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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 15

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 15

Chapter 15 – Derby Madrileño – (1)

Cibatas Metropolitano, home of Atletico Madrid.
Our Nazi followers Los Colchoneros started booing at Los Blancos.

“Iker Bravo! You old man who lost his ace position to a kid because he’s old! When are you going to retire!”

“Sergio Pepe, I heard your wife ran away in your disgusting underbelly!”

However. I was the one who was booed the most.

“Jejus, I’ll rip out your filthy mouth!”

But. I was too cowardly. You’re just hitting me with facts.
I should have fought fair and square with instigation and fabrication.

“Booooo! Get lost, Coreano bastard, inferior to Zaponis!”

Fuck. Still, isn’t that over the line?
Fortunately, before the game even started.
I immediately approached the referee and told him.

“There’s a crowd there advocating Nazism with racism?”

The referee, whose complexion hardened at my words, said he would take action and disappeared.
After a while The spectator was dragged away by Atlético Madrid guards.

As the spectators are drawn out. Atletico Madrid fans are starting to get even more excited.

“Booooo-!! You disgusting Coreano bastard! Try kicking me out!”

Anyway. Legends they used to suck are also racist.
Fans are racist too.
Oh right. The legend even took over the club and bounced to Barcelona.
Tsk tsk. Also. A club without roots is different.

In the atmosphere of the stadium, which did not calm down at all, announcements were made dozens of times. In the end, the start of the game was made only after chasing all the rioting polar Los Colchoneros.

“Idiots. Spend money and can’t watch the game.”

First half 15 minutes
Atletico Madrid 0:0 Real Madrid.


Wilfred Singo fouled Iker Bravo into the void.
Iker Bravo holding his ankle in pain. Take advantage of the moment when the referee paused the game. Let’s head to the touch line. Bananas and Coke were brought.

“Wow – They even give you carbs and a drink to keep you from choking.”

Carefully, I picked up the banana and coke that had been thrown on the touch line.

Take a bite of the banana first. Let’s open the cap of Coke. A soothing sound was heard.


I stare at the crowd who threw a Coke at me and have a drink.


After exhaling coolly to burp.


As a token of gratitude, I handed over the stick.

Just kill.

“Puta!!!!!! Kill the albino bastard!!!”

It kills the throats of Los Colchoneros.

[Five. Oh my gosh Jejus. He is the owner of truly phenomenal mental power.]

[Even though I was subjected to racism, which I should never have done. I would like to applaud Jejus player for handling it resolutely and maturely.]

[By comparison, the level of Atletico Madrid fans is eye-opening.]

[Yes. Now Atletico Madrid fans are showing the dirty side of human beings.]

[Iker Bravo eventually leaves the field due to injury, and Pedro Rodriguez is put in his place.]

[Real Madrid changed their formation and took a 4-1-2-1-2 form. Bruno Iglesias and Pedro Rodriguez stand in the top two. Jejus was located below it.]

[You’ll see the creative pass you showed in Barcelona’s uniform again in El Clasico.]

Minamino Hideyoshi lightly avoided a rough tackle and stabbed a low and fast pass toward Pedro, who penetrated into the back space.


And pretend it’s a mistake.
He stepped on the ankle of Hideyuki, who had put his foot deep in it, and fell.


In the meantime, Pedro, who received my pass and finished the shot, gave me a thumbs up with a look of regret at the shot slightly out of the goal, and was embarrassed.


Well, it would be embarrassing to see a grown man crying profusely. What’s the point of messing around with something that’s just been stepped on?

Shortly after the match has resumed. The referee stopped play again.
The team doctor rushes out from the Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid benches.

“Is Jejus okay?”

“Yes. Fortunately, I just brushed it off.”

Unlike me, who was uninjured by avoiding Hideyoshi Minamino’s rough tackle. In the end, Hideyoshi was carried out of the arena on a stretcher without being able to get up from his seat.

‘It’s self-employed.’

It is a bonus that Hideyoshi Minamino was given cheese by the referee as a warning for a rough tackle on his way out.
Watching the scene, I shook my head.
“Yeah. The referee is amazing too. Give cheese to the players who are carried out in this atmosphere.”

