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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 1

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 1

Chapter 1 – Regression and Brazil Match.

I want to kill all the real defenders.

– The game is over. Unfortunately, soccer emperor Jesus Joo succeeded in scoring multiple goals,
Unable to stop Brazil’s overwhelming firepower, they suffered a crushing defeat 6:2 and were eliminated in the round of 16 of the World Cup.

– Yes. Brazil’s attack was too strong.


I am 234 years old. Mission failed again.

[Korea failed to win the World Cup. Go back to the past.]

A system window message is displayed.
My vision darkened.
Sounds around disappear.

Only after a long time
My eyes opened in the lodging where the Korean national team for the North and Central America World Cup stay.

[IMPOSSIBLE to win the World Cup as Korea]

“Ha. Fuck.”

I am with system windows. We returned to the day before the group stage match between South Korea and Brazil.

“…? Hey, why are you cursing all of a sudden?”

I roughly answered the words of senior defenseman Kim Min-joon, who shared the same room.

“I’m nervous about the game tomorrow.”

Now I don’t know
World Cup? Fuck yeah
Just enjoy life

It has been 234 years since we started with the soccer game system.

I will now live as I like.

That evening I worked all day even though it was the day before the game.
I stayed up all night browsing the internet.

[Title: Ah. I’m going to play in the national team tomorrow, so I’m so nervous.]

What should I do for the ceremony?

– (Don’t feed the asshole)
– He’s doing it
– If you are the national representative, I will hold the chapter in my hand.
— What is it?
— Then, did you prove it?
— Score a goal tomorrow and hold a ceremony Do you have something you want?
— (A meme where Cassano scores a goal and shakes the head of the manager)
— ㅇㅋ Take care of tomorrow’s game. You are also preparing your intestines

The next day.
The director saw my face and cast the fuck.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you!”

Fortunately, senior Min-jun, who shared the same room yesterday, gave me a shield.

“I heard that Jesus was shaking yesterday, but he must have tossed in his sleep.”

The director with a displeased expression glared at me.

“If you can’t run, tell me now. Don’t harm your teammates.”


I looked at the guys giggling behind the director and talking behind their backs.

“Anyway, you orphan. They say that they are nervous even though it is a game where they have already failed to advance to the round of 16 and go out to shame.”

“Hey. I can hear the director. Speak quietly.”

Even if you drink and run, you’ll run better than those bastards?

I shook my head and answered the director’s words.

“I can run!”

‘What is that bastard doing now!’

Korea national team coach Huh Seong-tae
Remain alone in the center circle during the opposing team’s counterattack
I looked at Jesus, number 14, who was watching while scratching his balls.

‘That bastard. It’s been weird since morning, so I guess I should have taken it off? ···No. If I didn’t play even one match, Gaetizens would have been fucking with me again.’

“Hey! Lord Jesus! What are you doing…”

When the coach tried to warn the player,
The ball kicked by South Korean defender Kim Min-joon
Fell in front of the Lord Jesus.

Lord Jesus brought possession of the ball with stable trapping.
He just started carrying the ball towards the opponent’s half.

South Korea’s counterattack unfolded in an instant, and Martinez, who is called a monster center back, grabbed Joo Jesus’ uniform and stretched out.

‘Still, I’ll give you a yellow card.’

Although the chance to counterattack was blown away.
The manager, who was trying to express his satisfaction in the fact that he earned a yellow card for the opponent early,

He doubted his own eyes at the eccentricity of the Lord Jesus.
The Lord Jesus escaped judgment and stabbed his opponent in the eye.

“Did I see something wrong?”


I hear the screams of the defenders
The referee was also taken aback by the sudden collapse of the defender, but the game continued.

Incapacitated the defender in an instant
Even the keeper was lightly deflected as Lord Jesus popped out to close his angle.

He scored a goal with a Marseille turn toward the empty goalpost.

While scoring a goal
He saw the Lord Jesus running toward him.

‘Son, how many times did you curse me when I picked you? You’re repaying the favor’

Director Heo Seong-tae, who knew that he would be embraced and prepared,


Holding his head and shaking it back and forth
I couldn’t manage my expression at all in the ceremony of Lord Jesus.

And. A community user who was watching the scene burst into laughter.

– That bastard is really the bastard yesterdayhaha?
-Did you see that? LOL
-You really are crazy lol I told you to score a goal and hold a Cassano ceremony if you want to prove it. He really grabs the director’s head and shakes ithaha

[Title: Why is the real national representative giving a shit at that time?]

(Certification photo with hands in soybean paste)

– Chukbung, having a bowel movement does not mean supporting that bowel. Cheekboong.
— No fuck how do you do that lol
—  Keep your promise like a man!
— I am a woman
— Are you pretty?
— You sick bastard.


