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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 10

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 10

Chapter 10 – Vs Napoli(1)

Let the Lord Jesus begin to become more and more famous. In a group room, the story of the Lord Jesus became a hot topic.

– Superman Mario: Oh! Look at this dude (A picture of Jesus Joo kicking an opponent) It reminds me of our youth.
– Devil’s Talent: Hmm. It’s great compared to things that aren’t fun these days, but I still feel it’s lacking.
– Akdong: Shouldn’t you at least curse at the camera?
– Superman Mario: Why don’t we invite you to our group room and tell us our essence?

– Devil’s Talent: Oh. I’m talking about being a mentor to a great junior. I’m in favor
– Akdong: Do it yourself. I’m not interested in messing around. I’m too busy to supervise.
– Superhuman Mario: Okay, then we’ll dig a new group chat room and let him know.
– Devil’s Talent: You’re coming to Naples this time, shouldn’t we have dinner together?

– Superman Mario: Oh. I’m sorry, but I have a sex party that day.
– Devil’s Talent: Mmm. Then shall I go alone?
– Superhuman Mario: For your information, he is underage and cannot drink alcohol.
– Devil’s Talent: What Does It Matter?
– Superman Mario: If you do something wrong, you’ll be in trouble?
-Devil’s Talent: Damn it. I can’t let my wife catch me drinking. I’ll see you next time

– Bad boy: Don’t sell a new group room, just invite him here, I wonder how you guys will teach him. Occasionally, I give you a hunsu.
– Superman Mario: Okay. Do the other guys agree?
-Devil’s Talent: He’s probably been drinking and sleeping by now. Invite at once They also say that the soccer field is not interesting these days. Let’s spend our old age raising a rogue youngster.
– Superhuman Mario: Alright. I’ll invite you right now.

[A new bad boy from the East has been invited to the group.]

– Superman Mario: Your nickname is too long. Reduce
-New Bad Guy: Yes! Senior reduced! It’s an honor to invite you!
– Devil’s Talent: He must have been higher and lower than I thought.
– Bad boy: Hmm. Are you okay?

-The King of Man Utd: Hey kid, you must be doing good fan service, right?
– Rookie Bad Boy: Yes. You are doing great.
– The King of Man Utd: Excellent. Even if you do bad things, if you don’t want to be an asshole, fan service should be great. It’s only 30 seconds, but it’s a moment that fans will remember forever.
– Rookie Bad Boy: Yes! Thanks for the advice!
– King of Man Utd: I like the kid. And as an additional piece of advice, the sooner you retire, the better.
– New bad boy: ····I want to retire too.

Let’s chat with the greatest bad guys of all time, a long time ago. I remembered the days when I was playing in Serie A in Italy. I was intimidated by the word that it was a racist league because I was new to my career at the time.

“But it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Is it because I transferred after giving kung fu kicks to racist spectators?”

Well, there must be a reason for that. Contrary to the league secretariat saying that they neglect racial discrimination, they actively tackled racism. He must have realized that Asian money is sweet.

Rather, I feel that Spain is more racist in recent years.

Anyway, that’s it.

“Ah. Against Napoli. I don’t want to run.”

Do not want to work.
Like Cantona said, I want to retire.
That’s how I feel right now

“I’ll just have to run moderately.”

If it wasn’t for the fucking system, I would have retired a long time ago.

[To all the soccer fans in Korea who have been waiting for this moment today. Finally, the Korean derby was held in the Champions League.]

[Yes. A head-to-head confrontation between Kim Min-jun, who is the captain of the Korean national team and is called the iron wall of Naples, and Joo Jesus, who is the youngest member of the Korean national team and is called the bad boy of Barcelona CF.]

[The difference between Kim Min-joon’s move and Joo Jesus’ move is quite large.]

[Yes. Kim Min-jun, who made his debut in the domestic league and showed outstanding performance after advancing to Napoli, announced his stay at Forza Napoli Sempre despite offers from big clubs.

He joined Barcelona from the beginning of his career, and he is the main Jesus player who writes a bold soccer career such as a multi-goal ceremony warning cumulative exit before his debut and an El-Classico hat-trick.]

[There are also rumors of a transfer to Real Madrid, Barcelona’s biggest rival, isn’t it?]

[He is monopolizing the attention of the soccer world. Truly, he is a player overflowing with star qualities.]

[Yes, these two are completely different, but these two boast an unexpected friendship, right?]

[The national team is famous for frequently contacting roommates.]

[Certainly, Joo Jesus is a mysterious player. Does the fact that they are not difficult even though they are great seniors with a big age difference make their affinity so great?]

[Yes. The moment I speak, the 5th round of the Champions Group League match between Napoli and Barcelona started at Napoli’s home stadium, Stadio Diego Armando Maradona.]

