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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 7

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 7

Chapter 7 – The Bad Prophet From the East (2)

After playing for 45 minutes in the first half, I was sent off for throwing a Cantona kick at the opposing defender.
I was sitting in the stands and watching the ground blankly.

‘I’m really bad at soccer. Why are you spinning the ball over there? There’s an empty space there. Oh what is trapping
Is that from La Masia? Amazing.’

Let’s not look good at my rotten performance. Head coach Jose Sierra, who misunderstood that expression, cautiously approached and asked.

“Jeju, did that kid make racist remarks to you?”

He shook his head at the worried words of head coach Jose Sierra.

“No, I was so angry at the moment I couldn’t stand it.”

Jose Sierra, unable to control his expression at my words, cleared his throat. He made strange excuses and tried to get away.

“Hmmmm, there’s a crowd dumping trash over there. I’m going to warn you.”


“Oh. I can see it. Maybe your eyes are the problem?”

“Couldn’t your old eyes be the problem?”

“Oh. It can’t be.”

Seeing the head coach avoiding his seat with an exaggerated expression and over-action. I thought of Sergio Pepe, who is currently playing for Real Madrid.

“I wonder if that bastard is doing well. I was embarrassed because he was right next to me when I sometimes turned my head on the subject of center back.”

What. ‘Cause I’ll see you soon But he’s a true madrista. Do you think we can become friends when we meet?

“Things will work out.”

In my self-talk. At La Masia, he was recognized for his talent and succeeded in skipping a grade. Sergio Fabregas.
The only one in La Masia where the plague is rampant. Properly grown crops responded.


“No. Don’t mind talking to yourself.”

Sergio Fabregas, who had been approaching to be friendly with, could be seen gradually drifting away.

Why I was just talking to myself in Korean.
Why are you afraid and avoiding the seat?
Anyway. Barcelona. It’s a very incomprehensible club.

“Tsk tsk. The only normal guy in La Masia. That’s what he looks like. La Masia isn’t good either.”

And no one came until the game was over after Sergio Fabregas left. Then I felt something strange.

“Am I being bullied?”

The players from La Masia who saw Jesus muttering to himself while sitting in the stands. We talked quietly so as not to enter the ears of the Lord Jesus.

“Let’s not touch Jeju. It’s like a person possessed by a devil.”

“Are you still muttering to yourself?”

“Uh. And what I personally said to that dreaded head coach, Jose Sierra, is even more shocking.”

“But why didn’t the head coach get angry whenheheard that?”

“Rather, it felt like the head coach was avoiding Jejus.”

At that time, Sergio Fabregas, who had been next to the Lord Jesus and moved on, caught their eyes.

“Hey Sergio, what did Jejus say to head coach Jose earlier?”

“…They kicked me in anger.”


“The opposing defender got angry and kicked him.”

In the words of Sergio Fabregas. The gang from La Masia are at a loss for words.

During a pause in the game, Luis Garcia, who came to the touchline to drink an ion drink, overheard them unwillingly. After hearing the whole story, he left a brief comment about the Lord Jesus.

“He was a real madman.”

[Why did you kick the opponent’s defender Mai Kong? Has he ever been racist towards you?]

I shook my head at the interviewer’s words.

“There was no racism. I can’t remember why I kicked him.”

Looking at the interviewer with a puzzled expression
I played the tape recorder.

[…But I remember it wasn’t racism. Can’t remember why?]

“I don’t remember very well.”

[No, that makes sense…]

“I don’t remember very well, but I want to apologize to Valencia centre-back Maicon.”

“…He said he couldn’t remember why he was kicked”

And my ignorance strategy changed my image in an instant. From being a pitiful Asian victim of racism to being a demon-given talent and a rogue, I finally felt liberated.

“Ha. It’s been hard since I’ve been acting abnormally.”


[The Royal Spanish Football Association (RFEF) suspended 5 games for ‘bad boy’ Jejus.]

