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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 2

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 2

Chapter 2 – Omen -2-

“This… This… You damn bastard!!!”

Bang! Clink!

An ink bottle dripping with black liquid flies and explodes against the wall.

The old man who hits the table and throws things in anger seems to be naturally hot-tempered.
He is the president of Lofty Academy, known for being cold-hearted and reserved.

“That, that’s how bandits are cowardly…”

Whoops! Poo!

“Bastard!! Call that an excuse now!!”

The dean jumped over the table and started punching the middle-aged man with his head down.

The middle-aged man’s head swung around at the strength that he couldn’t believe for a decrepit old man, and he lost his balance and fell.

“Die! Die! I’m dead now, so die together!!”


As if the dean was still angry, he trampled on him with his shoe.

The middle-aged, who is in a position to be trampled on, does not make excuses and is only beaten while spitting out moans.

“Ha, Dean! Calm down! Then the instructor dies!”

The administrator, who had been silent by the side, tried to dissuade the dean, but he had no intention of stopping.

“Of course I’m stepping on it to die, but I have to die! Heck-heck…”

“Dean, calm down for now. If we put our heads together, there will definitely be a breakthrough!”

“Breakthrough? My mental head is in a flower garden… Heo-eok… Is there such a thing… Heo-eok-?”

As the dean had been sitting at a desk for half his life, he gasped for breath due to the rapid movement of his senile body.

If the dean, who was a renowned wizard, had already used magic, the instructor would have disappeared in hundreds of pieces.

The fact that they didn’t go there is proof that there are still fragments of reason——the magistrate believed.

“Ah-! This is really over now. Damn it…”

The dean, who came to his senses from the rage that cut off reason, faced the reality he did not want to face and his hands trembled.

Tomorrow, the real grim reaper will come.


The Lofty Academy in the capital is the largest and best educational institution in the Harun Empire.

That’s why, if you want to take a place in a group within the law and boundaries of the Empire, it’s difficult if you don’t go through the academy.

Currently, there are individual educational institutions of the church, but the current church’s cardinals and the head of the Holy Knights are also from the academy, and the same goes for the head of the Imperial Knights.

Most of the public’s idols are academy graduates.
Young Fiddles who want to have their talents and make their dreams bloom follow their idols through the academy.

And the purpose of the academy is not only tangible combat power enhancement.

From alchemy to various theoretical subjects, of course.
Civil servants to devote themselves to the empire, including public administration, are also being fostered with great admiration.

No matter where you go in the empire, if you look above, there are people from the academy.

That’s why the noses of those who are connected by school ties are extremely high.

As they pulled and pulled each other, the promotion by origin became fixed.

Their self-esteem and honor imbued with the idea of ​​the chosen people are the shape of a perfect sphere without a single wound.

I thought I would spend my whole life like this now.

But nothing lasts forever, and in the end things happened.
The beginning of the loss of honor was trivial.

A group of bad bandits have appeared, robbing nameless villages near the capital.

Incidents of raids on slash-and-burn farmers and farmers are common enough to occur several times in a quarter.

If you mobilize adventurers or enlisted soldiers as usual, it will be solved enough.

However, the instructor who taught the Engineering Department had a different idea.

The current cadets grew up eating all the good things, so they were full of mana, but their actual combat experience was mediocre.

So, how about taking this opportunity to experience light combat against weak bandits?

“Instructor- Have you finally lost your mind?”

Upon hearing the story, the dean objected with a straight face.

The screwed-up Three Princes fell into chivalry and belonged to the Knights Faculty, and how many sons of high-ranking aristocrats were there.
How will you be held responsible if someone gets hurt?

(I will protect it even at the cost of my life!)
(Thank you!! It’s for the future of the Empire!)

No matter how many times he shouted, the instructor pounded on the dean’s office.

“I really can’t win.”

The instructor’s sincere enthusiasm for education moved the dean’s heart, who was on the train at the end of male menopause.

An exceptionally emotional day – the dean stamped it as if possessed.

I took a picture and called the instructor until the day before departure out of anxiety and warned him dozens of times.

Never! Never! Never! No one should be hurt, and I will attach a mage and a priest along the way.

I made a request, so before you go, stop by the church and join the support unit.

Despite the dean’s earnest request, the instructor ran straight ahead.

They are only bandits.
There was a time when, when he was a young knight, he single-handedly wiped out bandits.

‘Rather, suppressing it with an excessive number of people would undermine the academy’s status.’

As a result-

The Third Prince lost one of her fingers.

The children of the golden jade leaves of the high-ranking aristocratic families that support the empire suffered big and small wounds.
The eldest son of a junior author was stabbed by a rusty knife and fell into critical condition.

Someone had to say that the instructor was out of luck.

It was not an ordinary bandit, but a mercenary group that enjoyed extortion and turned into a bandit.

The man who claimed to be the boss was unexpectedly strong and exchanged with the instructor for a long time.

The cadets, who had been training in the framework of rituals and disciplines, lost their commander, an instructor, and were unable to properly respond in combat.

Bandits from mercenaries do not hesitate to sprinkle dirt on their eyes and use memorization and poison.

He took a noble lady hostage and threatened her.

The cadets could not easily overcome the anomaly of many attacking one person.

The knights escorting the three princes from afar rushed in to quell the situation, but it was too late.

Due to the three princes’ desperate refusal to receive an escort even if they died, the surveillance distance was far away, so it was a step late to participate in the battle.

The status of Lofty Academy fell from top to bottom in just one day by adventurers who watched the situation from a distance, members of the information guild, and someone who wanted the nobles to fall.

A cadet from the Knights Faculty who loses to a bandit? It had a devastating effect on the current knights who had graduated from the Faculty of Engineering.

