go to Mars. Fuck’

When I was cursing the mission window in my heart.

The staff came in and announced the start of filming.

“Let’s start filming!”

And that day, I left a legend video.

“Jesus! Are you kicking some balls?”

“I tend to be wrong”

“…? How can a bad player get a hat-trick against Brazil!”

“Looks like they’re worse than me”

“…Is there anyone who is better at soccer than you?”


“Mah! What are you better than Messi or Ronaldo?”

“I don’t know Messi, but wouldn’t she be better than Kang Doo?”

“Then don’t you have any soccer players you admire?”

“I have a soccer player I admire.”


“Johan Cruyff”

“Oh- the greatest football genius in Dutch history! Johann! Cruyff!”

“Oh Geun-soo, you seem to like soccer games.”

“Oh Jesus likes soccer too. Would you like to play a game later than one?”

“Okay, let’s play later”

“What is it?”

“There’s a soccer game. If you don’t know, get out of here!”

“… I’ll take a look at you, but come anyway! You respect Johan Cruyff?”

“It was so cool to smoke and play in the second half after halftime.”

“…? Is that the reason?”

“Uh. I’m going to play the second half after I smoke after halftime when I’m an adult.”

After the recording ended, the PD was looking serious.
I said coolly.

“There’s nothing wrong with what I said, so you can just let it go.”

At that, the PD expressed concern.

“Do you think you’ll be criticized for being too cocky?”

“It’s all my heart. What?”

PD nodded with a worried expression.
And on the day of the broadcast

“You cut most of my comments.”

Although I brushed off most of the things I said.

The internet just got noisy.

[Title: Fucked. Korean prospects have already lost their roots.]

Seeing this baby
Adnang Januzhaim.
Fucking ruined

– All he showed me was that he scored a hat-trick against Brazil in South Korea, but Ronaldo can’t play soccer better than me ㅇㅋ
– ····? Hearing that, you think you’re better at soccer than Ronaldo?
– So how did you score a hat trick against Brazil with the Republic of Korea squad?
– Maybe it’s not a bubble?
– A promising prospect should be humble. When that bastard gets whirled, I’ll hold the jang in my hand.
-HahaWhat are you going to make with ssamjang this time, you bastard?
— Oh fuck I got caught lol

[Title: Just like a cursed mouth]

I wish I could be a little more humble.

– I thought I was cool? I can see manly aspirations
– Aren’t you just not cheap?
– Is it?
– I just want you to go abroad and do well.
– But you’re still underage, so you can’t sign a professional contract?
– Yes, the Premier League. I guess I won’t get a work permit.

And one year later.

The news that soccer fans will be enthusiastic about has been delivered to Korea.

[Brazil hat-trick week Jesus. Contact with many PL teams. There are even big clubs among them!]

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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