[I didn’t say anything racist, but I can’t remember why it was kicked? Deception towards Valencia or youth dementia]

[Valencia rebels against the Spanish Royal Football Association discipline, the level of discipline is too weak!]

[A collection of remarks made by Jeju in Korea, ‘There is no one better at soccer than me. Even Messi and Ronaldo are under my feet.’ Is it the arrogance or confidence of genius?]

[The person Jeju admires the most is Johann Cruyff. The reason is, ‘It’s so cool to smoke a cigarette during halftime and play in the second half. I also want to try it later.’]

[Sergio Fabregas, the next generation of Spain’s national team and the top prospect of Barcelona’s La Masia, opens up about Jesus. ‘He’s broken somewhere.’]

[Jeju opens up about self-controversy. ‘I am a very normal person.’]

[Real Madrid declares interest in Jeju and Luis Gariza]

[Jeju, ‘My heart is in Barcelona, ​​but I will listen to the condition.’]

[Barcelona fans express their anger at Jejus’ remarks]

[Jeju, ‘People must be free. Therefore, the freedom to change jobs must also be respected.’]

[Barcelona fans who were outraged by Jeju’s remarks protested against Jeju’s remarks, demanding that Jeju’s be put in the second team.]

[A fan who met and took pictures in Jeju and protests. The uniform and Jejus broke the smartphone they touched, a hot topic]

[Barcelona fan, ‘I regret the fact that I liked Jejus. He is the worst player.’]

[Jeju’s. ‘ I don’t know why the fans are mad at me. Shouldn’t Barcelona offer better conditions than Real Madrid?’]

[Jejus, “I will pray that those who curse me will work hard and get a good salary.”]

[Sergio Pepe, ‘I saw an interview with Jeju’s. He has the qualities to be a great madrista. His face would definitely look good in a white shirt. I want to play with him at Real Madrid as soon as possible.’]

During the interview, I sincerely did not understand.

“No. Why is it a betrayal to move to a place with better conditions? I don’t understand.”

Better conditions for people. Isn’t it natural to seek out a better environment? I’m not from La Masia, and I’m not indebted to Barcelona.
You want loyalty Barcelona fans are greedy.

FYI, my loyalty always comes from money.

Don’t trust people Trust that person’s money. It is the truth of life that I have realized after living for 234 years.

By the way, why did Sergio Pepe ask for a call?


-Tear Princess: Hey. Great madrista.
-Me: ? I?
-Princess of Tears: I heard about you from President Núñez today. It’s a really great method.
-Me: Is that a breach of contract?
-Tear Princess: Violation of the contract. You can’t stop Hala Madrid. That’s the truth of life
– Princess of Tears: In El Clasico, don’t cry even if you treat her too harshly.
-Me: Don’t cry after being stripped of yourself.
– Princess of Tears: I’m crying? This real man, Sergio Pepe? That’s something that will never happen in this world. Just like Kuret beat Blancos.
-Princess Tear: Hey great madrista why don’t you reply?
– Princess of Tears: Oh. I get it. You’re already in battle mode.
-Princess of Tears: When you come to the Santiago Bernabéu, you’d better wear a diaper, kid.

What a crazy man.

While taking five games off due to punishment, Barcelona achieved 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. At this rate, even Europa seemed to be in the middle of the day.

Even the next match is El Clasico, a derby match against Real Madrid that Barcelona fans must win even if they die. Eventually, they started looking for me, who had been sealed away.

“Jesus! Jesus! We support you!”

“He’s a prophet from the East. He predicts the defeat of the Madrid guys!”

“Jesus! Jesus! Ohh! Our Lord! Jesus!”

“He’s a bad boy from Correa. Beat up the Madrid guys!”

“Jesus! Jesus! Ohh! Our Lord! Jesus!”

“Our prophet who will destroy Madrid!”

As expected, if life is sweet, you swallow it, and if you use it, you spit it out.
The club is looking for me because it looks like they can’t go to the Europa and lose in El Clasico.

