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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 1

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 1

Chapter 1 – Omen -1-

Often, characters who are possessed in novels or games live by intertwining with the main characters.

In all cases, this is an opportunity blessed by luck.

It is a person’s life that he does not even know tomorrow, but knowing the development of the world is the same as knowing all things.

I thought I was standing on the opposite side of the words such as luck and luck.

To me like that-I, whose life was dotted with black regrets, had a chance to become a genius.

When I was born and opened my eyes and started walking, I knew right away that I was reincarnated in a game.

It’s because his face was the same as his previous life.

A game based on the novel [Academy: Savior of Light], Shortened to ‘Akarite’

It is a story in which a Korean protagonist solves an accident at the academy by possessing an aristocratic son.

Just looking at the title and content, it is a game with hidden pieces for the growth of the main character and overcoming crises scattered throughout.

The problem was that when I was born, I was the main character and heroine, and no one was born.

The playable character is the 100th student of Lofty Academy.

From now on, if you calculate the entrance to school the moment you become an adult…

“Haa… I don’t have an answer.”

I woke up 25 years ago at the starting point of novels and games.

Following a common cliché, it would be nice if he became possessed by a third-class villain aristocrat, but for some reason, he is a child of a poor farming family.

The lives of peasants, which could not be felt in games played from the point of view of nobles, were not harsh.

As the famine continued, the parents cried and tried to replace the child next door with me.

I fled from the spot with all my might.

The fantasy world I dreamed of was definitely not like this.

I know what will happen in the future and I know hidden pieces like hidden elixirs and artifacts, so why do I have to live like this?

From the day I became alone, every day reminded me of a nightmare-like past life.

It reminded me of the days of the sickest war mercenaries.

The past that I don’t want to remember saved me in the present.

Even if it is an immature body, it lives by making up for the experiences it has in its head.

He lives in the mountains and fights with goblins for territory.

At night, I had to sleep lightly and watch the campfire.

We continued to move and searched for the village.

I never succeeded, but if there was a wagon, I begged for a ride, and when I came across an unpaved road, I cleared my head and walked for days.

She went to and from dozens of villages, earning money from chores to dirty jobs that everyone shuns.

I didn’t let go of a guy who wanted to work and not pay.

By saving food as much as possible and repeatedly living homeless, I collected a dime or two of money, so I gathered an amount that I could use for a goal at least once.

He didn’t hesitate for a moment.

I left for the town I was looking at.

The name of the town is Red Meyer.

It’s not the finest ruby ​​like Pigeon Blood, but a ruby ​​mine that is easy to craft has been discovered, so it’s prosperous to be a village, but not enough to be a city.

It is a place name that appears in the beginning of novels and games.

The protagonist wandered around the forest in search of the first elixir to consume.

It was such a small plant that it crawled on the floor and lost its eyes.

My knee was bleeding and my joints were so sore that I couldn’t even get up.

Did someone watch the hardship from above?

I’ve come to fruition.

“Sir baaaaal!!!”

The moment I saw it, a voice that had been locked in my heart burst out.

He chewed on the disgusting grass with a smile.

[Physical abilities increase. ]

[ Resistance to fire increases. ]

I couldn’t eat and grew up, and my body, which was weak like a can of millet, became lively.

As I used my rapidly developed body to do more high-intensity work, the amount of goods I naturally earned increased, so I went around looking for hidden pieces whenever I had a chance.

The beginning was good, but life in the world was not so easy.

Elixir and Artifact 10 times, if it was even once, it was a success.

If you weren’t lucky enough to succeed at the first start, you might have already given up.

The reason for the empty hidden pieces must be that the main character did not start the episode with a high probability.

Even so, in this world where the power of the body is a right and a human right, I never stopped.

When he grew older and turned 15, he ran out of money and went to the capital to join the adventurer’s guild.

There were many young bastards who were aiming for a fortune.

At my age, there were a lot of guys who became adventurers because there was no way to make a living.

The adventurers around him laughed at him, but he didn’t react.

It’s funny to me because it’s true.

After a month, all the guys who registered with me that day died, and I was the only one who survived.

I was asked to organize a party for the first time, but I declined.

It was clear why I insisted on playing solo.

