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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 18

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 18

Chapter 18 – Adventurer’s Private Education for Her -3-

The way to kill Nemanatas, a group of black magicians, has been decided in ‘Akkalight’.

Since Rike, who has a time limit, has to be saved in the first semester, the growth of the protagonist has a limit, so in the end, she has to borrow her external power.

The protagonist asks for help from the Order, the enemy of the Warlock.

The Skadi family is still rumored to have a close relationship with the warlock.

In order to get help from the Church, which is uncomfortable with unresolved rumors, gamers have to move Robert and carry out an annoying chain quest.

The process is by no means short.

We don’t have time, and we have no intention of borrowing a hand from the church in the first place.

According to the storyline, when the linked quest is over, you should think about the church’s women stepping out to help Robert.

You can only get help if you push the public opinion well.

However, as long as I don’t have the skill [Homme Fatal], She won’t roll as she wants.

The denomination is a dismissal.


I brought Ricke, who was still sniffling, home.

Her coming to my house was a picture I always wanted, but I can’t afford the excitement right now.

Rike must be perfectly protected.

Considering her level now, she is literally mortally wounded.

If she isn’t perfect, this quest has no meaning for her in the first place.

Her head is about to explode as to where to stab Nema Natas first.

“Let’s do as much as we can within this week.”

A robe was put on to cover her face, and the hood was secured with a knot.

It looked like a penguin, so I almost laughed while being serious.

“From now on, the conquest of the academy should not be visible from the outside. When you arrive in another town, then let’s buy new clothes. You should hide your identity as much as possible.”


“Reach out your hand.”

She rubbed the corner of her swollen eye and held out her hand.

[ Engraving ring ]
▷ A ring engraved with magic.
▷ The moment the magic is activated, the ring is destroyed.

A disposable ring engraved with an auto shield.

It’s something that’s been stored in your inventory for a long time.

It’s a low level thing, but it’s rather a hindrance to me.

It is of great help to Rick.

‘Defense and stamina doping potions later, before the start of the battle… If you have a doppelganger, it’s best to make an alibi for Rike.’

When something goes wrong, they will, of course, try to find the culprit.

If the tail is long, there is a risk of being caught.

It would be fortunate if they, who are infiltrating deep into the empire, start backtracking and kick their feet.

If you’re really unlucky, you might suspect that I met Rike at the Adventurer’s Guild.

So, in case of doubt, try to confuse it as much as possible.

If you use the weapons piled up in your inventory and leave a very messy trail, you might get out of the line of suspicion and not even suspect.

‘If I can completely eradicate it, I won’t worry about this…’

It is impossible to wipe out all Nema Natas even in the game.

Even if you kill everything you see, the remnants are everywhere until the end of the game.

Put aside impossible goals and focus on your choices.

The goal of this outing is not to destroy the group, but to catch the old man in rags.

‘That one is enough.’

“Let’s make a promise before we leave. We were together in this house until we went back to the academy. It’s best if no one asks, but if you ask, the answer is to unify it. Okay?”


She nodded her head as if she understood.

“Let’s go now.”

As I put on the robe I had prepared, a suspicious duo was born.

When I come out to the yard, I don’t feel the presence of people around me.

It is located on the outskirts of the capital, so the roadside is always quiet. Rather, the alleys are full of bullies.

“Do you want to climb up? Or listen? I’m going to run with all my might from now on, so it’ll be impossible to follow.”

“… It’s a robe, so wouldn’t it be difficult to carry it?”

Well, the robe goes down to her ankles like a Vietnamese skirt, so the moment she puts it on her back, the robe rolls up to her hips.



He lifted Rike up and wrapped her mana around her feet.

Kick her ground by fine-tuning her mana so as not to smash her yard.


After stepping on her roof once, he jumped over the filthy high wall.


Rike glanced down at her and she caught her breath as if surprised by the height of the fall.


I feel the strength go into the hand holding my arm.

‘That old man is sleeping today’

I was relieved to see the guard sleeping on the edge of the perimeter.

The soldiers standing guard at the outer wall were far from each other and lacked concentration.

It is my own entrance that has never been caught hundreds of times.


Two adults were seated on a thin tree branch, but only the branches were slightly shaken and not broken.

Looking down from the ramparts, here is a narrow stream of water and poor visibility due to unorganized trees.

A place where there is no road nearby and the first thing that gets dark when the sun goes down.

However, for me who uses this place every time, it is a familiar and bright place.

Ran quickly through the forest.

‘This is the beginning.’

The first step is to leave no traces of having used the convenience gate or the entrance to the capital.

The adventurer’s guild can somehow prove their innocence by exploiting the loophole in the contract.

