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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 16

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 16

Chapter 16 – Derby Madrileño (2)

[Lord Jesus player Woo Woo Woo! Bring Real Madrid’s opening goal with fantastic dribble penetration and shooting!!]

[Yes. Jesus the Lord – Luca – Jesus the Lord – Pedro – And finally Jesus the Lord. Was Joo Jesus at the center of all offensive developments? He is the main Jesus player who tore the opponent’s camp by being located in a vulnerable space for the opponent.]

[Real Madrid going ahead with the first goal of Joo Jesus! Five. The scoring chance was only 6.9%.]

[Because there was really no angle? However, he aimed precisely above his head, which is difficult for goalkeepers to block, and cut the net with a precise and quick shot. Joo Jesus is really showing off his excellent skills. He is the main Jesus player who is proving with his skills the doubts about his skills that were constantly pouring in after the hat-trick in the match against Brazil.]

{Jesus! Jesus! El ángel del Madrid we lost!
He returned to his homeland and prophesied!
To trample on Atlético Madrid and bring victory to the real Madrid!}

[Real Madrid away fans are singing a cheering song for Joo Jesus. Do you guys believe it! This player will soon turn 18!]

After the conceded goal, the pressure from Atletico Madrid players intensified. The referee was also on edge at the naturally increasing number of fouls.


It was a light fight, but the referee called each team’s captain and gave a warning.

“Caution, if it gets rougher here I’ll take the red card without hesitation.”

Sergio Pepe returned with a nod to the referee’s words and delivered the referee’s message to us.

“Kill!. Just kill those fake Madrid bastards!”

Well. No matter how much I thought about it, I don’t think that was the case.

After Luca called my name and handed me a pass, it collided with Atletico Madrid midfielder Nunu and flew away. Seeing the ball heading towards me, the referee declared an advantage.

I tuk-tuk lightly dribble the ball with the sole of my foot and approach Diego Velázquez, the captain and main centre-back of Atrelico Madrid.

Diego Velázquez looks nervous. Because the determined expression that he would never step forward was clear in his eyes. I wasn’t greedy.

Let’s surprise him with an out-front pass with his left foot, which was dribbling between his wide crotch. Losing the timing, Diego Velázquez sat down with his legs folded, but

The ball goes to Pedro Rodriguez.


It is said that he is past his prime, but the veteran striker who scored more than 200 goals for Real Madrid calmly hit the goalkeeper’s flank with a careful pass that arrived at the right speed, neither fast nor slow, narrowing the angle.


The ball ignoring Atlético Madrid’s guardian deity’s earnest heart ripples into the net. In an instant, silence fell over the seats of the home team of Sibatas Metropolitano.

Aside from the silence of the home team seats, the Madridistas who sat in the very few away team seats sang a song of affection for the now dying veteran striker.

[Always! Pedro! Rodrigues! Real Madrid’s eternal El Pistolero (gunslinger)! ]

Pedro Rodriguez looks at the fans singing his cheers. He kissed the Real Madrid logo on his jersey and raised a bloodline around his neck as he screamed at the away table.

“Always!!! Forever!!!! Hala Madrid!!!!!”

After giving a simple ceremony to the fans, his eyes were red as he delivered the ball he was holding to me.

“¡Vamos! The fans cheering us on aren’t satisfied yet! Run harder!”

Really. Real Madrid.

Players too. Club too. Fans too.

The source has overflowed.


Oh It’s been a long time since I’ve been running, so I feel like I’m going to die.

To prevent Atlético Madrid’s attack from getting stronger after Pedro Rodriguez scored an extra goal following my opening goal. I also came down the defensive camp and helped the defense.

It’s something I would never have done normally. Just because he’s a bad boy doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a competitive spirit.
I’ll beat those bastards no matter what I do today. I’m going to teabagging Los Colchoneros.


Sergio Pepe blocks Atlético Madrid striker Llorente from running into the penalty area for a rough foul.


Atlético Madrid had a free kick opportunity in a good position as the referee declared a foul. Emile Zola preparing for a free kick.


Emile Zola hit the free kick at the referee’s whistle. A properly aimed shot misses the post and goes outside the goal line. With the sad look of Emile Zola hitting the ground. The first half is over.

Beep-! Beep-!

