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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 14

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 14

Chapter 14 – Atletico Madrid Have No Roots.

These days. Although the winter transfer market is roaring with Luis Garcia’s unhappiness. To me the matter is not at all important. What really matters. Today is my weekly pay day.

Although he is still not getting the same weekly wage as Messi’s heyday. Still, he paid attention to me at Real Madrid. There is a world difference compared to Barça’s lack of fundamentals trying to use me for only 100 million won a week because they had no money.

He signed a contract with a whopping 400 million won a week. Real Madrid too full of roots

From the love that rises from the heart. I opened the window and screamed.

“Hala Madrid!”

At the sound I shouted. Madridista, who was taking a walk, responded with a loud voice.

“Hala Madrid!”

Like this. Where in the world is there a team that is like family?
When I opened the window, the president of Madrid was taking a walk.

Oh It’s not important.
Anyway, as a commemoration of the weekly salary. I made up my mind to do bad things with Dushik.

When I got out of the room and headed to the terrace, I saw Dushik, who was proud of his manly bald head, holding a poop foam and drinking coffee.

“Brother, are you busy?”

“Huh? Why not?”

“Hyung, don’t you wonder what a women’s prison looks like?”

“Don’t be silly”

Unfortunately, Dushik doesn’t seem to be interested in women’s prisons, so I brought up the women’s locker room.

[Is that Jesus?]

“Yuna noona. It’s all a joke! I only have noona?”

This crazy hyung called Yuna noona and told her.
Oh Wearing branded clothes is what kids with no roots do. Should I do that too?

“Yeah! I love you too, noona!”

First. Let’s run a soccer class that has been repeated every round.
I got one in the last round too.


Song_You☆ Official

Guys, Jesus is running a youth soccer class! Please support us!

People who were training coaches at Real Madrid come and train, and talented players are given the opportunity to study in Madrid! A lot of money!
( ̄▽ ̄)/

The target is said to be 8 years old and older.
#Youth_Soccer_Class #Lord_Jesus_18 #Ages_8+ #Free

– Wow. Player Joo Jesus ㅠㅠ You’re cool!
-Song_You: My husband is rather cool! (*´ー`)
– Oh, and do a good job ^^ I support the future of Joo Jesus and Song Yuna.
-Song_You: Thank you!
– Comment here Why are you so polite all of a sudden?
– Parents seem to have flocked to the news of the youth soccer class;

These days, I think of the old days a lot. I don’t want to hear that I’m a guy without roots, so I hid myself and lived quietly, and every day was stressful.

Compared to that, now I am happy every day. Madrid citizens whispering at me. Their eyes were full of affectionate eyes.

“Oh! It’s Jeju’s! But what are those clothes?”

“Oh. Is it a traditional Korean costume?”

At that time, when I was waving to the citizens, Sergio Pepe of Los Blancos, who was born from afar, found me and approached me with a surprised expression.

“Oh! Jesus, what are those clothes!”

“It’s called Gonryongpo.”

Kim Doo-shik, who sighed a little at the sight of me, who started bragging without a detailed explanation, gave a detailed explanation to Sergio Pepe.

“Haa… That. This is the clothes worn by kings in the past in Korea.”

“Oh. Damn that’s cool. Do you have mine?”

For reference, this outfit was recommended by Dusik hyung to me who said that I didn’t want to wear clothes that didn’t have the basics.

“Hmm. I like your attitude. I’ll buy it for you when you return home for your next vacation.”

After hearing my words, Sergio Pepe looked at Dushik to know how to react.

“Oh! Um. What should I say?”

“You can say, “My castle is ruined.”

“So-eun? So-eun goes into ruin!”

I nodded at Sergio Pepe’s words and slowly walked to the training ground Valdebebas.

“Oh Pepe! Jesus! Can you sign me?”

Seeing me and Sergio Pepe together, many fans asked for my autograph.
Full of roots, I did not turn down their request for an autograph.

“Please sign me!”
As I signed my autograph, the Korean tourist noticed that my costume was a gonryongpo, smiled mischievously, bowed, and went to get my autograph.

Then, the Madridistas also knelt down with amused expressions and went to get autographs.

“Please sign me!”


With a very satisfied expression on my face, I signed autographs for them and took pictures of them.

“Everyone likes it, so it feels good!”

Although Dushik, who was dressed as a eunuch, made a disgruntled noise towards me who burst into laughter.


I didn’t care.


The Lord Jesus is satisfied, let’s sign it and enter the order.
Local Madridistas and tourists who received the Lord Jesus’ autograph hurriedly uploaded photos and autographs to their Instagram.

[Real Madrid, with El ángel del Madrid at Valdebebas]

[With Joo Jesus wearing a dragon robe in Valdebebas, Spain]

And it was quickly covered by reporters who saw the post and became widely known to the general public.

