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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 12

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 12

Chapter 12 – Jala Madrid Transfer & vs Granada(1)

The fact that I rented a house in Madrid spread quickly.

[Jeju’s buying a house in Madrid hints at Real Madrid transfer?]

And in any country, there are trash. I couldn’t leave the house because of the people who surrounded the mansion.

“Hey, I heard you sent an official letter asking if it’s possible to be selected for the national team?”

“What? The World Cup is over now.”

“No East Asian Cup”

“Tell it to go away, I won’t go unless it’s the World Cup”

“Um. The Olympics?”

“Uh. The Olympics too.”

Whether it’s the East Asian Cup or the Olympic gold medal, I’ve won everything. The conditions for Korea to win the World Cup have not changed.

“Are you exempt from military service?”

“Hyung, we are orphans”

“Oh right.”

Even the military issue can’t stop me. I really intend not to play A-matches except for the World Cup finals and final qualifying rounds.

“I told the livestock cooperative this way and they said I don’t know what I would do if they were forced to borrow it.”

“… I’ll explain a little bit about the livestock cooperative.”


You will do well Even in the last episode, he was good at the livestock cooperative and sabasaba.
Anyway, there’s nothing to do in the mansion.

“Shall we do a streaming broadcast?”


[The Football Association does not select the main Jesus player for the East Asian Cup.]

In order for Joo Jesus to adapt, it was decided not to play in the East Asian Cup. Also, we are concerned that the national team’s schedule, which requires traveling long distances, will be a problem for Joo Jesus’ career. It was announced that they had decided to refrain from being drafted as much as possible, except for the A-match and the final qualifying round for the World Cup finals.
Netizens are fighting online, saying, “It is a betrayal to reject the country’s call,” And “No, the National Federation of Livestock Cooperatives did a good job.”

– ? Did we ever say betrayal?
– The reporter’s brain sees us fighting.
– You write articles with delusions in your brain.


Time flies so fast. The winter transfer market in an instant just because you played a game.

“Isn’t the vacation too short, should I take an extra month or so?”

At the words I muttered to myself. Doo-shik’s expression darkened. He quietly reminded me of the contract.

“It’s Jesus.”


“Think of the contract.”

“Oh right.”

Real Madrid put a leash around the neck of this bad boy Joo-Jesus. I readily agreed with the statement that I could skip team training twice a month as long as I agreed to never kick kung fu from now on.

Although I heard the sound of the king of Man Utd somewhere missing.

Kicking isn’t everything in this world.

“Um. Now then, I guess I’ll have to practice hitting the back of the head. I hope the nickname ‘Jesusta’ comes along later.”


[Real Madrid paid 44 billion won for Jeju’s buyout to Barcelona.]

[Jeju, in response to a reporter’s question about why he came to Real Madrid while undergoing a medical test, “My heart in Barcelona whispered to me to go to Madrid.” Answer.]

[Barcelona fans implore Jejus. “Please shut up and get out”]

[Jeju, passed the Real Madrid medical test safely]

[Jejus, “From now on, my heart is in Madrid.”]

[Chairman Núñez of Madrid, “Request to the state of Madrid to establish a no-fly zone near Jeju’s mansion”]

[Real Madrid requests the state of Madrid to deploy additional police personnel ahead of the inauguration ceremony of Jejus tomorrow]

[Madridistas gather at Jeju’s initiation ceremony. Introductory seats sold out in an instant]

[What will Jesus do as an adult in Real Madrid?]


Well. I don’t know how to express this.

“Jesus! Jesus! El ángel del Madrid we lost”

“People say he’s a bad boy from Correa, but we know.”

“That he did it to come home!”

“And now I’m back home!”

“Our El ángel del Madrid with the glory of Real!”

“The history of Real Madrid he will write in the future is infinite!”

I heard from President Núñez that the largest number of spectators ever gathered to watch my inauguration ceremony, surpassing Ronaldo’s record (75,000).

When I saw the scene I faced directly, it was on a different level.
The Madridistas singing my cheering song.
Looking at them My heart was full and I threw it out in the interview without realizing it.

“I am the best player of all time. The best player of all time has to play for the best club of all time. And the best club I play for will not accept a single loss. Hala Madrid!”

