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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 8

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 8

Chapter 8 – Just a Crazy Guy (1)


[Real Madrid cheers for our player Jesus Christ!]

[El ángel del Madrid, meaning Angel of Madrid. It is another nickname for Raul Gonzalez, who was so loved in Madrid that he was called Raul Madrid.]

[What kind of 18-year-old boy in the world would have thought that he would receive cheers from a rival club!]

[Yes, definitely, the composure of Joo Jesus, his ball control and wide field of view, and his determination to finish without fail, even though he is called a bad boy, even the star quality that is loved by the public. Perhaps we are seeing the beginning of the era of the Lord Jesus player following the Meho era and the obscene era.]

[Joo Jesus, who appeared when the popularity of soccer was withering because there were no star players! Oh! At that time, Jesus Joo received Luis Garcia’s pass and beat Sergio Pepe with only a soft first touch! And one after another! Two three! Lastly, even beat the goalkeeper! Shoot! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!! Messi! Messi! At this moment, Messi, the god of soccer, has descended to the Santiago Bernabeu!]

[Yes. If you look at it even now, after taking possession of the ball with a perfect first touch, did you break down the defender with only the upper body painting? Even the defense that came to support with La Croqueta, which immediately followed there, made a fool. I didn’t write big and flashy individual skills. He scored a goal by beating the goalkeeper with a simple upper body painting and a two-footed dribble that showed proficiency to the point where you wouldn’t even know which one was the main ball. It was definitely a score that felt like Messi in the past.]

[This is coach Usman Griezmann, who does not appoint such a player in the Champions League because of an adaptation problem. ]

At Caster’s last words, the commentator tapped him on the thigh to calm down. The caster, who came to his senses, apologized to the viewers.

[Oh, sorry. Please forgive me for being overly excited.]

[Perhaps, in the upcoming match against Napoli, it is believed that Joo Jesus will be able to compete.]

[Barcelona is currently in second place and has to win all remaining games. The Korean derby may be held in the Champions League.]

[The referee blows the whistle and the first half is over.]

[The first half was a regular attack by Madrid throughout, and Barcelona blocked it well, and Barcelona took the lead 2:0 with the score of our Korean national pride, Joo Jesus.]

[They are moving ahead, but it was a first half that revealed several problems for Barcelona.]

[How much Barcelona complements this problem. And Real Madrid seems to be thinking about how to break through Barcelona’s defensive defense in the halftime locker room.]

[During the halftime where the coaches of Real Madrid and Barcelona CF are contemplating, I hope the viewers go to the bathroom and eat the chicken they ordered.]

After scoring the second goal, he raised his hands above his head, no three heads. Barcelona fans who saw this ceremony only for their own team were displeased with their eyes, but they also had a satisfied look on their faces because they were winning.

Currently, in the halftime locker room, coach Usman Griezmann’s tactical instructions were being given.

“Block it! Block it unconditionally!

Well. What a great name.

Looking at Usman Griezman, who just shouts to stop without any specific tactical instructions. His chest grew magnificent.

Although the words came out of his mouth, Jejus blah blah blah. I quietly closed my eyes and rested.

It just means scoring a goal. What.

Coach Usman Griezmann ignored his words and glared at Jejus, who was taking a break.
Head coach Jose Sierra, who alternately looked at coach Griezmann, who was blushing, and Jejus, who was resting with a calm expression, was threatened with a job change.

‘Go back with the asshole. Why did God give me such hardship?’

Even today, head coach José Sierra has been busy acting as a bridge between the racist manager and the player who wants to move to Real Madrid.

“Jeju, I’m sorry for the break, but can we come down and play a bit more before the second half?”

“Come down? That’s right. What”

“Thank you.”

“What. It’s nothing.”

And the second half that followed. Coach Usman Griezmann and head coach Jose Sierra grabbed the back of their necks as they watched Jesus do not go out of the shaded friendly penalty area.

“PUTA! That fucked baby. Are you protesting now?”


[Joo-Jesus player? Is this the director’s order? Why don’t you come out of the Barcelona penalty area?]

-What is he doing?
– Is it a supervisory order?
– Aren’t you the manager getting angry on the touchline?

[Judging from the manager getting angry on the touch line. It doesn’t seem like the director’s instructions.]

[···Yes. Something seems to be happening.]