On the way back after casting Cassano’s ceremony recommended by the community.

I was tired after running for a while.

‘Ah. I’m really sleepy.’

“FUCK! Look closely! You asshole!”

When Martinez, who was protesting that he had been gouged out, couldn’t contain his anger and cursed at the referee.
The referee presented a piece of cheese.

“What? You warning!”

The Brazilian players stop the excited Martinez.
I giggled and mocked the player inwardly.

‘Yeah~ You idiot, I stabbed you in the eye unnoticed. The referee never knows~ keep protesting~’

The ground that was a mess is calming down.
The ball in the center circle was kicked off by the Brazilian players and play resumed.

While dreaming, watching the Brazilian players attack.

The sight of senior Min-Jun sending the opponent’s striker away again caught my eye.
I could clearly see the landing point of the ball that Minjun sunbaenim casually kicked forward.

‘It’s really the most useful game system.’

I ran at full speed toward the round, sparkling landing point.

– Lord Jesus player! I jump!
– Does that player just run without looking at the ball?
– Uh? The ball goes straight to the Lord Jesus!

A ball that lands right in my direction.

‘It’s a bit far. I think it will work.’

After checking the position of the goalkeeper who had slipped forward slightly.

Kicked the ball directly

The ball narrowly avoids the goalkeeper’s fingertips
Shook the net

Brazilian players with a puzzled expression.

Run to the corner flags with them in the background
They performed the samba dance that Brazil is proud of.


– Go oh oh oh oh oh! Jesu Joo scores multi-goals in the first half only against strong Brazil!!!
– Why the hell did coach Heo Seong-tae appoint this player only now!!!!!!

I hear the voices of the full-bodied broadcasters in my ears.

‘It’s the most useless ability. This’

I saw the Brazilian players looking at my ceremony with a firm expression.

‘If you twist something, do you guys score a goal and hold a ceremony?’

Well, there are times when the commentary function is useful, though.

It’s the same case right now.

– Oh! Lord Jesus player is dangerous!

As soon as I heard the commentary, I jumped up.
I saw Martinez passing at my feet.
Pretending to be a mistake, I stepped on the dog’s shoulder.



To the screams of pain
The game is temporarily suspended

The referee issued an additional warning to Martinez as he was being carried away on a stretcher, ordering him to leave.

“Are you okay, Jesus?”

I nod my head to the doctor
I got up slowly and relaxed.

– Ah! Thankfully, Joo Jesus doesn’t seem to have a major injury!
– Yes, Bonnie seems to have dodged well just before the collision.
– By the way, I hope Martinez isn’t too injured.
– Yes, although it is a dangerous tackle that can cause injury, I hope it is not a big injury.

I shook my head as I listened to the commentary.

“It sucks.”


Permission is given to the referee.
He returned by running slowly to the ground.

In that moment, one goal had already been taken, and the score became 2vs1, and I admired it a little.

‘If it wasn’t for Minjun sunbaenim, it would have been 3vs2 long ago.’

The first half ended just like that.

Halftime locker room.

Coach Heo Seong-tae tapped me on the shoulder excitedly.

HahaJesus! Well done, do that in the second half!”

At his words, I nodded lightly.

“Kyaa. Even if it wasn’t really only the Gaetizens of the Republic of Korea. I’m going up to the round of 16 by using Jesus a long time ago.”

Yeah that’s not it
Your tactic sucks

I do not respond to the director’s words
I closed my eyes and rested.

“Kids! Just do it like the first half, like the first half!”

Coach Heo Seong-tae just inspires fighting without any tactical instructions.

After this World Cup, it remains in the Chukhyup
Watching him become the vanguard of networking football
I sighed quietly.

‘Should I just announce my retirement from the national team?’


When the Lord Jesus sighed,

I watched the match between Korea and Brazil.
AC Milan and Italy’s legendary striker
The director shouted Hallelujah.

“Oh! It looks like me in my prime.”

He spat out praises toward Jesus Christ, who had been praised for his excellent positioning in the past, and showed similar positioning skills to his own.

“Your foot skills are better than mine. Hmmm, are you going to be able to recruit that player?”

[Five! HOLY! His positioning seems to have been ordained by God.]

[According to the news now received, his name is the Lord Jesus.
If you translate this into English, it’s called Lord Jesus.]

[Your parents must have been very sincere for Asians. Oh, it’s not racism.]

[He was an orphan as a child and is said to have grown up in a cathedral.]

[Five! Oh My God! Lord Jesus! He completes a hat-trick against Brazil!]

[Oh. That child has grown up and is now putting a dagger in Brazil’s chest.]

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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