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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 17

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 17

Chapter 17 – Adventurer’s Private Education for Her -2-

“It’s okay if you don’t go to class this week…”


As if the academy didn’t matter at all, she confidently said.

“If I were an instructor right now, I would have to give an admonishment, but… Adventurers aren’t much involved.”

“Thank you.”

I naturally opened the door to the audience room and went in, and Rike followed suit.

The receptionist doesn’t seem to like that, but what can I do with something I gave him.
The guild leaders worth tackling must be having a drinking party somewhere else.

“I’d like to ask before we leave. Do you know anything about warlocks?”

She thinks carefully to the point where there is nothing more.

Regarding the black magician, there is little publicly available information other than ‘dangerous, using people alive as sacrifices, worshiping the devil’, so no matter how many times you choose the word, a satisfactory answer will not come out.

There are things that only those who have been digging this path know.

“Those who practice human sacrifice or use wicked magic to sacrifice people or other creatures…?”

“It’s a definition that might come out in a dictionary, but that’s not the knowledge you need to know if you’re aiming for a warlock. Listen carefully from now on—”

Warlocks have the same ultimate goal to reach as wizards who are proudly active in the Empire and Federation.
It’s just that the means are completely different.

The goal of those who handle magic.

To awaken the stem and essence of knowledge that forms the basis of magic and transcend the weak shell of human beings.

Whether it is in the form of immortality in the form of a human or in the form of a lich who enjoys eternal life as a skeleton, the goal of transcendence is in line.

With so many different means for this one goal, warlocks are once again divided within themselves like leadern tribes.
They are never a lump.

First Black Circle.

A group of lunatics who think they are walking the right path.
It is believed that the evolution of the species is to put the devil, the object of fear, under your feet and command it.

The second Mendes Pentagram.

Those who worship the Yeok Pentagram with the head of a goat.
Aiming to bring down the supreme demon by means of human sacrifice.

Opening ‘Pandemonium’, that is, pandemonium, he aims to evolve himself into a demon.

Third Nema Natas.

She spreads curses based on black magic and uses this as an excuse to receive sacrifices.
He receives requests and sells curses, and is deeply rooted in the powerful.

They are more secular than the previous two groups because they are attached to power, and they use human desire well.

And it has the longest history among the black magicians.

Excluding these three groups, several sects spread in the form of point organizations, but none have the power to be wary of.

“And these three groups are on very, very bad terms with each other. When they meet, they can’t be bothered to kill them.”


Rike is struggling to remember the knowledge that is more valuable than gold.
Mana is condensed in her eyes, and the light in her eyes is clearly drawn.

“There is no great reason for each other to look down on each other.
When it comes to black magic, they think that their method is unconditionally correct. If you look at the wizards of the empire outside right now, aren’t they on bad terms depending on their affiliation?”

Rike closes her eyes and repeats her deep breath.
She opened her eyes slowly and asked me.

“…Then do you know where it is related to me?”

“If you think about it based on various testimonies… A trick, an old man with a half-scarred face, and an imperfect change.”


You will know that change refers to your mother.

“First of all, they are not pentagrams. They dream of evolving into demons, but they dream of being exposed to Pandemonium and changing according to the providence, not artificial methods. They never try any other method.”

The crazier they are, the stronger their beliefs are like steel.
These guys insist that they are right, even if a knife is put in their throat.
On the other hand, it can be called faith.

“And it’s not a black circle either. They want to use demons, but they want a familiar based on a contract.”

Of course, there is only one answer left.
I knew from the beginning

“Nema Natas…”

The day that became a nightmare contains someone’s clear malice.


Rike’s fingernails dug into his palms and blood gushed out.

“The ragged old man also belongs to the Nema Natas. It’s possible they’re thinking of different people—but such a unique appearance isn’t common.”

“Do you know where he is?”

“If you knew where he was? Would you run now?”