Haha15-year-old caster is embarrassed by the Lord Jesus class;;
– Crazy bastardhaha​​3 months after the transfer he protestedhaha​​he really ran aroundhaha

[Song_You. Official_★]
Our Jesus♥ Watching the game (˶◕‿◕˶✿)

(Lord Jesus kisses the ring)
(Lord Jesus, apology ceremony to Madrid fans)
(Song Yuna watching TV)

Already multi-goal ヽ(^Д^)ノ

#Football Genius #My Boyfriend #Future Husband? #BarcelonaCF #No.18 Lord Jesus

– Ah. It’s Yuna! Take care of your husband!
– You bastard without the real Lord Jesus. Under. Just transfer
Song_You: Why! My husband is good at soccer! Why are you killing my husband! ‾͟͟͞(((ꎤ ✧曲✧)̂—̳͟͞͞o
Eat this!
– ㅇㅇ The level of Yuna Song who sidelines that such a thing is her boyfriend ㅋ
– Just a man’s crazy bitch
– ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ Song Yuna also met Joo Jesus and felt the taste keke
– ? Why is everyone swearing at Yuna noona all of a sudden?
– I gave a comment this yearhaha
Song_You: The company wants to delete it ㅠㅠ

The sun is hot. Why am I playing soccer on a day like this?
In the meantime, I heard the enthusiastic cheering of Madrid fans who were hotter than the sun.

Ya corre la Saeta, ya ataca mi Madrid,

Soy lucha soy belleza, el grito que aprendí

Madrid, Madrid, Madrid, ¡Hala madrid!

Y nada más, y nada más, ¡hala madrid!]

Is soccer more important to those people than their skin?
Because my skin is more precious to me than football. As directed by the coach, we stood in the shadow of our defensive line.

Barcelona players like me who follow the coach’s instructions well. Real Madrid players too. Everyone looked at me like a madman.

I was a little embarrassed by their gaze.
Honestly, if I scored multiple goals in the first half, wouldn’t I have done my job? Even if I leave work like this, can’t I say something?

As I was thinking about that, a disgusting racist on the touchline was throwing a tantrum.

“Jeju! You monkey don’t jump properly?!”

After filtering out racist words and taking a break on the bench after a dropkick, I was searching for a target for a dropkick. A veteran Real Madrid winger. Jorginho spoke.

“Hey, Jejus. I think your manager is calling you anxiously?”

“Huh? Ah, it’s okay. You can ignore it.”

That. Jorginho looked at Barcelona’s captain with eyes asking if he was really okay. Ever since the last time I hit the vice-captain’s head with a strong shot. He was avoiding making eye contact with me.

Jorginho, who was watching him, shook his head and spoke softly.
“Barcelona is really shit”

As if I agreed with Jorginho’s words. Let’s keep his nod. His gaze changed strangely.
“Hmm. I agree with that comment.”


That one. It’s the look in my eyes when I look at Sergio Pepe. That guy insults me. I guess I should score one more goal.


As I passed the center circle, Luis Garcia looked at me and said to me with a playful look.

“Have you had enough rest in the shadow of our little prince?”

“Hmm. Certainly. He was handsome enough that I would be called a prince.”

Luis Garcia didn’t say anything to my shameless reaction. He added more words.

“Oh, I apologize in advance if that’s what you like. I have a girlfriend with whom I promise a future.”

“Sons. Shut up and go up.”

Let’s give a playful salute to Luis Garcia. He pressed his temples hard as if he had a headache.

“Old! Seol!”


Handing a thumbs up towards Luis Garcia, who grabbed his head.

“As expected for headaches, XXX!”

Our great madrista. Sergio Pepe approached. Pepe’s eyes were bloodshot red.

“Hey, are you crying?”


Tsk tsk. If this guy scores another goal, will he cry?
When I was trying to comfort him, Luis Garcia called my name and sent me a pass.


I didn’t know about the pass Lewis sent me. Sombreno flick was used. Let’s pass by Pepe, who has become a fool in an instant. The goal was clearly open.

I hit a hard mid-range shot aiming for the top of the near post.


The ball hit the goal post and deflected. Crossed the goal line.
I completed a hat-trick in the 75th minute of the second half
Heading to where the Barcelona stands are located.


He had a heavy rain ceremony.

“Uh uh uh uh uh–“

“Get out of here! You son of a bitch!”

No. Why did Barça fans not like me when I scored a goal?.

[“Jesus! Jesus! El ángel del Madrid (Angel of Madrid) we lost”

“People say he’s a bad boy from Correa, but we know.”

“That he did it to come home!”

“Our El ángel del Madrid with the glory of Real!”

“The history of Real Madrid he will write with us from now on is infinite!”]

Why do real fans like it more?

I really don’t understand.

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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