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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 19

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 19

Chapter 19 – Adventurer’s Private Education for Her -4-

The law of seniority is, in the end, a setting based on the law of inner peace of martial arts.

Therefore, among the many martial arts books that have passed through the worldview of martial arts among the Hidden Pieces, ‘Akarite’ has the Tonab method.

In order to learn this as a playable character, I had to erase Robert’s seniority method once, so there was a mix of likes and dislikes.

‘I wonder if this came on a shooting star in the past’

When I got it, I didn’t think about it because it was a fine book, but I remembered a natural phenomenon I saw before the entrance ceremony.

If it was a signal from Hidden Peace, it would have come down on a meteor, but isn’t it amazing that it maintains the shape of a book?

What the heck is that?

“If you learn this, you should be able to control that eye without any problems.”


For Rike, the purity of the feeling of revenge is high.

She has shame, but that’s not a reason to miss the opportunity right in front of her.

She accepted my invitation because she had made up her mind to this point.

I sat behind Rike and placed my hand on her slender back.

“The name of my practice is Togo Napsin (吐古納新). You don’t even need to understand the name.”


“The difference between Togo Napsin and the normal practice is that mana is accumulated by using the space called Danjeon located in the lower abdomen instead of the heart.”

Upon inducing Mana, she let out a small moan of her own.

Rather than pain, it will feel like a tickling sensation as if a thin thread is rubbing your body.

“My power is not negative. Do not go against it and follow me slowly. The first step is to collect the remaining mana in one place.”

Common practice is to accumulate mana in the heart and spread the mana according to the heartbeat.

It is a method with high stability, but the output is weaker than drawing mana from the danteon, and the stimulation of the mac itself is also weak.

‘···He has a higher level of basic understanding than me. This is talent.’

Rike was following my lead without making a mistake.

While I struggled through misunderstanding when I first learned the tonap method, Rike understands her unique practice method at once.

I just spit out the sentences that were in the book.

She fully understood my explanation and followed my mana without hesitation.

“You have to decide the shape that contains the gathered mana. I think it’s a vessel, but some people think of it as a well, and some people think of it as a pit.”

“Whoop… Haa…”

“Okay. Remember the order you did now. I’ll show you again.”

Gikyungpalmaek and Twelve Scenes. Talking about it only makes her head dizzy.

I led her by her simple number.

“Repeat this and make the shape of the Danjeon step by step. Throw away your impatience and this is the first time. And…”

You can hear the chirping of mountain birds.

After completing the basics of the practice, the dawn was already rising.

“Now I’m only raising a very small amount of mana with my eyes.”

Rike’s eyes started to glow in purple.

It was only now that she was able to unleash her skills at will.

“G-Thank you… Heo Eok…”

The moment the Tonab method training was over, Rike’s upper body collapsed forward.

Sweat dripped down her jawline.

It is difficult to do the Tonabbeop, but guiding and teaching is many times more difficult. I was drenched in sweat and became like a mouse in a puddle.

Even though it was difficult with this, the urgent wall was overcome.

Rike dozed off in my arms from exhaustion, but I ran like crazy without sleep until the afternoon.

The Duchy of Tristan arrived like that.
Another name is Coven.

Here, too, I killed the presence and came over the fence.

I got a room, got rid of my sweaty body, and finished my recovery with a comfortable outfit for Rike.

Even so, the need to wear a robe remains unchanged.

I simply solved the meal with the stew brought to my room, and I ended the meal by drinking coffee and milk.

“We will start today.”


Nemanatas are worldly and greedy for sacrifices.

However, the means to do so is, in the end, black magic.

They may use their own mana, but they prefer to use sacrifices for sure results and high-level effects.

“Nema Natas has branches according to its purpose. Each branch will inevitably have at least one officer-level or skilled warlock or swordsman.”

There are cadres who live permanently and guard the branch, and there are cadres who travel.

“The name of the ragged old man we are looking for is Hellbroom.”

“Hell Broom…”

Rike’s expression darkened.
Emotions are now drawn on the face quite a bit.

“Among the dark magics, that damned old man is better at chaos that touches the sense organs than combat. Assuming I don’t use artifacts, he’s incompatible with me.”

Sometimes he meets customers as a beautiful woman, sometimes as a dignified man.

This was the reason why he went to meet customers on behalf of Nema Natas, despite not having the temperament of an eloquent person.

