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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 13

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 13

Chapter 13 – Vs Granada(2)

The aging Madridista was not happy with Joo Jesus’ move to Madrid.
“There is no player greater than the team.”

The old Madridista, who always said those words to his children, was not worthy of a main Jesus who showed disrespect for the team, no matter how dirty and stinky the ass of Barcelona was.

“Why are you cheering for that guy?”
Old Madridistas who did not understand the children and young Madridistas cheering for the Lord Jesus.

He withdrew his comments after watching Jesus Joo score the opening goal against Granada.

“Jesus! I’m going to buy your jersey right now! And the number on it has to be yours forever!”

“Oh! Dad, then we have to use one less player?”

“That’s not my part-time job! Change that guy’s uniform number forever!”


“What are you all doing, let’s sing that guy’s cheering song right now!
Jesus! Jesus! The lost El ángel del Madrid!
He returned to his homeland and prophesied!
Kicking Barcelona’s stinky ass
To bring victory to our Madrid!”


Ever since I scored the opening goal, my grandfather, who sang my cheering song, stood out.
Please sing my cheering song so passionately that I am worried that you will collapse from high blood pressure.

Even during the game, I walked over to the stands to calm him down. In the distance, I could see Valverde, the impressively bald Real Madrid manager, clutching his head. Human life comes first. Soccer comes first

“Hey Grandpa.”

“Jesus! Jesus! Huh? Jesus! What are you doing here when you’re not playing?”

“I came here because my grandfather was about to collapse from high blood pressure. Calm down.”

“Oh! Jesus, you really have great personality, but don’t worry about me and score more goals!

“That’s easy, so try following me, heap-weep-ha!”

“Umm… Wet-wet-ha!”

“Yes, calm down and watch. I’m here today, so I’ll definitely win.”

“Yes, I understand.”

To some extent, let’s become the true shape of a grandpa fan. I moved to the forefront.

Because I’m concerned about my grandfather’s health. He just needs to score one more goal.
“It’s never because I don’t like to run a lot.”
So. You have to score a goal and beg the coach to replace you.

[Jeju’s runs quickly toward a through pass from Luka Savicchi!]

[Jejus took ownership of the ball in an instant! Easily beat Granada’s defender Stefan with just a simple upper body painting! Shoot straight! Fold once and shoot again! No, fold it one more time and shoot again! Not this! Ah ! I’m insulting you! You are insulting the goalkeeper of the Jejus player!]

[Yes. Seeing the goalkeeper jumping up and down and laughing really hard is the bad boy itself.]

[Evil Jesus! Pass the goalkeeper who is tired of paddling and effortlessly put the ball into the empty goal. He is a Jejus player who scores the 9th league goal in just 4 games.]

[He’s a really great player. Jejus player]

[Yes, he’s a great player in many ways. Fortunately, however, this ceremony goes to the bench in Madrid and grabs the director’s head and shakes it.]

[I went to the Granada bench and thought I was shaking the head of the Granada coach.]

Haha, that doesn’t sound like a joke at all]

[I willhaha.]


[In the 80th minute of the second half, Joo Jesus is substituted and is out.]

[Jesus Joo scored multiple goals in the first half and showed off his tremendous scoring power.]

-Lord Jesus crazy bastardhaha​​Did you see that he didn’t come out of the shade in the second half?
– ㅋ ㅋ Even if Madrid try to counterattack, there is no striker ㅋ

[The Real Madrid fans who followed the away game are singing cheers for the player who is being substituted out]

– Wow;; Do you sing a cheering song for this?
– If it’s a multi-goal, you’ve done your part.
– The cures were swearing.
– Because they lost their roots.
– But the Lord Jesus defended well.
– ㄹㅇ Tackle dog tidy. Just throw the ball out.

[Yes, even though there are already two cheering songs for Joo Jesus, one more seems to have been made today.]

– What does that mean?
– No matter how much you don’t run, as long as you score a goal, we love you.

[Jesus! We love you even when you don’t run!
Because you would have scored a goal long ago!
The name that will bring us victory! Jesus!]

I was substituted out and watched the songs the Madridistas sang.
“Suddenly, Cassano comes to mind.”
Was the reason you moved to Samfordria was to play casually in the game?
He was a really good soccer player.

That’s right. The money I get is the same anyway, but is there any need to grit my teeth and run? You just need to pay a reasonable weekly wage.

“Good job.”

“Yes. Captain, run carefully.”

Pedro Martinez, a world-class striker who announced his retirement from Real Madrid at the end of the season, took to the ground after a high-five.