Can they withstand the ridicule of the Faculty of Swords in the opposite pole?

“Huh, huh uh uh…!”


Upon hearing the news, the dean passed out on the spot.
The dean was forcibly awakened by an imperial messenger who barged into the dean’s office before he had time to rest.

“Two days later. An agent will come to convey the wishes of the imperial family, so prepare.”

“I will follow your orders.”

After the treatment of the third prince’s finger, his own head will be blown off.

Since that day, the dean has not had a glass of water or a single meal.
After all, he is the one who put the stamp on himself.


‘Ah- it’s over.’

From far away she comes.

Accompanied by knights clad in full armor behind her.

The dean was waiting for the grim reaper to kneel down at the entrance of the academy and take his head.

Beside her was an instructor whose face was swollen.

The instructor is twitching his chin and spitting out fear without filtering.

Dalgrak- Purrureung.

A war horse arrived in front of them.

The dean and instructor swallowed at the sensation of a huge mountain rising in front of them.

“Raise your head.”

It has a beautiful voice, but it has charisma like frost.

A fool who does not know her is not in this place.

A member of the Imperial Knights, the guardian of the imperial family and the sword of His Majesty the Emperor.
A descendant of the Sword Saint Asen Free Miller.
The last of the 5 imperial knights.

Eclair Dritna, the supernova of the Harun Empire, has appeared at the academy.

Her current status is not a knight, but an agent of the imperial family.
The dean raises his head first, and the instructor raises his head after a while.

Riding on her warhorse, she wears imperial livery and carries a sword at her waist.

Her silver hair, which was tied up tightly, glistened in the sunlight, and her ruby-red eyes looked down at the two.

On both sides, knights in full plate armor are holding flags symbolizing the imperial family.

Their undisturbed attitude proves their discipline.

“To wait”

A knight approaching beside her after getting off his horse handed over a letter.
A scroll with a red dragon wrapped around it. The will of the imperial family is contained in that.

‘Because of that bastard…’

The dean wanted to get up right away and burn and tear the instructor to pieces.

This wouldn’t have happened if only the priests and magicians of the church had accompanied them.

The dean, who had been glaring at the instructor as if tearing to death, returned his gaze to the floor at the sound of the letter being unraveled.

“Listen to Doran Escaro-“

Neither the title of count nor the title of dean were mentioned in the letter.

The instructor is not even mentioned, only his name as the person in charge.

Doran Escaro, the head of the academy, bowed her head even deeper without saying a word to her.

Eclair, who saw it, read the letter with a booming voice.

“As the president of Lofty Academy, I would like to commend you for your dedication to the empire and leading promising talents for a long time—- but the complacent handling of this case cannot be easily overlooked.”

The dean wanted to wake up right away and howl as he explained what he had prepared and the instructor’s madness.
But now I have to tremble with anger and fear.

“Even if I suffocate you and destroy my blood relatives, my anger will not subside, and the ruined empire will not stand still. The prince’s loss has been restored, but this does not mean that the current incident has not happened.”

The dean held his breath and listened to the ambiguous sentence whether he was killing himself or saving himself.

“I tried to rule you according to the principle of punishment, but I would like to give you a chance to make up for this by adding a light punishment to the prince’s earnest request.”


‘You said you’d give me a chance?!’

The bodies of the dean and instructor stiffened like stones at the murderous sound of drawing a knife.

“Jim has been expressing concern about the complacency of the Empire’s people lately.”

Her mana changed the atmosphere to a heavy one.

“Do not think that peace will last forever as long as the Federation exists. In order to continue the prosperity of a strong empire, the role of the academy is more important than anything else. In order to prevent such an unfortunate incident, come up with education and measures that can foster knights who are strong in real combat.”


The sound of cutting a thread pulled to its limit.
At the same time as the letter ended, Eclair’s sword swung, and the instructor’s head fell off and the dean’s right arm was cut off.


In the eyes of the dean, who lowered his head, he saw the severed head of the instructor and his own arm.

As a punishment, it is not permitted to regenerate or attach the amputated right arm.

Compared to beheading and annihilating blood relatives, it was certainly a light punishment.

The dean gritted his teeth in pain, but did not let go.
After about 10 seconds, when I lost my mind, the grim reaper opened his mouth.

“More than.”

“…I will do my best to repay the kindness of His Majesty the Supreme Emperor.”

After finishing the etiquette, the dean got up and started to stop the bleeding with magic.

‘Sa, lived!’

The relief of miraculously surviving was also momentary.
When he thought about the future, he seriously wondered if he would rather die.

– Train cadets based on real battles, not rituals for show.
– Do training to respond to unexpected variables.

Established training and education to make knights strong in practice.

It was a task that fell to the dean, who was a wizard.
There was no time to feel the emptiness of his missing right arm.

“What should I do…”

The administrator noticed the dean’s sad voice and opened his mouth.

“Shouldn’t we hire a new instructor with excellent practical experience…”

“Whoa—-of course I know that. But even if you appoint a new knight as an instructor. How can they boast that they are different from the previous instructors who worship trivial chivalry…”

A moment of silence covered the dean’s office, but the administrator spoke with genuine curiosity.

“This is an embarrassing remark, the dean. Is there any need to insist on being a knight? If you are an instructor in the Knights Faculty, you only need to handle the sword well, right?”

The administrator did not hesitate to make remarks that would have made him swing a knife if he had heard a passing article.

“Tell me more.”

“At this point, if the Faculty of Swordsmanship and the Faculty of Knights were to be integrated, or if a common subject was established—”

Indeed, it was a proposal worthy of an expert in tabletop theory who had never even looked at the battlefield.

If the cadets dreamed of becoming knights, they would have collapsed with bubbles, but the dean is a magician who values ​​practicality.

So this crazy opinion was new.

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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