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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 6

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 6

Chapter 6 – The Bad Prophet From the East (1)

[Barcelona CF defeats Granada 3vs1 with Jesus Joo’s multi-goal.]

[Director Usman Griezmann ‘I don’t understand Jeju’s behavior.’ Expressing dissatisfaction with Jejus who held a racial discrimination protest ceremony?]

[A racist act towards an 18-year-old boy in Granada? Actively investigate the Granada officials and punish the audience.]

[Royal Spanish Football Association (RFEF) Barcelona CF player Joo Jesus suspended for one game.]

[Barcelona CF, appeal to RFEF. We will do our best to protect young players.]

[Director Usman Griezmann ‘I wasn’t aware that racism had occurred.’ ]

[French media, it was a game that showed the dark side of Spain.]


Things are turning more serious than I thought.
It was a problem that occurred because I was doing it.
I forgot that my current age is a minor.

Granada are looking for spectators who have turned their eyes on for the club’s image and made outright racist remarks or ripped out their eyes.
Director Usman Griezmann also ‘conveyed’ an apology to me.

Head Coach Jose Sierra, who was in front of me, shrugged his shoulders and said.
“Jejus, the manager said he was sorry and apologized.”

“Aren’t you doing it yourself?”

“I’m sick, so you understand”

At the head coach’s words, I nodded.

“I see.”

It’s not a day or two that the director’s kid does that, and now I’m not surprised at all.

Anyway, let things go like this.
The vice-captain, who had previously made racist remarks to me on the training ground, hovered restlessly around me like a dog with his tail on fire.

“Oh! Hey Jejus”

Of course, I didn’t get an apology.
Treating people who don’t exist
They never even exchanged words.

“Ah. I want to play drunk soccer.”

Let the incident spread widely.
Messages of regards began to come from people who were related to me.

-Mother: Jesus, are you okay?
-Me: Your mother. Do not worry too much. I’m doing well.
-Mother: Yes, take good care of your body health.
-Me: Mom, take care of your health too!
-Mother: Can you call me if anything happens?
-Me: Yes, I will contact you often even if I am not workinghaha
-Mother: You are much better than Dusik.

– Yunanunna: Hey! Lord jesus are you okay
-Me: No ㅠㅠ It’s not okay ㅠㅠ
– Yunanunna: Shall I go now?
-Me: My sister said that she would have a comeback soon ㅠㅠ
-Yunaunna: Why is a comeback important?
-MehahaI’m kidding, it’s really okay
– Yunanunna: I can’t because I’m worried. Wait, I’ll postpone my plans and go to Spain now.
-It’s not me;;; My sister is really fine! And you don’t even have a passport!
– Yunanunna: Oh right! Then, if you have any problems, please contact me o(〃’▽’〃)o I’ll quickly make a passport for you and go to Spain!
-Me: Okay! I’ll tap again later! I love youhaha
-Yunaunna: Me too♥

-Kang Seok-gu: Jesus, do you understand?
-Me: Yes. It’s okay more!
-Kang Seok-gu: Don’t! Yes boy!
-Me: Yes! More right!
-Kang Seok-gu: Let’s work hard and have a meal next time we come to Korea
-Me: Your uncle. Buy something delicious when you go to Korea!
-Kang Seok-gu: Yes ^^ Contact me when you come to Korea.

– Iron Wall Kim Min-joon: Jesus, are you okay?
– Iron Wall Kim Min-joon: Because only some idiots who discriminate against racism do that.
– Iron Wall Kim Min-joon: Don’t worry too much.
– Iron Wall Kim Min-joon: Get well and see you at the national team.
-Me: Yes brother! Brother is doing well and see you on the national team.
-Immortal Wall Kim Min-joon: ㅇㅇ

The club excluded me from the next game as a player protection measure and a one-game suspension disciplinary action.

In that match, Barcelona performed like dogs.
Suffer defeat

[Usman Griezmann OUT!]
[Vamtori OUT!]

Firmly horned Barça fans protested.
I’m bored passing by When we are protesting together in between them. A man recognized me.

“Usman Griezmann out!”

“Oh! Jesus?”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Oh! I’m such a fan. I even bought a jersey. Can I ask for your autograph if you’ll excuse me?”

I nodded my head when the fan politely and respectfully asked for an autograph. Even took pictures

“Can I take a picture for you?”

“Oh! It would be an honor if you would.”

Taking pictures with his smartphone. I took another picture with my smartphone.
A picture taken with a fan. It also went up on my Stargram.

“Can I upload this photo on my Stargram?”

“Oh! Of course!”

[Title: With my fans in front of protesters.]

(Photo of Jesus Joo smiling brightly and a burning trash can behind the fan)

I went to see the protest today. I met my fan.

– No Lord Jesus player! Isn’t that what you wear on your wrist that you give to protesters?
– What is the player attending the protest?
– He’s a real bitch.
Song_U: Hee-in! It looks funny.
— Wow. Crazyhahasteamed Song Yuna
— Sister! The song is so good!
— You think that looks fun?
-Lord_Jesus18: I’ll show you when my sister comes later.
— ···What are you two doing now?
— Don’t carelessly join in and just smile ^^

[Soccer player Joo Jesus and Song Yuna in pink love?]

On Stargram of soccer player Jesus Joo
Recently, rising singer-song star Yuna Song left a meaningful comment about her and fell into love rumors.

Song Yuna’s agency has yet to make an official statement.

– Reporter ^^ Hurry up and write down ^^
– You don’t have a fucking sense, reporter ^^
– Lord Jesus,,,player,,,always,,,cheering

[Song Yuna reveals that she is in the stage of getting to know her with good feelings]

At Eutteum Entertainment, Song Yuna’s agency,
The two officially acknowledged their relationship.
At the same time, a devotee was posted on Stargram of the two.
Netizens are pouring in their support.

