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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 17

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 17

Chapter 17 – El Santo De Madrid -1

After winning 3-0 against Atletico Madrid. The value of my name has gone up.

“Hey. You’re good at analyzing.”

In a program that specializes in soccer game analysis, the analysis of my play during the match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid was being done in detail.

[Five. Oh my gosh, look at the pass they poke over there! Jejus, score chain pass defense He is crazy! What the hell can’t you do! A true flawless striker is right there.]

Analysis 1 man who spits out praise for my play.
Another analysis 2 uncle tackled the uncle’s analysis.

[Well. I disagree with that opinion.]

[Yes? Opposite?]

Analysis 2 man with his index finger out with a resolute attitude.

[Yes. Jejus player has only one flaw.]

Even I, who watched the broadcast, was dumbfounded by his appearance.
“No, what bullshit. I have no flaws!”

Like me, an analysis 1 man who seems to be completely incomprehensible appears on the screen.

[Five. Is there a flaw in the world even after seeing that look? What are the flaws?]

Analysis 2 The man pretended to be proud and explained every word.
[It didn’t show up well in that game, but if you look at other games, you’ll see Jeju’s shortcomings.]

Me and Analysis 1 The man stared at his mouth curiously.

[Another game?, What the hell is that?]

To the answer that came out of his mouth.

[This is laziness. And other than that, everything is perfect on the pitch.]

Analysis 1 Uncle too.


Me too


Hey man, you’re good at analyzing.

Like that. The time when I was watching a TV program while eating fruit. My smartphone rang.


Who is it? Are you Yuna’s sister?

Let’s check your smartphone. The message had come from a former colleague, not Yuna noona.

– Unhappy Lewis: (Barcelona contract termination article.)
– Unhappy Lewis: ¡Vamos! I’m going to Real Madrid!
– Unhappy Louise: Honey, did you make another man while I was gone?

Crazy baby.

-God-sent soccer genius: You crazy bastard. Please don’t fuck
-Unhappy Lewis: Oh. Senorita. What the hell made you change like that!
-God-sent soccer genius: If you fuck Senorita one more time, I will unconditionally throw a water rocket at the ball you pass.
-Unhappy Lewis: Sorry. My Lord

I nodded while exchanging messages with Luis Garcia.

Now, after the next home game, I went to play Copa del Rey away from Girona, and then El Clasico was held at Camp Nou, Barcelona’s home stadium, and I got a strong meat shield.

Could it be that the Barça fans will leave Luis, who recently transferred and called him a New idiot and gave him affection, and give a damn to me.

And that moment. The actions I did in Barcelona pass by like a kaleidoscope. I swallowed my saliva.

Hmm…But I guess I’ll have to bring my knives just in case.

-Unhappy Lewis: I’m excited. Seeing Jeju score a goal after receiving my pass.
-God-sent soccer genius: ㅗ Shut up now because you are busy.
-Unhappy Lewis: Yes your majesty

Shut up the noisy Louis. The moment you want to focus on the TV again.


To the smartphone ringing again. I screamed involuntarily.

“Puta! What kind of a bastard are you?”

And the moment I saw the sender of the message.

[Yuna noona♥]

I quickly cast Tallulah.

“As expected my love! You sent me a message knowing I was bored!”

-Yuna noona♥: (Photo) (Photo) (Photo) Jesus, what should I wear when I go to Spain next month?
-God Jesus: Is it enough for me to have an older sister? (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

I made a comment on my conversion and put on a satisfied expression.

Heh After all, Yuna noona is too shy to say anything.

And time passes I froze at the message Yuna noona sent me.

-Yuna noona♥: Jesus! Where did you learn those words! Like an old uncle! (ʘᗩʘ’)

It was the moment when the mentality of the 234-year-old rotten water was smashed.

-Yuna noona♥: Jesus! See you next month!
-Yuna noona♥: It’s so sad that there’s still a month left.
-Yuna noona♥: Jesus, I love you! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
-God Jesus: ლ(´◉❥◉`ლ) Yes! I love you too.


[Luis Garcia, Real Madrid transfer ‘I’m happy to come to Madrid. Hala Madrid!’]

[Barcelona fans, two disgusting big pigs and two little pigs were ruining the team.]

Real Madrid’s home stadium Santiago Bernabéu, where the 20th round of the league will be played between Real Madrid and Deportivo Alaves.

The game where I transferred to Real Madrid and made my debut at the Santiago Bernabéu, our home stadium.

“He is a prophet from the East. He will bring Madrid victory.”

“Our Santo (Saint) with Real Glory!”

“His name is Jesus!”

“His future history at Real Madrid has already been confirmed! Legendary!”

Before the match, Madrid stars sing my cheering song. I applauded them and thanked them.

