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The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 18

The Dead Striker Is Crazy. 18

Chapter 18 – El Santo De Madrid -2

[In this El Clasico, there was a lot to talk about before the game started, right?]

[That’s right. Joo Jesus and Luis Garcia moved to rival club Real Madrid through buyout. ]

[Yes. So, for the safety of this match, there was talk about the possibility of being excluded from the list. However, both Jesus Joo and Luis Garcia were named in the starting lineup.]

[In fact, since it was a derby match, it was difficult to exclude Joo Jesus, who is showing great performance in Real Madrid.]

[Louise Garcia too. He is a world class midfielder.]

[That’s right.]

[As I speak, the relay camera is pointing at Joo Jesus.
Joo Jesus, his home team Barcelona’s home stadium, Camp Nou, wears a Real Madrid uniform and starts El Clasico.]

[Yes. The booing from Barcelona fans is already huge, which means that Joo Jesus is that much of a threat.]

[Five. It’s a fact we didn’t even know about. Participating in both El Clasicos in one season as an away team. It is said that Jesus Christ is the first player.]

The commentator almost burst into laughter at the skillful caster’s words.

[Huh-Hmm. It is truly a rare record.]

[The match between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the 21st round of the league with the rare record set by Jesus Joo. The match begins with a kick-off by Real Madrid, the away team.]


The match is starting Barcelona fans every time I touch the ball. He poured out booing and harsh words.

“Jejus! Cursed pig!”

“Puta! What? Your heart’s in Barcelona? Get out of here before I take your heart out and feed it to the pigs!”


Because they booed. I didn’t particularly care. That they boo me like that.

“Puta!!!! STOP!!!!”

Just. Because they know all too well that I am a dangerous player.

Chow ah-

I saw Barcelona’s number 6 Antoine Dembele making a wild tackle at my feet. Even though he plays the role of a defensive midfielder. Like a player who has strengths in passing and positioning in the first place. His sliding tackle was .

“Ehh. That’s called a tackle.”

It was lacking compared to the passing skill.

He easily avoided a sliding tackle with a drag bag. Antoine Dembele disappears past me with a vain expression.

Let’s knock one out. Iker Bravo was seen penetrating into the space behind the opponent’s defense.
You can pass it directly to him, but passing it in one place seemed to have a higher chance of success. I pass the ball to Luca. He pointed at Iker with his finger.

“Luca! Iker!”

Fortunately. Luca was also looking at the same thing as me. Before I could finish my words, I already moved and put a space pass toward the space in front of Iker.


Iker, who took possession of the ball with his steady trapping, quickly stripped the right full-back of Barcelona and wound it with his right foot.

I moved at the same time as Iker fired his shot. A story that I listened to while playing under a coach called Super Pippo Filippo Inzaghi.

[Until the ball crosses the goal line. Never stop thinking and legs.]

Contrary to what Iker thought, who expected it to be a goal the moment it was kicked. The Barcelona goalkeeper managed to parry Iker’s shot with his fingertips.

The goalkeeper’s barely hit the ball didn’t go far and fell into the penalty area. The Barcelona defense rushed in and tried to collect it in a hurry.

Before I knew it, I penetrated the penalty and calmly pushed the ball one step faster than the Barcelona defense team toward the corner of the goal on the other side where the goalkeeper had collapsed.

Let’s make sure the goal line is crossed. I run to where the Madrid fans are located. I followed the celebration of the person Barcelona fans called the Messiah. Real Madrid fans started cheering at the celebration with both hands pointing to the sky.

“He is a prophet from the East. He will bring Madrid victory.”

“Our Santo (Saint) with Real Glory!”
“His name is Jesus!”

“His future history at Real Madrid has already been confirmed! Legendary!”

[Iker Bravo’s shot! Goalkeeper Alvaro Arbeloa makes a super save and blocks Iker Bravo’s shot!]

[Barcelona players, Arbeloa goalkeeper runs to clear the ball!]

[Bloody Hell! Where the hell did this player come from?! Jeju’s! Before the Barcelona players clear the ball, they reach it one step faster than them and put the ball into the corner away from the goalkeeper!]

[Oh my gosh, what a lethal move. When everyone just looks at Iker Bravo’s beautiful shooting trajectory. He ran into the goal like the legendary Italian striker Filippo Inzaghi in the past.]