In the first place, even if those guys who leave behind a receptionist and play around, abandoning their work, try to pressure me, I am no match for them.

‘If I act annoying, I’ll seduce Rike and go to the Federation.’


“Whoa… Whoa…”

A rough breath echoes through the forest.

I don’t know how far I’ve run.

I just stay still like a baby in a cradle, but he didn’t stop running even after the sun went down, except for one break.

If you look from the side, the trees pass by like smeared paint.

Even a well-bred warhorse can’t run this well.

It is simply amazing that humans can run at this speed for a long time.

As if his stamina, which would be evaluated as an outsider, is gradually getting weaker, sweat drips down drop by drop even in the cold wind.

Looking up at it blankly, I reached out my hand and wiped away the sweat.


It wasn’t until I took my hands off his face that he realized what I had done and his hair went white.

He looked down at me with surprised eyes and smiled brightly.

“It was ticklish, but thank you.”


He stopped running when the moon moved further.

They arrived at a small village that could be called a village.

It looked like a village of hunters whose main focus was tanning.

“Wait here for a minute”

He talked to a bandit-like man with a thick band wrapped around his head, as if he were familiar with this place, and handed him a silver coin.

The man who received the silver coin smiled broadly and patted him on the shoulder.

He came back to me, straightening his disheveled robe.

“I got permission, so let’s take a seat”


From the outside, the village itself looks like it earns its living by selling hides and smoked jerky.

In fact, the biggest profit is selling food and consumables at high prices to passers-by.

From here, the next destination, the dukedom, had to go in full swing by carriage, and it was a long way back.

That’s why it’s a famous town for peddlers and adventurers, and even humans are unusual because it’s almost independent.

I’ve stopped by a few times when I have to pass this way.

These are not their own land, so if you camp near the village without permission, you’ll get dirty.

It is the worst human figure for us who want to go as quietly as possible.

In order to prevent that, if you approach them first and give them a penny, you can change from a devil to an angel and live without any trouble.

‘From now on, I’ll have to put milk in my inventory.’

A crazy price for a silver coin, a carton of milk that Rike likes, and permission to camp.

I admired that this is also the extreme of a field called spoofing.

I took her sleeping bag from her inventory pretending to borrow it from her village and handed it to her.

It has been maintained consistently, so it is in good condition and does not accumulate dust.

“Can I have some rice?”

Rike weakly shook her head.

“What about milk?”

She tugged down on her hood, covered her eyes, and spoke in a low voice.

“If only a little…”

“Let’s make a fire and have a meal.”

Making a bonfire reveals an adventurer’s skill and age.

As I was collecting dry branches and leaves, Rike was crouching and piling wood.

Even if I tried to build it hard, I didn’t have this kind of experience, so it seemed like it was not enough to make a bonfire.

Sit next to them and build a tree together.

‘It’s hard to bear’

The smell of Rike’s flesh gently tickles her nose.

It’s enough to make my lower body bleed, so you can see how much I haven’t done lately.

But you have to calm down.

This is outdoors and her condition is not normal.

The taste of fruits grown with the nutrition of waiting will be special.

And while the tasks to be done right now are piled high like a mountain range, there is no time to turn a blind eye to sexual desire.

“I’m tired, but I have something to do before I go to bed.”

“…I’m not tired. Tell me.”

“Let’s complete the seniority method now.”

Rike stopped right before the technique was completed.

She did not go through the process of creating a dwelling place to store mana in her body.

The remaining mana that could not be contained wandered through her body, and her skills were activated irregularly according to the intensity of her emotions.

Using skills when you want is just a situation where you have to rely on luck.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem yet because it’s such a small amount, but if you leave it like this, overloading your body is inevitable, and it’s hard to finish this job neatly.

I need Rike’s eyes to find ‘Hell Broom’, which I call the old man in rags.

If that requirement is not met, it will be a long and enormous war of attrition.

“Sit in front of me”

She sat facing me.

The seniority law is, after all, a term that has been converted into a fantasy term from the law of incapacity or the law of inner court.

‘It’s unfortunate or fortunate that I didn’t complete it…’

When one fixed form is fully established in the body, it is difficult to learn another.

After the house is completed, isn’t there a lot of demolition and tidying up to rebuild the house in its place?

Rike is currently in a form where the materials to build the house are wandering around inside her body.

“There are two things I can do for you right now.”

“Before I tell you the first thing-I don’t know what kind of technique the Marquis Skadi passed down. But I can see it from the side and lead it to some degree of perfection. This won’t be perfect.”

“The second is learning my seniority. It’s possible since I haven’t settled down yet. Even if I’m an adventurer, I won’t fall short of the seniority learned by other nobles.”

Rike’s eyes widened as she watched me from inside her hood.

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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