I lifted my head and felt the warm sunlight. It seems like director Griezmann is making a fuss on the touch line because of my appearance. I can’t resist sleeping in this cozy weather.

“Jejus!!! You bastard!!”

The moment I fell asleep with my eyes closed.


The referee blew the whistle. Let’s barely open our closed eyes. I saw the vice-captain grabbing his ankle and complaining of pain.

“I should have gone a little further and been fouled. Tsk tsk. I can’t control that one.”

When Barcelona kicker Luis Garcia is preparing for a free kick from a distance longer than expected. I approached him.


“Huh? Jeju’s?”

“Can I take a free kick?”

“Huh? Wouldn’t it be better to be inside the box? You can’t handle it yourself? Isn’t the distance too far?”

I see Luis Garcia with a puzzled look on his face, but that’s none of my business

After kicking Lewis out, roughly calculating the distance from the goal post, he hit the bottom of the ball.


The ball flew at high speed. It hit the head of Barcelona’s vice-captain and was kicked out of the goal line.

Oh I made a mistake.
No why was he there?
Whew. That bastard blocked my score. A very Napoli defender.

“Puta! That bastard stole my goal!”


[It looks like Joo Jesus is trying to handle the free kick.]

[It’s farther than I thought. Are you sure you want to handle it yourself?]

[Joo Jesus shot! Oh, it was a free kick with a fantastic trajectory, but it hits the head of Antoine Dembele, vice-captain of Barcelona, ​​and goes out of the goal line.]

[Yes. The referee pauses the game for a moment.]

[If it’s not a serious injury… What is that? Is Joo Jesus getting angry right now?]

– Ohhaha​​I’ve seen that before.
– What?
– The scene where Nal Gang Doo gets angry with Nani for canceling the score

[Yes. I wonder if something is wrong.]

HahaI think I noticed the commentary, but I’m turning around~
– Ah ㅋ If you are Korean, cover it up~~


Luis Garcia stared blankly at Jesus, who was raging at Antoine Dembele, who had stolen his goal.

‘He’s a real madman’

I should have noticed when I arrived in Italy and wondered if this was the country of Balotelli and Cassano.
No, should I have realized from the moment I blew the vice-captain’s earthen pot during training in the first place?
Oh It doesn’t matter now.

“Jejus, the manager calls you earnestly.”

“Why are you fucking again?”

Watching Jejus arguing with the director with a face full of annoyance, Lewis made a promise.

‘I’m not going to Madrid’

And exactly 3 minutes later. Luis Garcia, a man like a reed, has changed his mind.

Lewis himself didn’t even think he would receive it, he just saw the way to pass, and Joo Jesus succeeded in scoring with a fantastic overhead kick.

“Oh. My cutie! Illuwa! I’m going to Madrid with you too!”

“I’m sorry Louis, but I…”

“Shut up! It doesn’t matter! You’re my source of assists!”

“You’ll be my scoring source.”

HeheI’ll send you another good pass so reward me with an assist!”

The Lord Jesus looked at Luis Garcia, who was bursting into madness alone, and thought.

‘As expected, there is no top in Barcelona other than me.’


[Fantastic overhead kick by Jesus Joo following Luis Garcia’s fantastic pass! I can’t believe that this player is a Korean player!]

– Wow. Really crazy Looking back now, even Garcia was surprised.
– I know. I guess I didn’t even expect to get it
– Wow. Pep Guardiola has rated Luis Garcia as the player with the best spatial awareness and football intelligence right now. Then, is the Lord Jesus on the same level?
-Kiaaa Joo Jesus, who scores goals well, passes well, has good football intelligence, and is also good at taekwondo, is just a ‘light’ celebration itself.

[Yes. If you look at it, Napoli’s defense is also. And only Joo Jesus moved a pass that other Barcelona strikers could not predict and scored a goal. It is impressive to see Kim Min-joon’s pressure drop down slightly, taking advantage of the gap for a while.]

– 55; Listening to the commentary was really crazy. Did Kim Min-joon come down as soon as he realized that the pressure was off?

[Well. Anyway, it means that you work well with passmaster Luis Garcia, right?]

[Yes. Just as Messi had three idiots. Joo Ye-joon is breathing well enough to say that Luis Garcia exists.]

– Ahhaha​​Barcelona about to lose a Messiweight
– Selling Messi and losing the fundamentals, selling Lord Jesus and losing the future ㅋ
– There is no money, so the club quickly hand over Lord Jesus~~


[Bad Boys’ Group Room]

– Devil’s Talent: Why didn’t you celebrate me?
– Superman Mario: Isn’t it a bit like following that?
-Bad Boy: That Celebration is ugly.
– King of Manchester United: Oh. Great kick. But why did he suddenly kick the manager of his team?
– Superman Mario: Damn I didn’t see that great scene in the chat!

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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