[Jejus scored the goal. Run to the Madrid expedition table. Oh my gosh! Messi! Introducing Messi’s proprietary Celebration.]

[···It’s like saying to the Barcelona fans, The new Messiah who came to you left for Madrid because of your persecution!]

[Real Madrid’s established Messiah takes the lead against Barcelona!]


Unlike the game where the opening goal was scored early in the first half and a slugfest was expected. No further goals were scored in the first half.

In each team’s locker room, tactics were quickly supplemented.

In the away team’s locker room, where Real Madrid is located, even a player change was made.

End of game. The condition of Bruno Iglesias, who was severely fouled by Barcelona’s left full-back, was more serious than expected.

“Before the second half, Jorginho will replace Bruno Iglesias. The formation will remain as it is now, and you will play the role Bruno Iglesias played.”

Like Pedro Rodriguez, Jorginho’s decision to retire from Real Madrid at the end of this season gave him the nod.


“And Jejus!”


“Rip those stinky asses!”

I nodded my head at the director’s words.



[The second half began with Real Madrid leading by 1 point in the 15th minute of the first half by Joo Jesus. Contrary to the expectation that it would be a slugfest with an early score, the coaches of the two teams rather strengthened the defense, right?]

[Yes. After all, it is El Clasico, the best derby in the world. I could see that they were careful with each other.]

[Unlike the first half, before the second half, whether a goal storm can rage. We will relay the second half of the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona with commentator Jang Hyun-ji.]


Before the second half. I think Barcelona cannot lose at Camp Nou, their home stadium. The whole line went up and started to attack fiercely.

“Lewis! Block 7 times!”

For a while, the sight of the Real Madrid defense blocking Barcelona’s wave of attacks continued.

73 minutes in the second half.

Sergio Pepe, who changed his name after admiring the play of the legendary centre-back duo Ramos and Kangpe, who played for Real Madrid in the past, punished the Barça attack team who invaded his territory like a gangster.

“Booooo! The referee is an idiot! That’s not a foul!!!”

“Sergio Pepe! That name deserves to be cursed! Go to hell you dog!”

Barça’s Big Pig. He passed the pass to Luis Garcia.

“You bastard! I went to Real Madrid to offer my dirty ass to Jesus, and he deserves it!”

“You dirty asshole!”

Upon receiving the pass, Luis Garcia used the profanity of his former team as the background sound. With a rhythmic rhythm, simply peel off Barcelona’s pressure. Passed me the pass

A pass from Lewis reached me. I started to hear curses from Barcelona fans who were in evil.

“Booooo! Dirty traitor! Judas bastard!”

“That filthy slut you love must be humming under another man by now!”

“Oh! Poor Jejus! You couldn’t satisfy her with your little cock!”

“Poor Jejus, send that bitch to us and we’ll make sure to satisfy you!”

이런 개새끼들. When she was young, her parents divorced and almost abandoned her at an orphanage. She said she wanted to repay her grandmother for raising her. Touching my precious little Yuna, who used to speak plainly?

I wanted to run towards the crowd right now because of the anger boiling in my chest.
The 234-year-old deceased. I knew how to hurt them more.

Avoiding the Barça captain’s tackle, aiming for the shin. The right fullback, who ran to cover, sat down with only a light upper body painting.

In front of me, the goalkeeper and the other center man are now left. The white center bag

Tuduk- Taat!

Surpassed only by rapid acceleration. Before the center back was even taken off, he predicted in advance, quickly narrowed the angle, tapped the ball out of reach of the goalkeeper, who jumped out, and hit a roving shot into the empty goal post.

The referee’s whistle acknowledges the goal. I immediately run to the seat of the spectator who made the insulting comment.


After taking off the uniform. What Messi did at the Santiago Bernabéu. He gave a celebration by lifting the uniform.

Leaving behind the Barcelona crowd, who threw pig heads at me in mounting humiliation.

Now, the cross ceremony that people first think of when they think of Jeju’s was presented to them in the background.

Obviously. Barcelona fans are starting to get even more excited.

“Puta!!! Kill that bastard!!!”

“I’m going to break that scumbag’s legs!!!”

I laughed at them, boasting about my slender middle finger.
Then, Sergio Pepe with a white expression came over and forcibly dragged me away.

I mocked the Barcelona fans even while being dragged by Sergio Pepe.

“Hala Madrid!”

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

The Dead Striker Is Crazy

고인물 스트라이커는 미쳤다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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