On the bus heading to Madrid, I waved a hand while listening to their cheers.

“I’ll still win the match”

“Is he talking to himself again?”

“Uh. It’s been like that since before.”

“At first, I was like a demon possessed, but now I’m used to it to some extent.”

“Yes, there are various people in the world.”

Leave me like that Although the people from La Masia, who were out of character, mumbled. Didn’t care.

“What am I doing to look at the football idiots?”

Entering the Santiago Bernabéu where the 13th round of the league is held and warming up lightly. Fans of the home team, Real Madrid, began cheering for Barcelona player Jesus Joo.

“Jesus! Jesus! We support you!”

“He’s a prophet from Barcelona. He predicted the defeat of the Barcelona guys!”

“Jesus! Jesus! Ohh! Our Lord! Jesus!”

“He’s a bad boy from Correa. He made the weak Barcelona guys cry!”

“Jesus! Jesus! Ohh! Our Lord! Jesus!”

“Our prophet who will come into our arms and destroy Barcelona!”

And the Koreans who were watching the scene found the owner of the overflowing gukppong.

-Kiaaaaa Housekeeper!
– Wow, crazy. Are the real fans singing the cheering song?
– It’s just to mock Barcelona fans, but why is it so much?
– That’s because the target to sing the cheering song is the royal family Real.
– The key here is not what kind of ceremony the Lord Jesus will performhaha
– ㅇㅇ I’m curious lol Please, if the Lord Jesus scored.
– Likely to score.
– Why?
– I bet Toto
-Ah, hit me up my b*tch

The match is starting The Madrid fans who sang cheering songs are disappearing. Every time I got the ball it was making a booing sound.

[Ooh ooh ooh–!!]

[Jeju’s! Take off the disgusting striped uniform immediately and wear white, which symbolizes the king of Europe!]

Sergio Pepe approached before I knew it and tried to get on my nerves.

“Hey, great madrista, shouldn’t you go home and drink some more mother’s milk?”

I pointed out the corrections to Sergio Pepe, who was referring to his non-existent mother.

“I’m an orphan. I don’t have a mother?”

Sergio Pepe’s mouth and actions were rough, but his heart was tender. Sergio Pepe’s eyes shook like an earthquake.
In an instant, his concentration was broken.

If that’s the case, I don’t understand why you’re doing a pad lip. What. Opposite side now is a great hole.

Sergio Pepe’s crotch feeds the eggs and breaks through in an instant.
I saw Luis Garcia running into an empty space. I lightly tapped the ball and sent a roving through pass that landed right in the space in front of Luis Garcia, slightly over the height of Alexander Meyer, who was trying to put pressure on me.

The offside line collapsed in an instant, but the Real Madrid players quickly got into cover and tried to stop it.

Luis Garcia gave me a slight push as I entered the penalty area without being greedy.

The pass of Luis Garcia, who is called Xavi’s successor, rolled in at a speed that was easy to handle with non-stop shooting.

“If you miss this. You can’t be a soccer player!”


He found me and his face turned white. Goalkeeper Pablo Gaya’s shot was shot low and fast between the crotches.

Gaya hurriedly closed his crotch to block the ball, but the ball shook his net, ignoring his earnest prayer.


I immediately scored a goal. I followed the ring ceremony of Raul Gonzalez, who was said to be the most beloved by Madrid stars.

Luis Garcia, who was watching him, shook his head from side to side as if he was in trouble. Real Madrid fans saw my ceremony and created a new cheering song on the spot.

“Jesus! Jesus! El ángel del Madrid we lost

“People say he’s a bad boy from Correa, but we know.”

“That he did it to come back to his hometown!”

“Our El ángel del Madrid with the glory of Real!”

“The history of Real Madrid he will write in the future is infinite!”

Listening to the cheers of the Madrid stars, I thought.
····No. I am still a Barcelona player.
Even before the transfer, their overflowing love is inexhaustibly burdensome.

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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