– Congratulations!!
– Have a good love!!
– Song Yuna. I loved you twins.
– What is he?
– Do not feed the asshole.

[Barcelona is not in a good mood due to recent incidents. Jejus was the front striker. ]

[Yes. In the last game, I gave Jejus a break because it was both a discipline and a player protection.
In fact, it is because the focus is on the racial discrimination suffered by Jejus, who is a minor player.
Jejus made a sensational debut by scoring 2 goals in just 2 minutes, receiving 2 warnings for 2 ceremonies and being sent off.]

[I wonder if Jejus, who scored two goals before his debut, will be able to score at Camp Nou, Barcelona’s home ground, today.]

[Yes. I think it would be good to say that it is the topic of greatest interest today. Today, Barcelona’s position is 4-3-3.]

[Well, actually the Barcelona position was predictable. Director Usman Griezmann is said to have a strong obsession with tradition.]

[By comparison, Valencia has a 4:4:2 formation.]

[Last game, the players who caught Atletico and their positions]

[It was a great game. Oh! At the moment I speak, a cheering song for Jejus is being sung at Camp Nou.]

[Even though he is a player who is only in his 2nd game now. You have already stolen the hearts of Barcelona fans.]

“Jesus! Jesus! We support you!”

“He’s a prophet from the East. He predicts the defeat of the Madrid guys!”

“Jesus! Jesus! Ohh! Our Lord! Jesus!”

After just two matches, Lord Jesus saw a chill run down his spine as he watched the Barça fans sing their national anthem.

‘Uh? Fuck, if you transfer like this, you’ll get hit with a real pistol, right? I guess when I transfer, I have to blow up the tape recorder and transfer.’

Controlling his expression, he approached the fans who were singing his chants, waving his hand and saying hello.
Seeing him approaching, the fans cheered with louder voices.

“Jejus! Don’t be discouraged! Kill those guys!”

“Come and do the ceremony here!”

“Yes! Don’t be warned!”

“Damn, a game without you was so fucked up!”

“Don’t worry! I’ll definitely score a goal today and come this way!”

Say hello to them, the great Quran.
Lord Jesus began warming up with Luis Garcia.

“Lewis, please take good care of your pass today.”

“No problem, don’t get kicked out today”

“Don’t worry Louis. I’m going to give my fans a present today.”



The match started with the sound of the referee’s whistle.

The opposing striker kicks the ball in the center circle. We increased the intensity of the compression.
The ball went back and forth in the Barcelona camp.

Right fullback Mario took the ball out with a clean tackle.
Mario quickly passes the ball to Luis Garcia.
Luis García’s great off-pressing ability took the pressure off Valencia’s middle and passed the ball to me.


I trapped the ball Luis Garcia lightly floated and passed, cutting the bottom of the ball. After dropping the ball behind the defender
I turned around and shook off the two defenders in an instant. He ran towards the opponent’s goal.

Shoot-painting the goalkeeper who is approaching the psychological warfare by narrowing the angle forward
After lightly shaking with motion

Tadak- that-

He kicked hard into the empty goal.


Let’s complete the counterattack with just three passes.
The Barcelona fans started singing my cheering song more passionately.

“He’s a prophet from the East. He predicts the defeat of the Madrid guys!”

“Jesus! Jesus! Ohh! Our Lord! Jesus!”

After taking off my uniform, I kissed the Barça emblem. I reached out to the fans who sang my cheering song.

Fuck. I have to go, what should I do?
I already signed a contract.

“¡Vamos! Kid! What a killer finish!”

While worrying about the future, it came to me before I knew it
Said Luis Garcia, stroking my hair.

‘Ah. Did Luis Garcia leave the team in anger at Barcelona for leaking his contract during the winter transfer window? Then we can go out together.’

It seems like it would be easier to share a difficult task with two people.
If the two of you share a swearing job, at least you won’t get hit by a gun.

And the worries of the future will be taken care of by the future me.


[Bloody hell! What did Jejus do now?]

[Oh. My gosh. Jejus player. We present Taekwondo, a traditional Korean martial art, to the player who knocked him over.]

[It’s a splendid kick. The referee issues a red card to the Jejus player and sends him off. Today, Jejus player will leave the ground after being sent off after playing for 45 minutes in the first half and scoring multiple goals.]

[Five! A Jejus player who asks the referee!]

[Luis Garcia runs to stop the excited Jejus player]

[Jesus, who has calmed down his excitement, is asking for applause from the home fans as he exits the ground.]

“Jesus! Jesus! We support you!”

“He’s a prophet from the East. He predicts the defeat of the Madrid guys!”

“Jesus! Jesus! Ohh! Our Lord! Jesus!”

“He’s a bad boy from Correa. Beat up the Madrid guys!”

“Jesus! Jesus! Ohh! Our Lord! Jesus!”

[As Barça fans cheer, here at the eastern end of the Eurasian continent, a bad boy prophet from Korea has settled down at Camp Nou.]


Korean viewers who saw Jesus Joo’s fantastic kicks were also on fire.

[Barcelona vs Valencia Joo Jesus selection]

– What is that bastard? After dating rumors broke out with Yuna Song, she seemed to have calmed down, but she’s right back to normal.
– Oh fuck. If you’re going to do it, let’s return my sister!
– I don’t know. Rooney also grew up after having a baby.
– 2 matches, 2 exits True story, you crazy bastard;;
– 4 goals in 49 minutes of playing time. Sounds like a crazy kid too 😉
– But why did that bastard leave the ground laughing?
– Leave it alone and have a happy dream.
– 진짜 개 미친 새끼. I’m leaving after being sent off, but I’m asking for applause from the home fanshaha
– Lol
– It turned lol

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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