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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 16

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 16

Chapter 16 – Adventurer’s Private Education for Her -1-

In the academy, there are some theoretical subjects that are unavoidable whether it is the Knights Faculty, Swordsmanship Faculty, or Magic Faculty.

History of the empire.

This is the only class in which all undergraduate students gather during the freshman year.

There are so many things to memorize, such as the year, the case, and the related person, so if you miss it even once, reviewing it becomes a pain in the ass.

It is a very quiet class, with the largest number of people gathering, but only the sound of light breathing and the sound of chalk.

Robert, who naturally became the center of the first year, was in the back seat.

Robert saw Ricke sitting alone in a corner.

As they sat in a group at the back of the classroom, Rike came into sight.

The little red kid following Rike was nowhere to be seen.

“Oh, Robert, are you listening?”

“Yes. Of course.”

While answering the women briefly, I thought of Rike’s appearance I saw today.

From her, who usually looked like her robot, I felt emotions that anyone would know just by looking at her today.

Nervousness? Anticipation?

It feels like a mixture of two opposites.
Is something going on?

‘Now is the time…’

There is still plenty of time before class starts.

Robert saw Rike, who had been watching, get up from her seat and followed him alone.

She managed to get rid of her friends who were trying to follow her and came out into the hallway.

Robert strode towards her as she wiped her hands with her handkerchief as if she had just washed them.

‘I’m not that nerdy me!’

Human nature doesn’t change that easily.
I’m still afraid to stand in front of others, and when I talk to people, I cross the line or make mistakes out of excitement.

But! This body is forgiven.

A statue-like face that catches the eye no matter where you go, and outstanding physical abilities.

In addition, evidence of being loved by God – extraordinary skills.

‘I have nothing to lose here… I can be confident.’

This is the importance of the first button.

There is no other woman who still holds a part of her own heart as much as she does.

The women around him now clearly have a crush on him.

It’s a fact you can tell just by looking at it.

But isn’t that the effect of skill?
What would you think of yourself if you didn’t have skills?
Is this true love?

As soon as she began to think about that fact, her thoughts ran endlessly.

I want to start my first love, which I couldn’t do in my previous life, innocently and unstained in a situation without impurities.
For the rest of the woman, let it be for pleasure only.

As she erased the number of cases that bothered her one by one, the one she remembered clearly was her fiancé.

Fate met for the first time after falling into a fantasy world.
A short but pure relationship that did not depend on skill.

Although the women around me are within reach if I stretch out my hand like a product being sold.
Like a limited edition that doesn’t sell, Rike is far out of the way.

‘Isn’t this a childhood friend in some way? The engagement was added.’

The best elements that are difficult to exist in reality in the previous life he lived.
Each one is too attractive to just miss that tag.

There is only one scar on his face, which is regrettable, but it is within the scope of being able to be repaired by asking the church with the power of the family.

Robert felt her heart pounding as he approached her.



As she cleared her eyes near Rike, she glanced at Robert for a moment before returning to the lecture hall.

‘… Just going?’

Among the cadets she was, there was no one who did not laugh when she spoke to her.

Even if you make a noise next to you, you will talk to yourself first.

It is an immutable truth that has never changed.

“Hey, how are you?”

Robert, who was embarrassed that the skill he had firmly believed in was not working, called out to Rike while stuttering her words.
She stopped walking back, knowing that she was the only one around her.


“Isn’t there anything difficult? If you need my help or have trouble, just tell me I’ll help you!”

Just a short time ago, Rike’s life was so close that she had to catch even the rotten string.

Originally, I was taken aback by those words and had to show signs and get help.

The story has already gone wrong.

“Like! What are you doing not going in?”

Robert narrowed his eyes at the red-haired girl who interrupted the conversation.

Class is about to start, but her red hair was disheveled as if she had just jumped in.

Her appearance is acceptable, but because of this woman, it was difficult for Rike to see the timing of her being alone.
It’s annoying

“Thank you for your words. I will go first.”

“Uh… Yes…”


There is still a long time left for the ‘Practice 1’ class, but I have been waiting in front of the library since I took the work stamp at the academy from dawn.

‘The timing of borrowing a book is ultimately up to you as a gamer…’

I decided to move diligently when I found out that the affairs had gone wrong in a big way.

Episode 1 begins the moment Robert borrows a book from the library.

You can level up and farm by sliding side quests, then proceed with the episode comfortably.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the game chewily, you can ignore all the side quests and see the ending of Akarite just by running the episode.
It’s not a true ending.

In the case of Rike, it is not a category that goes into the main episode after all.

In terms of the safety of the empire, eradicating warlocks is hundreds of millions of times more important than dimensional research.

Heroines are optional, not essential for gamers, and if the control is good enough that you don’t need an ally, it doesn’t matter if Robert is alone.

If you avoid getting involved with the warlock and a few side quests, you can see the end of the story without meeting him.