Your name seems to be very good at baseball, but you play soccer. Well anyway If you run hard for no reason and get old and have a bone disease like that man, your body will only suffer.

Let’s sit down in my seat while exchanging high fives with the members on the bench. Suddenly, the director approached.


“Yes. Director”

“Do you have any complaints about me?”

“… No, no?”

“Then why didn’t you follow my instructions?”

“What instructions?”

“I obviously demanded a hat trick from you.”


What. Are you serious?
Are you a psychopath?

“Hmm. Then we’ll score four goals next time.”

“No! You have to score 5 goals!”

“Yes? Why?”

“Did you score two goals this time?”


“Three more goals to that!”

What the hell is this
What kind of calculation is that?

“… Oh that’s great. Do you have a name for that calculation method?”

“I call this the Valverde Calculation”

I’m at a loss for words at the end.


Real Madrid manager Valverde sighed in relief at the sight of Joo Jesus.

‘As expected, the lunatic tactics work better for the bad guys.’

30 years of coaching experience. In the meantime, I have met various soccer stars. He met a lot of players whose ego was too strong.

Among them, Jeju’s ego is unique. I couldn’t believe that a player with such an ego was only 18 years old.

‘Okay, let’s see. A puppy in front of me’

Coach Valverde believed he had complete control over Jejus, and with a satisfied smile, he ended the conversation with Jejus.

And the moment Valverde left, Jejus thought.
‘Are you saying you can get off work early if you hit a hat trick?’


[Real Madrid won a 3vs0 win over FC Granada, and at the center of it was the Republic of Korea’s Joo Jesus player.]

[Jesus Joo, multi-goal in Real Madrid uniform. Become a major player in just one game!]

[President Núñez, Lord Jesus is already a symbol of Real Madrid.]

[Director Valverde, he is perfect. Except for laziness, I will fix his laziness.]

[High praise for world-class striker, Pedro Martinez Joo Jesus ‘He’s already surpassed my capabilities.’]

[In an interview with director Juesu and Valverde, ‘Well, I wonder if that’s possible.’]

– Joo Jesus you crazy bastardhaha​​M.O.M interview is boringhaha
– ‘Granada fans are kind. In case I get thirsty, they throw me a Coke during the game.’
– ‘For prominence, Granada Mountain seems to be the prettiest.’


Let’s decide to enjoy life. Rather, it felt like the game was going smoothly.
At first, my agent, Dusik hyung, expressed concern about my eccentricity. Rather, advertisements and sponsorships poured in due to the eccentricity.

“Hey! Try something more original! You’ve been too calm lately!”

Eyes on money

“What else do you do here? Do you have fireworks at home?”

“Don’t be crazy like that!”

“So what?”

“How about drinking Coke during the game? There was even a Coke commercial this time.”

I tried to rain arrows of criticism on a conditional reflex at Dushik’s bullshit. The dollar sign in his eyes had to ask for the advertising fee.

“What bullshit… How much is that?”

“About this.”

“… Shall we try it? Will the conditions get better if we do that?”


“… I’ll try it in the next game. Good luck with the advertising contract.”

“Just trust this brother.”

No, but it’s really cool. He is more popular now than when he won the Ballon d’Or 8 times in his past life and brought Messi the nickname of the god of football. I’ve lived in the real world for over 200 years, but I still don’t know.


And that time. After a home match at Barcelona, ​​Luis García openly criticized the striker for not finishing his pass.

[Louis Garcia, ‘I wish there was Jejus instead of a striker who can’t score a goal.’]

[Louis Garcia, ‘I want to go to Real Madrid’]

[Louis Garcia, Unhappy in Barcelona. Statement that I want to go to Real Madrid where Jeju is located.]

[Jeju’s, ‘Louis Garcia? He is a great player. If he comes to Real, we can be one step stronger.’]

[Real Madrid Approach Luis Garcia]

[Barcelona, ​​’There is no need to send Luis Garcia even if he dies. If you want to go, pay the contract termination fee and go out as a free agent.’]

[Luis Garcia’s buyout amount is 200 billion won. If Barcelona does not negotiate a buyout, he must pay an amount of 300 billion won and terminate the contract.]

[Louis Garcia, ‘It’s dirty, so I pay it anyway.’]

[Real Madrid President Núñez, to Luis Garcia, ‘We will give it up. Do not worry.’]

[PSG, Manchester City, Newcastle’s Luis Garcia’s remarks approached]

[Barcelona fans finally wake up. Bamtorii Chairman’s vehicle burning brightly]

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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