Among the current swordsmanship cadets, Rike is barely in the middle or lower ranks, and he will never be in the upper ranks.

Weak muscles from not eating properly.
A simple sword learned by self-taught in half-time practice.

Now I have to go, but I can’t even break through the guard at the entrance.

It’s good if you attack and die cleanly, but if you get captured.

After that, you will not be able to die and will continue a life that is worse than dying.

“Anything is fine. Move your heart so that I want to help. Then I will help without a second thought.”

I was only thinking of helping in the first place.
I want to see everything inside her heart that I can’t see in the game.


“Anything is fine. Move your heart so that I want to help. Then I will help without a second thought.”

I know.

It’s hard to see my skills with my eyes open.

It sucks.

From the point of view of the strong, wouldn’t it be disastrous?


If you miss this opportunity right in front of you, you may never have another chance.

‘What the hell are you saying…’

To move her heart, she is not even an eloquent herself, and her speech is below the ordinary.
There she confided all of her past.

(The more money, the better. I think you want something other than money because you have enough money to really rot away.)

It was just as the receptionist said.
In order to move the mountain of platinum, interest must be aroused.

If you want to convince an adventurer who likes women enough to be called a horny one, what should you put forward?

“I am… A virgin.”

“I know.”

Maybe it wasn’t what he wanted, he said casually, but I was rather embarrassed.


“It’s already been 5 years. I drank the blood of a unicorn at that time. Thanks to that, my pettiness disappeared and my senses became sharper… But you know the side effects are famous, right?”

An incident in which a famous knight and merchant lord committed suicide by drinking the blood of a unicorn for health.
An effect known to the public while investigating it.

If you drink the blood of a unicorn, you will not feel sexual desire unless you are a virgin or you have drunk a virgin.
Knowing that he is a virgin means that he has already felt sexual desire for himself.

“Then… I… That…”

A virgin or a body.
I thought it was a commodity that could be used at any time for revenge.

However, the unknown world that has never been experienced is frightening.
The gaze went down.

“Don’t think too hard. It’s not my taste to force things when you don’t want to.”

I looked up again and saw him.
Laughter that is making a mimi while looking at yourself.

As an adventurer who only pursues profit- I met him not too long ago-
She can tell that she respects her more than anyone she’s ever met.

‘Let’s calm down.’

He is an adventurer who can easily have a weak woman.

He didn’t do anything to himself, but he got scared and averted his eyes.
A nuisance so embarrassing that his face would burn.

What are the words that move his heart?
Since I am a great person, do you expect great things from me?

‘Heart…The mind…’

‘When was the last time I moved?’

I remember it clearly when I try to think about it.
When I sat in the garden with my mother and read a book.

I was ashamed to show tears in front of the servants and mother.

I was not impressed by the flashy rhetoric.

This is because the frank and unadorned words of the protagonist in the novel have become lodged in his heart.

I think I know what to say to him now.

He didn’t put any pressure or force until he got his thoughts together and started talking.

He stares at himself with a warm gaze.

“···· Even if you lose someone important to you, there are people who get up and live their own lives after time passes.”

My heart beats like a wave.

The front of my eyes is white as if there is fog.

“I’m not like those great people. I can’t be, and I don’t want to be…”

Your voice trembles.

Breathing is disturbed

“When I lie down in bed, I have nightmares about that day, and I think of my mother who is smiling even when she drinks water or eats…”

“I want to finish this one way or another, but I’m so insignificant and feeble that I can’t do anything on my own.”

The liquid dripped down her cheek and onto the back of her hand.

“I know you’re shameless… I’ll give you my all if you want. Please help me… Save me…”



I asked Rike, who was still crying, as I put on a baggy robe and hood and knotted her strings.

“Didn’t I say it’s okay not to go to the academy until this week?”


I tried to be wary of the main episode by pushing out the warlock branches one by one, but…

“Let’s do as much as we can within this week.”

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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