Fans who were impressed by my interview sang a new cheering song on the spot. I applauded them and the initiation ceremony ended.

“Jesus! Jesus! The lost El ángel del Madrid!
He returned home and prophesied!
Kicking Barcelona’s stinky ass
To bring victory to our Madrid!”

[Real Madrid, Lord Jesus initiation ceremony video]

– Wow, that’s crazy. How many people went?
– 80 thousand people. Said to have been accepted as much as possible.
– What is this? A strange feeling stirs in my heart!
– Ah. It’s called gukppong.

[I am the best player in history. The best players in history have to play for the best clubs in history. And the best club I play for will not accept a single loss. Hala Madrid!]

-Under. Fuck. Let’s go and see how well he eats and lives.
– It’s really like that. Tsubal.
– But looking at it, your team treated Jesus the same way.
– Even so. Why would you wear it?
– His soccer skills are GOAT, but his mouth-watering is GOA T.

[Jesus! Jesus! The lost El ángel del Madrid!
He returned home and prophesied!
Kicking Barcelona’s stinky ass
To bring victory to our Madrid!]

– Wow. But the mulberry is cold.
– Kuredo is that?
– I agree;; How can you tolerate that mulberry? From now on, we support FC Korea;
HahaAbandon your team?
– I will support Barça as well.

After the initiation ceremony filled with mulberry, the first match in a white uniform was a coincidence or fate.
It was FC Granada. The place where I came wearing a Barcelona uniform in the first half. Let’s show up in Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes wearing a white uniform. Granada fans welcomed me by calling my name.


“Kill that dog !!!!”

Well. Is this the life of a popular star?
I waved my hand at those who cursed at me.

“Thank you for your support! In a little while, I’ll do a celebration for you after I score. Take a look!”

“닥쳐! 이 개새끼야!”

Ok seeing the dying Granada fans. My heart warmed.


[Yes. Our main Jesus player. His first match after moving to Real Madrid was here. It will be held at Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes, the home stadium of Granada CF.]

[This is the place where Joo Jesus played in the Barcelona uniform in the first half, right?]

[Yes. Joo Jesus played 4 minutes here. 2 points. 2 This is the place where the ceremony and exit were recorded.]

[Sure, I’m looking forward to seeing what he’ll do in the white uniform today]
HahaWhat do you expect? Ceremony expected?
– Will you be kicked out today!
– Exciting! What kind of ceremony will Joo Jesus do?

[The match started with the referee’s whistle. It seems that the selection process is carried out by Real Madrid, the away team.]

[Yes. Joo Jesus is pushing the ball to Luka Savic, who played as an offensive midfielder today. It penetrates forward.]

[Luka Savic is from Croatia and has the nickname of the second Balkan Maestro.]

[Yes, the play style is similar to that of Modric.]

[Oh oh oh! While we were explaining! Luka Savicchi’s outfront pass goes to Joo Jesus!]

[Lord Jesus player! After peeling off the Granada defender with only the first touch! As it is! Mid-range shot!]

[Koo oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!]

[Jesus Joo starts the scorer 3 minutes after the start of the game!!]

[Uh? But where does Lord Jesus go!]
– No lol Why did you go over there again?


At the start of the game, I scored in a pattern similar to the Barcelona vs. Granada match.

Uncle smile Yes?
I will specifically show you my uniform number.
No. 18!


“Kill! Kill that bastard!”

I could hear the sound of Granada fans dying for love.
Under. A guy like me A demonic man who makes supporters of other teams become my fans.

On the way back after successfully completing the ceremony.
I received the referee’s earnest request at the same time as a piece of cheese.

“Jeju, please don’t provoke the fans.”

“Sorry, I was wondering if they like stripes or white or me”

Huh? Why Why are you looking at me like a weirdo?

“Um. Yes. Anyway, be careful.”

The referee who gave that warning left.

By the way. Is the prominence from Granada after all?
The blush is really pretty.
I have to praise him during the M.O.M interview.

Just as I was thinking about the contents of the M.O.M interview, Luka Savicchi, who stabbed me with an out-front pass, quietly approached me.

“It was a great finish.”

“It was a good pass.”

Well. It’s a pass shuttle that feels different from the passionate Luis Garcia.

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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