Roll and bump, lead your body creaking into the away team’s locker room.
Coach Valverde greeted us with applause. Real Madrid’s massage therapists and doctors began loosening up the players’ muscles.
We were given a muscle massage and explained about the new tactics by Valverde.

“Jejus, go more aggressive!


I answered the director’s instructions with a nod. Rested slowly.

66th minute of the second half.

After Sergio Pepe got the ball in a shoulder fight. He passed the ball to Anthony. Not friendly though. The moment I felt I met Anthony’s eyes after saying hello a few times at the training ground, I immediately rushed forward.


With the sound of kicking a ball from behind. The landing point came into my eyes. Arriving at the drop point, I gently dropped the ball passed by Anthony in the direction I was running. Watching ATM goalkeeper Vandervoort, who bounced out of Anthony’s roving pass and rushed into the goal again, he wrapped it around and hit it. The ball flew in a pretty parabola.

Vandervoort, unable to even dive because he was outside the penalty area, blankly watched the ball fly past him.

Ignoring Vandevoort, who was making a stupid face. Thinking it was a goal from the moment it was already filled, I ran to the corner flag with a ring ceremony, and fired an uppercut.

“Madrid, Madrid, Madrid”

“¡Hala Madrid!”

“Y nada más, Y nada más”

“¡Hala Madrid!”

I can hear the cheers of Madridistas. I grabbed the camera on the corner flag and shouted.

“You see now? Why are we the real Madrid!”

After saying that Show off the cross ceremony with your back to the camera. Madridistas who saw my ceremony started singing my cheering song.

“He is a prophet from the East. He will bring Madrid victory.”

“Our Santo (Saint) with Real Glory!”

“His name is Jesus!”

“His future history at Real Madrid has already been confirmed! Legendary!”

[In the 85th minute of the second half, Joo Jesus scored 2 goals and 1 assist, and was replaced by defender Maguire and came out.]

[Jesus Joo made a total of 6 key passes during the game and had a 91% pass success rate. And I made all 5 shots into valid shots.]

[In addition to this, interception and tackle success rates are also high. Joo Jesus is a striker.]

[Yes. It is not an exaggeration to say that he really showed a performance of 10 out of 10 points, and he is a player who showed great performance.]


[As I speak, the home fans of Atletico Madrid give Joo Jesus a standing ovation!!!!]

[In this match, Atletico Madrid has accumulated a lot of bad ties with Joo Jesus, but they applaud as a sign of acknowledging the opponent who won.]

The moment when he was replaced with Maguire.
Suddenly, a standing ovation erupted from the home crowd. The Atlético Madrid fans gave a standing ovation with astringent faces and laughed, but I nodded and applauded them as a sign of gratitude.

Derby Madrileño, which started dirty and ended warmly. I tried to continue this atmosphere in the MOM interview.

[We showed people how great football can be today. Even though racist remarks that shouldn’t have been poured out. I would like to say that the standing ovation that Los Colchoneros gave me is an event that humanity has taken a step forward.
This is why we love and are passionate about football.]

A Japanese reporter with such a warm atmosphere shattered it.

“Mr. Jeju’s rough behavior caused Minamino Hideyoshi to be out of the season. Are you willing to apologize to him?”

I laughed out loud at the Japanese reporter’s question.

Also Japan. I was thinking about selling Tokyo and buying America. It was like a country that suffered 30 years of loss after being beaten by the Plaza Accord.

I ate my eyes.

What. Anyway. I wish I could finish this warmly with Los Colchoneros.
Wandering around the city of Madrid, I won’t get hit with a knife or a gun by the extreme Los Colchoneros.


[Jeju, are you sorry for Minamino Hideyoshi? Not at all He played a dirty game that violated the spirit of partnership. Rather, I should apologize for the tackle he made me.]

[Royal Spanish Football Association, 2G disciplinary action against Atlético Madrid for racist behavior.]

[Atletico Madrid’s fandom accepts discipline from the Royal Football Association. ‘Alletti fans will never use the rising sun flag from now on. If there is a fan who uses the Rising Sun Flag, he is no longer Los Colchoneros.’]

[I am happy that Jejus and Atletico Madrid are back on the right track.]

[Jesus Joo and Atletico Madrid in a warm atmosphere. The remarks of a Japanese reporter who lost sight of the relationship between the two are becoming a hot topic in Spain.]

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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