And as I expected. Atlético Madrid fans, who saw the referee handing out a yellow card to Minamino Hideyoshi, began to burst into anger at the referee.

“Are you bought by Real Madrid! You pig!”

“Puta! Damned bald bastard!”

Anyway, this has been proven.
If you can’t play soccer, you have to improve your heart.

Blow a nasty rough tackle anywhere. To turn around


[The game is getting very rough. I hope that the main Jesus player will not be injured.]

-Crazy bastard; Did you see him tackled?
– He built a stud, crazy bastard;;

[Yes. Players need to calm down a bit. Oh While I’m talking, Joo Jesus and Stefan Savich have collapsed on the field and can’t get up.]

– Oh fuck. What is it and why is Jesus lying down?
– Please no injuries!

[The referee is stopping the game again. Looking at the scene again, Stefan Savich collapsed together pulling the jersey of Jesus Joo, who is breaking through.]

– Are you crazy? Why is Ji pulling and collapsing?
– ? Hey Lord Jesus are you smiling?
– Jl. The person lying down in pain… Huh? I’m really laughing
– How did Jesus get a head injury?

[Ah! Fortunately, the. Player Jesus Joo gets up safely from his seat.]

As I was lying on the ground after being fouled, I burst into laughter without even realizing it.
Hehe-ah, that’s really fucking fun.”

“PUTA! Leave! Don’t dry me! I’ll kill him!”

Let’s turn our heads slightly while lying on the ground in a sudden uproar. Sergio Pepe, who is close to me, is going to Stefan Savicchi, who has collapsed in a fit of excitement. Luka Savic was blocking.

“Look at the kid acting as a kid.”

Does it make sense for 190cm tall Sergio Pepe to be blocked by 170cm diminutive Luka Savic?

“Anyway, why is Luca blocking it?”

While I muttered to myself Today alone, I greeted the team doctor who is already on the ground for the third time.

“Good evening.”

“…Is Jejus okay?”

“Yes. My condition has improved so much.”

After saying that Let’s brush up and get up.
I saw players looking at me with expressions as if they had seen a ghost.

Oh Also. Soccer is fun We need to make them feel this joy too.

Team Doctor, who entered the field, leaves again. The referee approached cautiously and asked.

“… Are you really okay?”

I answered the referee with a nod and looked at the clock on the scoreboard.

Let’s see what time it is.
It’s only been 30 minutes.
Great. Enough vision. Only 60 minutes of regular time. ATM machine bastards. Let’s play seriously

[Jesus! Jesus! El ángel del Madrid we lost!
He returned home and prophesied!
To trample on Atletico Madrid and bring victory to the real Madrid!]

We Madridistas also want to trample on you.

After lightly avoiding a sliding tackle by an unknown player who had replaced Hideyoshi Minamino, he passed the ball to Luka. Jumping over the body of the lying boy, he jumped forward.


Let’s shout his name to mean the ball. He sent a pass towards the space I was infiltrating at the speed I wanted. A 2-1 pass made in an instant broke Atletico Madrid’s defense.

The center backs and the goalkeeper look nervous.
I pretended to shoot at them, and then I took a quick poke and made a pass to Pedro Martinez, who came in late.

In an instant, all eyes were on Pedro. The moment the pressure on me is gone.
Pedro sent the ball back to me as I penetrated into the penalty area.

When it became 1vs1 in an instant, I saw the goalkeeper of Atletico Madrid with a pale expression. He hit the ball hard over his head.


A strong shot pierces the net as it is. While holding out their hands to the Los Blancos who are about to run to celebrate. I picked up the ball in the goal and ran to the center circle.

“What are you doing! Are you going to settle for just one goal? Come on quickly!”

Sergio Pepe, looking excited at my remarks, shouted with an uppercut.

“¡Vamos!, The Prophet of the East prophesied! One more goal!”

After that, the cheering song of Madridistas was heard.

“Madrid, Madrid, Madrid”

“¡Hala Madrid!”

“Y nada más, Y nada más”

“¡Hala Madrid!”

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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