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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 9

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 9

Chapter 9 – Just a Crazy Guy (2)

[No.18 out No.22 In]

As I received the signal from work and moved to the touch line, I heard the sound of standing ovation and cheering from Madridistas.

[Jesus! Jesus! El ángel del Madrid (Angel of Madrid) we lost

People say he’s a bad boy from Correa, but we know.

That he did it to come home!

Our El ángel del Madrid with Real glory!

The history of Real Madrid he will write with us in the future is infinite!]

Well. He scored a goal earlier, but he is on a different level from the lost Barcelona fans who booed him.

Or am I the type to be eaten in Madrid?


“In the 85th minute of the second half, Jejus was substituted out and received a standing ovation from the Madrists here at the Santiago Bernabéu.”

“Which teenager could ever get a standing ovation at the Santiago Bernabéu against the opposing team, while wearing the shirt of Barcelona, ​​which is famous for antagonism!”

“Maybe, we are now watching the opening of the era of Jejus. Was Messi, the god of soccer, so shocking when he debuted?”

“Well, what I can confirm is that the teenage Jesus is more complete as a soccer player than the teenage Messi.”

“Oh. That’s a statement that might be resisted by Argentinian fans and Barcelona fans.”

“I’m just speaking my opinion. In my opinion, teenage Jesus is a better player than teenage Messi.”

“Um. Yes. That’s right. Anyway, it would be embarrassing for Barcelona. I wouldn’t have known that Jejus could do that well.”

“Yes. That’s right. A player who scored a hat-trick in El Clasico only had a buyout of 31 million euros. Who wouldn’t want him?”

“A club that gave an 18-year-old boy a standing ovation despite being an enemy, a club that booed despite being on the same side. It was a game that made me feel so many things.”

“Maybe we’ll see a Jejus player wearing a white uniform this winter.”

“But why is Barcelona not renewing the contract with that player?”

“Well, I have no idea why.”

Barcelona’s president Bametori and his aides were talking about the renewal of the contract with the Lord Jesus with a serious expression.

“Damn it. What the hell is that bullshit?”

“If you want to renew your contract, you are asking for a penalty. They say that you have a contract with Madrid, so there will be a penalty when you renew the contract.”

“Puta! Does that make sense? That the agency of a player who had been transferred less than three months had a behind-the-scenes contract with Madrid?”

“They said they approached other clubs after seeing us neglecting racism.”

“A fucking Asian monkey. It should be considered an honor just for being accepted into the club. Is there any way to find fault with the contract behind this?”

“In that case, the recording of our captain and vice-captain making racist remarks would be a problem. It would also be a problem that the club kicked out the manager rather than punishing them.

In fact, this is the biggest problem, but the main sponsor Lukuten (a Japanese company) is complaining about the situation of the club, which continues to be reddened by the recent racial discrimination issue.”

At the words of his aide, Chairman Barm Torii lost his temper with his face flushed.

“Anyway, Coreanos and Japonis are all the same monkeys. Tell Little Figo’s bastard agent.

In the winter transfer window, I won’t say no buyout and I’ll send them to the albino cubs, so don’t even talk about racism!”


“That little dodgeball bastard. I’d like to keep him in the second team until he transfers.”

At the words of Chairman Barmetori, his aide who grasps Barcelona’s current financial situation more closely than anyone else stopped him with a pale expression.

“If we drop out of the Champions League now, we’ll have problems with the club’s finances!”

“Aren’t there other strikers?”

“Whether La Masia prospect or reserve striker, he’s far less decisive than Little Figo.”

At the words of his own confidant, Chairman Bame Thori, who swallowed his drool, nodded his head with a distraught expression.

“Kkeuh… Yes, I’ll have to go up to the round of 16 of the Champions League first.”

I was listening to Dusik hyung about the current situation in the house I rented when I joined Barcelona.

“Once in Barcelona, ​​if Real Madrid buy out, they don’t refuse, but the condition is that they don’t explode the recording.”

“What do they say in Real Madrid?”‘

“Real seems to want to expose facts related to racism, but it’s not really forced, it’s what you want”


“If you don’t burst into racial discrimination, you’ll pay 44 billion won to Barcelona and the remaining 22 billion separately, it looks like you’re trying to get it in the contract.”

Dushik-hyung’s words made me worry.
Is it my image or money in Barcelona?
The trouble was short-lived. The choice was solid.

“Let’s go to the money.”

Why don’t you swear at the Barcelona fans?
At my firm answer, Dusik hyung burst into laughter.

“I thought so.”

“Then, are there five games left before the transfer?”

“If you don’t get disciplined, then what?”

At Dushik’s words, I snorted.
“Ah, no matter how hard I go out, will I be disciplined in the meantime?”

[Director Usman Griezmann’s topic of racist remarks toward Jejus]

[An immature and ignorant director who discriminates against an 18-year-old boy. Does Jeju really have to be in Barcelona?]

[Director Usman Griezmann, who opened up about the racism controversy, ‘It was a mistake. I was so angry. I will send an apology to Jejus separately.’]

