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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 15

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 15

Chapter 15 – Requests and Cookies -2-

She doesn’t need anything else from her.

All you have to do is ask the adventurer whether or not you can request a quest.

The one who kills everything related to the black magician he met at that time is himself.

Even she herself is greedy, but this is the only thing she cannot concede to anyone.

What he needed right now was his strength and reliable information.

We need to hear a little bit of the inside story of the day to see who is involved.


It’s an obvious story that even a kid passing by on the street knows, but it’s very dangerous for an individual, not an empire, to dig into warlocks.

Who ordered it
Not to mention the dangers of a person acting on a request.

The person I want is someone who can dance on the borderline between life and death.
How am I to be honest

I don’t have much money left.
I have no talent to show off.
An aristocrat who is already completely inclined to show credit and guarantee.

Who would risk their lives for such a person?
Of course not.

Even so, I feel that I am a selfish person who wants it, and disgust rises.

But if it was that man who was strong enough to be counted on one hand in the empire.
Even if he is rumored to be horny, if he is as honest with himself as he is.

Wouldn’t he listen to the story at the price he could pay?

(She’s a beauty by my standards. Could that be the answer?)

‘The clear truth.’

It was the first time I had such a clear feeling.
It felt like I was opening the door to my heart wide.

As soon as Rike came out of the adventurer’s guild that day, she went back to the dormitory and raised her sword.

It was an academy that I had no intention of graduating from in the first place.
Maintain a tight attendance rate so that you can stay in the dormitory.

The rest of her time was spent confined to her room, swinging her sword.
I emptied my head to suppress the negative emotions that were endlessly pushing up these days.

Emotions soaring to the ceiling tempted me to self-harm and self-torture, but I pretended not to know it because of the tiredness of my body.

When my mind was sorted out like that.

I went to the Adventurer’s Guild and met him.

When I first saw the shop where I followed the adventurer to talk about the request, I thought it was someone’s laboratory.

The relationship between A and B was clear, so I followed them without saying anything.

It was a place where you couldn’t believe it was a store even if you gave in a hundred times because the interior was terrible.

“Still, cookies are really amazing. Let’s talk while eating.”

Now my appetite has disappeared more than before.
I didn’t want to put anything inside.

I think I could drink a little if it was warm milk.

“I’ll have a simple meal, so I’m fine with milk…?”

I tried to turn it around like usual and refuse.

The smell of freshly made cookies tickles his nose.

‘This smell…’

Rike was immersed in the day as if caught in a whirlpool.

Her mother’s hobby was baking.

The past when all I had to do was hold on to the hem of my mother’s skirt making snacks and lick my lips at the savory smell.

Her mother was skilled enough to make homemade butter, and she was serious about confectionery.

The smell of the handmade butter gives off a different scent from cookies sold on the market when it enters the cookie.

Oddly enough, I feel that scent from that crappy cookie.

As I reached out to grab the cookie, my hand trembled uncontrollably.

He put the cookie in his hand into his mouth very carefully, as if handling a precious treasure.


I completely blocked off where we were sitting.

One of those brothers was also a wizard, so he would understand what I was doing.

What is Ricky thinking right now?

In the event illustration, when the mind is organized and light, it ends at the level of stealing tears slightly.

But she took a bite of her cookie now and it hardened as if time had stopped, and her tears flowed.

To the point where I wondered if my tear ducts were out of order.

‘It must mean that he is mentally driven to the precipice.’

It reminds me of when I was in practical class.

She didn’t show any expression even as her fingers bent grotesquely.

Even if you try not to show it with your expression, at the cadet level, if you endure it, you will show it.
Whether it’s swallowing her breath or curling her toes, she’s bound to show through her vital signs that she can’t even control.

But she didn’t put up with her pain then.

– When the mind dies, the body dies too.

For Rike, even the time of day he is living is a black hole that sucks in light.
As her mind loses her wings and crashes, she becomes numb to her senses.

‘It’s dangerous to leave this any longer.’

Even in the game, it was said to be a time attack, so I was in a hurry, but…

As for the impression I actually saw, it is also a mystery how I endured a semester in this state.


As if she had come to her senses, she hastily wiped her own face with her sleeve.