If he avoids well until graduation, he will become a person who has nothing to do with this world.

The main focus of ‘Akarite’ is things related to dimensions.

The story of the main character struggling to return to Korea is something gamers can never go against.

‘What else is there…’

Did I miss anything? As I was forced to roll my stiff head, I heard footsteps approaching the library.

“Ooh-! Instructor!”

“Librarian, are you going to work?”

“Heh heh- Now I have to open the door. I didn’t expect you to come so quickly. I guess you really like books?”

“I read some.”

I waited for the library to open, standing behind the librarian unlocking it with wrinkled hands.

“The cadets should follow the instructor a little bit. Just yesterday, these guys read a book that has nothing to do with academics…”



“Wasn’t the library opening today?”

The Librarian laughed as if he understood now and started unlocking the lock again.

“Heul-Heul- The preparations were completed sooner than expected. For the students who would be bored in the dormitory because they are too lazy to play, we temporarily opened from yesterday afternoon at the recommendation of the dean.”

Did this old man eat rat poison?

Something is strange.
I was starting to feel like I was screwed.

I ignored the Librarian’s words and quickly entered the library.

I didn’t even have time to feel the subtle smell of books from the huge library.

As soon as I see the background, I remember where the book I am looking for is.

It must not be wrong because I recalled the memory once again with the information I wrote down in the past.

Zigzagging across the study, I set out to find the study in my memory.

It’s definitely this library.
I moved, reading the book titles one by one with my fingers.

It went back and forth several times left and right.
I also checked other books just in case.


No matter how many times

I approached the librarian, who was sitting down and sorting out the papers.

“Librarian, did a cadet named Robert Bolt come to the temporary opening yesterday?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t answer those questions.”

Then it is.

Leaving the librarian at a loss, I returned to the space where the books were lined up.

‘To think I’d lost a player like this…’

Isn’t the transcendent will to advance only the main episode of the main character?
Or is it that the protagonist’s luck cannot be overcome even with diligence?

‘Now it’s hard to see him as Robert unconditionally…’

Forgetting that it was already too late, I set out to find other books.

Wouldn’t there be a hidden piece unrelated to the main episode?

I poured all the service elixirs that rolled around gently into my mouth and chewed them like candy.

They say that what is good for the body is bitter for the mouth.
My tongue ached at the over-the-top bitter taste.

“Sup-ha- uh, it’s written backwards.”

Elixir is literally service.
I moved to find the main menu.


She pulled out a book titled ‘Her Weapon for Her’.
This is a very thick book with a hard cover.

The front cover has a black circular decoration in one piece.
It’s like a bracelet, but it’s also like chalk.

It sticks firmly to the cover and does not come off dirty, but it is detachable.

Band angle-

I picked up a small amount of mana and scraped it off with my fingernails.

This is the main body of the book.
The book is nothing special, it’s a love story between a blacksmith and a knight leader, so he’s not interested.

[ Weapon for her – 0% (unusable) ]
▷Can only be used by women.
▷ It belongs to the user.
▷A variety of metals can be used.
-My sincerity expressed through tempering

I put things in my inventory and put the book back in its place.

‘What was the golden ratio?’

As a result of tens of thousands of times, gamers have drawn the results of which metal and how much is best.

This is not a good idea to put in a good ore unconditionally.


I memorized the combination formula in two letters, but I can’t remember it clearly.
I think I should borrow the power of memos.

‘I can forgive this much.’

The regret of losing the player has completely disappeared.

[Her weapon for her]

This is one of the items that make exclusive weapons for Akarite heroines.

‘What will come out if Ricke uses it now?’

I don’t know the outcome of things.

It comes out differently every time depending on which tech tree you ride, what emotions you have, and who uses it.

It’s only when you play the game a few times that you get a feel for it.

Where to draw a sword, at what timing to draw a spear- The same strategy exists, but the reality is unpredictable.

Even if you can’t predict it, this is a great hidden piece.

I went back to the entrance of the library and finished checking the stairs as well.

‘Upstairs and basement are still under construction…’

I thought I would pick out all the other items, but now only the first floor was open.

The underground is the real country.
After licking my lips in regret, I left the library and headed for the dean’s office.

The actual first class, which was more bloody than the first day, was over.
There were no cadets protesting today, but the attack was full of life.

Maxim brought two more priests with annoyed faces, and Rike was distracted compared to the first day.

I understand.
That’s what she has expectations for today.

After my class, I headed to the Adventurer’s Guild alone.

The request form was submitted only, and the fee in the name of consultation fee and a certain amount were submitted to the guild instead.

With a relaxed mind, he waited for Rike while chatting with those who were lacking.

And it wasn’t long before she arrived.

‘Why did you come so soon?’

She entered the adventurer’s guild wearing her academy uniform, and her breathing was rough.

“What about classes?”

“It’s okay if you don’t go to class this week…”


The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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