[Jesus shook his head when reporters asked if he had received an apology from manager Griezmann. ‘He didn’t apologize to me. And I don’t think he has anything to apologize for. Time is running out in Barcelona.’]

[What changed the boy who said ‘my heart is in Barcelona’ when he joined?]

[Barcelona fans, Jeju is just ‘Little Figo’ and nothing less]

Aside from Barcelona fans cursing Joo Jesus, most soccer fans in Korea were excited about the link with Real Madrid.

[Republic of Korea national team Jesus Joo imminent transfer to Real Madrid?]
According to the Spanish Marca article, after the last El-Clásico match, it was known that Núñez, president of Real Madrid, and Doo-shik Kim, agent of Joo Jesus, had dinner in a friendly atmosphere.
According to local residents of Madrid, as the rumor of Joo’s transfer to Madrid became red, the cheering song for Joo’s Jesus is resonating in downtown Madrid.

– Are you really going to Real Madrid? I am really excited to be a Korean playing for Real Madrid.
– Please stay calm when you come to Real.
– Oh, then it’s no fun. Lord Jesus is good as it is now.
– Seriously, I’m sorry. Fuck Lord Jesus. Please go to Real as it is now and do the same.
– Yeah, you’re more fucked up for cheering for a racist club.
– It’s just that the coach is an idiot, it’s not that the club is an idiot. And isn’t that bastard’s fault for protesting in the first place?
– This. Curre average?

[Title: I declare that attacking Real Madrid from now on is equivalent to giving up Korean nationality.]

From now on, the era of Jehanre has arrived.

– What bullshit?
– Please support Real Madrid in Korea.
– Do you know the limit bar?
– If you are Korean, let’s cheer for Barcelona?
– No, if you are Korean, let’s curse at Barcelona. This is it

[Title: But if you collect every remark of Lord Jesus, this bastard]

Each one is Cassano Balotelli go away.
Like a gem

“My heart is in Barcelona, ​​but I will listen to the condition.”

“If you don’t want to go out, give me more money”

“Do a lot of work for the person I curse and get a good salary”

“Football players should also have the freedom to change jobs.”

“My time in Barcelona is coming to an end.”

So, as our God Jesus said, let’s coolly send those who don’t have money to Real Madrid ^^
If you spent 3 months and got 44 billion won in the buyout, you got a lot.
Even so, the level of swearing at the Lord Jesus is also bad.

– You didn’t participate in the fucking training diligently. Who likes an unhappy floaty bastard?
– You were close with Luis Garcia?
– See if that bastard is the same bastard as Lord Jesus

As usual, the community was ablaze with rice cakes related to the Lord Jesus.
At that time, a post was posted on the community.

[Title: Hello. Soccer player Jesus Christ. ]

As a gallery user myself, it feels good to see a gallery roaring with my theme. Does anyone have a recommendation for lunch?

– No impersonation.
– Whoops. Impersonator is coming again. Sick child.

Community users thought that the post was also an impersonation post that was uploaded as usual.

Holding the sheet in hand: ? I don’t think this bastard is impersonating you? It’s the account I went to during the previous World Cup.
– ?

The truth is revealed at the words of the name who had the intestines in his hand at the time.
One curé, who recognized that the author was the real Lord Jesus, revealed his feelings intact.

-It’s a fuck. It’s Barcelona training time, what are you doing?


[Barcelona CF fined Jejus 100 million won for not attending team training without permission]

You get 22 billion, but you think that about 100 million is a donation.

I went to my Instagram and left a post.

[Title: I have a dream.]

Just like the dream of every office worker is a monthly salary lupine.
I also want to lupine my weekly wage.

– Really. Fuck ㅋㅋ What is this baby?

Song_You: I want to pay Lupine too. (๑¯◡¯๑)
— Yuna, please stop your boyfriend
-Song_You: Why? My boyfriend is good at soccer right now and he’s good at everything.
-Lord_Jesus_18: Is your sister free now?
-Song_You: No ㅠㅠ I’m filming right now.
–A real bitch fucks in pairs during office hours.

Napoli coach Enrique watched the El Clasico video and was deeply troubled.
In the video, the scene of Jesus Joo scoring multiple goals with a play as if Messi possessed was being played.

“Oh. Shit. Too destructive.”

“Damn it! How the hell am I supposed to stop this player?”

“Oh! Even the pass is perfect.”

“Why don’t you come out of the shadows? Is this also a director’s order?”

“Ah… It was just Cassano.”

The Napoli coach, who had thoroughly analyzed Joo Jesus’ play all night, the next morning. Eventually, he gave up blocking the Lord Jesus and left a word.

“Whoa… I’d rather block Messi in his prime.”

And time passed quickly, and the day before the 5th round of the Champions Group League match between Barcelona CF and Napoli was held, Jesus Joo, a rookie bad boy, arrived in the country of bad boys.

“Is this the country of Balotelli and Cassano?”

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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