“Hala Madrid!”

Drunk with mulberry from home fans’ presents, I put down bad boy Jejus for a while and came back as Joo Jesus for the first time in a while and played an active part in the game.

As a result.

Real Madrid 7:0 Deportivo Alaves

Goal: Jejus (10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 70 minutes)
Iker Bravo (18 mins)

He scored a double hat-trick and literally tore Deportivo Alaves to pieces. Even the fact that he assisted Iker Bravo’s goal shocked soccer officials around the world in that he literally tore up a club with a one-man show.

[Oh my gosh! Jeju’s! The god of soccer has possessed his body!. He has scored 14 goals in 6 games and is showing a scoring ability comparable to the monster Holland who scored 10 goals in 6 games in the past English Premier League!]

[Really, his play is graceful and deadly, and oh my God, this is the first time I’ve ever felt so resentful of my lousy language skills.]

[To all the viewers who are watching this game, a new god has appeared in the divine realm! Surprisingly, that god is a Korean national player who is now 18 years old.]

[And the name of that god is Lord. Yes. Number. He is nicknamed El Santo de Madrid (Saint of Madrid).]


Before Deportivo. About Jeju’s performance.

[Flawless striker Shevchenko.]

Perfect. It was just perfect.


When I opened the window of the mansion I received from Núñez, president of Madrid (I haven’t received it yet), I heard my cheering song from downtown Madrid.

“He is a prophet from the East. He will bring Madrid victory.”

“Our Santo (Saint) with Real Glory!”

“His name is Jesus!”

“His future history at Real Madrid has already been confirmed! Legendary!”

I don’t know what to say, but I, who tore up Deportivo Alaves with mulberries, said this. Madridista. Isn’t it time to put down the mulberry?
It’s been 4 hours since the game and they’re still singing.

While I was looking out the window with a slightly uncomfortable expression, Du-sik hyung approached me and started talking to me.

“It’s Jesus.”

“Why are you calling me all of a sudden? What’s with that greasy expression?”

I saw Doo-sik hyung smiling like a pervert.
An offer to make money came in. I could feel it instinctively.

“Do you like the 3rd line or the crescent moon?”

“Hyung. It’s tacky and not fun. Just ask if you like Adidas or Nike. Which one has better conditions?”

“…Adidas. £18m a year for a 10-year contract”


I was at a loss for words at the exorbitant amount that came out of Dushik’s mouth. Already the conditions you were offered after receiving the Saint Ballon d’Or last time?

“Is that… That’s how you put in the proposal?”

“Uh. I think we can raise the price if we negotiate. And they said they want to make Jeju’s special edition products using your celebration.”

I nodded my head at Dushik’s words.
“First of all, we should negotiate better terms and make a special edition, of course.”

After I finished talking with my brother, I heard the sound of a cheering song outside the window again.

[“He is a prophet from the East. He will bring Madrid victory.”

“Our Santo (Saint) with Real Glory!”
“His name is Jesus!”

“The history of Real Madrid he will write in the future has already been confirmed! As a legend!”]

Really strangely. The uncomfortable sound of cheering sounded pleasant.

Jingle jingle.


Results of the first leg of the Copa del Rey quarterfinals.
Real Madrid 2: 1 Girona FC (home)

Coach Valverde, who left key players in Madrid in preparation for the next match against Barcelona, ​​robbed Girona FC’s home stadium of Estadi Municipal de Montilivi with only 1.5 teams and returned.

And 3 days later. League Round 21 El Clasico, the world’s most famous derby match.
The match between Real Madrid and Barcelona was held at Barcelona’s home ground, Camp Nou.


Let’s go back to Camp Nou. She took a selfie with her camera as she felt a sense of revelry. Seeing this, the curre spat out curse words. She didn’t care


“I’m back! Camp Nou!”

“Puta!! Disgusting traitor bastard!”

Blow her finger heart to the curre who curses at me. I entered the arena and listened to the coach’s instructions.

“Two goals off call?”

“Three goals.”

“Three goals is too many. Let’s do two.”

“Three goals.”

“Two goals. If you don’t give me permission, I’ll force you to leave for Celebration.”

“Three goals!!”

“Damn it! Okay three goals!”

Only then did the director disappear with a satisfied expression on his face.

Carve the director’s instructions into your heart. We went to the stadium to warm up.

When Real Madrid players entered the stadium dressed in Los Blancos, wild boos poured in.

“Booooo! Dirty Franco’s minions!”

Among them, who was the player who received the most affection from Kure?

“You disgusting traitor! Eat this!”

“Booooo! Jesus go to hell!”

It was me.

No fuck Why are you fucking with me, leaving Luis Garcia alone?

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
[WHY ALWAYS ME?]Bad boy on the ground.


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