“I’m sorry. Such an ugly appearance…”

“When you’re tired, it’s heartbreaking to cry coolly. If you hold it in, it’s all sickness.”


“I have a lot of time today. Let’s talk slowly when you calm down.”

I picked up a memory cookie that tasted like cookies from my previous life and sipped my coffee.

The remaining cookies were pushed towards Rike.

She steadily emptied the cookies with watery eyes.

There were only a handful of them ready to eat now, but she slowly tasted each one, with a very faint light in her eyes.

A flame that seemed to be extinguished at any moment bloomed from her.

However, that shabby fire has a persistence that does not go out even though it seems to be extinguished.

There is no fixed form for this flame, and no one has been able to define its appearance.

However, both I and the world recognize and know this intangible existence.

We call this ‘will’.

Even though the tear marks remained and the eyes were swollen, it was a valuable painting in itself.

She didn’t cover her face, as if she didn’t particularly care about her appearance, unless she deviated from her manners.

After a while, he looked around the blocked area to see if he had calmed down and spoke first.

“…Does adventurer know about the Marquis of Skadi?”

“As much as others know—I know more than that.”

Even if I don’t know the knowledge of ‘Akka Light’.
A lot of information flows into Platinum.

The adventurer’s guild also shares information as if it were free.

There are also nobles and low-ranking adventurers who gossip for free just to look good.

Among the gossip provided by the nobility, there was also a story about the Marquis of Skadi.
Even with a very high stake.

Perhaps not only the consort family of Marquis Skadi, which was officially announced in the Empire, but also Marquis Skadi might have something to do with black magic.
It was always anonymous because it was dangerous to even deal with this kind of stuff.

“The day our family collapsed… I will correct it. From the day I lost my mother, I have lived with several unresolved problems.”

“What questions?”

“Why did the family lord accept the unfair situation as it was without expressing his position. The fact that the 3 knights of the empire came to enforce it based on an anonymous tip. And…”


She habitually ran her hand over her own eyes.

In order to inform everything, you will have to go into explanations about the eyes and even a little absurd story, so it will be difficult to explain.

“Adventurer. I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but… I sometimes see strange things unintentionally.”

Of course I knew, so I just leaned forward and listened.

“This is a story that only I have been holding onto…”

She’s chewing hard enough to tear her lips as if she’s thinking of something.
She took a few slow deep breaths and pulled her small notepad from her chest.

“Whoa—- I’ve been writing down the things I need to convey because I’m not around to talk.”

I received a square notepad and turned it over page by page.

I filled up the notepad with round and round handwriting.

[… I saw the same thing in something used on the knights who came to the marquess to execute and on the mother who couldn’t even resist. …]

[… At that time, I did not know what knowledge was. However, after that, I learned from the place where one of the warlocks was publicly executed. What are the people who came that day…]

There were so many holes in the story, but I know the inside story.

Even as she waits as calmly as possible, her uncontrollable eyes shake and her whole body trembles.

At first glance, it might be said that fear suits her behavior, but she is trembling with overflowing anger.

I finished reading the several pages of the notepad and returned it to Rike.

“I read it well. Let’s talk about the contents… The 3 knights who went as representatives at that time were related to black magicians or black magic accidents.”

“You’re right.”

“At that time, the knights who went to the Marquis of Skadi for execution are not normal, and they are suspected of collusion with the warlock?”


After hearing it again from my mouth, the voice became quieter, perhaps realizing that his story was like an absurd delusion.

The moment it is revealed to the outside, it is something that can never be laughed off.

“Then what would you like to request?”

“…Do you believe me?”

Even if I believed it out of the blue, I didn’t answer it because it was a strange picture.

“I just thought it was a comprehensive story. Among warlocks, there are some good deceitful ones. Like this- an old man with a half-raged face.”


Rike pursed her lips, reached out both of her hands, and grabbed her sleeves tightly.

She alone noticed that it was in my hands that she had not even found a trace of it no matter how much she searched for it.

‘Tomorrow, I’ll go to the library and take out my things… After class is over…’

“There is something suspicious about them from the beginning. After the academy ends tomorrow, come to the adventurer’s guild.

I just said what I had to say, left the cookie box in Ricke’s arms, and left the store.

And I remembered

“Huh? I didn’t talk about the commission fee.”

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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