[Jeju’s appeared in Valdebebas, Madrid wearing the clothes of a Korean king in the past.]

[Lord Jesus, wearing a dragon robe and going to the Madrid training ground.]


At Valdebebas, Real Madrid’s training ground, we were preparing for the Derby Madrileño, a derby match against Atletico Madrid.

To be honest. I don’t know what other Real Madrid players think. I think so.

War criminal flags and old-fashioned bastards are worse than the claws of Real Madrid, our royal family.

Anyway, we were hearing specific tactics from the manager ahead of the match.



“There’s only one thing you need to do”

“What is it?”

“As promised last time, score 5 goals.”

“If I score 5 goals, can I leave work?”

“····Okay! Allow me!”

I nodded my head at the director’s remark.
Crazy too What a good person.

[Atletico Madrid coach Josef Simeone, Jeju is a bubble. I will tie you up at my home stadium, Civitas Metropolitano.]

[Aletti claims Diego Velázquez, Jesus will find her mom crying after doing nothing at Civitas Metropolitano.]

Joo Jesus’ impression after reading the article was simple.

“No, I’m still, so why am I easygoing?”

And he left a post in Byeolstar, which is not often entered except when visiting Song Yuna’s Stargram.

@Lord_Jesus_18 ☆ Official

I saw an interview with Atletico Madrid manager.
After watching the interview, I realized it once again. As expected, Atletico Madrid has no roots.
There is only one thing I want to say to the Atlético club.
They keep claiming that they are the owner of Madrid, but before you pretend like that, take care of the fans first.
You can see the level of the club by looking at the level of the fans.
(Photos 1, 2, 3, 4 of Atletico fans waving the rising sun flag)
Their level of holding and proudly waving the Japanese version of the Nazis is also fundamentally lacking.
Those who saw this post will probably say they didn’t know.
But I think so. The first is ignorance, the second is a mistake, and the third is intentional.
And the fourth is cooperation. They are agents of the evil empire in cooperation with Nazi Germany and its ally, the Empire of Japan.
The great Madrid will never be defeated by the minions of the evil empire.
#Aletti#Nazi#Minions#Japanese version of the Nazis#Jeonbeom Club #Single_one_Madrid_It_Real_Madrid #Champions_Most_Winner_The fundamentals are different. #Atletico _champions_won_how many times_ah_right_isn’t it?

[Regarding the remarks of Jejus and coach Josef Simeone, Alletti has no basis.]

[Hueco Madrid opens up about war crimes controversy. You can’t miss it Our club never allows war criminals. It is the work of some extreme fans, and belongings are inspected when entering the stadium.’]

[Jeju, ‘How do you run a soccer club when you can’t manage a single fan? Just disband it. Even without you, Lari will work just fine.’]

[Madridista, I agree with Jejus’ remarks. Hueco Madrid has no foundation and there is no problem even if it is dismantled.]

[Real Madrid coach Valverde defends Jejus. ‘When did Jejusu say something wrong?’]

[Conveying uncomfortable feelings to Japan and Korea Football Association.]

[Jejus condemns Japan’s actions. ‘If you have something to say, say it openly on my stargram. Don’t gossip behind your back. Didn’t you guys even run a beep?’]

[Derby Madrileño heating up in off-the-field battles, who is the player to pay attention to?]


[League Round 19 Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid lineup has been announced.]

[First, the lineup of Atletico Madrid.
It is a 4-4-2 formation.
LB Luca Nets
LCB Diego Velazquez
RCB Stefan Savic
RB Wilfred Singo
RM Dieco Torres
RCM Nunu
LCM Minamino Hideyoshi
LM Jorge
CF Emile Zola
ST Llorente

Here’s a look at the Real Madrid lineup. It’s a 4-3-3 formation.
GK-Ter Neuer.
LB- Rafael Obrador
LCB- Vladimir Lazovic.
RCB- Sergio Pepe
RB- Alejandro Jimenez
CDM- Anthony Rodriguez
CM – Javier Marias
CAM – Luka Savic
LW – Iker Bravo
RW – Bruno Iglesias
And for the frontline striker, the proud Daehan Eui Geon-ah Joo Jesus will play.]

– Hey. Look at the splendid lineup of Real Madrid. There is a Korean player among those players.
– It’s perfect if you just get a cross from Kkamo in the past.
– If you transfer Luis Garcia this time, Kkamo will be complete.
– But is Luis Garcia more like a shavia than a cross?
– Ah. Just put it in
– Ok;;
– Wowhaha​​But Atletico Madrid fans are also angry, they beat me up for being a war criminals club and brought the rising sun flag againhaha
– If you inspect your belongings, you bring them in, asking what you’re doinghaha
– I informed Alletti, but they say that sanctions are difficult since the game started.
– After all, there is no root!
– Atletico Madrid, if you do anything now, it seems like you will say that there is nothing fundamentalhaha

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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