I wanted to find the hidden peace as much as possible and become stronger by monopolizing it. With a team, there are many things to hide, and the tempo cannot be adjusted arbitrarily.

[ Register the inventory. ]

One day, he stole the subspace that the main character should have.

I didn’t expect much, but it was the best harvest of the year.

It was a ridiculous item that could store a fairly heavy capacity.

I found out through the information guild that the name of a playable character exists in an aristocratic family.

But I didn’t have any big thoughts.

He is a guy who will abandon this world and run away to Korea anyway.

In the past, I wondered if I could somehow get into the academy as a child of birth and skip the honeydew between stories.

However, a long time has obscured those thoughts and made me settle in this world.

I met a nice woman too.

There are also people who can have a drink when they have free time.

Sometimes, when I was mentally exhausted, I dreamed of starting a normal family.

It was the first time in the adventurer’s guild history.

Urus, who is called the strongest adventurer, also forms a party and works.

A solo adventurer reached platinum, the highest level in the adventurer’s guild, with all his limbs intact.

Platinum is the end of the adventurer regulations, so the adventurer’s skill gap is divided again within the grade.

A young man in his mid-twenties. Relatively short experience of 10 years. On top of that, each and every one of them reaching platinum as a solo is exceptional.

“After – I’ll follow you”

I am relieved to return to the capital after a month.

I came down to the tavern in the basement of the adventurer’s guild and took a seat.

On the day the request is over, it is my habit to fill up my stomach here rather than go home immediately.

The house is deserted and the sun hasn’t fallen yet, so even if I go home in the first place, I have to come out again for dinner.

“Roman! He didn’t die this time either.

“Ac-get away from men so the food doesn’t taste good”

Ignoring my words to get out of the way, he sat down in the seat across from him.

After that, one of the larger party members approached.

She was a woman who radiated radiance and elegance, in stark contrast to the dull middle-aged.

“Mr. Roman! Hello!”

“Lilyne- It’s been a while. Sit down.”

She gave her nod briefly and sat down at an empty table.

After all, people who are born aristocrats show off somehow.

“It’s always the case, but isn’t the treatment too different…”

“If you twist her, she will turn into a beauty.”

“Whoops- Mr. Roman is still the same.”

A boring conversation that doesn’t require deep thought.
The mind calms down

I look forward to this kind of time when I return after completing a request.

It was one of the few joys in my life right now.

“The next request is undecided?”

As I continued to talk with them, I got curious and asked questions.

They are one of the hardest parties to see in the guild.

Lark’s party has a high reputation.

Realistically, the group of rakes has the potential to aim for below, if not platinum, as they gain more experience.

Because he calmly grasps it, he runs without stopping.

It was the first time that Lark’s party took a break without deciding on a request.

“Actually, it’s because of me…”

Lily’s the cause

Is it possible to have a personality that hates hurting others so much?

“Where did you get hurt?”

“No! It’s not like that! In fact… Our youngest was going to enter the academy, and I wanted to see it—”

The two at this table know that she is of noble origin.

Even though he cut off ties with his parents and ran away, he was taking care of his younger siblings from behind.

“If that’s the case, I can’t help it. If Lark doesn’t let you go, I’ll beat you up, so don’t worry.”

“You madman! I would!”

“…I’m really sorry.”

Lilyne, who easily laughed at her jokes, bowed her head with a bitter expression as if she was bothering her quite a bit.

Due to Rark’s personality, there’s no possibility of keeping him in his heart…

“Lily. How many times is the entrance ceremony at the academy now?”

As we talked, I remembered that this world was the main stage of the academy.

I’ve been living under a lot of inspiration.

I was living a fantasy where monsters exist, thinking it was natural.

“I heard that this is exactly the 100th time. So I think the entrance ceremony was held as a public event in the form of a festival.”

“Hmm-It’s definitely a monumental number. So can we go see it?”

“That’s right! They say the competition rate was very high, but our youngest… He’s really impressed.”

Lily’s emotional ups and downs fluctuate.
I listened to Lily’s bragging about being the youngest and went on to fill her belly.

Finally, this day has come.

At first, the starting point of ‘Akarite’, which I had forgotten about when it came and lived, has come.

About a month left until the entrance ceremony.

I needed to go home and re-read the information I had written down.

‘Then, an accident is about to happen to the students who entered the 99th.’

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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