For the prosperity of Nema Natas, he travels around the continent to make sacrifices and seduces people who need black magic.

‘It would be best if we could meet right here-‘

In the game, Hell Bloom appears with a variable probability depending on the branch of Nema Natas.

“Even if they go on tour, they are known as executives, so they don’t work without rest. There will definitely be time to stay in any branch.”

I decided to choose the simple way.

Turn over all the chapters with a high probability of appearing in the game.

“It’s not just an academy attendance issue, it’s really going to be a race against time.”

As time goes on, the warlocks notice that an accident has broken out in their branch.

In that case, the defense of the remaining branches will be strengthened and the vigilance will be intensified.

“What we’re doing right now is a crazy act of digging into a beehive with the two of us. You shouldn’t be greedy. You have to preserve your life first before you move on to the next one.”

“Can I help you?”

“Of course it is. If Hellbroom is at odds with me, then the old man is at odds with Ricker.”

I stared into Rike’s purple eyes.

This wouldn’t work without her in the first place.


Duke Tristan is a greedy person who is very revealing to the extent that her wife is over ten and has an eye for art.

However, he is not a person who falls for the warlock.

He is a Duke who has been a predator since birth.

Very proud and arrogant.

It is a human being who borrows the power of others to solve his own problems.

So, when Nema Natas visits, they are not involved.

It is said that he would rather take up his sword and try to kill the warlock who offered to help him, but failed.

Thanks to the Duke’s bold actions, Coven is a clean area of ​​black magic.

There is a reason I came here.

‘It is true that Duke Tristan was angry at the black magician who came and cut him with a knife.’

At that time, the duke refused and even attacked Nemanas, so a branch of black magicians was created in the duchy.

Rather than secretly sucking the blood of the aristocrats who support them, it is more natural to steal it from an opponent they perceive as an enemy.

A suitable place to supply quality offerings in the duchy.

What Nema Natas chose was an orphanage.

The nurseries that exist in Coven are divided into two categories.

Nursery schools run by churches and daycare centers run by individuals.

Places officially run by the church are always crowded with children and orphans who want to eat a meal.

Private childcare centers do not have a particularly good impression.

Of course, there are people who serve others with good intentions.

This story isn’t that good.

A chronic problem that currently plagues the Harun Empire.

When the famine comes, children abandoned by their parents who have nothing to eat, orphaned by thieves or monsters, are saturated.

The same goes for the dukedom of Coven.

Duke Tristan has neither a sharp point nor a desire to solve the problem.

Due to her personality, she doesn’t particularly support or take interest in childcare centers.

‘The land is large, but it’s hard to see it prosperous.’

Because the owner of the land is indifferent, just looking at the streets rots the homeless and orphans lying on their backs.

Even if a few people disappear right away, no one will doubt or worry.

It is a strange environment for warlocks not to salivate.



The wind blowing over the steeple is cool.

In the nursery school where the sun goes down and the lights are turned on, children’s jumps are reflected through the windows.

On the outside, it claims to be happy and is absolutely peaceful.

‘It’s the same place as the game…’

You see an empty stable with no horses nearby.

It doesn’t even smell like an animal, and the grass is completely dry.

Right next to it is a wooden staircase that leads down to a sewer that smells like rotten water.

When the sun goes down, one person passes through this narrow road every 10 minutes.

Absolutely no place for a nursery.

‘I don’t think there’s a place where more people can be.’

As long as it is a branch distributing fresh offerings, it is good for them to get away from people’s attention.

I checked the surroundings one more time and went back to the inn.

“Can do!”

We have to go out again, but we are still sitting in the room.

This is to give Ricke doping drugs before starting work.

There were still two bottles left, but Rike covered his mouth as if he was feeling nauseous.

“Ugh- My stomach is full…”

“You still have to eat”

She said that by this time she had not eaten enough to say that she was anorexic, so she was having a hard time drinking several bottles of potion because her stomach was in an extremely shrunken state.

I don’t want to force it because it seems like food torture, but it’s for her comfort.

Even she can’t compromise on anything related to her safety.

In front of the black magician, the potion is barely clogged with energy.

She strengthened her will with an inhalation and gulped down the remaining two potions.


Rike hastily shuts her mouth with her hand.

After a moment of calming down, she finally stood up.

[ Gorneck Nursery School ]

Even in the morning, few people come here except for the officials.

At night, when it was time for the demons, an uninvited guest came.

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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